What is the meaning of Agrarian Reform | Definition and what it is.

Definition of Agrarian Reform

The verb reform indicates the action to change, amend or redo something. The action and the effect of reform, meanwhile, receives the name of reform.
From the latin agrarius, agrarian said of what is bound to the field. The term is also used to refer to the policy that defends the interests of agriculture.
It is known as agrarian reform, therefore, all economic, social, political and legislative measures to amend the structure of the property and the potatoes. These reforms are aimed at preventing that the ownership of the land was divided into a few hands and the owners (landowners) speculate on the value of the fields and do not encourage productive use.
The objective of the reform is therefore to replace the social class of property owners by a class of small and medium farmers, each with their own plot of land to work. To do this, need to change the trend of Earth in order to spend a few owners in many small producers.
This can be done by an expropriation (the land is removed from the owners without compensation) or by compensatory mechanisms (landowners give their lands but they receive something in return).
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