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Secretary, of latin secretarĭus, is the individual who is in charge of the drafting of correspondence (mail), the custody of the documents and records, to draw up acts and agree to conventions within a bureau, of a company, etc.
The concept can be used to evoke the wizard or the Administrative Assistant of a business. In this case, the Secretary handles correspondence, receives documents, answers the phone, archive documents and manages the schedule of a superior hierarchical. In general, these tasks are held by a woman (that is to say, a Secretary).
Examples: "talk to my Secretary and asked him to organize a meeting for next week," 'Assistant Secretary informed me that there is no session before two months', ' you'll ask my Secretary to bring me a coffee, is it you please? ''
In some countries, the Secretary is a public function similar to that of Minister, but with a lower rank. The Secretary is the head of a Department or a division of Public Administration: "The Secretary of international trade will be in digression in several Asian countries", "the president called for the resignation of the Secretary of tourism for suspicions of corruption", "Mr. Perez has worked for five years as Secretary of industry, but is now dedicated to the private sector.
Furthermore, the Secretary may also be the head of a political party or an institution: "the Secretary of the Communist Party has announced that his party will not support the proposal," 'Tomorrow, there will be elections to elect a new Secretary of the National Confederation of workers', "the Secretary-General of the United Nations has condemned the actions of the Arab regime.
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