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Anonymous is a concept that comes from the Greek language that can be translated by "no-name". This adjective refers to any work not bearing the name of the creator or author.
Examples: "playwright announced that it will stage its own version of the famous anonymous text of the 15th century", "It is an anonymous story that was passed down from generation to generation," "in the medieval villages, meant often humming anonymous songs that tell stories of the tasks of agriculture.
An anonymous author is unknown the nome: "a book whose author is anonymous won the new edition of the Nobel Prize", "I received a scenario come to an anonymous author who touched me", "an anonymous author was finalist at the literary competition organized by the City Hall of the city."
Another notion concerning any letter or any message not signed (e) whose contents are often offensive or threatening: "I'm desperate: yesterday either, I got an anonymous message asking me do not insist with my claim '"We have all laughed reading the anonymous message accusing Michel would not take her bath with frequency","police research is to discover the origin of the anonymous letter threatening the president's death.
In the context of trade, finally, a limited company is a company formed by actions and whose liability is confined to the capital represented by these securities. This means that holders holders of commercial society have rights that correspond to their participation in the share capital by the actions.
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