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Word of mouth (Latin America and Spain) or Word of mouth (only Spain) is a technique that consists in passing information by verbal means, especially recommendations, but also general information, in an informal, personal way, rather than through media, ads, organized publication or traditional marketing.
The Word of mouth is typically considered a spoken communication, although dialogues on the internet, for example, in blogs, forums or e-mails are often now included in the definition. Based on word of mouth promotion is highly valued by marketers. Feels that this form of communication has valuable credibility because of the source from which it comes. People are more inclined to believe the word of mouth than more formal promotion forms because the Communicator is unlikely that has a further interest (e.g.: does not try to sell you something). Also, people tend to believe people who know.
Marketing word of mouth, as referred to this discipline, is based on the marketing of 3rd generation. In the first main thing were the products, while in the second the relevant relations. In this 3rd generation the company has an almost secondary role and simply start triggers the mouth expands exponentially among consumers themselves. Therein lies the secret of its success.
To make Word of mouth, marketers use advertising techniques. A very successful form of Word of mouth promotion is to create a buzz (buzz, in English). BUZ is a highly intense and interactive form of Word of mouth. The mouth is essentially a linear process with the information that passes from an individual to another, and another and so on. A vendor has successfully created a buzz when interactions are so intense that information moves in a pattern in the form of matrix rather than linear. Everyone is talking about the issue. There is a certain difference of meaning between the mouth and the following terms: rumor, gossip and gossip; the negative connotations of these words do not exist in the meaning of Word of mouth.
Marketing campaigns can be word of mouth. Initially, we must know in depth to customers and non-customers of each company. What happens during the day? Are people with many contacts? How do they communicate?. After that, we must identify what the "wording", i.e. the words that are used to talk about our product. These are the early stages that can not miss on any word of mouth campaign.
Although it must be said that in Spanish the correct expression is "mouth to ear", "word of mouth" is rather a technique of Resuscitation in the event of accident.
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