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Sphygmomanometry is the medical name given to the measurement of blood pressure or, more colloquially, blood pressure. Blood to circulate through the blood vessels of the body, it must maintain a fairly constant blood pressure. Thus, he is able to go places high to low blood pressure, for example, the aorta to the liver.
To measure blood pressure blood pressure compared with atmospheric pressure. The difference between the two measures give blood pressure, on the other hand, have two values: the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic is the maximum value that corresponds to the heartbeat, when the heart pumps blood hard all he can. Diastolic is blood pressure that remains minimal when the heart relaxes.
This test is painless, safe and extremely useful, since the blood pressure is altered in the presence of various diseases, and even maintaining high levels is a disease in itself same. To take a sphygmomanometer or blood pressure measurement, consisting of two parts is used. A sleeve around the arm and inflated with air, connected with a hollow tube pressure gauge
tensiometers Classic must be used with stethoscope to listen to the sounds of blood flow, but now there are digital meters. Sphygmomanometers sold in pharmacies can be placed on the wrist and, although less accurate, are easier to use by anyone at home.

Is when a sphygmomanometry

Sphygmomanometry to perform a blood pressure measurement is useful when the following conditions are suspected:
Hypertension: high blood pressure levels damage to organs in our bodies over time. The heart, kidney and retina are most affected, and deterioration occurs without symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended to measure blood pressure in adults once a year to detect hypertension syncope.
Dizziness and fainting are caused in most often by drops in blood pressure. Typically measuring the voltage at a particular time does not serve to detect these low figures, and it is necessary ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (a test known as MAP)
Preeclampsia:. During pregnancy should be monitored voltage blood to prevent eclampsia and fetal damage
pheochromocytoma. well known to a tumor of the adrenal glands that synthesizes hormones like adrenaline. This causes blood pressure to rise time and tension crises. The measurement of blood pressure can be the first suspect to diagnose dissection.
It is a very serious and urgent situation in which the layers of the aorta artery occluded divide and many of its branches. Blood pressure can be altered and usually different in each arm.

Preparing for sphygmomanometry

If you are going to make a sphygmomanometry to measure blood pressure these are the questions you should consider:
measuring blood pressure does not involve much time in one minute can know the figures income. It is a safe test, painless easily and quickly. Therefore, there is no reason to ingresarte. . Can be performed in the clinic, even at home
Do I need to be accompanied ?: do not need to be accompanied.
Medication is not necessary to take any prior drug. Should tell their doctor all medications that are commonly made ​​and he will decide what to suspend or maintain, especially if you take drugs such as diuretics, epilepsy, to treat muscle relaxants psychiatric illnesses, antiarrhythmics, or
food. Need not remain fasting before or after the test. However, you should not drink coffee in the hours before, nor eating a meal especially rich in salt from 24 hours before. You should not smoke an hour before the test
clothes. You can attend the event test in the same clothes every day. They will ask you discover arm you want to place the sleeve, so it's best to pack tight clothes that compress the arms
Documents:. Not required to carry specific documentation, but it is always advisable to carry a health card to the clinic in case perhaps another test or a medical appointment is required. You might write down the blood pressure levels on a chart, or you simply communicate them lactation.
measuring blood pressure is not contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. In fact, it should be done with some frequency during those periods.
Contraindications: no contraindications to perform a blood pressure measurement. There are situations where you can not make the measure more precisely or, as in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) measurement is required.

How one becomes sphygmomanometry

Sphygmomanometry to measure blood pressure can recommend you the medical or apply yourself. Nor should you obsess much to know your blood pressure levels; note that they rarely change quickly, so the doctor will know best how often you have it measured.
To measure your blood pressure can not be taken coffee the previous hour, nor energy drinks or anything another substance with caffeine. You can not have smoked one hour before the test. You should sit quietly for a few minutes before measure your blood pressure. Only then the true values ​​of blood pressure is obtained. If these rules are not respected, they can alter the results obtained and erroneous figures.
When you are ready the doctor or nurse will ask you to find out your arm where you measure the voltage. You better take your clothes that cover the arm directly because usually compress roll up his arm to shoulder level and may also alter blood pressure. Once discovered you will place the cuff around your arm above the elbow.
Then they inflate the cuff, and it is normal to notice a strong pressure around the arm, and even some tingling in the hand (for nerve compression arm). The health measure voltage you place the stethoscope on the inside of the elbow (if it is a classic sphygmomanometer, not digital), to listen to the blood flow. You will hear a few blows, such as beating, called korokoff noises. When they start noise systolic blood pressure is detected and when they end diastolic blood pressure is measured.
After this measurement, the most appropriate would be to measure few minutes later. However, often not re-take because it almost always has the same value. It is appropriate to repeat when the measure taken involves initiating or changing treatment. Ideally, repeat on the other arm. If you think you're nervous or uncomfortable medical environment you have to say it is better to take it into account.
The health inform you what your blood pressure figure. Depending on the value of blood pressure it is recommended that you repeat the back at a time or you cites in the doctor's office as soon as possible. Maybe all is well and can forget in a long time.

Complications sphygmomanometry

No complications of this test are known.

Results sphygmomanometry

Sphygmomanometry results or measurement of blood pressure are obtained in the time of testing. The health can instantly see the values ​​of your stress, and if you take yourself who you can see the figures on the screen of your blood pressure.
The blood pressure measurement is expressed in millimeters of mercury (mmHg), and pressure atmospheric. The reference values ​​are:
Lower values ​​are less important and should only be taken into account when you have symptoms of hypotension (syncope, for example). It is best to know your usual order to compare with the moment and certify that it is lower than normal voltage.
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