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Definition of Tourism Promotion

Promotion, from the latin promotio, is action and the effect of promote (promote a process or thing, take the initiative to do something, raise someone to a most important/prestigious position). The term can be used for activities to make known or increase sales of something.
Tourism, in turn, is an adjective that means something belonging or linked to tourism. This is concept refers to all the activities that people develop during their travel and stay in places outside their usual environment for a consecutive period of time not exceeding one year.
The idea of tourism promotion, therefore, refers to the dissemination of a place as a destination for tourists. It is important to note that the arrival of visitors in a city or a country generates revenues for the place, where the importance of the promotion of tourism.
One can speak of tourist promotion campaign when it comes to highlight activities and businesses that are developed in order that potential travellers know the attractions of a destination and decide to plan a visit. These campaigns seek to disclose major natural, historical, cultural and other destination.
Take the example of the Brazil. The tourist promotion of this destination may include advertisements on TV channels of different countries with photos of the beaches of Buzios, posters in the streets of the capitals of the world with giant photos of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, ads on the radio to the sound of samba and the development of an Internet portal with multimedia content on the Amazon.
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