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Definition of Flirt

Flirt is a game of love or a form of interpersonal relationship that expresses a romantic or sexual interest, but without the intention to formalize or to establish a compromise/commitment. The term is used as a synonym for vanity.
Examples: "I'll put an end to my flirting with Mary as she starts to ask me things that I'm not willing to give," "the flirt that we started to work ended in marriage that lasts for more than a decade and three wonderful children", "I'm not the kind of woman who likes to flirt: I prefer strong relationships and serious commitments.
Flirting can be considered as an exercise of seduction where a person sends subtle messages to the other to make her understand that she has a romantic interest. A conversation in a brief physical contact, through more attractive clothing or a certain body language flirting can include various events.
The key to flirting is to transmit the interest but without transgressing social norms related to the distance that hold two people who aren't couple. In other words, a woman who flirts his intention to maintain a closer relationship and even intimate but does not directly and openly.
The consequences of flirting can be very varied. If the other person responds and shows his interest, it can derive in a relationship casual or even, over time, in a formal liaison. On the other hand, if the person expresses no interest, one that flirts may continue to insist indefinitely or set aside the strategy.
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