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This psychic disturbance currently reaches around 2% of people on the planet, suffering a severe anxiety when performing a particular social performance. This feeling usually limited to a sphere of life of the individual. Sometimes this phobia is characterized by a pathological shyness, which covers practically all fields of the existence of the subject.
It is normal to find among the people, especially in a preliminary step of their lives, attitudes of timidity, because extroverts are actually in the minority. What differentiates the shy and sick is the first that presents itself as a passenger in a moment – as a teenager – in which everything is new and strange; the second persists in this State throughout its existence. In a social gathering, he remains isolated, afraid of everything, unable to do anything about it, dreaming of the decision much desired, but at the same time viewing humiliating and shameful developments, if you dare pursue their ideals.
The victim of this disorder does not support be the target of attention of others, feel under the public spotlight, she'd rather give up a job, of course or of any event in which he has to undergo an evaluation of other individuals. When such damage occurs, we are facing a social phobia. These people unfold to pass unnoticed, and thus they cannot progress socially. They feel increasingly insecure, inferior to other and different, as if they held a stigma that distinguished it from others.
What you really feel someone affected of this disturbance? Since a mere agitation inside until a sense of panic, by passing often by bodily Sir justice Ormrod, such as cold sweats, chills, among others. Two basic behaviors mark this syndrome – the yearning to leave the context of these emotions generator and sure later that fear witnessed is not rational. The subject has, like everyone else, the lack of companies of a life in society, but at the same time he feels a threat hanging over his attempts to approach the blocking their fledgling initiatives.
The bearer of a social phobia experience within complex psychic mechanisms, of which the visible signs that betray the presence of this disorder are just the tips of an iceberg. Inside it there are opposing emotions in conflict, a deformed vision of oneself, of others and of the universe we inhabit. Usually he keeps itself past experiences, traumas which involve negative experiences in the process of social interaction, especially with people who were very important to him. This can cause a drop in self-esteem, inferiority complex, echoing throughout life if not treated, and seriously harm the patient.
The person feels a prisoner of a social nightmare without end, alone, abandoned in their anguish neuter, impotent in its attempts, she feels being pathetic and useless. Everyday situations, which for anyone are usual and simple to solve, for she become almost impossible to win, real obstacles for their survival. Thus, their quality of life becomes minimal, she has bigger difficulties to get a job, start a affective relationship, publicly manifest, which further reduces their self-esteem and even initiate a depressing process.
This psychic disorder can be treated, although Medicine has recognised this phobia as a disease just recently. Usually the patient performs a cognitive-behavioral therapy, since this line covers the learning of social skills, in public statements, of techniques for working your fantasies pessimists. Some remedies have been tested in these people, and the most effective results are focused on two types of antidepressants, although they only mitigate the organic signs. The most viable path to healing is therefore the therapy itself, coupled with the effort involved.


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