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Definition of Central Idea

It is considered that the idea is the first acts of understanding limiting to mere knowledge of something. An idea, therefore, is a mental image of an object or the rational knowledge generated by the natural conditions of the understanding.
The concept of central, on the other hand, admits many uses. Can be space where converge the coordinated actions and what is basic or essential to something.
The central idea is the most important content of a work, a proposal, a project, etc. Without this central idea, the work would not be included or it would lose its value. Examples: "the central idea of the little Red Riding Hood, it should not disobey his parents' 'I liked the movie, but I disagree with his central idea',"Mr candidate, people want to know that it is the central idea of your proposal to reduce the rate of unemployment","my central idea is to break this wall and enlarging the room.
The central idea is the most relevant part of a text or another manifestation of thought. If we take the case of the texts, we find that they consist of various thoughts or ideas. Many of these ideas are secondary or incidental: they help to create an environment and to strengthen the essential, but it can deliver without affecting the meaning of the text. The central idea, however, is the Foundation (or base) held by the author and which allows him to have what he wants.
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