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Inevitable, from the latin inevitabĭlis, is something that cannot be avoided. This verb (avoid) refers to flee a danger or damage to prevent that they occur, be exempted from engaging in something or escape from the (bad) treatment of someone.
The inevitable, therefore, is inevitable or fatal. Examples: "the inevitable thing in life is death as it comes to us all at some point in our lives, no matter what we did", "experts said that the collapse of the building was inevitable", "we have both a few outstanding issues which the treatment is inevitable, but if we try to divert attention.
It can be seen as inevitable that, beyond what we can do, will happen anyway. For this reason, it is said that death is inevitable because even a person leading a healthy life, going to the doctor regularly and handling with caution or care all areas, will nonetheless inevitably die one day.
Other issues, however, seem inevitable even if they are not. Suppose a basketball game where a team has 20-point lead over the other while missing only 3 minutes before the end of the game. Everything indicates that the defeat is inevitable. However, in the unlikely event that this team is improving its defence, it may prevent the opponent's mark and finish by scoring seven consecutive points and thus win the game.
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