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Phonophobia is a psychological disorder characterized by exaggerated or irrational fear of loud noises, including the normal sounds as of his own voice, that cause a lot of discomfort in the individual clinical. Most normal people can't stand loud noises and excessive, but the fonofóbicos are extremely sensitive to sounds and prefer to be in environments where silence prevails. This reaction of aversion to the sounds of fonofóbicos is due to the fact they think if they're exposed to certain types of sounds, may damage your ears (hear those unpleasant buzzing) and even cause hearing loss, even though low-intensity sounds.
For normal people like the noises from speakers, alarms, the ranger of door, the friction of the chalk with the slate, the balloon popping sound can be annoying and disturbing enough. However these noises for the fonofóbicos are unbearable and generate a series of unpleasant reactions like tremors, sweating, palpitations, headache, nausea, shortness of breath and even cry, due to his hypersensitivity to sound. However these symptoms vary from individual to individual.
The individual fonofóbico avoids any activity that might be exposed to noise, and this compromises your quality of life. Many do not support face transit to travel to work, even using a specific cap on the ear, and end up getting isolated in their homes and society (extreme cases). So the treatment of this disorder is essential and must have the support of a therapist and Otolaryngologist who will prescribe specific drugs for relieving symptoms of phonophobia. Why don't heal? Because unfortunately medicines don't cure Phobias, just soften the symptoms. But, satisfactory results have been obtained with psychotherapies that help the fenofóbicos to cope better with their disorders through self-help techniques.

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