Meaning and Definition of Subliminal message | Its importance

The message is the subject of the communication. The content consists of signs, symbols or signals transmitting information. The process of communication, therefore, involves the participation of a transmitter which, thanks to a support/medium or channel, transmits a message to one or more receivers.
Subliminal, meanwhile, is an adjective that is used in psychology to refer to what is below the threshold of consciousness. When the term is applied to a stimulus, it refers to the latter which for brevity or weakness, is not perceived consciously, even if it affects the behavior.
The concept of subliminal message therefore refers to a message that was designed to be transmitted below the normal limits of perception. This message arrives at the receiver, but he is not consciously. It can be a sound or an image that the receiver receives unconsciously and that, despite this absence of a conscious process, can change his behavior.
There is a consensus among psychologists about the existence and the capacity of the subliminal messages to generate an impact on receptors. Experts defend, however, that the impact on the behaviour of the people are neither sustainable nor powerful.
Subliminal messages are common in advertising, whether in advertisements from companies who want to increase their sales, or in the propaganda of Governments wishing to influence people in a subtle way.
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