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Definition of Network Wireless

Network is a concept which refers to the structure with a characteristic shape. The concept is used to name all interconnected (computers) equipment that share services, information and resources.
Systems wireless, on the other hand, are communication systems that are not electrical conductors. This means that the communication is established without using cables that physically interconnect devices.
A wireless network is therefore a network which allows to connect different nodes without the help of a physical connection but which establishes communication by electromagnetic waves. The transmission and reception of data need devices acting as ports.
Wireless networks are used to connect computers and other computing devices without having to install wiring, which represents more than comfort and saves money at the infrastructure level. On the other hand, this kind of networks has generally less security, because without effective protection, the introduction of intruder is likely.
Depending on the type of coverage, the wireless network may be classified as Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) or Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN).
WPAN network is common for Bluetooth technology, while the WiFi systems generally establish WLAN networks. WiMAX-based technologies, in turn, allow to WMAN networks while WANs are used with communications GMS, HSPA and 3 G.
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