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Definition of Birdbrain

Brainless is an adjective that refers to someone with little understanding or that is devoid of judgment or common sense. A birdbrain is therefore, is someone stupid, unintelligent, dizzy, awkward, stupid, evaporated or deprived of reason.
Examples: "you can not leave the most important decisions of the company in the hands of a brainless as Hannibal", "You're a birdbrain who understands", "You have acted like a brainless", "Si Henri treats me brainless once again, I feel that will hit him.
Say "brainless" or "brainless" is practically the same thing, in the figurative sense, reason for which the person in question cannot operate normally as it is, so to speak, deprived of his brain.
Have a chat or a brainless behaviour, is to have a speech (or behavior) light or unreasonable.
The notion of birdbrain may therefore be associated with terms as stupid, idiotic or silly. It is an insult or at least it is an aggressive and derogatory word. However, its use depends on the geographic area since, in some countries, it is rare that someone offends another person with this kind of insult. On the other hand, this term is rather rare.
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