The Balmoral Hotel, best hotel in Edinburgh | Guide of hotels of the world.

The Balmoral Hotel is not one hotel either, that is clear. Situated on Princess Street, five minutes walk from the shopping area of the capital of Scotland, it has a restaurant with a Michelin star, swimming pool and gym.
Its location is perfect, something that is possible thanks to its antiquity. It opened in 1902 and is kept in perfect condition since then, so it maintains its charm while continuing to meet the needs of guests.

Large rooms with great views

They can enjoy its spacious rooms with marble bathrooms and interactive television. But best of all is not that, but the views that there is to Edinburgh Castle and the historic centre, something for what it is worth to pay extra.

Restaurants and bars

The restaurant that I mentioned earlier is called Number One and is perfect for very select dishes. If you are looking for something more casual can always go to Hadrian completo de Brasserie, while at the Balmoral Bar serve you cocktails for after dinner and in Palm Court good champagne and tea are insured.

Guaranteed relaxation

In the spa there is an exercise room, five rooms for treatments of all kinds, a room of Turkish bath and sauna. As new there is issue of explore those spaces and enjoy the services that the hotel offers to the clients.


The downside is the price. A night of August in a double room can cost you more than 900 euros without any problem.
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