Aesop's Fables with lessons and morals | Complete collection

All Aesop's Fables with lessons and morals - 393 Fables

Author: Aesop

Fábulas de Esopo con lecciones y moralejas


01. Eagle, Raven and the pastor.
02. the Eagle, the Hare and the beetle.
03. cut wing Eagle and the Fox.
04. the Eagle and the Fox.
05. the Eagle and the arrow.
06. the Eagle and the roosters.
07. the foxes on the banks of the river meander.
08. the Fox that was filled her womb.
09. the Fox and the Hawthorn
10. the Fox and the woodcutter.
11. the Fox and the snake.
12. the Fox and the grapes clusters.
13. the Fox and the crocodile.
14. the Fox and Panther.
15. the Fox and the monkey crowned King
16. the Fox and the dog.
17. the Fox and the monkey discussed about its nobility.
18. the Fox and the goat in the well.
19. the Fox with the cut off tail.
20. the Fox who had never seen a lion.
21. the Fox and the empty mask.
22. the Fox and the male labrador.
23. the Fox and the sea crab.
24. the Fox and the hungry Crow.
25. the Fox and the Crow scream.
26. the foxes, eagles and hares.
27. the Fox and the Hare.
28. the Fox and the lioness.
29. the Fox and the old lion.
30. the Fox, the bear and the lion.
31. the frogs and the dry reservoir.
32. swamp frog and the frog of the road.
33. the frogs asking for a King
34. the frog who claimed to be a doctor and the Fox.
35. the horniness frog and the lion.
36. the lion and the cowbird.
37. the lion and the three oxen.
38. the lion and the flying mosquito.
39. the good Lion King.
40. the lion captured by the labrador.
41. the lion in love with the daughter of the farmer.
42. the lion, the Fox and the deer.
43. the lion and the Hare.
44. the lion and the boar.
45. the lion and Dolphin
46. the lion, the Fox and the Wolf.
47. the lion and the naive donkey.
48. the lion and the presumptuous donkey.
49. the lion and the mouse.
50. the lion, the Fox and the donkey.
51. the lion, Prometheus and the elephant
52. the lion and the Bull.
53. the lion and the deer.
54. the lion, the Fox and the mouse.
55. the wolves and dogs getting ready to fight.
56. the wolves reconciling with dogs.
57. the Lions and Rams.
58. the wolves, Rams and the higher RAM.
59. the proud of his shadow Wolf, and the lion.
60. the Wolf and the lamb in the Brook.
61. the Wolf and the lamb at the temple.
62. the Wolf and the goat.
63. the Wolf, Nanny and child.
64. the Wolf and the crane.
65. the Wolf and horse.
66. the Wolf and the donkey.
67. the Wolf and the lion.
68. the Wolf and the dog.
69. the Wolf and the Shepherd.
70. the Wolf fed up and the sheep.
71. the wounded Wolf and sheep.
72. the Wolf and the labrador.
73. the Wolf and the dog asleep.
74. the Wolf and the kid locked up.
75. the flutist Wolf and the kid.
76. the two dogs.
77. the hungry dogs.
78. the man that bit a dog.
79. the dog and cook.
80. the dog fight and simple dogs.
81. the dog, the cock and the Fox.
82. the dog and the clam.
83. the dog and the Hare.
84. the dog and his reflection in the river.
85. the dog and the butcher.
86. the dog with Bell.
87. the dog that chased the lion.
88. the dog and the Crow.
89. the Crow and the Raven.
90. the Raven with the Ravens.
91. the Crow and the birds.
92. the Crow and the pigeons.
93. the fugitive Crow.
94. the Crow and the snake.
95. the Crow and Hermes.
96. the sick Crow.
97. the Nightingale and the Hawk.
98. the Nightingale and the swallow.
99. the Crow and weasel.
100. the cocks and the Partridge.

101. the stag, the spring and the lion.
102. the hind and the vineyard.
103. la cierva in the cave of the lion.
104. the one-eyed DOE.
105. the deer and fawn.
106. the old horse.
107. the horse, ox, dog and man.
108. the horse and the groom.
109. the horse and the donkey.
110. the horse and soldier.
111. the Mule.
112. the camel that estercolo in the river.
113. the camel, elephant, and monkey.
114. the camel seen for the first time.
115. the dancing camel.
116. the camel and Zeus.
117. the goat and the goatherd.
118. the goat and donkey.
119. the mountain goats and the goatherd.
120. the steer and Heifer.
121. the oxen and the axle of the wagon.
122. the ox and the mosquito.
123. the snake and the Fox.
124. the Viper and lime.
125. the snake and water snake.
126. the Swan taken by goose.
127. the Swan and its owner.
128. the cat and the rat.
129. mice and weasels.
130. the peasant mouse and mouse courtier.
131. the mouse and frog.
132. the Milan wanted neighing.
133. the Milan and the snake.
134. the Milan and the Seagull.
135. the alcion.
136. the thrush.
137. the Dove and the Ant.
138. the swallow and the prodigal son.
139. the Seagull, Hawthorn and the bat.
140. the bat and the weasels.
141. the bat and the goldfinch.
142. the donkey and the faldera dog.
143. the bear and the Fox.
144. the monuda Lark
145. the snails.
146. the hares and the frogs.
147. the weasel and lime.
148. the pig and the sheep.
149. the tuna-dolphin.
150. the fly.
151. the flies.
152. the Ant.
153. the Ant and beetle.
154. the two beetles.
155. the dolphin, whale and mackerel.
156. the sea lobster and his mother.
157. the thrush.
158. the Beaver
159. the Sun and the frogs.
160. the trees they wanted King.
161. the walnut.
162. the FIR and Hawthorn.
163. the lamp.
164. the witch.
165. the ugly slave and Aphrodite.
166. the woman and the hen.
167. the woman and the drunken husband.
168. the old woman and the physician.
169. the widow and the maids.
170. the fortune teller.
171. the beekeeper.
172. the astronomer.
173. the demigod.
174. the two enemies.
175. the old man and death.
176. the villain and Mulberry.
177. the timid Hunter and the woodcutter.
178. the Hunter of birds and the ASP.
179. the sick and your doctor.
180. the ignorant physician.
181. the eunuch and the priest.
182. the man and the Golden Lion.
183. the man and the lion travelers.
184. the man and the satyr.
185. the man and the statue.
186. the stomach and feet.
187. the physician and the patient who died.
188. the Castaway and the sea.
189. the thieves and the rooster.
190. the lumberjacks and pine.
191. the disjoint children of the farmer.
192. the butcher and the two young men.
193. the fishermen and the stones.
194. the fisherman and the fish large and small.
195. the fisherman and the Minnow.
196. the Pied Piper fisherman.
197. the fisherman and the raging river.
198. the vanity of zither.
199. the orator Demades.
200. boreas and the Sun.

201. pedestrians and the Raven.
202. pedestrians and axe.
203. the travellers and the bear.
204. the priests of Cybele.
205. the gardener and the dog.
206. the gardener and vegetables.
207. Diogenes of travel.
208. Diogenes and elcalvo.
209. the labrador and the Eagle
210. the labrador and the tree.
211. the labrador and fortune.
212. the farmer and the snake.
213. the farmer and the Viper.
214. the labrador and dogs.
215. the farmer and his sons.
216. Hercules and Athena.
217. Hercules and Pluto.
218. Hermes and the woodcutter.
219. the cart of Hermes and the wicked.
220. Hermes and sculptor.
221. Hermes and the Earth.
222. Hermes and Tiresias.
223. Zeus judge.
224. Zeus and Apollo.
225. Zeus and modesty.
226. Zeus and the barrel of goods.
227. Zeus and the snake.
228. Zeus and the turtle.
229. Zeus and the Fox.
230. Zeus and bees.
231. Zeus and men.
232. Zeus and Oaks.
233. Zeus, Prometheus, Athena and Momo
234. Aphrodite and the cat.
235. the goods and evils.
236. the gray and her two suitors.
237. the batanero and tits.
238. the Warrior and the Ravens.
239. the hens and the weasel.
240. the Athenian debtor.
241. two men disputing about the gods.
242. the blind man.
243. the murderer.
244. the trickster.
245. the black man.
246. the rogue.
247. the blowhard.
248. Hercules and the cowbird.
249. the man and the Ant.
250. Zeus, animals and men.
251. the merchant of statues.
252. the woman intractable.
253. the Castaway.
254. the fishermen and the tuna.
255. promise the impossible.
256. the Hare and the tortoise.
257. the traveller and his dog.
258. the Blind boy and his mother.
259. the pomegranate, Apple and Hawthorn.
260. the farmer and the stork.
261. the young and the Scorpion.
262. the plumage of the swallow and the Crow.
263. the donkey and the Fox are a lion.
264. the tortoise and the Eagle.
265. the labrador and cranes.
266. the dog in the barn.
267. the thirsty pigeon.
268. the miser and the gold.
269. the child and sweets.
270. the Wolf in sheep skin.
271. the young and the frogs.
272. the sick deer and their companions.
273. the merchant of salt and the donkey.
274. the oxen against butchers.
275. the child and the worm of nettle.
276. the lecherita.
277. the mice by putting the Bell the cat.
278. the vine and the goat.
279. Zeus and mother mona.
280. the young pastor announcing the Wolf.
281. Androcles and the lion.
282. the pastor and the young Wolf.
283. the father and his two daughters.
284. the swallow, the snake and the Court.
285. the thief and his mother.
286. the two containers.
287. the Hunter and fisherman.
288. the old woman and the wine container.
289. the deer in the Manger of the oxen.
290. the pigeons, the Milan and the Falcon.
291. the widow and his sheep.
292. the pastor and the sea.
293. the donkey, the cock and the lion.
294. the rivers and the sea.
295. the playful donkey.
296. the three guards.
297. the Wolf and the shepherds dining.
298. the donkey carrying a picture.
299. the old hunting dog.
300. the Hare and the lion.

301. the goose that lays the golden eggs.
302. the bull and the goat.
303. the donkey and grasshoppers.
304. the dancers monkeys.
305. the mountain by giving birth.
306. the Crow and the Swan.
307. the war horse
308. the belly and the members.
309. the ox and the frog.
310. the dying lion.
311. the travellers on the coast.
312. the blacksmith and his dog.
313. the donkey and his shadow.
314. the donkey and its masters.
315. the oak and the reeds.
316. the wild boar and the Fox.
317. the canopy:, Partridge and the Rooster
318. the monkey and the fishermen.
319. the wrestler and the flea.
320. the mouse and the Bull.
321. the Hare and dog runners.
322. the bald gentleman.
323. the bull, the lioness and Hunter.
324. the trees and the axe.
325. the donkey and the old shepherd.
326. the Archer and the lion.
327. the WaSP and the snake
328. the rose and the amaranth.
329. the bull and the calf.
330. the deer, Wolf and sheep.
331. the Fox and the Hedgehog.
332. the Eagle, the cat and the wild sow.
333. the thief and the innkeeper.
334. the Serpent and the Eagle.
335. the Crow and the pitcher.
336. the Wolf and the Fox.
337. the monkey and the dolphin.
338. the horse and deer.
339. the thief and the watchdog.
340. the monkeys and the two travelers.
341. The Lark and their offspring.
342. the weasel and mice.
343. the young woman in the river.
344. the donkey and the Wolf.
345. the Peacock and Juno.
346. the Wolf, the Fox and the monkey.
347. the fly and transport Mule.
348. the horse and the donkey.
349. the geese and cranes.
350. the dogs and the Fox.
351. the cobbler turned doctor.
352. brother and sister.
353. the wasps, the partridges and the farmer.
354. the dog house.
355. the birds, the beasts and the Batwing.
356. the Fox and the caged lion.
357. the OWL and the birds.
358. the trumpeter taken prisoner.
359. the donkey in the lion skin.
360. the Sparrow and the Hare.
361. the flea and the ox.
362. the two bags.
363. the Seagull and Crow.
364. the Fox and the crane.
365. the donkey and his purchaser.
366. the bitch and her cubs.
367. The Lark burying her father.
368. the Shepherd and the sheep.
369. the Grasshopper and the OWL.
370. the two soldiers and the thief.
371. the chosen trees.
372. the donkey and horse.
373. the truth and traveler.
374. the lion and the Fox in society.
375. the lion and the Eagle.
376. the jester and the peasant.
377. the Hunter and rider thief.
378. the King's son and the painted lion.
379. the goats and their beards.
380. the camel and its driver.
381. the Miller, his son and their donkey.
382. the Crow and the sheep.
383. the Partridge and the Hunter.
384. the flea and the man.
385. travellers and leafy tree.
386. the rich man and the Tanner.
387. the mules and the robbers.
388. the Panther and the shepherds.
389. the donkey and war horse.
390. the bald man and the fly.
391. the olive and Fig.
392. the Eagle and the kite.
393. the donkey and his master.

01. Eagle, Raven and the pastor.

Launching from a crest, an Eagle snatched a lamb.
A crow saw her trying to imitate the Eagle, was launched on a RAM, but with bad knowledge in the art that his claws were entangled in the wool, and beating maximum its wings failed to release.
Seeing the pastor what was happening, grabbed his Crow, and cutting the tips of its wings, brought it to their children.
Asked his sons about that kind of bird was that one, and he said to them:
-For me, it is only a crow; but, it is believed the Eagle.

Put your effort and dedication in what you're really prepared, not in what you do not belong.

02. the Eagle, the Hare and the beetle.

It was a Hare being chased by an eagle, and watching lost asked for help to a beetle, pleading for him to help him.
He asked the beetle the Eagle who forgive her friend. But the Eagle, scorning the insignificance of the beetle, devoured the Hare in his presence.
Since then, looking for revenge, beetle watched the places where the Eagle put their eggs, and making them roll, pulling them to Earth. Seeing the pitch Eagle of the place where you want to go, resorted to Zeus asking him a safe place to lay their eggs.
Offered Zeus placed them in her lap, but the beetle, seeing the tactical escape, made a ball of dung, flew and dropped on the lap of Zeus.
Zeus then rose to shake off the dirt and pulled by Earth eggs without realizing it. So since then, the Eagles not lay eggs at the time on which come to flying beetles.

Never despise what seems insignificant, because we must not be so weak that it can't reach you.

03 cut wing Eagle and the Fox.

One day a man captured an eagle, cut off their wings and dropped it in the pen along with all their chickens. Embarrassed, the Eagle, who was powerful, lowering the head and went without eating: it felt like an imprisoned Queen.
Spent another man who saw it, liked it and decided to buy it. It tore the cut feathers and made them grow again. Replaced the Eagle's wings, he raised his flight, he apprehended a Hare to carry thanks to its release.
A Fox saw her and maliciously evil advised him:
--Do not take the Hare released that, but captured that; because that you already released it is good without more stimulus. It seeks rather to soften to the other, will not catch you again and start you completely wings.

Always match your benefactors generously, and for wisdom to stay away from the wicked who insinuate do wrong.

04. the Eagle and the Fox.

An eagle and a Fox who were very friendly decided to live together with the idea that that would anchor their friendship.
Eagle chose a very high tree there lay their eggs, while the Fox released their children under some bushes on the land at the foot of the same tree.
One day the Fox went out to look for food, the Eagle, who was hungry fell on the Brambles, took the zorritos, and then she and their young rejoiced with a banquet.
Returned the Fox and more you hurt the not to avenge, to learn of the death of their children; How could she, being a land animal, be able to fly, chasing one that flies? He had to settle for the usual comfort of the weak and powerless: Curse from the away to his enemy.
It was more not long so Eagle received payment for his treason against friendship. Some shepherds, sacrificing a goat; they were in the field fell the Eagle on it and took a viscera which still retained fire, placing it in its nest.
Came a strong wind and fire transmitted to the straw, also burning their small Montagu, who even did not know by small fly, which came on the ground. He then ran the Fox, and calmly devoured all the Eaglets in the eyes of his enemy.

Never betray the sincere friendship, because if you did, sooner or later the sky will come the punishment.

05. the Eagle and the arrow.

An eagle at the peak of a cliff waiting for the arrival of hares was seated.
More a Hunter saw her, and him throwing an arrow went through his body.
Watching the Eagle that the arrow was built with feathers of his own kind he exclaimed:
-What sadness, end my days because of the feathers of my kind!

Deeper is our pain when we win with our own weapons.

06. the Eagle and the roosters.

Two roosters quarreled for the preference of the hens; and at last one put in escape to another.
Resignedly withdrew the vanquished to a thicket, hiding there. The proud winner instead climbed a high wall with to sing with a great noise.
More soon an Eagle dropped him and kidnap him. Since then the Rooster that had lost the rina stayed with all the chicken coop.

To who flaunts his own hits, not long to appear you who take them.

07. the foxes on the banks of the river meander.

The foxes on the banks of the river meander gathered a day in order to quench their thirst; but the River was very turbulent, and although they stimulated each other, none dared to enter the river first.
Finally one of them spoke, and wanting to humiliate others, scoffed at his cowardice presuming to be the bravest. So daring and reckless jumped into the water. But the strong current dragged her to the center of the River, and companions, following her from the shore shouting him:
-Do not let us partner, back and tell us how we can drink water without danger!
But the reckless, dragged without any remedy, and trying to hide his approaching death, replied:
-Now I have a message for Miletus; When to replace will teach them you how you can do it.

In general, the blowhards are always within reach of the danger.

08. the Fox that was filled her womb.

A hungry Fox found a few pieces of meat and bread that shepherds had been hidden in a cavity in the trunk of an oak tree. And entering into the cavity, the ate all.
But both ate and both enlarged belly which could not leave of him. He started to moan and complain of the problem that had fallen.
By chance there happened another slut, and hearing their moans came to him and asked that it happened. When he learned what happened, he said to him:
-Then stay quiet sister until you come back to the form in which you were, then insurance can easily exit without problem!

Many difficulties are resolved with patience.

09. the Fox and the Hawthorn

A fox jumped over a few mounds, and was suddenly on the verge of falling. And to prevent falling, he grabbed a Hawthorn, but his barbs injured her legs and feeling the pain they produced him, told him to Hawthorn
--I went to you for your help, and rather have wounded me!
Hawthorn said:
--You have guilt, friend, by hold on to me, well you know how good I am hook to hurt everyone, and you are no exception!

Never ask for help who used to do the damage.

10. the Fox and the woodcutter.

A Fox was being chased by some hunters when he arrived to the site of a lumberjack and begged him to hide it. Man advised him that you enter to your cabin.
Almost immediately became the hunters, and the lumberjack was asked if he had seen the Fox.
The lumberjack, with the voice told them no, but secretly pointed with his hand the cabin where they had hidden.
Hunters did not understand the signs of the hand and only relied on what was said by the word.
The Fox to see them leave, went silent, without saying anything to the woodcutter.
The woodcutter reproached him why despite having saved, did not give you thanks, to which the Fox responded:
--You would have given thanks if your hands and your mouth would have said the same thing.

Not deny with your actions, what you pregonas with your words.

11. the Fox and the snake.

A fig tree at the edge of a road was, and a Fox saw a snake sleeping next to it.
Envying that so long body, and thinking it could match him, threw the Fox to Earth beside the snake and tried to stretch out as he could. So much effort did, until finally, by vain, it burst.

Do not imitate those larger, if still don't have the conditions to do so.

12. the Fox and the grapes clusters.

I was a slut with very hungry, and saw hanging from a vine a few delicious clusters of grapes, wanted to catch them with his mouth.
But not being able to achieve them, despite their efforts, he walked away saying:
--They like me, and are not so green!

Never take the blame to others than you are not able to reach.

13. the Fox and the crocodile.

Discussing a day the Fox and crocodile the nobility of their ancestors.
For a long time the crocodile he spoke about the lineage of their ancestors, and ended by saying that their parents had become the guardians of the gym.
-- Don't need you to tell me - replied the Fox-; the qualities of your skin very well show that for many years you do gymnastics exercises.

Always remember that what you see well, cannot be hid with the lie.

14. the Fox and Panther.

They were fighting another day the Fox and Panther about its beauty.
The Panther praised especially the special painted their skin.
Then the Fox replied saying:
--Much more beautiful I think I, not by appearances of my body, but rather by my spirit!

The qualities of the spirit are preferable to the body.

15. the Fox and the monkey crowned King

At a meeting of animals, he danced so pretty monkey, that earning the sympathy of viewers, was elected King.
Jealous the Fox by not having been her chosen, saw a piece of food in a trap and there led to the monkey, telling him that they had found a treasure worthy of Kings, but that instead of taking it to take it to him, he had kept it so that he would be personally who caught it, since it was a royal prerogative.
The monkey came without further reflection, and was pressed in the stocks.
Then the Fox, whom the monkey accused of that trap him concluded, answered:
--You are very silly, mono, and still intend to reign among all the animals!

You not launch a company, if before you have not thought about its possible-successes or hazards.

16. the Fox and the dog.

It penetrated a Fox in a herd of lambs, and striding to his chest to a small lamb, pretended to caress him.
Got a dog who took care of the flock and asked:
--What are you doing?
--I caress you and play with it--answered with face of innocence.
--Then release it immediately, if you do not want to know my best touch!

Prepared not his actions reveal it. Study and learn with pleasure and you will have success in your life.

17. the Fox and the monkey discussed about its nobility.

A Fox and a monkey, commenting at the same time each of their nobility traveled together throughout this land.
While each widely detailing their titles, they came to a certain place. Monkey returned her gaze towards a cemetery and burst into tears.
He asked the Fox that happened, and the monkey, showing them a few tombs said:
--Oh, how can I not to cry when I see the gravestones of those great heroes, my ancestors!
--Can lie as you like-- replied the Fox-;-! because none of them will rise to contradict you!

Always be honest in your life. You will never know if the neighbor who listens knows the truth and shall corroborate or desmentirá your words.

18. the Fox and the goat in the well.

A Fox fell into a deep pit, being forced to sit in for cannot be reached the shore.
Later came to the same well a thirsty goat, and watching the Fox asked him if the water was good. She, hiding their real problem, did praise for water, stating that it was excellent, and invited the goat to go down and try it where it was.
Without more thought jumped the goat to the well, and after quenching their thirst, asked the Fox how would do out there
The Fox said then:--there is a way, which is undoubtedly our mutual salvation. It supports your front legs against the wall and rise well above your horns; then I will upload your body and once outside, I'll pull it.
You believed him the goat so did tastefully, and the Fox skillfully climbing up the back and the horns of his companion, reached out from the well away from the shore instantly, without complying with promised.
When the goat claimed you violation of his agreement, became the Fox and told him:
--Hey partner, if you had as much intelligence as hairs in your beard, had not come down without thinking earlier how out after!

Before you commit to something, think first if you could get out of that, regardless of what you offer your neighbors.

19. the Fox with the cut off tail.

A trap a Fox had cut that tail, I was so embarrassed, he considered his life horrible and humiliating, which decided that the solution would be to advise the other sisters also cut the tail, to disguise as well with general equality, personal failing.
He met then all her friends, telling them that the tail was not only an added ugly, but also a load without reason.
But one of them took the floor and said:
--Hey sister, if it wasn't for your convenience from now, would we give in fact this Council?

Beware of those who give advice in search of their own benefit, and not really do good.

20. the Fox who had never seen a lion.

There was a Fox who had never seen a lion.
Destiny put her one day in front of the actual beast. And as it was the first time I saw him, he felt a terrible fear and walked away as fast as he could.
To find a Lion for the second time, still felt fear, but less than before, and noted it with calm for a while.
In the end, saw him for the third time, is emboldened enough to approach him to strike up a conversation.

To the extent that you go knowing something, so you will be losing fear. But always keep your distance and proper caution.

21. the Fox and the empty mask.

It came one day a Fox in the House of an actor, and after reviewing their utensils, found among other things an artistically crafted mask.
He took it between his legs and noted it is said:
--Beautiful head! But what a pity you don't have brains.

You not fill empty appearance. Fill you better always good judgment.

22. the Fox and the male labrador.

There was a man who hated a slut because it caused some damage occasionally.
After much trying, he could finally catch it, and looking for revenge on her, he tied him to tail a wick soaked in oil and lit him on fire.
But God took the Fox to the fields cultivated by man.
It was the era in which is was ready for harvesting the product and the labrador following the raposa, watched crying, how to pass it through their fields, burned all their production.

Try to be understanding and forgiving, because it always happens that the evil that we generate, late or early returns against our.

23. the Fox and the sea crab.

Wanting to keep his life solitary, but a little differently than the already used, it left a crab from the sea and went to live at the beach.
A hungry Fox saw it, and as you couldn't find anything better to eat, he ran to him and captured him.
Then the crab, ready to be devoured said:
--I deserve all this, because as I animal of the sea, I wanted to behave as if it were land!

If you try entering unknown terrain, first take appropriate precautions, you will not be defeated by what they don't know.

24. the Fox and the hungry Crow.

A skinny and hungry Crow landed on a fig tree, and seeing that the figs were still green, stayed on the site waiting for you maduraran.
He saw a Fox the hungry Crow eternalized in the fig tree, and asked him what was doing. Once it did, he said to him:
--You do badly losing the committed time to a distant hope; hope is filled with beautiful dreams, but not for food.

If you have an immediate need, nothing will serve you think satisfy it with unattainable things.

25. the Fox and the Crow scream.

A Raven stole a piece of meat to some shepherds and retreated to a tree.
A Fox saw him, and wishing to seize the meat began to flatter the Crow, praising its elegant proportions and its great beauty, adding also that it had not found anyone better endowed than him to be the King of birds, but that the fact that voice had affected him.
The Raven, to show you the Fox that non lacking voice, dropped the meat to launch proudly loud cries.
The Fox, without losing time, quickly picked up the meat and said:
--Friend Crow, if in addition to vanity you have understanding, nothing else you would be missing really to be the King of birds.

When you adulen, it is when more rightly take care of your property.

26. the foxes, eagles and hares.

Some day the Eagles declared a war against the Hare.
They were then these to get help from the foxes. But they answered them:
--We would have helped them if we did not know where you are and if we did not know against whom they fight.

Before deciding to join a campaign, first measure the capacity of potential adversaries.

27. the Fox and the Hare.

He said one day a Hare to a slut:
--Could you tell me if it is really true that you have many gains, and why you are called the "winning"?
-Replied the Fox-- if you want to know it---, I invite you to have dinner with me.
He accepted the Hare and followed it; But arriving at House of Doña Fox saw that there was no more dinner than the same Hare. Then he said the Hare:
--Finally understand my unfortunately for where your name comes from: is not your work, but your delusions!

Never ask you for lessons to cheaters, as yourself will be the theme of the lesson.

28. the Fox and the lioness.

A Fox to a lioness reproached the fact that always only pariese to a little.
And he replied the lioness:
--Yes, one, you're right, but a lion man!

Do not gauge the value of things by their amount, but by virtue.

29. the Fox and the old lion.

An elder Lion, unable to obtain on their own food, decided do it using cunning. So he went to a cave and was laid on the floor, moaning and pretending that he was sick. Thus, when the other animals went to visit him, he captures them immediately for your meal.
Had arrived and already killed many animals, when the Fox, guessing what was his ruse, also arose, and stopping a prudent distance from the cave, asked the Lion How went you with your health.
--Clear that it had entered-- told the Fox-- if not he saw that all the tracks enter, but there is no that came out.

Always on time warns of danger signs and avoid damage to you.

30. the Fox, the bear and the lion.

Having found a lion and a bear at the same time to a fawn, they challenged in combat to see which of the two stayed with the dam.
A Fox that was happening, seeing them exhausted by the struggle and with the fawn in the Middle, he seized it and ran quietly passing between them.
And so the bear as the lion, exhausted and no strength to lift, they murmured:
--Miserable us! Both effort and such fighting made that everything was for the Fox!

By strive in not wanting to share, we can lose it all

31. the frogs and the dry reservoir.

Lived two frogs in a beautiful swamp, but summer came and dried, which left him to find another with water. They found in their way a deep pit filled with water, and seeing him, said a frog to another:
--Friend, down the two to this well.
--But, and also the water from this well is dry,-- said the companion--, do you think that we'll then?

Trying to take action, first analyzes the consequences of it.

32 swamp frog and the frog of the road.

Happily lived out a frog in a swamp deeper, away from the road, while his neighbor was very proud in a pond at the center of the road.
Of the Marsh insisted his friend to go to live beside it, away from the road; that there would be better and safer.
But it was not convinced, saying that it was very difficult to leave a dwelling where it was already established and satisfied.
And it came to pass that a day spent down the road, over the pond, a bogie, and crushed the poor frog, who did not want to accept the move.

If you have the chance to improve your position, not reject it.

33. the frogs asking for a King

Tired frogs own disorder and anarchy in which they lived, they sent a delegation to Zeus so send them a King.
Zeus, according your request, sent a thick log to your pond.
Frightened the frogs by the noise that made leno falling, hid where best they could. Finally, seeing that leno didn't move more, they were coming to the surface and given the stillness that prevailed, started to feel so great contempt for the new King, jumping on him and sat him up, mocking without rest.
And so, feeling humiliated by having monarch to a simple tree, again where Zeus, asking him to change to the King, as it was too quiet.
Outraged Zeus, commanded an active water snake that, one by one, caught them and ate them without mercy.

When choosing leaders, it is best to choose one simple and honest, rather than one very entrepreneurial but evil or corrupt.

34. the frog who claimed to be a doctor and the Fox.

He shouted one day a frog from his swamp other animals:
--I am a doctor and know very well all the remedies for all ills!
A slut heard her and called him:
--How dare you announce to help others, when you limp and not know you heal?

Never ye shall proclaim what can not demonstrate by example.

35. the horniness frog and the lion.

She heard once a lion the croak of a frog, and turned to where came the sound, thinking that it was a very important animal.
He waited and observed carefully time, and when he saw the frog that he came out of the swamp, approached her and crushed her saying:
--You, so small and throwing those tremendous shouts!

Much speaks, is what he says.

36. the lion and the cowbird.

A Bootes that grazed a herd of oxen lost a calf. He sought it, touring the surroundings without finding it. Zeus then promised sacrifice a kid if I discovered who had stolen it.
He immediately joined the forest and saw a lion eating the calf. Terrified raised hands to the sky shouting:
--Oh great Jove, earlier I promised sacrifice you a kid if he found the thief; but now I promise to sacrifice a bull if I can avoid falling into the clutches of the thief!

When hunting for a solution, keep in mind that to find it, this in turn can become the next problem.

37. the lion and the three oxen.

Three oxen grazing always together.
A lion wanted to devour them, but being together three oxen prevented him doing so, as the fight against the three at the same time put it in disadvantage.
Then with cunning resorted to anger them together with perfidious humbug, separating them from each other.
And thus, not be already attached, it devoured them quietly, one by one.

If you allow that you discard your unit with your loved ones, the easier that you damage.

38. the lion and the flying mosquito.

A mosquito approached a lion and said:
--Do not you fear, and besides, you're not stronger than me. If you think otherwise, please prove me wrong. Spiders with your claws and bite with your teeth?
Also a woman fending off a thief does that! I am stronger than you, and if you want, I now challenge to combat.
And sounding their buzz, fell on the lion mosquito, biting her repeatedly around the nose, where it has no hair.
The lion began to scratch with his own claws, until he gave up the fight. The victorious mosquito again sounded its buzz; and without realizing it, with so much joy, it was to become entangled in a spider's Web.
At the time who was devoured by the spider, complained to him, fighting against the most powerful overcoming them, was to perish at the hands of an insignificant animal, spider it.

No matter that so great successes in your life, always takes care that the said to you have obtained one of them, not it ruin everything.

39. the good Lion King.

There was a lion that was not annoying, cruel or violent, but treatable and just like a good creature, who became King.
The timid Hare said then:
--I have longed to see ardorosamente get this day, to allow the weak to be respected with justice by the strongest.
(E) immediately ran what could.

When justice is practised in a State, the humble can live calm... but not must adhere.

40. the lion captured by the labrador.

He entered a lion in the block of a labrador, and this, wanting to get it, closed the door. The lion, seeing that he could not leave, began to devour first the Rams, and then the oxen.
The labrador, fearing for his own life, then opened the door.
The lion, and the wife of the farmer, went to hear him complain said:
--You have what you asked for, because why they tried to lock up a wild beast that rather had to keep away?

If you get to compete with the most powerful, prepare yourself before very well. Otherwise you will leave wounded from the contest.

41. the lion in love with the daughter of the farmer.

A lion of the daughter of a farmer had fallen in love and asked her in marriage.
And not the farmer could decide to give their daughter so ferocious animal, or refuse it by the fear that inspired him.
Then devised the following: as the lion kept insisting you, told him that he thought worthy to be husband of his daughter, but that should at least meet the following condition that will start the teeth and you cut your nails, because that was what frightened her daughter.
The lion accepted the sacrifices because he really loved her.
Once the lion was requested, when it returned to arise already without his powers, full of contempt for him, labrador fired it mercilessly beating.

Never trust too much as to strip you of your own defenses, as you will be easily overcome by those who respected you before.

42. the lion, the Fox and the deer.

Having been sick Lion, is you lay in a cave, telling the Fox, which estimated much and who had very good friends:
--If you want to help me to cure me and that still alive, seduces with your cunning to deer and bring it here, because I'm packed their meat.
-- I come to give you excellent news - was to say the Fox to the deer. As you know, the lion, our King, is my neighbor; but it turns out that he has fallen sick and is very serious. I wondered what animal could replace him as King after his death.
And told me: "wild boar, so not is not very intelligent; the bear is very awkward; Panther very temperamental; the Tiger is a blowhard; "I think that the deer is the most worthy of reign, it is slender, long life, and feared by the snakes by its horns." But what I tell you, it is determined that you will be the King.
And that I get by having it announced first? Answer me, that I have haste and fear to call me, because I am his counselor. But if you want to hear an experienced, I advise that I follow and join the lion faithfully until his death.
He had finished speaking the Fox, and the deer, full of vanity with those words, walked decided to cave without suspecting what would happen.
To see it, the lion rushed him, but only managed to scratch her ears. The deer, frightened, quickly fled into the forest.
The Fox hit is legs to see lost your game. And the lion threw loud cries, stimulated by his hunger and grief. He pleaded with the Fox to try it again. And he said the Fox:
--It's painful and difficult, but I'll try.
He came out of the cave and followed in the footsteps of the deer until it replacing its forces.
Seeing deer, angered and ready to attack it, he said:
--Miserable bitch, do not come to deceive me! If you give one step further, have you dead! Looking for others who do not know you, talk nice to them and upload them smoke promising them the throne, but already no more to me.
But the cunning Fox replied:
-- But Mr Hart, don't be so loose and funky. Not desconfíes of us who are your friends. The lion, to take your ear, just wanted to tell you secret tips and instructions on how to govern, and you don't even have patience for a simple scratch of a sick old man. It is now furious against you and you're thinking about making King the fearless Wolf. Poor!, all it suffers by being the master! Come with me, you have nothing to fear, but that Yes, be humble as a lamb. I swear by all this jungle that you should not fear anything lion. And as to me, only intend to serve you.
And deceived again, he left the deer toward the cave. There was more that entered, when already the lion saw fully satiated your whim, not leaving or memory of the deer. However the heart fell to the ground, and the Fox took him on the sly, as payment for their efforts. And the lion looking for the missing heart asked the Fox by it.
The Fox replied:
--That naive deer had no heart, nor look it. What kind of heart could have a stag which came twice to the House and the paw of the lion?

Never let the desire of honours to disturb your good judgment, so you are not caught by the danger.

43. the lion and the Hare.

He surprised a lion to a Hare sleeping peacefully. But when he was about to devour her, he saw pass a deer. Then let the Hare chasing the deer.
He woke up the Hare to chase noise, and not expecting more, undertook his flight.
Meanwhile the lion, which was unable to give scope to the deer, already tired, returned to take the Hare and he found that it had also sought his way safely.
The lion then said:
--I deserve it, as already having a dam in my hands, I left it to go after the hopes of gaining a greater.

If you have in your hands a small benefit, when you search for one greater, not abandon the little you have, as long as you don't really in your hands the greatest.

44. the lion and the boar.

During the summer, when the heat increases thirst, they came to drink to a single source, a lion and a boar.
They argued about who should be the first to drink, and the discussion went on to a fierce fight to the death.
But, in a moment of rest, they saw a cloud of birds of prey waiting for some overdue to devour it.
So, recap, they said:
--It is better for us to be friends and not the vultures and crows pasture!

Useless struggles only serve to enrich and nourish its viewers.

45. the lion and Dolphin

A lion walking along a beach and saw a dolphin to peek her head out of the water. Then proposed you an Alliance:
-- We should unite both, being you the King of the beasts of the sea and I the terrestrial-- he said.
Gladly accepted the dolphin. And the lion, who for some time was at war with a wild parrot, called the Dolphin who will help you. Tried the dolphin out of the water, but it did not, by what the lion accused him of traitor.
--I am not the culprit or who should accuse, but nature - said the dolphin-, because she is who I made water and does not allow me to go to the land!

When you search for alliances, look who your allies are indeed trained to join you on what has been agreed.

46. the lion, the Fox and the Wolf.

Tired and old Lion King, stayed sick in his cave, and other animals, except the Fox, were to visit.
Taking the opportunity of the visit, he accused the Wolf the Fox expressing the following:
--She doesn't have any respect for our Highness, and therefore has not even approached to say hello or ask for your health.
At that precise moment came the Fox, just in time to hear what the Wolf said. Then the lion, furious to see her, launched a fierce cry against the Fox; but she asked for the word to be justified, and said:
--Tell me, among all the visits here, would who has given you special service like that have I done, that I looked for everywhere medical than with your wisdom prescribe you a remedy to cure you, finally finding it?
-- And what is the remedy?, let me know immediately. --I ordered the lion.
-- You must sacrifice a Wolf and get your skin as shelter-- replied the Fox.
The Wolf was immediately sentenced to death, and the Fox, laughing, cried:
--The pattern not we must take the grudge, but benevolence.

Who tend traps for the innocent, is the first to fall on them.

47. the lion and the naive donkey.

The lion and the donkey got together to hunt wild animals. The lion used his strength and donkey coses them of your feet. Once they accumulated a number of parts, the lion divided them into three parts and said to the donkey:
--The first I belong as the King; the second is also mine for being your partner, and on the third, you'll better releasing if you do not want to come to the prey.

So do not pass you the of the donkey, when you associate, do it with partners of equal power than you, not with others all-powerful.

48. the lion and the presumptuous donkey.

Again became friends naive donkey and the lion to go hunting. They came to a cave where wild goats took refuge, and the lion was to record the output, while the donkey cave entered kicking and reared, for outputting to a goat.
Once the action, cave donkey came out and asked him if not had seemed you excellent performance to having fought so bravely to oust the goats.
--Oh yes, pride--replied the lion, that even I myself would have scared me if you don't know who it was!

If you praise yourself, you will be simply the object of derision, especially to those who know you best.

49. the lion and the mouse.

I slept calmly a lion, a mouse began to play up his body. The lion woke up and quickly grabbed the mouse; and about to be devoured, asked this that forgive you, promising to pay duly arrived timely. The lion laughed and let him go.
A few days later, some hunters captured the King of the jungle and tied with a rope to a leafy tree. He spent around the mouse, who heard the cries of the lion, rushed to the scene and he gnawed the rope, leaving him free.
-- Days ago - he said-, te burlaste me thinking that nothing could make for you in gratitude. Now it is good to know that the small mice are grateful and fulfilled.

Never despise the honest small promises. When the time comes they will meet them.

50. the lion, the Fox and the donkey.

The lion, the Fox and the always naive donkey partnered to go hunting.
When they had enough, said the Lion the ass which distributed among the three loot. Did the donkey three equal parts and asked the lion to choose yours. Outraged by having three equal parts, jumped on him and devoured it.
He then asked the Fox that it was she who distributed.
The Fox made a lot of almost everything, leaving only a few scraps in the other group. He called the lion to choose again.
Seeing that, he asked the lion who had taught him to hand out as well.
--As the donkey, donkey, Lord!

It is always good not to despise the other error and rather learn from him.

51. the lion, Prometheus and the elephant

He wouldn't let a lion to complain to Prometheus, saying:
--You made me very strong and beautiful, with JAWS with good teeth and powerful claws on the legs, and I am the more dominant animal. However I have a great fear to the rooster.
--Why you accuse me as to the light? Are you not satisfied with all the physical advantages which you have given? That decline is your spirit. --Prometheus replied.
Followed the lion deploring the situation, judging from coward. She then put an end to his life.
It was in this situation when came the elephant, they welcomed and they began to chat. He noted the lion elephant constantly moving his ears, so it asked the cause.
--Do you see that tiny insect that hums to my around? - said the elephant-, because if it does enter into my ear, I'm lost.
Then said the Lion: it would be foolish to let me die, being me much stronger and powerful than the elephant, as well as much more strong and powerful is the Rooster with the mosquito?

Many times, very small discomfort make us forget the great things we possess.

52. the lion and the Bull.

Thinking of the lion as capturing a very full-bodied Bull, he decided to use cunning. Del toro said that he had sacrificed a RAM and that he invited him to share it. His plan was to attack him when he had cast next to the table.
He came to the toro site, but seeing only large fountains and grills, and no trace of RAM, started without saying a Word.
Claimed you the lion that why you left, then nothing had done you.
-Yes there is reason-- said the bull-, as all the preparations you have made are not for the body of a RAM, but of a bull.

Observes and analyzes always carefully your around, and so you will be better protected from the dangers.

53. the lion and the deer.

It was a very furious, roaring and screaming without any reason lion.
Saw it a deer a prudent distance and exclaimed:
--Wretched of us!, the other animals of the forest, when the lion was calm us was so unbearable, what not will she be able to being in the way it is now?

Take care not to never power the quick-tempered and harmful, as if already without cause us harm, they will more do so if for any reason you are dissatisfied.

54. the lion, the Fox and the mouse.

I slept calmly a lion, when a mouse was running over his body.
The lion woke up, and moved in all directions looking to see who was the intruder that bothered her.
A Fox watched him, and criticized him for believing that I was afraid of a simple mouse, it still all a Mr leon.
-- Is not afraid of the mouse-- said the lion--, but that I was surprised that there was an animal that had the courage to trample on the body of a sleeping lion.

Never miss taking care of you or even of smaller things, to tiny to be.

55. the wolves and dogs getting ready to fight.

Wolves and dogs are ready to fight. They chose dogs as general a Greek dog. But this seemed to not be in a hurry to start the battle and therefore claimed him.
Do you know - answered - why give time? Because before you act always it is good to discuss. All wolves are of the same breed, size, and color, but we are very different customs, and come from different regions of which everyone is proud. Our uniforms are not even like them, we have blond, black, white and cenicientos.
How I am going to start a war with soldiers so uneven? I should first devise leveling my people.

Partnering when it comes, the more balanced is the unity of will and thinking between members, greater guarantee there will be success.

56. the wolves reconciling with dogs.

They called the wolves to dogs and told them:
--Hey, you and we are so similar, why not we understand each other as brothers, instead of fighting us? The only thing that we have different is how we live. We are free; on the other hand you submissive and subject in all the men: they hold his punches, support collars and keep them herds. When their masters ate, only they let you bones. We propose the following: give us the herds and we will put them in common us a lot.
They believed the dogs wolves words betray their masters, and wolves, entering the pens, the first thing they did was to kill the dogs.

You never turn your back or treachery provides truly who support and trust you.

57. the Lions and Rams.

They tried to surprise a herd of sheep wolves. But thanks to the watchdogs, they could not get it. They then decided to use his cunning. They sent delegates to the Rams to ask them to hand over their dogs telling them:
--Dogs are the cause for feud between you and us. You only have to deliver them and peace will reign among us.
Naive Rams, without suspecting what would happen, gave them the dogs and the wolves, now free of dogs, seized without any problems from the herd.

Never give enemies, those who give support and protection.

58. the wolves, Rams and the higher RAM.

They sent the wolves a representation to a flock of sheep, promising them to make permanent peace if they gave the dogs. The Rams agreed to do so, with the exception of one old RAM father who claimed the wolves:
--How I'm going to believe and live with you, right now, even with the care of the dogs not I pacer calmly?

You never desprendas of what is essential for your own safety.

59. the proud of his shadow Wolf, and the lion.

One day wandered a Wolf by solitary places, at the time that the Sun was put on the horizon. And seeing his shadow beautifully elongated exclaimed:
--How will I scare the lion with similar size that I have? With thirty metres long, easy I will be becoming King of the beasts!
And while he dreamed of his pride, a powerful lion fell over and began to devour it. Then the Wolf, changing opinion said:
--The presumption is cause of my misfortune.

Never values your virtues by the appearance that your eyes see them because you easily deceive you.

60. the Wolf and the lamb in the Brook.

I watched a wolf to a lamb that drinking at a stream, and imagined a simple pretext to devour it. Thus, even when the higher in the course of the stream, accused him him muddy water, preventing him from drinking. And he replied the lamb:
-- But if I drink only with the tip of the lips, and am also below and why you can not muddy the water you have back up.
Being teased Wolf, he insisted:
--Last year injuriaste to my parents.
-- But back then was not even born I! --replied the lamb.
Then the Wolf said:
--I see that you justify very well, but not so I will let you go, and you will always be my dinner.

For who do evil is their profession, nothing worth arguments for not doing so. Do not you ever near where the wicked.

61. the Wolf and the lamb at the temple.

Realizing that was pursued by a Wolf, a small lamb decided to take refuge in a nearby temple.
He called it Wolf and told him that if it was there the sacrificer inside, he inmolaría his God.
--Better as well! -- replied the Lamb-- I'd rather be victim to a God to have to perish in your fangs.

If no choice but we are going to be slaughtered, better we make it with the greatest honor.

62. the Wolf and the goat.

He found a wolf to a goat grazing on the edge of a precipice. As he could not reach where it was, she told him:
--Hey friend, better low then there you can fall. In addition, look this meadow where I am, it is green and grown.
But the goat said:
--I know that I will not invite to eat me, but to yourself, being I your plate.

Always meet the wicked, so you are not caught with their tricks.

63. the Wolf, Nanny and child.

A Wolf was hungry and wandering in search of food. He came to a hut and heard a child who was crying and nanny who told him:
--Do not cry, my child, because I'll take you where the Wolf.
Wolf believing those words, I am waiting for you for a long time. And night arrival, nanny, when he cradled the child sang:
--If the Wolf comes, we will kill him.
To hear new words, Wolf followed his way meditating:
--In this House say first one thing and then want to do quite another.

More important than the words, are acts of true love.

64. the Wolf and the crane.

A Wolf eating a bone, choked you the bone in the throat, and ran everywhere seeking help.
He found in their run to a crane and asked him to save him from that situation, and that immediately pay you for it. He accepted the crane and introduced its head at the mouth of the Wolf, taking throat flowed through bone. He then requested cancellation of agreed pay.
-- Hey friend-, said Wolf-- don't think it's enough pay with removing your head safely from my mouth?

Never do favors to evil, traffickers or corrupt, because many pay you'd have if leave you safely.

65. the Wolf and horse.

Passing a Wolf by a seeding of barley, but as it was not food of your choice, left her and went on his way. Found out a horse and took him to the field, commenting on you lot of barley that had found, but instead of eating it, best had left it was because he liked most hear the noise of their teeth to chew it. But the horse answered him:
--Friend, if the wolves ate barley, not had preferred to please your ears but your stomach!

All evil, even if it seems to act as good, should not believe him.

66. the Wolf and the donkey.

A Wolf was elected King between conspecifics and enacted a law ordering that each captured in the hunt, put it in common and bestow it by equally among all; so now they would not have the wolves who devour each other in times of hunger.
But in that heard him a donkey that was out there about, and moving his ears told him:
--Great idea has sprouted from your heart, but what you have hidden all your loot in your cave? Bring it to your community and distribute it also, as you have decreed it.
Wolf, discovered and mistaken, repealed its law.

If you ever get to have power to legislate, to be the first to enforce your own laws.

67. the Wolf and the lion.

Once a Wolf, after capturing a sheep in a flock, dragged him to his lair.
But a lion who watched him, came out in their path and snatched it is.
Annoying Wolf, and keeping safe distance it claimed him:
--Me unjustly seized what is mine!
The lion, laughing, said:
--Aja; you gonna say for sure that you received it good from a friend.

What has been wrong, somehow come to be lost.

68. the Wolf and the dog.

A Wolf was found with a burly subject a collar dog, and asked him:
--Who has chained you and who has fed you that way?
-- My master, the Hunter-- replied the dog.
--That the gods we clear the Wolves of similar destination! I'd rather die of hunger will have to load so heavy necklace.

It is more hard work in freedom, that pleasure in slavery.

69. the Wolf and the Shepherd.

He accompanied a wolf to a flock of sheep but not to hurt them. At the beginning the Shepherd watched him and had care of him as an enemy. But as the Wolf followed him and never tried any theft, it came to think the pastor who rather had a guardian of ally.
One day, having the pastor need to go to the town, left their sheep confidently alongside Wolf and departed.
The Wolf, seeing arrived timely, was launched over the flock and devoured almost everything.
When the pastor returned and saw what happened he exclaimed:
--I have it well deserved; because of where I got to trust the sheep a Wolf?

Never leave your values at the disposal of the greedy, no matter its innocent appearance.

70. the Wolf fed up and the sheep.

A Wolf hartado food and without hunger, saw a sheep lying on the ground. Taking account that had collapsed simply of terror, approached him, and reassuring her promised to let her go if she told her three truths.
Then said the sheep than the first is that I would prefer him not found; the second, which as you already found it, would have liked to find it blind; and by the third truth said:
--Hopefully all evil wolves, die bad death, since, without having received evil any of us, give us a cruel war!
Wolf acknowledged the reality of those truths and let go to the sheep.

Always supported walking in the truth, and it will open the ways of success, even among opponents.

71. the wounded Wolf and sheep.

A wolf who had been bitten by a dog, was lying on the ground all wounded. Viewing the impossibility of procuring food in that situation, he asked a sheep that passed through there to bring him some water from the nearby river.
-If I bring water to drink-- he said-, I myself will take care of my food.
-If you carry water for drinking-- said the sheep-, I will attend your dinner.

It always provides the true background of the seemingly innocent proposals of evildoers.

72. the Wolf and the labrador.

A labrador led his team of oxen to the drinking trough.
I walked there about a hungry Wolf in search of food.
Wolf found the plow and began to lick the edges of yoke, and quickly and without account finally put his head in. Stirring as best he could to let go, he dragged the plough along the Groove.
Back the labrador, and seeing him in this activity said:
--Ah, Wolf thief, that happiness if it were true that you resign your job and you've joined honestly working the land!

Sometimes, by coincidence or not, the wicked seem to do well, but his nature always betrays them.

73. the Wolf and the dog asleep.

He slept peacefully a dog in a home portal. A Wolf rushed towards him, ready to feast, when in that dog begged to not sacrifice him still.
--Look at me, now I'm in the bones - he said-; wait a little while, since my Masters will soon celebrate their weddings and I will also give me my good eating binges, I engordaré and insurance will be a much better dish to your liking.
He believed her Wolf and departed. After some time again. But this time found the dog sleeping on an elevated piece of the House. He stopped in front and reminded the dog that had been agreed. Then the dog answered:
--Ah Wolf, if another day again see me to sleep in the House portal, do not worry to wait for the wedding!

If an action takes you into a hazard, and then you manage to save him, remember what was this action and prevents repeat it never to be his victim again.

74. the Wolf and the kid locked up.

Protected by the safety of the yard of a House, a kid saw pass a Wolf and started to insult him, broadly mocking him. Wolf, calmly replied:
--Unhappy! I know you're not you who is insulting me, but the site you are.

Very often, it is not the value, but the occasion and place, who provide the arrogant confrontation before the powerful.

75. the flutist Wolf and the kid.

A kid has lagged in the flock and was hit by a wolf who chased him. He turned to this and said:
--I know, Mr Wolf, I am doomed to be your lunch. But to not die without honor, he plays the flute and I dance for the last time.
And they did so, but the dogs, which were not far away, heard the noise and came to chase Wolf. Seeing the trick, said Wolf:
--With ample reason me has happened, because I the hunter was not should get a flutist.

When you go to make a new activity, before keep in mind your abilities and circumstances, to assess whether you can succeed.

76. the two dogs.

A man had two dogs. One was for hunting and another for care. When he came out of hunting was the fighter, and if he caught any prey, returning, master gave a piece to the watchdog. Upset by this hunting dog, launched his companion some criticisms: that was only him who went out and suffering at all times, while the other dog, caregiver, doing nothing, enjoyed his work of hunting.
The watchdog replied:
--It is not me who you claim, but our love, since instead of teach me to work as you, has taught me to live quietly outside work!

Always ask your elders to teach you a preparation and decent work to face your future, and strive to learn it properly.

77. the hungry dogs.

Some skins that were implemented for cleaning; saw some hungry dogs at the bottom of a stream but as they could not reach them because of the water that stood decided to drink the water first to easily reach the skins.
But it happened that both drinking and drinking, they burst before reaching the skin.

Beware always with the fast roads, as they are not always the safest.

78. the man that bit a dog.

A dog bit a man, and this ran through all side looking for who healed him.
A neighbor said that he wet a piece of bread with the blood from his wound and throw it down the dog that bit him. But the wounded man said:
--If so reward the dog, all dogs of the village come to bite me!

Mistake is alagar evil, as you entice her to do more damage still.

79. the dog and cook.

A man prepared a dinner in honor of one of his friends and relatives. And your dog also invited another friend dog.
-- Come to dinner at my house with me-- he said.
And came the joyous guest dog. He stopped to contemplate the great feast, saying to himself:
--So unexpected lucky! I will have food to fill me and not move hunger for several days.
While in these thoughts, he was wagging the tail as large old trusted friend. But to see him Cook happily moving from there to here, he took the legs and without thinking about it more, threw it out the window. The dog became launching large screaming, and being on the road with other dogs, they asked him:
--How much you've eaten at the party, friend?
-- Of both drink,-- answered-- I've both drunk, that I even know where I have gone.

You do not trust the generosity others lavish with what theirs is not

80. the dog fight and simple dogs.

A dog had been very well-fed in a House and was trained to fight against wild beasts.
One day, seeing a large number of them settled in row, broke the collar which held him and quickly ran through the streets of the village. They saw him pass other dogs, and seeing that he was strong as a bull, asked:
--Do run that way?
-- I know that I live in abundance, without famines, with my stomach always satisfied, but I'm also always close to death fighting those bears and Lions-- replied.
Then other dogs commented:
--Our life is really poor, but more beautiful, without having to think about combat with Lions or bears.

Big profits, are always accompanied by major risks.

81. the dog, the cock and the Fox.

Once a dog and a cock joined in partnership to explore the world. Arrival one night, gallo climbed a tree and the dog leaned back at the foot of the trunk.
And as it was his custom, the cock crowed before dawn.
He heard her singing a Fox and ran to the site, standing at the foot of the tree. She begged him to get off, because I wanted to kiss an animal that was so exquisite voice.
He replied then the Rooster that please first awoke to the Porter who was sleeping at the foot of the tree.
And then the dog, when the Fox sought as set up conversation with the goalkeeper, jumped you over hacking it.

Intelligent attitude, is when we find a powerful enemy, steer it to look to other stronger than us.

82. the dog and the clam.

A dog of those accustomed to eat eggs, to see a clam, didn't think it twice, and believing that it was an egg, swallowed it is immediately. Then tears his bowels, he felt very bad and it was said:
--I have it well deserved, for believing that everything I see round are eggs.

Never take a subject without thinking before, not then into strange problems.

83. the dog and the Hare.

A hunting dog caught a Hare, and sometimes one day biting it and at times was licking the snout. Tired that changing attitude Hare said:
--Lets already bite me or kiss me, to know I if you're my friend, or if you are my enemy!

Always be consistent in your principles.

84. the dog and his reflection in the river.

A river holding in its mouth a tasty piece of meat wading a dog. He saw his own reflection in the water of the river and believed that that reflection was in fact another dog carrying a piece of meat older than yours.
And wishing to take over the outside piece, he gave his to snatch the piece his so-called friend.
But the result was that he fell without the own and the alien: this because it did not exist, was only a reflection, and the other, the true, because the current took him.

Never codicies the good of others, because you can lose what you already purchased with your effort.

85. the dog and the butcher.

It penetrated a dog into a butcher's shop, and noticing that the butcher was very busy with customers, he picked up a piece of meat and it ran. Butcher turned, and seeing him flee, and without being able to do nothing, he exclaimed:
--Hey friend! where find you, I will not look at you.

Do not wait to an accident happening to think about how to avoid it.

86. the dog with Bell.

There was a dog that used to bite without reason.
His master put a Bell to warn people of their close presence. And the ACN, ringing the Bell, went to the public square to show off. But a wise dog, already advanced in years said unto him:
--What boast so much, friend? I know that you're not wearing that Bell by your great virtues, but to announce your evil hidden.

The compliments that make themselves the braggarts, only reveal its major flaws.

87. the dog that chased the lion.

A dog was found with a lion and departed in their pursuit. But the lion came back roaring, and the dog, all frightened, quickly receded along the same path. She was a slut and said:
--Unhappy dog! First you really the lion and now even support their roars!

When you enter a company, stay always ready to deal with contingencies that you imagined not.

88. the dog and the Crow.

A crow offered a victim in sacrifice to Athena invited a dog at the banquet.
He said the dog:
--Why squandered your property in useless sacrifices? As you should know that the goddess you despise to the point of removing all credit to your doom.
Then answered the Raven
--That's why do you these sacrifices, because I know very well their ill-feeling with me and wish their reconciliation.

Check out the farthest you listen to, you should call them with greater intensity.

89. the Crow and the Raven.

I felt a jealousy against the crows Crow because they give omens to men, to predicting the future, and for this reason take them as witnesses. He wanted the Raven possess the same qualities.
Watching a few travellers he landed on a tree, throwing frightful screams. Hearing that DIN, travelers retreated frightened, except one of them, he said to others:
--Eh, friends, calm; This bird is only a Crow. Their cries are omens.

When vain and without having capabilities, wants to compete with the fittest, not only does not equal them, but Furthermore it is ridiculous.

90. the Raven with the Ravens.

A crow that was larger than her companions, scorning and mocking his fellows, for those things in the target went to live among the crows asking that they accepted to share his life.
But the crows, who your figure and voice were them unknown, without much thought beat her and threw her from your group.
And the Raven, expelled by the Ravens, returned again where the other crows. But these wounds by the outrage that had made them, refused to receive it again. So, was this Crow excluded of society of ones and others.

When you need to change society, home or friends, don't never despising the previous one, lest you later have to return there.

91. the Crow and the birds.

I wanted to once Zeus proclaiming a King among the birds, and noted them one day to appear in front of him, because I was going to choose which you will find more beautiful that reign among them.
All birds headed to the Bank of a river to be cleaned.
Then the Raven, being more ugly than the others, devoted himself to collect the feathers leaving other birds, adjusting them to your body. Thus, composed with other clothes, turned out the most beautiful birds.
The time of the selection, and all the birds were presented to Zeus, without of course, missing the Raven with its magnificent plumage.
And when it was Zeus to grant him the kingship because of so much beauty, other birds, outraged by the deception, plucked each pen was. In the end, plucked from the alien, the Crow, Crow simply stayed.

Never do boast of the goods as if they were themselves, because sooner or later discovers the deception.

92. the Crow and the pigeons.

He met a crow a pigeon that inhabited a very well-fed pigeons, and wanting to enjoy such good food blanched feathers and joined them.
While the Raven was silent, chicks, believing it as one of their own, was admitted without complaint. But forgetting his performance, in an oversight the Crow screamed. Chicks, which did not recognize you his voice, then cast it nest.
And the Raven, watching chicks food, escaped him returned to find their neighbors.
But having lost its original color, the other crows also received it in their society; so by wanting to enjoy two meals, stayed without any.

Satisfied with our goods, then try to take without right to outsiders, leads only to lose it all.

93. the fugitive Crow.

A man shot a Crow, tied a wire to a leg and handed it to his son.
More the Crow, and may not resign themselves to living prisoner in that home, it took a moment of freedom in an oversight to flee and try to return to its nest.
But the wire became entangled in the branches of a tree and the bird could not fly more, being seized. Seeing near his death, he said:
--Fact is! By having failed to support slavery among men, now I am private life.

In the greater are the values that are sought, greater are the risks.

94. the Crow and the snake.

He walked a little food Crow and in the prado saw a snake sleeping in the Sun; He fell fast over her and kidnapped her. But the snake, awakening from his dream, turned and bit him.
The Crow being die said:--unhappy me, I found a treasure, but at the cost of my life!

Before wanting to own some good, it must first assess whether the cost is worth.

95. the Crow and Hermes.

A crow that had fallen into a trap promised to Apollo you burn incense if you saved it; but once released from the trap he forgot his promise.
Captured again in other stocks, let Apollo to go to Hermes, promising him also a sacrifice. But God said unto him:
How I will believe you now, miserable, if already deceived you and you renegaste your first Lord?

If by our will, we missed our first promise, we have no opportunity to create us a second.

96. the sick Crow.

A crow who was very ill said to his mother:
--Mother, pray to the gods for me and already no llores más.
The mother answered:
--And what, my son, have mercy on you? Will some who still don't have stolen meat be?

Not you fill unnecessarily enemies, because in times of need, you will not find a single friend.

97. the Nightingale and the Hawk.

Uploaded on a high oak, a Nightingale sang in the usual way. A hungry Hawk saw it, and immediately throwing over it, took it in his claws.
Sure of his upcoming death, Nightingale begged him to drop him, telling him that only him it would not suffice to fill your belly, and that if I was really hungry, it should seize other larger. The Hawk answered him:
--Fool would be if you had heard and let escape the dam I have, go get that not even I have seen.

The assets that we have, are not by illusions that we even spotted.

98. the Nightingale and the swallow.

He invited swallow a Nightingale to build its nest as it did under the roof of the houses of men, and to live with them as she already did. But the Nightingale said:
--I don't want to relive the memory of my ancient evils, and why I prefer staying in faraway places.

The goods and evils received, are always tied to the circumstances surrounding them.

99. the Crow and weasel.

A weasel caught a cock and wanted to have a plausible reason to eat it.
The first charge was the importuning men and prevent them from sleeping with their annoying songs at night. Defended the Rooster saying he did so to serve them, thus awakening them, reminded them that they should start their daily work.
Weasel then sought a second indictment: that abusive nature by search as brides even his mother and his sisters. He said the Rooster which is thus also favored the owners, because thus the hens laid more eggs.

For the evil decided to attack, not any kind of reasons for it.

100. the cocks and the Partridge.

A man who had two roosters, bought a domestic Partridge and led her into the yard with them to feed. But they attacked her and pursued her, and Partridge, thinking that they did it by being different species, felt humiliated.
But days later saw how cocks were fighting each other, and that each time that they separated, were covered with blood. Then he said to herself:
--I'm not complaining of the roosters mistreat me, because I have seen or even including them are in peace.

If you arrive in a community where residents do not live in peace, rest assured that not leave you to live in peace to you.

101. the stag, the spring and the lion.

Overwhelmed by thirst, a deer came to a spring. After drinking, he saw his reflection in the water. Contemplating his beautiful antlers, he was proud, but it was discontent by his legs weak and thin. Plunged even in these thoughts, it appeared a lion who began to pursue him. He ran and won him a great distance, as the strength of the deer is in his legs and the lion in his heart.
While the field was plain, the deer kept the distance that saved him; but upon entering the forest their horns are engaged in branches, and not being able to escape, he was caught by the lion. Dying, he exclaimed to himself:
--Wretched I am! My feet, that thought that I betrayed, which saved me, and my horns, which put all my confidence, are those who lose me.

Many times, those who believe more indifferent, are those who give us hand in the travails, while those who flatter us, even overlook.

102. the hind and the vineyard.

A hind was pursued by some hunters and will shelter under a vineyard. Spent by hunters, and the DOE, believing themselves very well hidden, began to taste the leaves of the vines which covered it.
Seeing hunters who leaves moved, quite rightly, thought that there is in a hidden animal, and firing their arrows mortally wounded to the DOE. This being death, spoke these words:
--I deserved I, because I should not be misused to who I was saving!!

Always be grateful with whom he generously gives you support to succeed.

103. la cierva in the cave of the lion.

A hind fleeing from some hunters came to a cave where we did not know that a lion was. Entering it to hide, he fell into the clutches of the lion.
Being hopelessly lost, he exclaimed:
--Wretched me! Fleeing men, fell into the clutches of a ferocious animal.

If you try to get out of a problem, search for that output is not to fall into another worse.

104. the one-eyed DOE.

A hind which lacked an eye merrily on the shores of the sea, turning his intact eye toward the Earth to observe the possible arrival of hunters, and giving to the sea side lacking eye, as there did not expect any danger.
But it turns out that a people was sailing through this place, and to see the DOE they struck it with his darts. And the cierva agonizing, he said to himself:
--Poor me! It was guarding Earth, who believed fraught with peril, and the sea, which considered a shelter, I have been much more deadly.

Never exceed the value of things. Try to always see its advantages and disadvantages in balanced form.

105. the deer and fawn.

He said one day a fawn the deer:
--Father: you are greater and faster than dogs and also a few magnificent horns have to defend yourself; Why do you flee before them?
Hart replied laughing:
--Just what you tell me, son mine; but I don't know what happens to me, but when I hear a dog barking, I immediately am flight.

When you have a fearful mood, there is no reason that can change it.

106. the old horse.

An old horse was sold to take turns to a millstone. To be attached to the stone, said sobbing:
--After the laps of racing, here turns I've reduced!

Do not presume the strength of youth. For many, old age is a very painful work.

107. the horse, ox, dog and man.

When Zeus created man, he granted only a few years of life. But the man, putting to work their intelligence, arriving winter built a House and lived in it.
One day when the cold was very crude, and rain began to fall, not allowing the horse hold more, came running to where man and asked him to give him shelter.
Told the man who would only do so on one condition: that a part of the years that gave you. The horse agreed.
Shortly thereafter arose the ox that nor could suffer evil time. Replied the man the same thing: that would admit it if you gave him a number of years. Ox ceded a part and was admitted.
Finally, came the dog, also dying of cold, and giving a portion of their time of life, obtained his refuge.
And here is the result: when the men met while Zeus gave them, are pure and good; When they reach age orders the horse, they are fearless and proud; When they are in the ox, is dedicated to send; and when they arrive to use the time of the dog, at the end of its existence, become angry and petulant.

This fable describes the stages of man: innocent childhood, vigorous youth, powerful maturity and age sensitive.

108. the horse and the groom.

Had a groom who robbed and had to sell his horse barley; but on the other hand, spent the whole day cleaning it and combing it to look the best.
One day the horse said:
--If you really want to make me look beautiful, steal does not barley which is for my food.

Be careful of who much you flatter or praise, as something seeks to take off to change.

109. the horse and the donkey.

A man had a horse and a donkey. A day both going the way to town, donkey, feeling tired, he told the horse:
--Takes a part of my burden if you are interested in my life.
The horse becoming deaf one said nothing and the donkey fell victim to fatigue, and died there same. Then the owner threw the entire load on top of the horse, even the donkey skin. And the horse, sighing said:
--What bad luck I have! By not wanting to carry a light bundle now I have to load everything, and even with the donkey over skin!

Whenever you tend not your hand to help your neighbor that honestly ask yourself, unless notes at this time, you are actually hurting yourself.

110. the horse and soldier.

A soldier, during a war, fed barley to his horse, his companion of efforts and dangers. But, after the war, the horse was employed in menial jobs and transport heavy packages, being fed only with straw.
Announcing a new war, and to the sound of the trumpet, the owner of the horse rigged it, armed and mounted up. But the exhausted horse was falling all the time. Finally he said unto his master:
--Go best among infants, since horse that was I've become a donkey. How would you like to do now of a donkey, a horse?

In the days of welfare, is when we must prepare for critical times.

111. the Mule.

Billowing barley, a Mule (donkey and Mare crossing product) began to jump, saying to itself:
--My father is a fast horse on the road, and I am like all to it.
But came the occasion in which the Mule was forced to run. Finished the race, very upset, remembered suddenly his real father: serene donkey.

We must always recognize our roots, respecting our heritages and others.

112. the camel that estercolo in the river.

A river of water crossed a camel. He felt the need to estercolar, and then seeing passing in front of its excrement, swept away by the River, exclaimed:
--How does this happens? What was behind me, now I see it go forward!

It is in some States or companies, where incompetents and corrupted go to occupy the first places, instead of the more sensible, honest and capable. If you get to be command posts, always promote the best.

113. the camel, elephant, and monkey.

The animals they voted to elect a King. Camel and elephant were in row disputing the votes, since they expected to be preferred over others due to their size and strength.
But came the monkey and declared them both of them unable to reign.
-- The camel does not serve-– said – - because it is not anger against wrongdoers, and the elephant nor helps us because we have to be fearful of that attack us a pig, animal who fears the elephant.

The biggest strength is always measured at the weakest point.

114. the camel seen for the first time.

When humans saw for the first time to the camel, they panicked and frightened by its large size undertook the flight.
But time passed and seeing that it was harmless, they have emboldened and approached him.
Then seeing little that the animal did not know anger, they came to tame him to the point of putting a bridle, taking children to lead it.

It is natural that the unknown always treat it with suspicion and caution. After several observations we have a judgment better.

115. the dancing camel.

Bound by its owner to dance, a camel commented:
--That thing! Not only lack of grace walk, but that dancing I'm worse still.

Always use every thing for the purpose with which it was created.

116. the camel and Zeus.

I felt the camel envy by the bull's horns, and wanted to get his own.
For this went to Zeus, asking him gave him a similar.
But Zeus, indignant that are not gratified his great size and strength, not only denied giving the horns, but also cut off a part of the ears.

Jealousy is not a good counselor. When you want to improve something, do it with your effort and your desire to progress, not because your neighbor have it.

117. the goat and the goatherd.

She called a goatherd goats to carry them to the barn.
One of them, when passing by a rich pasture was stopped, and the goatherd threw a stone, but with such bad luck that broke a horn. Then the goatherd begged the goat that without it is the pattern, to which the goat replied:
--I would like to I stay quiet, but I could not! Clear is my broken Horn in sight!.

Never deny what is well seen.

118. the goat and donkey.

A goat and a donkey were eating at the same time in the stable.
The goat began to envy the donkey because he believed he was better fed, and said to him:
--Between the wheel and the load, your life is a never-ending torment. Pretending to attack and drop into a pit so they give you a vacation.
Took donkey Council, and dropping it hurt themselves throughout the body. Seeing the master, called the vet and asked him a remedy for the poor. Prescribed the healer who needed an infusion with the lung of a goat, as it was very effective to return to the force. To do this they then slew the goat and thus heal the donkey.

Whole evil plan, the main victim is always its own creator.

119. the mountain goats and the goatherd.

It carried a goatherd to graze their goats and suddenly saw a few mountain goats accompanied them. Night arrival, took all his grotto.
The next morning broke out a heavy storm and may not lead them to pasture, nursed them inside. But while only giving their own goats a handful of forage, to the wild served them much more, with the purpose of staying with them. Finished at last evil time and went out to the field, but the wild goats escaped to the mountain. Accused them the pastor of unpleasant, for abandoning him after having attended as well; but they answered him:
--Greater reason to distrust you, because if we just arrived, has treated us better what your old and loyal slaves, means that if then come other goats, we despreciarías ourselves for them.

Never rely on who aims to your new friend in Exchange for dropping to which they already had.

120. the steer and Heifer.

Seeing an ox working, an Heifer that only rested and ate, pained her luck, rejoicing in it.
But came the day of a religious solemnity, and while to steer to the side, was caught the calf to sacrifice it.
Seeing what happened, the ox smiling said:
--Looking becerra, you know why you didn't have to work: is that you were reserved for sacrifice!

You not ufanes in idleness, because you never know who brings evil hidden.

121. the oxen and the axle of the wagon.

They dragged a few steers a cart which squeaked loudly. Those to the cart became saying:
-- Hey friend--, we who carry the load. and you who is complaining?

In life you will find many people who are pretending to be tired of seeing work to others.

122. the ox and the mosquito.

A mosquito landed on the Horn of an ox.
Then remain there long time, go to your flight asked to steer if you looked forward to finally leave.
Steer replied:
--Nor I knew you'd come. Nor do I feel when you leave.

Go through life, without giving anything to the life, is insignificant.

123. the snake and the Fox.

It dragged the current of a river to a snake coiled in a tangle of thorns.
He saw her pass a Fox that rested and exclaimed:
--For such kind of boat, such pilot!

Evil people always connect with perverse situations.

124. the Viper and lime.

A workshop of a blacksmith came a Viper, asking charity to tools. After receiving some of all, missing only the lima, came to him and begged him to give him something.
--Well deceived are-- said the lima-- if you think that I will give you something.! I who have the habit, not give, but take something of all!

You can never expect to get some who have only lived to remove others.

125. the snake and water snake.

A snake used to drink water from a spring, and a water snake that lived in the tried to prevent this, indignant because the Viper, not content reign in its field, also arrived to bother your domain.
Both reached the anger that agreed to deliver a combat: which got the victory would come into possession of everything.
Set the day, and the frogs, who did not want to snake, went to Viper, exciting her and promising him that they would help it to its side.
He began combat, and frogs, failing to make another thing, throwing only cries.
He won the Viper and filled with reproaches to the frogs, because instead of help in the fight, they had not done more than give shouts. They said the frogs:
-- But companion, our help is not in our arms, but in the voices.

In the daily fight just as important is the stimulus as the action.

126. the Swan taken by goose.

A very rich man feeding a goose and a Swan together, although with different purpose each: one was for the song and the other for the table.
When it came time for which was fed the goose, it was night, and darkness did not allow to distinguish between the two birds.
Captured Swan instead of goose, sang his beautiful singing prelude to death. Hearing his voice, master recognized him and his singing saved him from death.

Before taking an action on someone or something, whether it benefits or harms, we must first make sure of his true identity.

127. the Swan and its owner.

It is said that swans sing just before he died. A man saw for sale to a Swan, and having heard that he was a very melodious animal, bought it.
One day the man gave a dinner, brought to the Swan and begged him to sing during the feast. More Swan maintained silence.
But one day, thinking Swan that already was going to die, necessarily in advance wept its melody. To hear him, the owner said:
--If you only sing when you're gonna die, I was a fool begging you that you sing instead of immolate yourself.

Many times it happens that we have to do to force what didn't make of will.

128. the cat and the rat.

Had invaded House of rats. A cat knew it was her, and was gradually devouring the rats. But them, seeing that they were quickly hunted, decided to keep it in their holes.
Not cat reaching them, devised a trap to get out. He climbed to the top of a beam, and hung it became the dead. But one of the rats looked out, saw him and said to him:
--Hey Buddy, even if you were a sack of flour, not me closer to you!

The wicked, when they can not damage their victims directly, looking for an attractive trick to achieve this. Always beware of what you offer as attractive and very nice.

129 mice and weasels.

Mice and weasels were in continuous war. Mice, which were always defeated, gathered in Assembly, and thinking that it was due to lack of chiefs who always lost, named several strategists. Newly elected new leaders, wanting to dazzle and distinguished from soldiers rasos, became a kind of horns and subjected them to be firmly.
Came the next great battle, and as always, the army of mice led the losing. Then all mice fled to their holes, and heads, and can not enter because of their horns, were captured and devoured.

When you acquire high-level posts, you do not vanaglories, so much greater than the appearance of the post, is the responsibility to fulfill the entrusted.

130. the peasant mouse and mouse courtier.

A peasant mouse had by friend of the Court to the other, and invited that would eat into the countryside. More like only he could offer wheat and weedy, the courtly mouse said:
--Do you know friend, you're a life of Ant? On the other hand I have goods in abundance. Come with me and will have them at your disposal.
They departed both for the Court. It showed mouse citizen to his friend wheat and legumes, figs and cheese, fruit and honey. Amazed the peasant mouse, he blessed his friend with all my heart and rejected his bad luck. Arranged as to give a feast, a man suddenly opened the door.
Terrified by the noise the two mice were launched fearful to holes. They then returned to look for dried figs, else delved into the place, but when he saw it, the two friends rushed again in a crevice to hide. Then the field mouse, forgetting his hunger, he sighed and said the courtly mouse:
--Adios amigo, I see that comes up a lot and that you are very satisfied; but it is the price of a thousand dangers and constant fears. I, on the other hand, I am a pobrete and live nibbling barley and wheat, but no sorrows or fears towards anyone.

It is your decision to choose to have certain luxuries and benefits that ever are attached to sorrows and worries, or live a little more austerely but with more serenity.

131. the mouse and frog.

A mouse of Earth he became friends with a frog for his misfortune.
The frog, obeying to deviated intentions of mockery, tied mouse leg to his own leg. Then they marched first overland to eat wheat, then came to the edge of the Marsh. The frog, giving a jump dragged down the mouse while cavorted in the water throwing his famous shouts.
The hapless mouse, swollen of water, drowned, leaving a float attached to the leg of the frog. Saw them a milano that there was flying and took the mouse with their claws, dragging with it the chained frog, who also served dinner to the milano.

Any action which is made with evil intentions, always ends up against he who commits it.

132. the Milan wanted neighing.

Another voice, a piercing voice had formerly milano.
But one day he heard a horse neighing admirably, and wanted him to imitate. But in spite of all of their attempts, failed to adopt exactly the voice of the horse and lost also its own voice.
This was without the voice of the horse and his old voice.

You never have to imitate the qualities of others if you don't have the preparation and adequate conditions to do so, under penalty of becoming a vulgar and unsuccessful envious.

133. the Milan and the snake.

He kidnapped a milano a snake, to soar through the air. The snake turned and bit him, dropping both from atop a cliff, and the Milan died. He said the snake:
--Foolish! Why you wanted to do evil did not who? In righteousness you've been punished for having kidnapped without reason.

You never seek to harm your neighbor, will not be without that notes from it, be stronger than you, and make you pay your injustices.

134. the Milan and the Seagull.

She swallowed a Seagull a too big fish and exploded the throat, being dead at the edge of the beach. A Milan saw her and said:
--You have your well deserved, because knowing of your capability, abused what was you permitted.

Knowing what your abilities, never try to exceed them if you have not prepared you for this.

135. the alcion.

This bird likes solitude and lives forever on the banks and on the sea. It is said which to flee the men who give hunting, makes its nest in the rocks of the shore.
One day an alcion who was going to put, climbed on a mound, and overlooking an erect rock within the sea, made in its nest. The next day that came out in search of food, rose sea by a storm, reached the nest and drowned the birds. To return the alcion and see what happened, he exclaimed:
--Unhappy me, fleeing from the known dangers of Earth, took refuge in the sea and I was worse!

If you have to delve into the unknown, please note the arrival of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. You never trust blindly what they don't know. In land new litter with serene passage and eyes open.

136. the thrush.

You NIP a thrush beads of a grove of Blackbirds, and pleased for the pleasure of their seeds did not decide to leave.
A Hunter of birds noted that thrush is used to place and hunted it.
Seeing the thrush its next weekend, he said:
--Miserable Oh!, for the pleasure of eating, I have private life!

Never overdo of what they find pleasurable, not going to be the cause of your disgrace.

137. the Dove and the Ant.

Forced by thirst, an Ant fell to a spring, and dragged by the current, was on the verge of drowning.
Seeing this emergency a dove, he detached a twig of a tree and he threw it into the current, rode up to the Ant saving it.
Meanwhile, a Hunter of birds came forward with his weapon ready to hunt Dove. Saw you Ant and Stung him in the heel, making Hunter drop his weapon. He took the time Dove to boost flight.

It is always in the best way favors that you receive. We should always be thankful.

138. the swallow and the prodigal son.

A prodigal son, having squandered their heritage, only had a mantle.
Suddenly he saw a swallow which had come to the station. Believing that already reached the spring, and that therefore it would not need more of the mantle, it was also to sell it.
But he returned the bad weather and the air got colder. Then, as he walked, he found the cold dead swallow.
--Miserable! -- told – - we've damaged both of them at the same time.

Takes note of if is the correct time before executing a decision. An action at the wrong time can be disastrous.

139. the Seagull, Hawthorn and the bat.

A Seagull, a bat and a Hawthorn partnered to engage together in trade.
The bat looked for money, Hawthorn some fabrics, and the Seagull, a quantity of copper. Done which they rigged a boat.
But emerged a tremendous storm to sink the boat and losing charge; they just saved their lives.
So since the gull flutters always lurking on the banks to see if the sea throws in some beach its copper; the bat, fleeing creditors, only out of night to feed; and Hawthorn, in the end, apresa clothing of travelers trying to recognize its fabrics.

We always return to what is our true interest.

140. the bat and the weasels.

A bat fell to Earth and was captured by a weasel. Seeing next to die, implored the bat for his life. He said the weasel that could not release him because of birth was an enemy of the birds. Bat said that it was not a bird but a mouse, waged with this cunning.
Some time later returned to fall back into the clutches of another weasel, and begged him that it does not engulf it. Answer this weasel who hated all mice. Bat said it was not mouse but bird. And he was thus fought for the second time.

Let us always adapt to the circumstances of the time if we want to survive, in any branch of the life Act.

141. the bat and the goldfinch.

A goldfinch locked up in a cage hanging in a window sang at night. He heard a bat from a distance your voice, and approaching him, asked him why he sang only at night.
-- Is not without reason-- said-– because of day I sang when I was caught, but since then I learned to be prudent.
--Well, now is when you should be it, because you're well caged, but it must have been before that you captured! --the bat, replied.

Prudence is to live it before falling into the mistake, not to after the misfortune.

142. the donkey and the faldera dog.

A farmer was a day to their stables to revise their beasts of burden: among them was his favorite donkey, which was always well fed and who carried his master.
Together with the farmer also had its faldera dog, which danced to his around, he licked his hand and jumping happily what could. Farmer revised her handbag and gave his dog a delicious snack, and sat down to give orders to their employees. The dog then jumped into the lap of his master and stayed there, blinking his eyes when master patted him their ears.
Jealous donkey see that slipped of his patriotic horse Halter and began to stand on two legs trying to imitate the dance of the dog. The master could not endure the laughter, and donkey cheerfully to him, put his legs on the shoulders of the farmer trying to get on his lap.
Employees of the farmer immediately ran with sticks and pitchforks, teaching the donkey that crude performances are not joke thing.

Let us not take bad advice that always give unwarranted jealousy. Let us appreciate the values of others.

143. the bear and the Fox.

A bear's love men live for the reason that the corpses disliked was bragging about. The Fox replied:
--Would the gods that you destrozaras to the dead, not the living!

Never think to destroy what is useful. If you want to improve something that works, take it as a starting basis, without damaging it, and not as waste material.

144. the monuda Lark

A monuda Lark fell into a trap and said sighing:
--Miserable Lark! Nobody has stolen neither gold nor Silver, nor any valuable thing; but be an insignificant foreign wheat grain will be the cause of your death.

You never expose to danger by a petty profit.

145. the snails.

The son of a farmer was toasting a few snails.
Hear them Crackle said:
--Oh miserable what are their homes burning, and even sing!

Do things out of time or place that corresponds to them, is not smart.

146. the hares and the frogs.

Hare met one day and lamenting together lead a life so precarious and fearful, as, indeed, they were not victims of men, dogs, eagles, and other many animals? More worth dying for one time that live in terror!
Taken this resolution, all at the same time jumped into a pond to die on it drowned.
But the frogs, which were sitting around the pool, as soon as they heard the noise of his career, jumped frightened to water. Then one of the Hare, which seemed more intelligent than the others, said:
--High classmates! No hurry, because as you can see that there are still other more fearful than us!

The comfort of the miserable ones to find and see others in worse conditions.

147. the weasel and lime.

A weasel was introduced at a blacksmith workshop and began to lick a file that there was.
After a while his tongue threw blood in abundance, and the weasel got very happy thinking that he had started something to iron, until they eventually lose their own language.

He thinks that if you do damage, sooner or later this will return against you.

148. the pig and the sheep.

Got a pig within a flock of sheep, and merrily with them. But one day the pastor captured him and the pig began to grunt and wrestle.
The Rams scolded him by Screamer to saying:
--We also take us hold constantly and never complain.
--Ah yes - replied the pig-, but not for the same purpose. They miss you hand for wool, but to me is for my meat.

Lose the recoverable not we should worry about, but the loss is irreparable.

149. the tuna-dolphin.

Seeing a tuna pursued by a dolphin, he fled with a great crash. About to be caught, the strength of its jump threw without realizing it, on the shore. Carried by the same impulse, the Dolphin also ended in the same place. The tuna turned and saw the Dolphin exhaling the last breath.
-- I don't mind dying - said-, because I see die with me to the cause of my death.

We suffer with less pain the misfortunes that make us suffer, when we see them shared with those who cause them to us.

150. the fly.

Dropped a fly in a pot full of meat. On the verge of drowning in sauce, she said to herself:
--I ate, drank and bathed me; death can come, I don't care now.

No failure matter to the irresponsible if arrival holds to the good times.

151. the flies.

A honeycomb spilled his delicious honey and flies came eager to devour. And it was so sweet that they could not leave it. But its legs were turning in the honey and could not lift the flight again. Already on the verge of drowning in his treasure, they exclaimed:
--We die, miserable us, wanting him to take it all in a moment of pleasure!

It takes always the most beautiful things of your life with serenity, little by little, so that you can enjoy them fully. Do not go to drown within them.

152. the Ant.

A legend says that current Ant was once a man who, devoted to the work of agriculture, was not satisfied with the product of his own effort, but watched with envy the foreign product and stealing the fruits to their neighbors.
Zeus outraged by the greed of this man, transformed you into Ant.
But although it changed shape, not he changed the character, because even today runs through the fields, collect the wheat and barley outside and saves them for use.

Although severely punished in the wicked, hardly change their deviant nature.

153. the Ant and beetle.

Come the summer, an Ant that was patrolling the countryside collecting grains of wheat and barley, keeping them to eat during the winter.
A beetle saw her and was amazed to see her so busy at a time in which all the animals, neglecting their jobs, are abandoned to the good life. Nothing replied the Ant at the moment; but later, when came the winter and rain wept the droppings, hungry beetle was to ask Ant alms of food. Then he answered Yes Ant:
--Looking beetle, if you had worked in the time that I did it and you you burlabas me, now you do not lack food.

When you are surplus of what you receive with your work, save a portion when come the times of scarcity.

154. the two beetles.

He merrily a bull on a small island, and two beetles feed on the dung. Come winter, one of them said to the other that he will cross the sea to his companion had enough food, while he would spend the winter on the Mainland. He added that if he found food in abundance would bring to him also.
When the beetle came to the continent, found in the many and fresh droppings, so it was established there and nourished itself abundantly. He spent the winter and returned to the island. To see him healthy and fat fellow, he reproached him that he had failed him nothing's promised.
-- I don't blame me-- said--, but the nature of the place, because it can be found with what live in it, but it is impossible to lift flight with so much load.

You will always find friends to flatter and promise good assumptions, but they fail there, refusing to real time, do a favor.

155. the dolphin, whale and mackerel.

Dolphins and whales fought a battle each other. As the fight is prolonged fiercely, a mackerel (which is a small fish) surfaced and wanted to reconcile them. But a dolphin took the floor and said:
-It humiliates us less fight against us and die for the other, you have to you by mediator.

There are people worthless, that in times of confusion, has come to believe great.

156. the sea lobster and his mother.

--Andes not crossed, not your side against the wet rock, rods--a lobster marine told his daughter.
-Mother,-said this, - you, you want me, walk right and I will watch you and you imitaré.

Before giving advice with your Word, first give it with your example.

157. the thrush.

A thrush NIP grains of a grove of Blackbirds, and pleased by the sweetness of his nuggets, did not decide to leave.
A Hunter of birds noted that thrush is used to place and hunted with League.
Thrush, seeing near its end, then said:-miserable! For the pleasure of eating I've deprived of his life!

Never forget that a momentary pleasure you close the doors of life.

158. the Beaver

The beaver is an animal that lives in the swamp. Certain parts are used, as they say, to cure some diseases.
By that when it is discovered and pursued to cut parts, knowing why you are pursued, flees to some distance, using the quickness of his feet kept intact; but when you get lost, himself short parts thereof, throws them and thus saved his life.

Sometimes to get rid of some fortunes can mean to avoid a tragedy.

159. the Sun and the frogs.

Summer came and celebrated the marriage of the Sun. Rejoiced all animals of that event, with little to the frogs were also heading; but one of them exclaimed:
-Foolish! What reason is there to rejoice? Now that he is single, dry all the swamps; If takes woman and has a child like him what will remain us by suffering?

Before celebrating an event, first view their future possible consequences.

160. the trees they wanted King.

Determined trees a day to choose a King who ruled them, told the olive:-Queen in us.
And the olive said:
-Renounce me the liquid oil that both gods and men, appreciate me for going to reign among the trees?
And trees along with the fig asking:
-Come to reign among us.
And also the fig tree said:
-Renounce I the sweetness of my fruits to reign among you?
Then the trees said to the Hawthorn:
-Come to reign in us.
And Hawthorn trees answered:
-If you really want to anoint me to reign among you, come and put you under my purview, or if not that arises the fire of thorn and devour the Cedars of the Lebanon!

Who has no good fruits that give, the bad thing you give will be for suffering of those around him.

161. the walnut.

A walnut tree which had grown up at the foot of a road and the walkers work stoned to take fruit, said for himself sighing:
-Unhappy me for my kindness every year I attract insults and pain!

There are those who pay with evil to the best goods received. We are always grateful and not cause damage.

162. the FIR and Hawthorn.

They were fighting each other FIR and Hawthorn. FIR boasted saying:
-I am beautiful, slender and high, and serve to build ships and the roofs of temples. How have the temerity to compare yourself to me?
-If you remember - replied the Hawthorn axes and saws that you cut, you prefer the sort of Hawthorn!

Always looking for good reputation because it is a great honour, but brag you for this reason, and also take care of those who want to take advantage of it for their own profit.

163. the lamp.

Drunk oil from a lamp and launching a powerful light, boasted of being brighter than the Sun. But a strong wind blew in that and went right away. Someone turned back on it and said:
-Lights, lamp, but shut up: the glow of the stars far as easily as yours.

We never boast as if it belonged to us, that which does not depend on us.

164. the witch.

A witch had as a profession to sell spells and formulas to appease the anger of the gods; no customers were missing and I earned so widely life. But she was accused of violating the law, and brought before the judges, his accusers were sentenced to death.
Seeing her leave of the Court, an observer said:
-You, witch, that you said to deflect the anger of the gods, how not have been persuaded men?

Never think that promise to make wonders in what is not seen, but are incapable of doing ordinary things.

165. the ugly slave and Aphrodite.

A bad and ugly slave enjoyed the love of his master. With the money that this gave him, the slave embellish with bright ornaments, rivaling her own mistress.
To thank Aphrodite that make it beautiful, it made frequent sacrifices; but the goddess appeared to him in a dream and said to the slave:
-I appreciate not make you beautiful, if I do it is because I am angry against that man whom you seem beautiful.

You not blinded by what you think your treasure will not be only be a lack in your neighbors.

166. the woman and the hen.

A woman had a hen which put him an egg every day.
He thought that if he gave him more barley it would put two eggs, and increased their ration.
But hen fatter and already could not get not once a day.

When uncontrolled or wisdom forces which already is serving you so give you more, you'll only get that you will lose what you already have.

167. the woman and the drunken husband.

A drunk husband was a woman. To rid him of this habit you imagined the following trick.
Waiting for the moment when her husband stayed insensible as a dead because of drunkenness, bore him on their backs, took him to the cemetery and there left it. When judged that already had happened the mona, returned and called to the gate of the cemetery.
-Who's calling there?-said the drunk.
-I am, I bring the food to the dead-replied the woman.
-Me do not bring any food; I prefer that I bring drinking-replied the drunk.
And the woman, beating their breasts, he exclaimed:
-How wretched I am! Not even my trick has made you the least effect, husband mine, because you've not only not corrected you, but you've aggravated, your Vice becoming second nature.

Don't let a wrong behavior to dominate your life. Put your right about the mistake.

168. the old woman and the physician.

An old sick of the view called the promise of pay, a doctor. This arose in his house, and whenever applied you the ointment did not leave, while the old had closed eyes, steal furniture little by little.
When no longer had anything, also ended the cure, and the doctor claimed agreed wage. He refused to pay the old, and that took it to the judges. The old stated that, indeed, had promised him the payment if he healed you view, but its State, after the healing of the doctor had worsened.
-Because he said.-before-looked all the furniture that was in my house, and now I see none.

The wicked, reveal his same actions.

169. the widow and the maids.

A very hard-working widow had a few bred young people who woke up at night at the crowing of the cock to start work. They always pulled fatigue, resolved to kill the cock of the House for being the cause of his misfortune, his eyes since awakening his lady until the day it opened.
More executed the purpose found that he had aggravated his evil, because her mistress, not having the cock indicating you the hour, made them get earlier to go to work.

Never think what is the cause of your problems first you go through before your eyes. Think what would happen if you remove what you see as a possible cause.

170. the fortune teller.

Installed in the public square, a fortune teller was delivered to his office. Suddenly he was approached a quidam, announcing that the doors of his house were open and that they had stolen everything that was inside.
He jumped up and ran, disheveled and sighing, to see what had happened. One of those who were there, saw him run, said:
-Hey, dude: you who you Spades foresee what will happen to others, why not have foreseen what would happen to you?

There are always people who intend to go what is not theirs, but cannot manage their own affairs.

171. the beekeeper.

A thief was introduced in a Beekeeper's House during your absence, stealing honey and honeycombs. On his return, the beekeeper, seeing empty hives, paused to consider.
Therein, the bees, returning from libar and finding him there, Sting you with their stingers and abused him horribly.
-cursed critters - told the beekeeper-let go without punishment that had stolen them diapers, and me that I take care of them with affection, I hurt in a relentless way!

Often happens that we see with distrust our friends, but through ignorance we tend her hand who is our enemy.

172. the astronomer.

The habit of walking every night studying the stars had an astronomer. One day wandering on the outskirts of the city, absorbed in the contemplation of the sky, fell unexpectedly in a well.
Still grieving and giving voices, it was right to pass a man who hearing approached their laments him to know his reason; aware of what happened, he said:
-My friend! want to see what's in the sky and don't see what there is on Earth?

It is good looking and knowing we around, but first you have to know where it stands.

173. the demigod.

A man had in his house a demigod, he offered rich sacrifices.
As he sat in these sacrifices to spend considerable sums of money, the demigod appeared overnight and told him:
-My friend, stop already squander your wealth, because if you spend you everything, then you look poor, Miss me guilt.

If you spend your riches on unnecessary things, not take then the blame for your problems no more.

174. the two enemies.

Two men who hated one another sailed on the same ship, one seated in the bow and another in the stern.
A storm arose, and finding the boat about to sink, the man who was in the stern asked the pilot what was part of the ship that would sink the first.
-The bow-said the pilot.
-Then said this man-I don't expect the death with sadness, because I will see my enemy die before me.

Very stingy attitude is to prefer to see suffer the enemies that worry about the damage that inevitably is about to receive.

175. the old man and death.

One day an old man, after chopping wood, loaded it back. Long was the path that was left.
Fatigued by the March, it dropped the load and called death. This arose and asked why it was called; the old man replied.
-So help me load firewood...

In general, the impulse for life is stronger than their own pain.

176. the villain and Mulberry.

A bandit who had killed a man in a way, to be pursued by them that they were there, he abandoned his bloodied victim and fled.
But seeing him a few travelers coming in the opposite direction, was asked why had the red hands; to which replied that he had just down a mulberry. Meanwhile arrived his pursuers, took possession of it and hung it on the mulberry. And the tree said:
-You don't mind me serve for your ordeal, since it is you who has committed the crime, cleaning up the blood in me.

Often happens that you people kindly, to be disparaged by the evil, have no doubt also show evil against them.

177. the timid Hunter and the woodcutter.

A Hunter looking for the track of a lion, he asked a lumberjack if I had seen the steps from the fiera and where it had its den.
-You will highlight the same lion. -said the lumberjack.
-No, I'm not looking for the lion, but only track - replied the pale fear Hunter and teeth chattered.

If you want to be bold in the words, with more reason you must be brave acts.

178. the Hunter of birds and the ASP.

A Hunter of birds took the League and buttered twigs and departed for hunting. On the way he saw a thrush perched on a high tree and was proposed to chase it, which adjusted the wands as they usually do, staring, concentrated on the air all your attention.
As he lifted his head, not warned that he stepped on a sleeping ASP, which, stirring, bit him. And the Hunter, feeling death, he exclaimed to himself:
-Unhappy! I wanted to catch a prey, and didn't warn me myself becoming prey to death.

When we think of damaging our neighbor, don't we realize from our own misfortune.

179. the sick and your doctor.

Asked a doctor to a patient by his State, replied the patient who had to sweat more than usual. - that is well said the doctor.
Asked a second time about her health, replied the patient who was shaking and felt strong chills. - that goes well - said the doctor.
He came to see you doctor for a third time and asked him for his illness. Replied the patient who had had diarrhea. - that goes well - said doctor and left.
A relative came to the sick and asked that how was. - I'm dying - I answer - strength go well.

Usually those who surround us we judge by appearances and us consider happy for things that actually cause us deep pain.

180. the ignorant physician.

An ignorant doctor was a sick person; the other doctors had ensured that, although it was not in danger, his evil would be long lasting; only the ignorant doctor told him to take all its provisions because it would not happen in the next day.
After some time, the sick rose and went out, pale and walking with difficulty. Our doctor found him and said to him:
-How are friends, the inhabitants of hell?
-Calm-answered-, because they have drunk water from the Lecteo. But lately Hades and death sounding terrible threats against doctors because they don't let dying patients, and all pointed them in his book. They were to join you also, but I threw at his feet swearing them that were not a real doctor and saying that you had accused without reason.

Beware of those who claim to fix your problems without preparing for it.

181. the eunuch and the priest.

A eunuch was in search of a priest and asked him to make a sacrifice on his behalf so that he could be a father.
And the sacrificer said to him:
Noting the sacrifice, I ask you to be father; But seeing your person, even I look like a man.

We must not pretend that we know that we are not able to obtain.

182. the man and the Golden Lion.

A miser who was also a shy mood found a Golden Lion, and began to say:
-What to do in this trance? The fear paralyzes my reason; the lust of wealth on the one hand and on the other hand fear me torn. What random or what God has made a Golden Lion? What is happening I filled my soul out of trouble; I want the gold, and fear the job done with gold; desire me pushing to get it, and my natural to leave it.
Oh Fortune offering and which does not allow any! Oh treasure which does not give pleasure! Oh please a God who is a torture! What can I do for to come into my hands? I'll be back with my slaves to catch the lion with this troop of friends, while I look at from afar.

It is not correct to hoarding riches for no use us or leave them to use others. Take advantage of them to put them at the service of everyone, including ourselves.

183. the man and the lion travelers.

Once a man and a lion traveled together. They were disputing who was where at the foot of the way, found a stone stele depicting a man strangling a lion.
-There you see how we are stronger that you said the man teaching the lion.
-If the Lions knew sculpt-replied the lion with a smile, you would see many more men between the claws of the lion.

We boast not with vain words of what the experience belies clearly.

184. the man and the satyr.

It is said that once a man entered into a Pact of friendship with a satyr. The winter came and with it the cold; man arrimaba his hands to his mouth and blew on them. He asked the satyr why did. He said that you heat is due to the cold hand
The meal were then served and food were very hot, and man, taking them into small pieces, approaching them to his mouth and blew on them. Asked again the satyr why it towards. He replied that he had food because it was very hot.
-Because you hear - said the satyr, waive your friendship because the same blow with your mouth what is cool what is hot!

Do not confuse us with those who are or appear to uncertainty in their acts.

185. the man and the statue.

A poor man had a figurine of a God, he begged to give her fortune; but as their misery did not swell, angry, and taking God by a foot, was hit against the wall. The head of the God, spreading gold coins was broken. The man collected them and exclaimed:
-From what I see, you have the ideas upside down, in addition to being an ungrateful, because when you loved, have not helped me, and now that I just throw yourself, answer me filling me wealth.

Nothing gained praising the ungrateful or wicked, more gets out of punishing them.

186. the stomach and feet.

The stomach and the foot discussed his strength.
Feet repeated each time that his force was superior thereby, even leading to the stomach.
To which he replied
:-My friends, if I would not give them the food, I could not carry.

Let's always carefully which actually starts the chain of events. Demos merit who really is the basis of what we judge.

187. the physician and the patient who died.

A doctor had treatment to a patient.
It died, and the doctor said to accompanying persons:
-If this man had abstained from wine and enemas had been, he had not died.

Corrections must always make them at the right time and not let them just to mention when it is already late.

188. the Castaway and the sea.

Thrown a shipwrecked on the shore, she fell asleep from fatigue; but he wasn't waking up, and to see the sea, faulted him for seducing men with its quiet appearance for then once it has embarked them on its waters, rage and let them perish.
The sea took the form of a woman and said:
-It is not me but the winds to who you should direct your criticisms, my friend; for I am as you see me now! winds are that jumping on me suddenly, I curl and rage.

Never let responsible for an injustice his executor when it acts by order of others, but those who have authority over it.

189. the thieves and the rooster.

Thieves entered a House and found only a rooster; they took it and left.
About to be slain by robbers, pleaded with them the Rooster that forgive him claiming to be useful to mankind, awakening them at night to go to their jobs.
-More reason to kill you, exclaimed the thieves--since waking the men us keeps stealing.

There is nothing that terror over the wicked everything what is useful for the honorees.

190. the lumberjacks and pine.

Some loggers rendered a pine tree and did so with great ease thanks to cribs that were manufactured with its own wood.
And pine said:
-No I hate both the axe that I cut wedges of myself.

It is harder the suffering of damage that comes from self to which comes from outside.

191. the disjoint children of the farmer.

The sons of a farmer living in discord and disunity. His exhortations were useless to make them move of feelings, so it decided to teach them a lesson with the experience.
I called them and told them to carry him a bundle of sticks. Fulfilled the order, he gave them the rods in beam and told them to break them; But despite all their efforts, they did not succeed. Then he undid the bundle and gave them the sticks one by one; the sons broke them easily.
-You have there! told the father-. Yes also you, my sons, they remain United, they will be invincible before their enemies; but being divided shall be defeated one by one easily.

Never forget that strength lies in the union.

192. the butcher and the two young men.

They were two young men buying meat in the same establishment. Seeing busy butcher on another site, one of the boys stole some debris and threw them in the pocket of the other.
To become a butcher and note the lack of the pieces, he accused the two boys.
Which had taken them swore that he had them, but who had them swore that he had not taken them. Realizing his trickery, said Butcher:
-You can escape me by a false oath, but you do not escaparéis to the gods.

False oaths do not stop being so although they dress really.

193. the fishermen and the stones.

Threw some fishermen of a network and as they felt it very charged, danced and shouted with joy, believing that they had made a good catch. Dragged the network to the beach, instead of fish they found only stones and other objects, so his disappointment, not so much by the rage of his disappointment, was very large by have expected anything else.
One of the fishermen, the oldest, said to his companions:
-No more sorrow, boys, since that apparently the joy has a sister sadness; After having made both ahead of time, it was natural that we tropezásemos with some disappointment.

It is routine of life that good times are still some bad to bad times, others good happen you We are always prepared to these unexpected changes.

194. the fisherman and the fish large and small.

A fisherman pulling the network took to land big fish, but not to small that escaped him the sea flowing between screens.

Minor persons may go unnoticed without problem, but those of very famous do not escape the judgment of peers.

195. the fisherman and the Minnow.

A fisherman, after throwing the sea its network, just caught a Minnow. She begged it to the fisherman who left him for the moment in grace of its smallness.
-When I grow up, you can catch me again, and then I will be for you more profit, - ended the Minnow.
-Man said the fisherman, well silly would be dropping the dam I have in hand to count with the future dam, large!

A coin in hand, better than a treasure at the bottom of the sea.

196. the Pied Piper fisherman.

A fisherman who also played the flute skillfully, caught together their flutes and their networks to the sea; and sitting on a rock overhang, was playing the flute, waiting for the fish, attracted by their sweet sounds, jump water to go to him
More tired at the end of their effort in vain, he left the flute by his side, launched the network water and caught good numbers of fish. Watching them jump on the Bank after removing them from the network, said the flutist fisherman:
-Animal cursed: when he played the flute did not want to dance, and now that I don't think giving them rope!

Often do not act according to the circumstances that surround us, but at the wrong time or misplaced. Let us always be well-placed.

197. the fisherman and the raging river.

Caught a fisherman in a river, crossing it with your network from one to the other shore; then, with a stone tied to the end of a flax string, it ruffled the water so fish, stunned, fell to flee between the meshes of the net.
She saw him do so a neighbor and reproached him the revolver of the River, forcing them to drink the murky water; He more said:
-If not I every river, will have to die of hunger!

The same happens with the Nations: between more discord it planted agitators among the people, the greater the benefit obtained. Always form your own opinion and don't go where you want it to push others unless you've reasoned it.

198. the vanity of zither.

A vanity of zither talentless singing from morning to night in a House with very good stuccoed walls.
As walls returned him echo, imagined that it had a magnificent voice, and you both believed it, which decided to present in the theatre; but once in the scene he sang so badly, that they threw him stoned to death.

We are not judges of ourselves, not going to be that we ruin our bias.

199. the orator Demades.

The orator Demades was talking one day the citizens of Athens, more as they paid no attention to his speech, he asked that they help him tell a fable of Aesop. Granted the demand, began this way:
-Demeter, the swallow and eel were traveling together one day; they arrived on the banks of a river; the swallow was raised in the air, the eel disappeared in the waters... - and here the speaker paused.
- And do Demeter..? -shouted you. What you did...?
-Demeter flew into a rage against you - replied, because you descuidáis the Affairs of State to entertain you with Aesop's Fables.

That happens between people: prefer to give attention only to the pleasure leaving aside things really necessary. Take care not to fall into that error. Evenly share the duty and pleasure.

200 boreas and the Sun.

BOREAS and the Sun were fighting over their powers, and decided to grant the Palm to which leave people to a traveller of his clothes.
BOREAS started first, blowing with violence; and man against tightened their clothes, Boreas assaulted then with more force; but the man, annoyed by the cold, put on another dress. BOREAS, expired, gave it to the Sun.
It began to glow softly, and the man stripped of her second dress; then slowly he sent him the Sun its most ardent rays, until the man, and can not withstand more heat, took off their clothes to go bathing in the nearby river.

A soft persuasion than an act of violence is much more powerful.

201. pedestrians and the Raven.

Travelling people to a certain topic, when they found a crow that he had lost an eye.
They returned towards the Raven her looks, and one of the pedestrians advised the return, because in your opinion do it was that advised the omen. But other walkers took the floor and said:
-How could this Crow to predict us the future if himself not has failed to foresee, to avoid it, the loss of his eye?

Who can not take care of itself, less intended is to advise others.

202. pedestrians and axe.

They walked two men in the company. Having found one of them with an axe, the other said:
-We have found an axe.
-Do not say - said the first - "have found", but: "you found".
Moments later were reached by the man who had lost the axe; and he took her, to be lost, said to his companion:
-We are lost.
-Do not say - said this - "we are lost", but: "I'm lost", because when you have found the axe I have not admitted as part in your find.

If we are not willing to share our successes, not hopefully that we support in misfortune.

203. the travellers and the bear.

Two friends marching along the same path. Suddenly a bear appeared to them.
One quickly climbed a tree hiding in it; the other, on the verge of being caught, threw himself to the ground, pretending to be dead.
It approached the bear its snout, smelling it everywhere, but man contained his breathing, which is said that bear does not touch a corpse.
When the bear had moved away, the man hidden in the tree fell this and asked his companion what had told him the bear ear.
-Not travelling in the future with friends who are fleeing the danger - he said.

True friendship is checked in moments of danger.

204. the priests of Cybele.

Some priests of Cybele had a donkey which carried with their lumps when they were on tour.
One day due to fatigue the donkey died, and desollando it, made with your skin drums, which were served.
Having them found other priests of Cybele, asked them where was his donkey.
-Died-they were told-; but it gets more hits now than that they received in their lives.

Many people said to have been removed from their habit, but don't realize that their habit not never retired from the.

205. the gardener and the dog.

A gardener's dog had fallen into a well.
The gardener, to save him, also fell. Believing the dog coming down to sink him even more, he turned and bit him.
The gardener, suffering with the injury, went out of the well, saying:
-It is I very well employed; who called me to save an animal that wanted to commit suicide?

When you find yourself in danger or need, not maltrates the hand of who comes to your aid.

206. the gardener and vegetables.

A man stopped near a gardener who worked with their vegetables, asking why the wild vegetables growing thriving and vigorous, and the cultivated loose and undernourished.
-Because the Earth - replied the gardener, devoted mother and other careless stepmother.

Of interest which is placed on an issue, so is it will develop and thus the fruit that is collected.

207 Diogenes of travel.

Hiking trip, Diogenes the cynic arrived to a torrential River and stood perplexed. A man accustomed to make people pass the River, seeing him indecisive, approached Diogenes, climbed on their shoulders and passed it complacent to the other shore.
Their poverty, which prevented him from paying his benefactor was there Diogenes, reproaching is. And while thinking about it warned the man, seeing another traveler who could not pass the River, went to look for it and transported it equally. Then Diogenes approached the man and said to him:
-No, I have to thank you now for your service, because I see that you do not by reasoning, but by mania.

When serve equally good thank you people, as well as desagradecidas people, no doubt that we will qualify, not as good people, but as naive or fools. But not we be discouraged by this, sooner or later, the good pay always more than.

208 Diogenes and the bald.

Diogenes, the cynic philosopher, insulted by a man who was bald, replied:
-The gods I clear answer with insults! On the contrary, praise the hairs that have abandoned that bare skull!

If we give an insult, not hopefully back one minor gift.

209. the labrador and the Eagle

A farmer found a dam Eagle in their stocks, and, seduced by its beauty, he dropped it and gave him freedom.
Eagle, which was not ungrateful with his benefactor, seeing him sitting at the foot of a wall that threatened to collapse, flew to him and snatched with his claws Ribbon that is at his head.
The man rose to pursue. The Eagle dropped the tape; the farmer took it, and the wall at the place where before was sitting, being very surprised and grateful to have been so paid by the Eagle found collapsed to retrace their steps.

We should always be grateful to our benefactors and thank one favor with another.

210. the labrador and the tree.

In the field of a peasant had a sterile tree that only served as a refuge to the sparrows and noisy cicadas.
Labrador, seeing his sterility, set out to bring him down and unloaded his axe against it.
They begged him to sparrows and cicadas that not pitch his asylum, so he could sing and please him to himself. More ignoring them, has dealt a second blow, then a third.
Cracked tree, he saw a beehive and tested and liked their honey, which threw the axe, honoring and caring for since the tree with great care, as if it were sacred.

Many people there are making a good only if it collects benefit, not out of love and respect for what is right. Do good by the well itself, not because of it, you are going to take advantage.

211. the labrador and fortune.

Removing a farmer with his plow the ground, he found a Gold package. Every day, therefore, ofrendaba to Earth a present, believing that this was who owed him such a favor.
But fortune appeared to him and said:
-Hey, friend: why are the gifts that I've given you to enrich you grateful to land? If the times change and gold passes to other hands, then miss the guilt to fortune.

When we receive a benefit, well see where it comes from before judge improperly.

212. the farmer and the snake.

A snake came crawling to where was the son of a farmer, and killed him.
The labrador felt a terrible pain and, picking up an axe, was lurking near the nest of the serpent, willing to kill it as soon as it came out.
The snake looked head and labrador downed his axe, but failed coup, starting in two neighbouring stone.
After fearing the revenge of the snake, were to be reconciled with her; This answered:
- Or I can feed to you good feelings watching the stone axe, or you to me looking at the tomb of your son.

It is no easy task to undo large hatreds.

213. the farmer and the Viper.

Come winter, a farmer found a Viper freezing cold. Pity her, I picked her up and saved it on his chest. Resuscitated by heat, Viper, regained his senses and killed its benefactor, which feeling is dying, he exclaimed:
-Well deserve it by having me compassion of an evil being!

You do not trust the wicked, believing doing him a favour you'll change its nature.

214. the labrador and dogs.

He imprisoned the bad weather to a farmer on his block.
And can not go out to look for food, he began by devour his sheep; then, as the bad weather continued, also ate the goats; and in the end, as it did not stop the storm, finished with his own oxen. Then seeing the dogs what had happened they said including:
-Get us of here, therefore if the master has sacrificed oxen working with him, how we would forgive us?

Beware especially of those who do not fear at mistreating his best friends.

215. the farmer and his sons.

About to end his life, wanted a labrador experienced leave their children in agriculture.
Thus, he called them and told them:
-My children: I will leave this world; seek what you've hidden in the vineyard, and you will find it all.
Believing his descendants that had buried a treasure, after the death of his father, with great zeal they removed deeply the soil in the vineyard.
Treasure not found none, but the vineyard, fell as well removed, which multiplied its fruit.

You will always find the best treasure in the right job.

216 Hercules and Athena.

Hercules was advancing along a narrow path.
She saw land like an Apple object and tried to crush it. The object has doubled its volume. Seeing this, Hercules stepped on it with more violence, also beating her with his Mace. But the object continued to grow, closing the road with its large volume. The hero then threw his Mace, and was planted dam greater astonishment.
In this Athena appeared to him and said:
-Listen, brother; This object is the spirit of the dispute and discord; If it is left quiet, remains as it was at the beginning; But if you touch him, look how it grows!

The dispute and discord are causes of great evils to mankind. Never stimulate them.

217 Hercules and Pluto.

Received Hercules among the gods, and admitted to the Zeus table I greeted politely to each of the gods.
Pluto last arrived, and Hercules, lowering the ground view, turned away from him.
Zeus surprised by their attitude, asked why away Pluto's eyes after having greeted so kindly to all other gods.
-Because, - answered Hercules - in the times that I was among men, almost always saw him in the company of the rascals; that device the look of it.

Don't do friendship with who know that it has not acted correctly.

218 Hermes and the woodcutter.

A woodcutter who cut firewood, on the banks of a river lost his axe. Without knowing what to do, sat weeping at the edge.
Sympathized Hermes of her sadness, jumped into the river and returned with a Golden Axe, asking if it was that they had lost. Replied the woodcutter, and returned Hermes to plunge, coming back with a silver. The woodcutter again said it wasn't yours, so Hermes dipped again, returning with the lost axe. Then the man told him that Yes was that of it.
Hermes, seduced by its honesty, gave three axes.
Returning with his companions, told them the woodsman his adventure. One of them was proposed to achieve the same. He went to the river and threw his axe into the stream, then sitting down to cry.
Then Hermes appeared also and, knowing the reason for his crying, he threw into the river and also presented a Golden Axe, asking if it was which had lost. The Rascal, very happy said:
-Yes, that is!
But horrified by their impudence, God not only stayed with the Golden Axe, but not returned yours.

Divinity not only help who is honored, it punishes the dishonest.

219. the cart of Hermes and the wicked.

Hermes was driving a day throughout the land a cart full of lies, deceit and bad art, distributing a small amount of its cargo in each country.
More arriving in the country of the wicked, the astute and the exploited, the cart, as they say, stalled suddenly, and the inhabitants of the country, as if it were a precious burden, looted the contents of the cart without leaving Hermes to follow other peoples, leaving all their content for them.

Why the wicked, the astute and the freeloaders are greater liars of the Earth.

220 Hermes and sculptor.

He wanted Hermes know where men, believed him and, taking the figure of a mortal, was presented at the workshop of a sculptor.
Seeing a statue of Zeus, asked how much worth.
-A Drachma - answered him.
He smiled and asked again: would the statue of Hera and how much?
-It is more - he was told.
Seeing then a statue depicting him, thought that, being at the same time the Messenger of Zeus and the God of profit, it would be very considerate among men; so it asked its price.
The sculptor answered:
-It will cost you nothing. If you buy the other two, you regalaré this.

Our own vanity always leads us to undergo terrible disappointments.

221 Hermes and the Earth.

Modeled Zeus the man and the woman and instructed Hermes down them to Earth to teach them where they had to dig the soil in order to obtain food.
Hermes was commissioned; the Earth, at first, resisted; but Hermes insisted, saying that it was an order of Zeus.
-Okay, said the land; I dig all you want. Already paying it me with her tears and moans!

There are no fruits or reward if no sacrifice and effort.

222 Hermes and Tiresias.

Hermes wanted to check if the divinatory art of Tiresias was true; so you stole his oxen in the field and then, under the figure of a mortal, went to the city and entered the House of Tiresias.
When he found the loss of their yoke, Tirésias moved outside with Hermes to observe an omen on the flight of birds, asking Hermes to tell him the bird that appears.
Hermes saw an Eagle that was flying from left to right and said it is. Responded Tiresias that this bird did not matter to them.
The second time, God saw a Crow perched on a tree that ora lifted eyes to heaven, ora it leaned toward the Earth, and so said it. Then the magician replied:
-The Crow swears by heaven and Earth that is up to you to find my oxen!

The thief likes to revisit the place of their theft.

223 Zeus judge.

Zeus decided to past times that Hermes record on shells the faults of men, depositing these shells beside her in a chest to do justice to each.
But shells mixed with each other, and some that came after each other, earlier passed through hands of Zeus to suffer his fair judgments.

Why not we incomodemos us when criminals do not soon receive their deserved punishment. Sooner or later your turn will get there.

224 Zeus and Apollo.

Disputed Zeus and Apollo on the archery
Apollo tended his and fired his arrow. but Zeus extended leg as far as released Apollo had his arrow, pretending that he did not beyond where he was.

When we compete with much more powerful rivals, not only we will not pass them, but that in addition they mock us.

225 Zeus and modesty.

When Zeus modeled man, endowed him in the Act of all inclinations but forgot to provide modesty.
Not knowing where to put it, he ordered to come unless you notice his arrival. Modesty is stirred against the order of Zeus, but at the end, before his urgent pleas, said:
Okay, I will go; But if Eros does not come where I am; If he comes, I will be going soon.

Since Eros and modesty not turned them to watch together.

226 Zeus and the barrel of goods.

Zeus imprisoned all the goods in a barrel, leaving it in the hands of a man.
This man, who was a curious, raised the tonneau cover because I wanted to know what was inside, and in doing so, all goods flew towards the gods, less hope.

Hence the hope is of human satisfaction, that promises them the return of the missing assets.

227 Zeus and the snake.

Announced the marriage of Zeus, all animals honoured him with presents, each according to its means.
The snake came up to Zeus crawling, with a rose in his mouth. More to see it said Zeus:
-All accept their gifts, but I don't want them in your mouth.

We must not trust the apparent benefits of the wicked.

228 Zeus and the turtle.

To celebrate their weddings, Zeus invited all the animals. Just missed the turtle.
Intrigued by his absence, you asked the next day:
-How only you among all the animals do not come to my feast?
-Family home, ideal home!-replied the turtle.
Zeus, angry against it, condemned her to eternally carry the House slopes.

We certainly not us in our little world. We expand our horizon sharing healthy with our around.

229 Zeus and the Fox.

Zeus admired of intelligence and finesse of the Fox, given the rule over the animals.
He wanted to, however, know if the change of Fortune had moved also inclines, and finding the new King's walk in his bunk, Zeus let fall a beetle before their eyes.
Then the slut, unable to contain himself, seeing the beetle to flutter around his bunk, leaped outside this, and despising conveniences, tried to catch the beetle.
Annoying Zeus by his conduct, returned to the Fox to its former State.

Nature, or way of being of the people, are not changed when you change title.

230 Zeus and bees.

Envious bees because of the honey that the men, from them were in search of Zeus and begged him to give them strength enough to kill with the pangs of her sting those who approach to their diapers.
Zeus, angry to see them envious, condemned them to lose its DART often maiming some and then die themselves.

Jealousy is not a good counselor, rather can lead us to lose what you already have.

231 Zeus and men.

Zeus, after modeling men, instructed Hermes to circulate them intelligence.
Hermes left the intelligence in equal shares for all and poured each one his.
It came to pass that the men of short stature, filled by its portion, were men brainy, while since the portion not reaching all parts of your body, corresponded to men of great stature, less intelligence than others.

The appearance of greatness is not conferred greatness, is what is inside and it doesn't like what makes us who we really are.

232 Zeus and Oaks.

The Oaks complained to Zeus in these terms:
-In vain we see light, since we are exposed, more than all the other trees, to the brutal blows of the axe.
-You yourselves are the authors of your misfortune, said Zeus; If not you glared the wood to make the handles, beams and plows, the AX would you respect.

Before blaming others for our problems, let's before if we ourselves do not cause them.

233 Zeus, Prometheus, Athena and Momo

Zeus made a bull, Prometheus a man, Minerva House, and called Momo as judge.
Momo, jealous of his works, began to say that Zeus had made a mistake not to position the eyes of Bull Horns, so that it could see where injured, and Prometheus to not suspend the heart of the man out of his chest so the evil was not hidden and everyone could see what is in the spirit.
As Athena, who had placed his house on wheels, so that if an evil is installed in the neighborhood, residents could move easily.
Zeus, angry by his jealousy, threw to Momo's Olympus.

Any work that is done, more perfect as it seems, always someone will find any reason to criticize it. So we never discouraged us by which to judge our works; never miss who found him to be defective.

234 Aphrodite and the cat.

A cat of a beautiful young woman had fallen in love, and prayed to Aphrodite woman to do it. The goddess, compadecida of his desire, transformed her into a beautiful maiden, and then the young man, captivated her, invited her to his house.
While both resting in the bridal chamber, he wanted to know Aphrodite if changing to the cat he had moved also character, so it released a mouse in the center of the alcove.
Forgetting the cat of his present condition, rose from the bed and chased the mouse to eat it. Then the goddess, indignant, returned it to its original state.

The change of State of a person, does it not change her instincts.

235. the goods and evils.

Prevaliendo of the weakness of the goods, the evils drove out them of the land, and goods then went up to heaven.
Once being there was Zeus asked what should be his conduct with respect to men. God told them that not they were introduced to all mortals altogether, but one after the other.
This is the reason why ills, living continually among men, besieging them relentlessly, while goods, as they are descended from the heavens, only approach them from time to time.

We always have present that we are continually faced by ills for its immediate action, while to receive the goods, we must have patience.

236. the gray and her two suitors.

A man already hoary had two suitors, a young, and another older.
Sorry of older deal with a younger man than her, whenever he visited her it took away the black hair.
At the same time the youngest, not wanting to be mistress to an old man, pulled him canos hair.
With this it came to pass that the man, bare alternatively by one and on the other hand, was completely bald.

The poorly distributed, badly pays.

237. the batanero and tits.

A carbonero which made his work at certain home visited a fuller was working not far from him, inviting him to work in the same room, because in this way, in addition to greater friendship you live with less expenses when using only one House. But the fuller replied:
-That for me is impossible, because everything that I struck, you ennegrecerías it soot instantly.

We must not associate activities of contradictory natures.

238. the Warrior and the Ravens.

Split a man for the war, but on the way, hearing graznar Ravens, threw their weapons to the ground and stopped.
It took them a while back and continued their March; more again CAW the Crow. Again he stopped and then he said to them:
-They can scream how come them in wins, but they will not have a feast with my flesh!

When there is no definition in the actions, these never come to be.

239. the hens and the weasel.

He knew a weasel in a corral had some sick chickens, and masquerading doctor, took the tools of the trade and approached the henhouse. Already at the door, asked the hens that you them how would your health.
-Much better if you you long! - responded you.

If we are careful, we can discover the false poses of the wicked.

240. the Athenian debtor.

An Athenian indebted, hurry by his creditor so that it will pay its debt, asked who granted a short term on the pretext that he was in trouble; but failing to convince you, brought the only sow possessing, preparing to sell it in the presence of his creditor.
Became a buyer asking if the sow was fruitful.
-So fruitful is.-answered the debtor - that is up to extraordinary: the mysteries stop females and in the Panathenaic stop males.
-Do not Marvel so much yet, because this pig, in addition, will give you kids in the Dionisíacas!

Despair is cause of big lies.

241. two men disputing about the gods.

They were disputing two men about which of the gods, Hercules or Theseus was the largest.
But the gods, angry against them, revenge is everyone in the country of the other.

When the lower dispute about his superiors, not will it take these to react against them.

242. the blind man.

Once upon a time a blind person very adept at recognizing touch any animal within reach of his hand, saying what species it was. They presented one day a Wolverine, he felt it and it remained undecided.
-Not success-said, if he is the son of a Wolf, a Fox or other animal of the same quality; But what I do know is that not born to live in a herd of lambs.

The nature of evil can be seen in a single characteristics.

243. the murderer.

A man who had committed a murder was pursued by the victim's relatives.
He woke up the Hare to chase noise, and not expecting more, undertook his flight.
But arriving on the banks of a river, she stumbled with a Wolf, and fleeing him, climbed a tree from the shore; and when it was uploaded there looked a snake that was climbing toward him, so we opted to go to the River, where it ended at the mouth of a crocodile.

Nature is the enemy of the wicked.

244. the trickster.

A sick and poor man promised to the gods sacrifice them a hundred oxen if they saved him from death. Wanting to prove to the sick, the gods helped him to quickly recover health, and the man rose from the bed. But as she did not have committed one hundred oxen, modeled them with tallow and led them to sacrifice to an altar, saying:
-Here are, oh gods, my offering!
The gods decided to also make fun then turn of the trickster, and sent him a dream that urged him to go to the seashore, where they immediately find thousand silver coins.
Not being able to contain his joy, the man ran to the beach, but there fell into the hands of pirates who then sold it. And that was how he found the thousand pieces of silver.

Who tries to mislead the end ends deceived.

245. the black man.

Certain pattern led to work at your property to a black man, thinking that his color came because of an oversight by its previous owner.
Once at home, tested all possible jabonadas, tried all sorts of tricks to bleach it, but in no way could change its colour and ended up putting sick black by dint of so many attempts.

What nature designed, is firm.

246. the rogue.

A rogue undertook to demonstrate that the Oracle at Delphi was lying.
The designated day arrived and the rogue took a bird and hiding it bass of his cloak, approached the temple.
Facing to the Oracle asked if I had in hand was a living being or inanimate.
If God said "inanimate", the man would show the live bird; If I said «alive», he would teach it dead, after being hanged.
But God, displaying what it was with that evil intention, responded:
Leave your deception, rogue, because you know that it depends on to what you have in hand show dead or alive.

The divine power is to take you to the deception.

247. the blowhard.

An athlete, who was well known for their fellow citizens because of their weakness, departed a day to distant lands.
He returned after some time, announcing that it had carried out great deeds in different countries; It had special dedication have made in Rhodes a leap that before any of the athletes crowned at the Olympics had never been able to perform, adding also that would present witnesses of their feat if ever some of which there were present came to their land.
One of the listeners took the floor and said:
-Hey, dude: If that is true, do not need witnesses. This is Rhodes, jumps and show it.

If you can prove with facts what you say, you're not saying anything.

248 Hercules and the cowbird.

A Bouvier was driving a cart into a village, and the cart plunged to a deep ravine.
The cowbird, rather than help to the oxen out of that trance, stayed there crossed of arms, invoking among all the gods to Hercules, which was that of his greater devotion. Then came Hercules and said:
-Takes a wheel, harasses the oxen and not choose the gods if there is no effort on your part!
-If you do not do so, we call in vain.

Prayer must accompany always previously action.

249. the man and the Ant.

He went to pique a day a ship with passengers, and a man, witness of the sinking, said that the decisions of the gods, were not correct since, to punish a just ungodly, they had also condemned many other innocent.
While he continued his speech, sitting somewhere full of ants, one of them bit him, and then, for revenge, crushed them all.
Appeared when the Hermes, and beating her with his Caduceus, told him:
-Will you accept now that we judge men in the same way as your judge to the ants.

Before judging the alien Act, judges first yours.

250 Zeus, animals and men.

They say that Zeus modeled the animals first and that it gave them strength to one to another fast, the of beyond wings; but the man left him naked and he said:
-Only me have left me without any favors!
-Do not you realize the present I've done-Zeus replied, and is the most important, because you have received the reason, powerful between men and the gods, more powerful than the most powerful animals, faster than the fastest bird.
Then the man, recognizing the present received from Zeus walked away praising and giving thanks to God.

That the greatness that we observe in the creatures of nature, not make us forget that we were presented with the biggest of them all.

251. the merchant of statues.

A man made a statuette of a Hermes in wood and took her to the plaza for sale.
As no one came to buy it, came up with the attention, announcing a God that recieved benefits and benefits selling. One of the curious then said:
-Hey, if it's so good, why you are selling it and you do not get your help?
-Because I, you answered that - I need help immediately, and it is never rushing to grant their benefits.

Never let the momentary material interest to prevail over the spirit.

252. the woman intractable.

A man had a wife always Moody with all the people of his home. Wanting to know if it would be of equal humor with the servants of his father, he sent her to house with one excuse either.
Back after a few days, the husband asked how it had been treated in his father's house servants, and she replied:
-Pastors and the cattle I only looked askance.
-If so bad looked you, people come out with the herds at the break of the day and does not return until the beginning of the night, how you look all those with whom you spent the whole day?

Small signs point us to great things, and weak lights reveal hidden secrets.

253. the Castaway.

Sailing an Athenian rich on a ship along with other passengers. Suddenly, because of a sudden and violent storm, it quickly began to make water the vessel.
And while other passengers, with their effort, trying to save themselves by swimming, the Athenian rico, invoking every moment to the goddess Athena, promised you warmly all kinds of offerings if by its means he could save himself.
One of the castaways that heard it at his side told him:
-He asks Athena, but also to your arms.

When you ask for help in your problems, first it shows that you are already working to solve them.

254. the fishermen and the tuna.

They went out fishing at sea fishermen and after long time without catching anything, sat in his boat, giving in to despair.
Suddenly, a tuna pursued and that it was loud, jumped and fell accidentally to their boat; the fishermen then took it and sold it in the town square.

There are strange times in which random circumstances, we get what they could not with art.

255 promise the impossible.

A poor man was seriously ill. Seeing that no could doctors save him, turned to the gods, promising to give them a catastrophe and consecrate them multiple votive offerings if he could recover.
Heard you his wife, who accompanied him to his side, and asked him:
- And where will get so much money to cover all of that?
- And do you think that the gods will I claim if I restore?-replied the patient.

Never make promises that beforehand you know that it will be impossible to comply with them.

256. the Hare and the tortoise.

One day a Hare mocked the short feet and slow walking of a turtle. But this, laughing, replied:
-Can you be swift as the wind, but I you would win in a competition.
The Hare, quite sure that what was impossible, accepted the challenge, and they suggested the Fox to bring the path and the goal.
Come the day of the race, they tore off both at the same time. Turtle never stopped walking and walking slow but constant, quiet progressed toward the goal. On the other hand, the Hare, coming at times down to rest on the road, fell asleep.
When he woke up, and moving the fastest that could, saw as the turtle had come first to the end and won the victory.

With security, perseverance and patience, although sometimes we look slow, we obtain always success.

257. the traveller and his dog.

A traveller ready to go on tour, saw your dog in your home portal stretching and yawning. You asked with energy:
-Why are there roaming?, everything is ready except you, so come with me instantly.
The dog, wagging its tail replied:
-Pattern Oh, I'm already ready, rather it is you to whom I am waiting.

Sloth often blames delays your closest ones.

258. the Blind boy and his mother.

A child born blind, once said to his mother:-I am sure that I can see!
And with the desire to prove to him his mistake, his mother put in front of him a few grains of incense aromoso and asked:-what is that?
The child replied:
-A stone.
To which his mother exclaimed:-Oh my son, I fear that you are not only blind, but have no sense of smell.

Let's not kid ourselves believing that our dreams are realities, since we could then find that our situation was worse in the so-called.

259. the pomegranate, Apple and Hawthorn.

Pomegranate and Apple were fighting over which of them was the maximum.
When the discussion was in the most ardent, a Hawthorn, from your neighborhood raised his voice saying severely:
-Please, my friends, in my presence, at least let those futile discussions.

Who has the power to punish, ends up being the maximum.

260. the farmer and the stork.

A Labrador placed traps on freshly seeded turf and captured a number of cranes that came to eat the seeds. But among them was a stork, which had fractured it a foot in the trap and who repeatedly begged the labrador it to maintain her life:
-I pray to me free, I love-he said, -just this once. My breakage will exalt your piety, and in addition, I am not crane, am a stork, a bird of excellent character, and I am very good daughter. See also my feathers, which are not as such cranes.
The labrador laughing said:
-Be as you say it, but I only know this: you captured along with these thieves, cranes, and therefore corresponds to die along with them.

Who is associated with the wicked, with it perishes.

261. the young and the Scorpion.

A young man was hunting grasshoppers. It had already captured a good number when he tried to take a Scorpio mistakenly.
And the Scorpion, showing you their poison said:
-If he had touched me, I'd lost, but you also all your grasshoppers.

When you've done a capital with your work, take care not to lose it by trying to take what you should not.

262. the plumage of the swallow and the Crow.

The swallow and the Crow were arguing about their plumage. Raven ended the discussion claiming:
-Your feathers will be very nice in the summer, but the mine shelter me against winter.

It serves only to brag about, is not valuable really.

263. the donkey and the Fox are a lion.

The donkey and the Fox, having been together for their mutual protection, came out a day of hunting.
Not much went when they found a lion.
The Fox, safe from immediate danger, approached the lion and promised to help capture the donkey if it gave him his word not to damage it.
Then, claiming the donkey would be not abused, led him to a deep moat saying that it guareciera there.
Lion, seeing that the donkey was already assured, immediately seized the Fox, and then attacked the donkey at will.

Never betray a friend for fear the enemy, because in the end, you will also be betrayed.

264. the tortoise and the Eagle.

A turtle that was recreated in the Sun, complained to marine birds from their sad fate, and that no one had wanted to teach flying.
An Eagle who walked to drift around, heard and asked with what paid you if she lifted her and carried her through the air.
-I'll give you-he said-all the riches of the Red Sea.
-Then I will teach you to fly-replied the Eagle.
And taking her by the feet it took her almost to the clouds, and then release it soon, let her go, dropping the poor turtle in a superb mountain, shattering its shell. To be moribund, the tortoise exclaimed:
-I renounced my natural luck. What have I to do with winds and clouds, when with difficulty I just move on land?

If we easily acquiring everything that we want, we would easily to misfortune.

265. the labrador and cranes.

Some cranes dug on lands newly sown with wheat. For some time the labrador brandishing an empty Sling, scaring away them by the panic that produced them.
But when the birds they realized the trick, already not is they kept from their food. The labrador, seeing this, charged his sling with stones and killed many of the cranes.
The survivors immediately left the scene, wailing by telling each other:
-Better we go to Liliput, since this already not happy man with scare, has begun to show us what you can really do.

When the words do not understand, the action will Yes do it.

266. the dog in the barn.

A dog in a haystack snarled and barking to prevent the oxen eat straw that had been laid for them.
-That selfish dog! - an ox told his companions.
-He does not eat the straw, and still aims to those who do eat, do not act it.

Always respect the rights of others, so that thus you can demand respect for your loved ones.

267. the thirsty pigeon.

A dove, uncomfortable by the nagging thirsty, saw a pond of water painted on a banner.
But inadvertently realizes that was just a drawing, flew toward it at full speed and inevitably collided with the label, cutting himself unfortunately.
Having broken wings by the coup, he fell to Earth where he was captured by one of the passers-by.

Do not let the fervor, enthusiasm, or need to cloud your discretion.

268. the miser and the gold.

A miser sold all that he had more and bought a piece of gold, which was buried in the ground at the edge of an old wall and every day was going to look at the site.
One of his neighbors noted his frequent visits to the place and decided to find out that it was happening. Soon he discovered about the hidden treasure, and digging, took the piece of gold, stealing it.
The miser, your next visit found the empty hollow and pulling his hair he complained bitterly.
Then another neighbor, by learning the reason for your complaint, comforted him saying:
-Give thanks that the issue is not so serious. Go and bring a stone and put it in the hole. Imagine then that the gold is still there. For you will be the same that that whether or not gold, as of by itself wouldn't is never any use of it.

You value things for what they serve, not making it seem

269. the child and sweets.

A child put his hand into a container filled with candy. And it took more that could, but when he tried to take the hand, the neck of the container did not allow him to do so.
Not wanting to lose those sweets, cried bitterly disappointment.
A friend who was close to him said:-settle for only half and you can take the hand with sweets.

Never try to encompass more than it should, because you frenarás you.

270. the Wolf in sheep skin.

He thought one day a Wolf change your appearance in order to facilitate the obtaining of your meal. I then went into a sheep skin and went to grazing with the herd, despite fully to pastor.
At dusk, for your protection, he was taken along with all the herd to a closure, leaving the secured door.
But at night, looking for pastor his supply of meat for the next day, took the Wolf believing that it was a lamb and sacrificed it instantly.

As we make the deception, so we will receive damage.

271. the young and the frogs.

Several young, playing near a pond, saw a group of frogs in the water and began stoning them.
They had killed several, when one of the frogs, taking his head shouted:
-Please stop boys, what is fun for you, it is death and sadness for us.

Before taking an action that you think you benefit, first sees that it does not harm others.

272. the sick deer and their companions.

Lay a sick deer in a corner of his land of pastures.
Then came his friends in great number to inquire about his health, and while they spoke, every visitor mordisqueaba part of the deer pasture.
In the end, the poor deer died, not because of his illness but because no had no where to eat.

It is better to be alone than badly accompanied.

273. the merchant of salt and the donkey.

Took his donkey to the coast a merchant to buy salt.
On the way back to his people passed by a river, which, in a hollow, donkey slipped by wetting your load. When Rose relieved its weight considerably, because enough salt was diluted.
The merchant returned back to the coast and loaded more salt than before.
When they came again to the river and the donkey purpose is pulled into the same pit that had fallen before and rising again with much less weight, was triumphantly proud of having obtained what they sought.
Noticed the trader trick donkey, and for the third time back to the coast, where this time bought a load of sponges instead of salt.
And the donkey, trying to play back to the same thing, shot into the hole on the River, but this time sponges were filled with water and terribly increased its weight.
And thus trick bounced him on the donkey, having to now carry on his back more than twice the weight.

Try to avoid duty doing tricks, only hurt us ourselves.

274. the oxen against butchers.

They decided one day to oxen destroy butchers, who said the oxen, were running out with their Guild.
Then gathered to carry out its objective, and finely sharpened horns.
But one of them, the older, an experienced land plows, he said to them:
-Those butchers, indeed, kill us and destroy, but they do it with hands ready, and without causing us pain. If we get rid of them, we will fall into the hands of inexperienced operators and then it would suffer a double death. And I can assure you them, although already there is not a single butcher, humans will continue to looking for our meat.

Never try to change a bad on the other worse.

275. the child and the worm of nettle.

A child was wounded by a worm of nettle. He ran home and told her mother:
-Me ortigo strongly, but I only touched it gently.
-Why you ortigo-said the mother-, the next time you approach a worm of those, grasp it boldly, without touching, then it will be as smooth as silk and not mistreat you again.

You must demonstrate to the insolent, disrespectful, or delinquent, is whenever the authority prevails upon him.

276. the lecherita.

The daughter of a farmer carried a bin full of milk to sell to the people, and began making plans for the future:
-When you sell this milk, I will buy three hundred eggs. Eggs, excluding those who are not born, I expect to be at least two hundred chickens. The chickens will be ready to market them when the prices of them are at the top, so that by year's end, I will have enough money to buy the best dress to attend parties where all the boys pretend to me, and I assess them one by one.-
But then she stumbled with a stone falling along with the pot of milk to the soil, watering your content. And thus all their plans ended in an instant.

You no illusions with what you don't have.

277. the mice by putting the Bell the cat.

A clever cat made such slaughter of mice, I only saw one, was served dinner. The few remaining, no value out of its hole, was formed with his hunger. For them, this was not a cat, it was a devil butcher. A night that cat went to rooftops in search of his love, mice made a Board on its most urgent problem.
From the beginning, the mouse more elderly, wise and prudent, said that somehow, sooner or later it had to devise a means so that it always warned the presence of cat and could they hide in time. Indeed, that was the remedy and there is another. All were of the same opinion, and nothing seemed more appropriate.
One of the attendees suggested putting a rattlesnake on the neck of the cat, what excited them greatly and said would be an excellent solution. Only a difficulty arose: who put the Bell the cat.
--I no, I am not fool, won't!
--Oh, I don't know how to do it!
Finally, the meeting ended without adopting any agreement.

Never look impossible solutions.

278. the vine and the goat.

A vineyard was exuberant in the days of harvest with leaves and grapes. A goat that went through there nibbled its tendrils and tender leaves. The winery claimed him:
-Why me abuse without cause and eat my leaves? Do not see that there is enough grass? But I will not have to wait too long for my revenge, because if you keep eating my sheets and I abuse up to the root, I provide the wine that will miss you when you're the victim of sacrifice.

Perpetrators made with intent, sooner or later return to who made them, many times under another cover.

279 Zeus and mother mona.

Zeus made a proclamation to all animals promising a reward to whom his son be judged as the most handsome.
Then came the cute Lady along with other animals and presented, with all the tenderness of a mother, a little monkey with flat nose, no hair, and I sick, as its candidate for the prize.
A great laugh was the general greeting in your presentation. And she proudly said:
-I don't know if Zeus turns his prize on my son, but I do know very well, that at least in my eyes, those of his mother, he is the dearest, the most handsome and beautiful of all.

We must be always proud of what we love, and not have penalty to publish it.

280. the young pastor announcing the Wolf.

A young shepherd, who looked after a flock of sheep near a village, alarmed residents three or four times shouting
-Wolf, Wolf!
But when neighbors arrived to help him, he laughed seeing their concerns. More Wolf, a day of so many, did really. The young pastor, now alarmed him, screaming full of terror:
-Please come and help me; the Wolf is killing the sheep.
But already nobody put attention to his cries, and much less think to come to help him. And the Wolf, seeing that there was no reason to fear evil, he struck and shattered at will all the flock.

The liar never believed you, even when they tell the truth.

281 Androcles and the lion.

A slave named Androcles was able to escape one day and ran towards the forest.
And as he walked aimlessly became where to lay a lion, that groaning begged him:
-Please please help me, because I stumbled across a Hawthorn and a plectrum was buried me in claw and has me bleeding and sore.
Androcles examined it and gently extracted the thorn, washed, and healed the wound. The lion invited him to the cave where shared with him the food.
But days later, Androcles and the lion were found by the search engines. Born Androcles emperor was sentenced to the arena to fight against the Lions.
Once in the arena, a lion was loose, and it began to roar and search the assault his victim. But as approached him he recognized his benefactor and threw over it but to lick it affectionately and settle on his lap like a faithful pet. Emperor surprised by what happened, he knew in the end history and forgave the slave and freed in the forest to the lion.

The good deeds are always rewarded.

282. the pastor and the young Wolf.

A shepherd found a young Wolf, and took it. Then taught him such as stealing the neighboring herds sheep. And the Wolf, now grown and showing as an excellent student, said the pastor:
-Since you have taught me very well to steal, pay good attention on your surveillance, or you will lose part of your flock also.

Who teaches to do evil, has to take care of his own disciples.

283. the father and his two daughters.

A father had two daughters. One married a gardener and the other with a brick manufacturer. After a time I went to visit the married to the manger, and asked him about his situation. She said:
-Everything is wonderful with me, but I do have a special desire: to rain every day with abundance so so plants have always enough water.
A few days later he visited her other daughter, also asking him about his status. And she said:
-I have no complaints, only a special wish: that the days are kept dry, without rain, with bright sunshine, so thus the bricks dry out and harden very well.
The father mused: If one wants to rain, and the other time dry, to which of the two attached you wishes?

Do not try to never indulge and get along with everyone. It will be impossible.

284. the swallow, the snake and the Court.

A swallow who was returning from his long journey, was happy to live again among men.
He then built his nest above the overhang of a wall of a Court of Justice and there incubated and took care of her chickens. A day passed by there a snake, and approaching the nest devoured the helpless chicks. The swallow to find your empty nest lamented:
-Wretched me, in this place where to protect the rights of others, I am the only one that I should suffer wrong.

Not everything that benefits other benefits it one.

285. the thief and his mother.

A young teenager stole a book from one of their classmates and showed it to his mother. She not only refrained from punishing him, but rather encouraged him. At the next opportunity stole a coat and took her to his mother who again praised it.
The young man grew up and adult was stealing more and more valuables until one day was caught in the Act, and with their hands tied, was led to the gallows for public execution.
His mother followed him through the crowd and his chest of sorrow struck violently. To see the thief said:
-I want to say something to my mother in her ear.
She approached her ear to it, and this quickly bit his ear cut is. His mother claimed it was a denatured son, to which he replied:
-Ah! If I had rebuked in my first book that theft, it would have never come to this and be condemned to an unpleasant death.

The new tree straightens him tender to grow right.

286. the two containers.

It was dragging a river waters to two recipients, one of terracotta and another bronze. Mud he said Bronze:
-Please stay away from me, because if you touch me albeit gently, I'm going to make pieces. And again, in no way desire to be close to you.

Friendship is not easily consolidated between dissimilar.

287. the Hunter and fisherman.

Returning a hunter with his dogs and his product, when he stumbled upon a fisherman who also was returning from fishing, both with their baskets full.
It wanted the Hunter have fish, and the owner of the fish, meats. They soon agreed on exchanging baskets. The two were so pleased its deal that long continued doing it day to day.
Finally a neighbor advised them to:
-If they go on like this, there will come the moment in often Exchange, they ruin the pleasure of it, and each one will want to only keep what you got.

It varies and alternates your activities to enjoy better.

288. the old woman and the wine container.

An elderly woman found an empty container that had been filled with the best wines and which still retained the fragrance of its old content.
She insatiably his nose was wearing it, and bringing it and away it said:
-That delicious aroma wonderful must have been the wine that made it its so lovely vessel perfume!!!!

The memory of all that is good is enduring.

289. the deer in the Manger of the oxen.

A deer chased by the Pack and blind by the terror of the danger in that was arrived at a farm and hid among a few straws in a shed for oxen. An ox kindly told him:
-Oh, poor creature! Why in this way, have you decided ruin you, and come to trust you the House of your enemy?
And the deer, said:-Let me friend, stay where I am, and I'll wait for the best opportunity to escape.
At the end of the afternoon the muleteer came to feed the cattle, but did not see the deer. And even the administrator of the estate went through several of its employees without noticing its presence. Hart welcoming himself for his safety began to thank steers his kindness for help in times of need. One of the oxen back warned:
-We really want to your wellbeing, but the danger is not over. Still another man check out the stable, which seems that it has a hundred eyes, and until, you can not be sure.
At the time he joined the owner, and complaining that it had not well fed to cattle went to the barn and exclaimed:
-For which no straw here? There is not even so they spoil!- and those vague even cleaned the cobwebs!
And while still looking at everything, he saw Excel an antler arrowheads from the straw. Then calling their employees, he ordered the capture of Hart and his subsequent sacrifice.

You never shelters on the grounds of the enemy.

290. the pigeons, the Milan and the Falcon.

Doves, terrified by the presence of a Milan, called the Hawk to defend them.
He immediately accepted.
When already they had admitted it within its Dovecote, were given account that did much more havoc and kills in one day, that I would do a milano in a year.

Avoid remedies that are worse than the disease.

291. the widow and his sheep.

A poor widow had a single sheep. At the time of the shearing, and desiring to take their wool in a cost-effective manner, she trasquiló it, but he used the tool in such a bad way that together with wool also cut her meat. The sheep bereaved and in pain, he said:
-Why me abuse as well, he loves? In that can benefit you to add my blood to the wool? If you want my flesh, called the butcher who will kill me instantly without suffering, but if what you want is my wool, it is Shearer, who esquilará me without hurting me.

Before carrying out an activity, prepare and train properly to run it well.

292. the pastor and the sea.

A pastor who cared for his flock in the coasts, looked to the sea very calm and soft, and planned to do a trade trip.
Then he sold all his flock and invested it in a cargo of dates, burst into the sea. But came a strong storm, and being in danger of sinking the ship, throw overboard all the merchandise, and barely escaped alive in the empty boat.
Not long after when someone went and watched orderly calm of the sea, he interrupted him and said to him:
-Again it is sea wishing dates and why it looks calm.

Never generalize conclusions based on a single event.

293. the donkey, the cock and the lion.

They were a cock and a donkey in a pasture when it came a hungry lion. And already was the lion to pull themselves up the donkey, when gallo, whose singing is said that you terrorized the Lions, cried out strongly, making rush and the lion as fast as he could.
The donkey to see the impact that a single canto del gallo, was filled with courage to attack the lion, and ran after him for that purpose.
He had not traveled farther when the lion turned, caught it and cut it into pieces.

Always keep in mind that the qualities of your neighbor are not necessarily yours.

294. the rivers and the sea.

The rivers came together to complain before the sea saying:
-Why if we you deliver fresh drinking water, do such work, that you become our waters salty and impossible to drink?
The sea, perceiving that they wanted to take the blame for the affair, said:
-Please stop give me water and then already will not salt waters.

Before blaming others, look first if you're not the real culprit.

295. the playful donkey.

A donkey climbed to the roof of a House and beyond jumping up, cracked the roofing. The owner ran after him and dropped him immediately, severely punishing it with a log. Then said the donkey:
-Why I punish, if I saw yesterday the monkey do exactly the same and everyone laughed happily, as if he were giving a great show?

It always works for which you have prepared, don't do what is not in your field.

296. the three guards.

A great city was being besieged, and residents met to consider the best way to protect yourself.
A brickmaker hotly recommended to bricks as the best acquisition for the most effective resistance.
A Carpenter, with equal enthusiasm, proposed the wood as a preferable method for the defense.
In that a leather Tanner stood up and said:
– Colleagues, I differ from you all, and warned that nothing will change of opinion. Affirm them that they are very wrong: to resist, there is nothing better than the covered with skins, and for that nothing as good as leathers.

The irresponsible, ignorant, and the agitators, never accept that others might be right, and always defend intransigently only their point of view, although they do not have less knowledge of the subject, regardless of the consequences of the moment or the future.

297. the Wolf and the shepherds dining.

A Wolf passing near a palenque, saw there a few shepherds dining the meat of a lamb. Approaching them, he told them:
-What scandal would already if I was who was doing what you do!

One thing is that with every right owner decides on his property, and one what makes the thief with what not belongs.

298. the donkey carrying a picture.

Once it was a donkey loaded an image of a God in the streets of a city to be carried to a temple. And by where it happened, the crowd is prostrated before the image.
The donkey, thinking that they fall in respect to him, he stood proudly, giving aires and refusing to go one step further.
The driver, seeing his determined stop, threw his whip on his back and said:
-Oh, socket head, still has not reached the time where men worship donkeys!

Never take the alien merits as yours.

299. the old hunting dog.

An old hunting dog, who in their youth and strength never surrendered to any beast in the forest, he found in his elderly days a boar during a hunt. And it grabbed him by the ear, but could not hold it because of the weakness of their teeth, so that the boar escaped.
His master, coming quickly, was very upset, and rudely berated the dog.
The dog looked at him sadly and said:
-My master, my spirit is as good as always, but I can not overcome my weaknesses of the body. I prefer my blades which have been, and not that I maltrates by what I am now.

Always respect your elders, who although they can no longer do everything, gave the best of your life for your benefit.

300. the Hare and the lion.

Hare arengaban in the Assembly and argued that everyone should be equal. The Lions then replied:
-Their words, ladies hares, are good, but lack of claws and fangs as we have.

Agree that we all have different qualities for different circumstances.

301. the goose that lays the golden eggs.

A farmer and his wife had a hen which put a golden egg every day.
They assumed that the chicken should contain a large lump of gold inside, and to try to get it once, was killed. Doing so, they found to their surprise that hen differed in any of his other hens.
The pair of naive, hoping to become rich once, deprived on the income which it had secured day by day.

Never destroy, for no reason, what good to get acquired and you are providing wellness...

302. the bull and the goat.

A bull, a lion, fleeing hid in a cave that some pastors had recently occupied.
As soon as he entered the cave, a goat that had been abandoned in the cave, sharply attacked it with their horns. The bull calmly addressed him:
-Stop put me as your goal as soon as possible. You don't have no fear, but yes to the lion. Waiting to leave this monster and I will tell you what is the respective strength of a goat and a bull.-

Never take advantage of the anguish of the neighbor to think you're his superior.

303. the donkey and grasshoppers.

A donkey who had heard the Twitter of grasshoppers, was very delighted; and desiring to possess the same charms of its melody, asked with what kind of food they lived to give such beautiful voices.
They answered, - with the dew.-
Donkey decided that he would only live with the spray, and after a while died of hunger.

Do not do what others do or say, if you are not within your abilities to do so.

304. the dancers monkeys.

A Prince had some monkeys trained to dance.
Being naturally great mimics the actions of men, they proved to be about appropriate students, and when they wore them with their clothing and masks, they danced as well as any of the courtiers.
The show was often repeated with loud applause, until on one occasion a courtier to a prank, came up and took from his pocket a handful of nuts and threw them upon them.
Monkeys in view of the nuts forgot their dancing and began to act like they were in effect, monkeys instead of actors.
Removing their masks and breaking their suits, fought one against the other for nuts. Dancing spectacle thus came to an end between laughter and mockery of the Auditorium.

If you want to change the nature of a being, first think of all possible circumstances and different that I could find.

305. the mountain by giving birth.

A mountain was once greatly agitated.
Strong moans and noises were heard, and crowds of people came from all over to see that it was what was happening.
While they were on the lookout, thinking that there would be a terrible calamity, what suddenly came out was a mouse.

Not always much noise indicates a great action.

306. the Crow and the Swan.

A Raven saw a Swan and wanted to get for him that same beautiful plumage.
And assuming that the splendid White Swan came from his journal washed in the water in which he swam, the Raven left the altars of the neighborhood where he took his life, and took his new residence in lakes and lagoons.
But despite clean their feathers as often as he could, he could not change its color.
And it was so busy in his desire, not out in search of food, died.

The change of habit cannot change nature which is brought.

307. the war horse

A horse of war, to which there were diseases of adults, was sent to work on a farm instead of leaving to fight.
But when he was forced to carry the grass rather than serve with wars, he lamented their change of fortune and brought to mind its old State, saying,
-Farmer Oh!, I was indeed going to campaigns before, and I was enlisted elegantly, and a man was going to brush my; and now I can not understand what happened to me so that I brought to the farm rather than the battle.-
"- No follow-, said the farmer - dreaming what were earlier times, since it is a common part of all mortals to sustain the ups and downs of fortune."

It is better to face the present with sincerity, which feel pain by the absence of the past.

308. the belly and the members.

The members of the body rebelled against the belly, and said,
-Why should be permanently engaged in getting their wishes, while you take your rest, and sports in luxury and self indulgence?
-Members conducted their resolution and refused its aid to the belly.
Then the entire body quickly weakened, and the hands, feet, mouth, eyes, and all the others, when it was already too late, repented of his madness.

In each organization all its members must be the function for which they were released.

309. the ox and the frog.

An ox that came to drink at a pond where there was a group of young frogs, stepped on and crushed one of them killing her.
When the mother arrived and noticed the absence of one of his daughters, her sisters asked what had happened with her.
"Is dead, dear mother;" already now itself a very huge beast with big fours came to the pond and crushed her death with his cleft heel."
The mother, swelling to the maximum, he asked,
-If the beast was as big as this size? -
-For, mother, swell you-, said a daughter,- and do not get angry; "since I can assure you that you soon reventarás that mimic successfully the immensity of this monster."

When one is abused, it is better to listen to the wise Council to act improperly by the desire for revenge.

310. the dying lion.

A lion, worn with age and impotent before his illness, sits on land about to death.
A wild boar rushed upon him, and retaliated with a blow of his fangs a wound received long ago.
Shortly after the bull with horns corneó it as an enemy.
When the donkey saw the huge beast could be attacked with impunity, he kicked it in your forehead with your heels.
The lion, which expired said,
-I have grudgingly tolerated the insults of the brave but be forced to endure such treatment from you, you're a disgrace of nature, it is in fact suffer a double death.

Nothing more galling to the mighty being humiliated by the weak.

311. the travellers on the coast.

Some travelers, who traveled along the coast of the sea, climbed to the top of a high cliff, and in the distance looking towards the sea, saw what they thought was a big boat.
They waited hoping that entered the Bay, but as the object was approaching the coast, meant that it was rather a small boat.
When however, the object reached the beach, they discovered that it was just a big sticks and wood beam, and one of them said to his companions,
-Have waited uselessly, because after all there is nothing to see but a load of timber.-

Our mere illusions and anticipations of life, are larger than the realities.

312. the blacksmith and his dog.

A blacksmith had a small dog, which was a big favorite for his master, and his constant companion.
While the martilleaba their metal dog remained asleep; but when, on the other hand, Smith went to the food and began to eat, the dog awoke and was wagging its tail, as asking for a part of your meal.
His master one day, pretending to be angry and tapping it with his stick, said,
-You little lazy miserable! What can I do? While hammer on the anvil, you sleep on the mat; and when I start to eat after my hard work, you wake up and wags its tail, asking for food. Not you know that work is the source of every blessing, and none, only those who work are entitled to eat?-

Who does not work, do not eat.

313. the donkey and his shadow.

A traveller rented a donkey to carry him to a distant place.
Being extremely hot day, and the sun shining strongly, travelers stopped to rest, and sought refuge from the heat in the shade of the donkey.
As this only allowed protection for a person, both the traveler and the owner of the donkey claimed that shadow, and a violent dispute arose between them as to decide which of the two had the right to.
The owner maintained that he had rented only to the donkey, and not to him with his shadow.
The traveller said that he, with the rental of the donkey, had rented his shadow also.
The fight progressed from words to blows, and while the men fought, the donkey galopó far.

The egoist always ends up with nothing.

314. the donkey and its masters.

A donkey, belonging to a seller of herbs which gave very little food and too much work, made a request to Zeus to be released from its present service and be passed to another master.
Zeus, after warning him that he would regret his request, made that it was sold to a manufacturer of tiles.
Soon after, finding that he had to carry heavier loads and more difficult to work in this new field, he requested another change of master.
Zeus, saying that this would be the last time that he could grant his request, ordered to be sold to a Tanner.
Donkey found that it had fallen into worse hands, as noticing the occupation of his master, he said, lamenting:
"-It would have been better for me to have been deprived of food, or have been abused by another of my former masters, which have been bought by my present owner, that after his death it will dry my skin and so I will continue to be useful although I is no longer present."

The good things are appreciated more when they are gone.

315. the oak and the reeds.

A very large oak, but with very poor roots, was uprooted by the wind and thrown across a stream.
He fell among some reeds, which thus addressed:
-I wonder as you, who are so light and weak, have not been completely crushed by these high winds.-
They answered,
-Without having good roots, you fight and compete against the wind, and therefore it is knocked down; While on the contrary, we doblegamos us to lower blow air, therefore remain intact and are saved.-

To not suffer deprivation in front of the arbitrary acts of the powerful, there are two options: work with it, or prepare with great strength and reason to deal with it without being shot down.

316. the wild boar and the Fox.

A boar was standing under a tree by rubbing their tusks against the trunk.
A Fox passing by there asked why he sharpened his teeth when there was no imminent danger of threat of Hunter or hound.
He replied,
-I do it deliberately; Since so would never have to sharpen my arms at the very moment that should use them.-

It is always necessary to be ready to tackle the problems, and not wait till they present is to just start preparing.

317. the canopy:, Partridge and the Rooster

A canopy: was about to sit down to a meal of herbs. The trap for birds was completely empty, because it had not seized anything, and thought about killing a Partridge of various colors, which he had tamed for use of lure.
The bird seriously begged for his life:
-Would you do without me when extending their networks? Who piaría you to sleep it, or who would call the Group of birds so they arrive?
The canopy: saved his life, and found a young thin cock which suddenly came to choose.
But the cock protested in pathetic tones:
-If you kill me, who will announce you the arrival of dawn? Who will awaken you to your daily tasks or who will tell you when it is time to visit the trap of birds in the morning?-
He replied,
-What you say is true. You are a bird of capital importance in the course of time every day narration. But my friend and I must have our meals.-

Need not always accepted reasons.

318. the monkey and the fishermen.

A monkey sitting on a high tree branch saw some fishermen to cast their nets in a river, and carefully look at their performances.
Fishermen after a while stopped fishing, and went home with the food left their nets on the bench.
The monkey, which is the most imitative of animals, fell branch and tried to do what they had done.
It took the network and threw it in the River, but became entangled between screens, fell into the water and began to drown.
With his last breath he said is,
-I have it properly deserved; do with what purpose had I, who had never handled a network, try to grab a fish?-

It is always best to learn and practice well, before proceeding.

319. the wrestler and the flea.

A flea was placed on the bare foot of a fighter and biting it, making the man to call aloud Hercules to help him.
When the flea again jumped over his foot and bit him, he groaned and said,
-Oh Hercules! So if you do not help me against a flea, how I expect its support against major antagonists?-

If we do not receive the help in the small needs, we do not lose the hope of receiving it in the large needs.

320. the mouse and the Bull.

A bull was bitten by a mouse, and angered by the wound, tried to capture it.
But the mouse reached safety in its hole.
Although del toro dug into the walls with their horns, he got tired until he could reach the mouse, and by squatting, was sleeping outside the hole.
Mouse looked stealthily crept toward his flank and biting it again, retired back to his hole.
The bull rose, and not knowing what to do, it was sadly puzzled.
Then the mouse said,
-The big does not always prevail. "There are moments when the small and humble are the strongest to make their performances."

Never despise small value.

321. the Hare and dog runners.

A dog was busily chasing a Hare, but after a long career, gave up. A pastor who saw him stop, taunted him saying:
-This little girl is the best runner of the two-.
But the dog replied:
-It is that you do not see the difference between us. I only ran for something for dinner, but she ran for her life.-

Greater interest gives reason to a greater effort

322. the bald gentleman.

A bald gentleman who wore a wig, came out one day to hunt. Suddenly a gust of wind flew his hat and wig, prompting a burst of laughter among his companions.
But him, stopping his horse and with great good humor, joined joy saying:-how wonderful is that hair that were not mine I leave, when they also already had done the same with the man he grew.-!

Good decision is to take calmly what has already happened and it cannot be avoided.

323. the bull, the lioness and Hunter.

A bull found a small sleeping lion and corneó it to death with their horns. The lioness came up, and bitterly regretted the death of your puppy. A Hunter of wild boar, seeing her distress, stood at a distance and said:
-Think how many men and women there have reason for lamenting the loss of their children, whose deaths have been caused for you.-

Not regretted when they treat us like we treat others.

324. the trees and the axe.

A man went into a forest and asked the trees that they provide a handle for his axe. The trees consented in his request and gave a young ash.
Hardly had the man embedded new ash handle his axe, when he began to use it and quickly cut down with its hits the more noble giant of the forest.
An old oak, wailing when it was too late of the destruction of his companions, told of a neighboring Cedar:
-The first step we have lost all we. If we had had better foresight, might have held even our own privileges and have been standing forever.-

You should never give advantage to a stranger.

325. the donkey and the old shepherd.

A shepherd watching his donkey feeding in a meadow, was suddenly alarmed by the shouts of the enemy. He appealed to the donkey to flee quickly from there along with him, lest both could be captured, but the animal lazily replied:
-Why should take me? Do you think that the assailant probably placed in me two sets of chairs?-
-No - replied the pastor.
-Then, - said the donkey, - while I have been the Chair, what does it matter I who took over? -

In a change of Government, a change without importance does not extend beyond the change of name of the representative.

326. the Archer and the lion.

A skilled Archer went to the mountains in search of hunting, but all the beasts of the forest escaped when approached. However, a lion, he only challenged to fight.
The Archer immediately threw an arrow and told the Lion:
-Send you my Messenger, that you must learn what I'll when you attack finally.-
The Wounded Lion started quickly with great fear, and when a Fox that had seen all this said that I had courage and will not take back in the first attack, he replied:
-You advised me in vain; since if he sends a Messenger as small as shown, how do I soportaré the final attack of the man in full?-

We must be ever vigilant and alert against everything what you can hit us from afar.

327. the WaSP and the snake

A WaSP settled on the head of a snake, and tapping it incessantly with their bites, fatally wounded it.
The snake, being in great torment and not knowing how to get rid of his enemy, saw coming a heavily loaded wood car, and was deliberately put his head under the wheel, saying:
-At least my enemy and I falleceremos together.-

Suicide, when used to harm others, is only an insane consolation of those who recognize themselves as cowardly and defeated.

328. the rose and the amaranth.

An amaranth planted in a garden near a rose Bush, thus addressed him:
-So lovely flower is the rose, favorite for both gods and men. I envy you your beauty and your perfume!
Rose replied:
-Indeed, dear amaranth, give flowers, but for a brief season! And if no cruel hand them my stem, they will still die early. But you are immortal and you never descoloras, always show with renewed youth.-

Instead of envy others virtues, let's first see the greatness of our.

329. the bull and the calf.

A bull strove with all his strength by pushing to pass through a narrow passage leading to his post. A young calf came up and offered go before and show you the mode by which he could attain pass.
-Avoid the problem, - said the bull; -I know how to do it much until you were born.

When the circumstances of a problem, they should also change solutions.

330. the deer, Wolf and sheep.

A deer called a sheep that lend him a measure of wheat, and said that Wolf would give him your warranty.
The sheep, fearing that there was fraud, apologized, saying:
-The Wolf is used to take everything what he wants and escape; and you can also overcome me quickly with its fast running. How will then be able to charge you when arrive the day of payment?-

Good knowledge and experience are the best advisors.

331. the Fox and the Hedgehog.

A Fox swimming across a river rapid was carried by the force of the current to a very deep ravine, where he was for a long time very bruised, ill, and unable to move. A swarm of hungry flies who suck blood had been placed on it.
A hedgehog, who passed through there, saw her distress and asked if he should chase away flies that tormented her.
-- In any way-- replied the Fox-- please don't them bother.
--How is that? -- said the Hedgehog-- not want to you be freed from them?
-No,--, said the Fox-- because these flies that you see are already full of blood, and I itch, but very little, and if you rid me of these that are already satiated, other more hungry will come instead, and end up drinking all the blood which I still have.

Make decisions on the basis of correct knowledge gives the best benefits.

332. the Eagle, the cat and the wild sow.

An eagle made their stay perched on a high oak; a cat, having found a suitable hole, settled in the middle of the trunk; and a wild pig, with their young, took refuge in a hollow at the foot of the tree. The cat cleverly decided to destroy this casual community. To carry out his design, he climbed to the stay of the Eagle, and said:
--The destruction comes for you, and me too, unfortunately. The wild sow, whom you see daily digging the Earth, want to uproot the oak, and then she, in its fall, seized our families as food for their young.
Having scared so terribly to the Eagle, she crept down to the cave of the sow, and told him:
--They are their offspring in great danger; as soon as you leave with your garbage to find food, the Eagle is ready to jump on one of their little pigs.
Having instilled this terror in the sow, the cat went and pretended to hide in the hollow of the tree. When night came she went forward with silent foot and obtained food for her and her kittens, but pretending to be afraid, she kept watch until the end of the day. Meanwhile, the Eagle, full of terror by the commented on the sow, was still on the branches, and the sow, terrified by what was said of the Eagle, did not dare to come out of his cave. And both, along with their families, died of hunger, and became wide provision for the cat and her kittens.

Never let yourself be dominated by terrorists, then they only seek your ruin and destruction.

333. the thief and the innkeeper.

A thief rented a room in a tavern and stood awhile in hopes of stealing something that should allow you to pay your Bill.
When he had already waited some days in vain, he saw the innkeeper dressed in a new and beautiful coat and sitting next to the door.
The thief sat beside her and talked to him. When the conversation began to decline, the thief terribly yawned and at the same time surprise as a wolf. The innkeeper asked:
--Why whining you so terribly?
-- Say,-- the thief - said- but first let me ask you to hold my clothes, or I despedazaré it. I don't know, Sir, when I acquired this habit of yawning, or if these howls attacks were inflicted upon me as a condemnation for my crimes, or for some other reason; but I do know actually, than when it yawning for the third time, I become a Wolf, and attacked the men.
With this speech he began a second yawn attack and again surprise as a Wolf, as he did at the beginning. The innkeeper, having heard her story and believing everything that he said, was greatly alarmed and, rising from his seat, tried to escape.
The thief held him by his luxurious coat and begged him to stop, saying:
--By Please wait, Mr, and hold my clothes, or despedazaré in my fury, when I turn into a wolf.
At the same time he yawned for a third time and produced an even more terrible howl. The innkeeper, really scared, it wasn't to be that he would be attacked, left his new shelter in the hands of the thief and ran as fast as he could toward the inside of the Inn for your safety.
The thief then started it with the coat, did not pay the account and did not return anymore to the Inn.

Lying is the tool of choice for fraudsters and criminals.

334. the Serpent and the Eagle.

A snake and an eagle were fighting each other in a deadly conflict. The snake had the advantage, and was about to strangle the bird.
A farmer saw them, and running, unrolled the snake and let the Eagle go free. The snake, irritated by the flight of its prey, injected its venom in the Horn of the peasant drink.
The ignorant of their danger man was about to drink, but in that the Eagle fell and hit his hand with its wing, and, grasping the Horn of drink in its claws, he brought it to the top and poured it, thus saving his life.

Be grateful, as well as a duty, is a great act of nobility.

335. the Crow and the pitcher.

A crow who died thirsty saw a pitcher, and hoping to find water, it flew there with pleasure. When he reached it, he discovered with sorrow that the level of its content was not available.
He tried all what you might think to get to where the water level was, but all their efforts were in vain.
He finally discovered that you collecting as many stones as he could carry, and dropping them one after another with his beak into the carafe, the water would rise up to put your level within its scope and it could save your life.

Times of crisis are source for wit.

336. the Wolf and the Fox.

Once a very large and strong Wolf was born among the wolves, which exceeded all his companions of the same type in strength, size, and speed, so they unanimously decided to call it "Lion".
The Wolf, with a lack of respect equal to its enormous size, thought that they gave him this name to be in truth as a lion, and leaving their own race, went to finally live with the Lions.
An old Fox, seeing this, said to him,
--It is my intention to not just make me as ridiculous as you do with your pride and vanity; because even if you have the size of a lion among wolves, but a pack of Lions you are and will definitely remain a wolf.

No appearance can remove the essence.

337. the monkey and the dolphin.

A sailor, engaged in a long journey, took with him a monkey to enjoy it while it was on board. When they were off the coast of Greece, a violent storm arose, and the boat was wrecked, and sailor, his monkey, and the team was forced to swim for their lives.
A dolphin saw the monkey to compete with the waves, and assuming that he was a man (who always says that the Dolphin offers friendship), came and settled under it, carrying him on his back to the safety of the shore.
When the Dolphin arrived with its load in view of land not far from Athens, the monkey asked if he was an Athenian. This answered that it was, and that was a descendant of one of the families most noble in that city. The Dolphin then asked if he knew the Piraeus (the famous port of Athens).
Thinking he was referring to a man, the monkey replied that knew him very well and that he was a close friend. The dolphin, outraged by these falsehoods, turned around and returned to the monkey to the high seas.

Own the boastful lies are those that are responsible for sinking it.

338. the horse and deer.

In time the horse had all the plain grass only for it.
It happened that a deer got into its territory and shared their grass. The horse, wanting to take revenge with the stranger, asked a man if he would like to help punish the deer.
The man answered that if he accepted receive a fierro into his mouth and consenting take it continuously, he would conceive effective weapons against the deer.
Horse accepted as requested. And from that hour, he found that instead of getting revenge against the deer, it had enslaved to the service of man.

Before making an agreement, analyzes very well the potential consequences of the contractual terms.

339. the thief and the watchdog.

A thief came at night to steal in a House. He brought with him several slices of meat in order to pacify the watchdog, so that it would not frighten her employer barking.
When the thief threw the pieces of meat, the dog said,
--If you plan to shut my mouth, is completely wrong. This sudden goodness of their hands will only make me more vigilant, lest under these unexpected favors toward me, you get some special benefits to carry out its own advantage, and for damage to my employer.

If you arrive to work in the service of a good pattern, always be correct, loyal and honest with him. If you become a pattern, is always correct, loyal and honest with your servers.

340. the monkeys and the two travelers.

Two men, one who was always telling the truth and the other who said only lies, traveled together and by chance came to the land of monkeys.
One of the monkeys, who had become the king commanded that they were seized and brought before him, to know that thought of it men. At the same time, he asked that they arranged all the monkeys in a long row on your right and on your left, and they placed a throne for him, as it was the custom among men. After these preparations he gave notice that the two men should already be brought before him, and greeted them with this phrase:
--Do kind of King look them to be, o strangers?
The liar traveler replied,
--You seems to me the most powerful King that I've known. --you answered.
-- And what is your estimate of those who you see around me?
--,-- Responded-- are worthy of you coworkers, and serve to be ambassadors and leaders of armies.--
The Monkey King and his court, satisfied with the lie, was sent to a beautiful present was given to the flatterer.
Then the truthful traveler thought to himself,
-- If a reward so great it was given to a lie, do with that gift not I can be rewarded, if, according to my custom, I tell you the truth?--
The Monkey King quickly asked:
-- And you how seem you to me and my friends that are around me?
-- You seem me, - he said,-- just a monkey, and all these teammates, after you are cute also.
The King of the apes, enraged upon hearing these truths, gave it the teeth and claws of his companions.

Who like to be flattered, hates the truth. You are looking for and always accepts the truth of things, but sometimes they are not to your liking.

341. The Lark and their offspring.

A Skylark had made its nest in early spring in young green wheat. Their offspring had reached nearly all of their development and knew the use of wings and her body was already full of feathers, when the owner of the field, checking its mature harvest, he said,
--Now is the time in which I request to all my neighbors to help me with the harvest.
A young larks heard his and told him his mother, asking her to that place should move for your safety.
-- There is no need to move yet, my daughter-- answered; --the man searching for his friends to help you with your harvest is not really prepared.
The owner of the field came again a few days later and saw that the wheat began to show excess of maturity. He said,
--Will come myself tomorrow with my workers, and as many harvesters as it can rent out, and will go to harvest.
Lark mother heard these words he told his daughters,
--Now if it is time to leave, my small, already the man Yes will make it this time; He already will not ask his friends handle you harvest, but that he will reap the field.

If you want to what you plan out how you want, manage it yourself.

342. the weasel and mice.

A weasel, inactive by their age and their illnesses, was not able to catch mice like it did before.
So it was made to roll in flour, pretending to be food and went to pose in a dark corner. A mouse, assuming that it was food, jumped on it, and was instantly seized and devoured.
Another fell in a similar manner, and then a third, and still others after them.
One very experienced greater mouse, which had avoided many pitfalls and traps, observed from a safe distance his mañosa enemy trap and said,
--Ah! You unable that you lie there, even if you are full of flour, always recognize you!
And since she could not return to hunt more mice.

Old age and experience are the largest sources of wisdom.

343. the young woman in the river.

A boy who was bathing in a river was in danger of drowning. He asked help a traveler who passed through there, but instead of giving him a helping hand, the man was standing indifferently, and berated the boy for his recklessness.
-- Oh, Lord!-- shouted young,-- please help me now and rebuke me then.

Give advice without giving the help, nothing is worth.

344. the donkey and the Wolf.

A donkey feeding in a meadow saw a Wolf come to grab it, and immediately pretended to be lame. The Wolf, coming closer, asked the cause of his lameness.
The donkey replied that through a hedge he had put the foot on a sharp Thorn. He requested the Wolf that pulled out you the thorn, is that when you go to eat it could harm his throat.
Wolf consented and lifting high the foot of donkey, gave his mind whole discovery of the spine, when in that, the donkey, with your heels, kicked to the Wolf teeth in his mouth and galopó away.
The Wolf, being so terribly mistreated, said,
--Well I happens, for putting me in the art of healing, when my father only taught me the craft of butcher.

You never mess to run a job that you don't even know.

345. the Peacock and Juno.

Peacock made the complaint to Hera that, while the Nightingale was pleased each ear with his song, he, just opened his mouth, it was the laughing stock of all who heard it.
The goddess, to comfort him, said,
- But you are greatly exceeded in beauty and size. The splendour of emerald shines in your neck and flip a magnificent tail painted plumage.
-- But with what purpose have I,-- said the bird,-- this beauty move while I am passed on the edge?
-- The function of each one,-- answered Hera,-- has been awarded by the will of the destinations: you, beauty; the Eagle, strength; The Nightingale, sing; the Crow, omens favorable, and the Raven, unfavourable omens. And everyone should be pleased by the assigned attributes.

Always be aware of what your capabilities and skills to know how to use them in as best as possible, with full satisfaction.

346. the Wolf, the Fox and the monkey.

A Wolf accused a Fox of theft, but the slut, being in fact innocent, totally denied the accusation.
A monkey volunteered to judge the issue between them.
When each had fully declared its case, the monkey gave this statement:
--I do not think that you, Mr Wolf, had lost that claim; "and you, slut Lady, by their background, I think that he actually stole what so strongly denies."

The dishonest, with its bad reputation, when they act honestly, do not get any credit.

347. the fly and transport Mule.

A fly sitting on a cart tree, turned to the Mule who pulled it, saying,
--What slow you are! Why not going faster? To see if I not skewer it in your neck with my sting.
--Transport Mule answered,
--I'm not interested in their threats; I just put attention to which sits over top of where are you, is who picks up my pace with its whip and me contains with the reins. Go away, therefore, your insolence, since I know when I should go fast, and when I have to go slow.

If you know your duties and know to do your job, not pay attention to distractions or alien overtones.

348. the horse and the donkey.

A horse, proud of its fine trappings, found a donkey on the road.
The donkey, which was heavily loaded, walked slowly down the road.
---Barely---, said the horse,-- I can't resist to give you a kick with my heels, because I see that you only serve to handle loads.
The donkey kept his patience and only made a silent request to justice of the gods.
Not long after the horse had health problems, and his owner sent him to work at the farm.
The donkey, seeing him pulling a heavy cart, so scoffed at it:
--Where, o vaunted, is now all your cheerful paraphernalia, and who are now reduced to the status of charger, which so recently I tried with contempt?'

You never mofes a situation uncomfortable from your neighbor, because you don't know at that moment could be equal to or worse than him.

349. the geese and cranes.

Geese and cranes are fed in the same meadow, when a Hunter of birds came to ensnare them in their networks.
The cranes, which being lighter were light wing, fled away quickly; While the geese, being heavier in their bodies and therefore slower to begin the flight, were captured.

Often possessing in excess can cause us problems.

350. the dogs and the Fox.

A few dogs, finding the skin of a lion, began to tear it into pieces with his teeth. A Fox, seeing them, he said to them,
--If the lion were alive, you soon averiguarían that the claws of it were stronger than the teeth of you.

Does not combat anything of value which is now demolished.

351. the cobbler turned doctor.

A shoemaker unable to earn a living with their craft and desperate poverty, began to practice as a doctor in a city in which he was not known. It sold there a medicine, saying that it was an antidote to all poisons, and earned a great name for it through false praise and publicity. When the Shoemaker was falling ill himself a serious disease, the city's Governor determined to test your ability.
For this purpose he ordered a Cup, and while he filled it with water, pretended to mix poison with the antidote of Shoemaker, sending him to drink it with the promise of a reward. Shoemaker, with fear of an impending death, admitted that he had no knowledge of the medicine, and that it was only made famous by the stupid roars of the crowd. The Governor then called a public meeting and addressed to citizens:
--That madness have been guilty you? You have not hesitated to trust their heads to a man, that no one could be used even to make shoes for your feet.--

The pretenders and impostors, are always victims of their own actions.

352 brother and sister.

A father had a son and a daughter, the son of very good looks, and she's a remarkable ugliness. While they played a day as children, by chance they looked together in a mirror which was placed in the Chair of his mother. Boy welcomed their good opinion; but the girl became angry, and could not endure the auto-praises of his brother, playing everything that he said as things against it. (and how it could do it otherwise?) She ran to where his father asking to punish his brother, and drawn accused it that as a boy, made use of a quality that belongs only to girls. The father hugged them both, and giving her kisses and affection impartially to each one, said:
--Desire that both be examined before a mirror every day: you, my son, you must not spoil your beauty with misconduct; and you, my daughter, you can compensate your lack of beauty with your great virtues.--

We must always respect the qualities and defects outside, and not mistreating others boasting of our advantages.

353. the wasps, the partridges and the farmer.

The wasps and the partridges, overcome with thirst, went to a farmer and begged him to give them a bit of water to drink. They widely promised to reimburse you the favor he requested. The partridges said that they cavarían around their vines and would cause them to produce finer grapes. Wasps said they would make the guard and ahuyentarían thieves with their bites. But the farmer stopped them, saying:
--I have already two oxen, which, without making any promise, do all these things. It is probably better for me to give water to them than to you.--

When you need to ask a favor, ask him humble and directly without promises to change. After receiving it, if you get it, then as a thank you it offers any of your services if they want to accept it.

354. the dog house.

In the winter, a dog wrapped in a space as small as it was unable to due to the cold, thought to be a small house.
However, when summer returned again, he fell asleep stretched to its maximum length and believed himself be a large.
Then it was better considered that as easy or as necessary work would not be make such House that could accommodate it.

The circumstances of the time, and not the real needs, which determine our attitudes are often.

355. the birds, the beasts and the bat.

Birds and beasts were at war, and each group was by turns the winner. A bat, fearing the ups and downs of the fight, always allying beside which he felt was the strongest at that time.
When peace was proclaimed, changing behaviour was notorious for both fighters. Therefore being condemned by each group for their treason, it was led and pointed at the light of day, and thereafter went into hiding in dark nooks, always flying only at night.

When others are in dispute, it is best kept in neutrality, or allying sincerely with only one side or the other, if you share their approaches.

356. the Fox and the caged lion.

A Fox saw a lion locked up and killed in a cage, and being close to him, bitterly reviled him.
Lion said the Fox:
-- Are you not who hurts me, but whom I have in this misfortune which has befallen me.--
Not you toy your enemy if you were not who defeated them.

Not you toy your enemy if you were not who defeated them.

357. the OWL and the birds.

An OWL, in his wisdom, advised the birds that when certain acorns began to leave, away them from Earth and so they could not grow. She said that the Acorn would produce a fruit, from which a hopeless poison would be removed and why they would be captured.
OWL then advised them that they only the seeds of flax, which the men had been planting, as it was a plant that not heralded them nothing good. And, finally, the OWL, seeing approaching an Archer, predicted that this man, standing in the same place, would throw darts armed with feathers that would fly faster than the wings themselves.
Birds did not give credit to these words of warning, and rather thought that the OWL was beside himself and said I was crazy.
But then, before the facts, they discovered that his words were true, and they admired his knowledge and judged it to be the wisest of birds.
Hence it is that it seems that they viewed it as which knoweth all things, and while it already gives them new councils, in solitude regrets to not follow his earlier warnings.

They should never reject, without having them analyzed calmly, the recommendations of the wisest.

358. the trumpeter taken prisoner.

A trumpeter, who led with courage to the soldiers, was captured by the enemy. He shouted to his captors:
--Please listen to me, and do not take my life without cause or without asking. I have not killed one man of his troop. I have no weapon, and only took this copper trumpet.-
-- Is the good reason why you should be sentenced,-- told them; -- because while you do not participate directly in the fight, his trump moves everyone else to fight. -

So is who runs as who promotes.

359. the donkey in the lion skin.

A donkey, having put a lion skin, wandered in the forest and amused himself scaring all the naive animals that he was in their wanderings.
Finally finding a slut, he tried to scare her also, but the Fox barely heard the sound of his voice said:
-- Possibly I could have been scared too, if you had not heard your braying.--

Always get the best counterfeiter some error.

360. the Sparrow and the Hare.

A Hare caught by an Eagle very much sobbing and silent cries desperately. A Sparrow rebuked her and said:
--Now where is the remarkable speed of your foot? Why were your feet so slow?-
While the Sparrow was speaking as well, a hawk suddenly grabbed him and killed him. Hare was consoled in his death, and before expiry of said:
--Ah! You, who lately was believed to be very secure and mocked my calamity, because now you have a reason to deplore a similar misfortune.--
No mocking of the misfortune of others, because at any moment you can touch him one also.

No mocking of the misfortune of others, because at any moment you can touch him one also.

361. the flea and the ox.

A flea was wondering to an ox:
-- What happens to you, being so huge and strong, you surrender to the mistreatment of the men and you are his slave every day, while I, being a small creature, ruthlessly I eat his flesh and drink his blood at any time? -
Steer replied:
-- I do not want to be ungrateful, since I am loved and well maintained with affection by men, they often fondle me rubbing my head and shoulders. -
-- How bad would that for me!-- said the flea; -- that caress that you like, if you give it to me, bring my inevitable destruction. -
What may be good for some, can be bad for others.

What may be good for some, can be bad for others.

362. the two bags.

Every man, according to an ancient legend, born in the world with two bags hanging from his neck, one on the front and one in back. Full bag that leads to the front is full of failures and defects of their neighbors, and carrying back back large bag takes him full of his own faults and defects. Hence it is that men are quick to see the faults of others, but are often blind to see their own faults.

Prior to see and judge the other defects, first see our own defects.

363. the Seagull and Crow.

A Seagull cooped up in a cage was bragging about the number of offspring that had incubated. A crow who heard it, said to him:
--My good friend, leaves this untimely boasting. Among the largest number of your family, the higher will be your punishment, given that more than yours will remain locked in this prison House.--

If we have not foreseen the consequences of our actions, we do not vanagloriemos of them.

364. the Fox and the crane.

A Fox invited a crane to dinner and did not provide anything special for its guest except a soup of vegetables, which was served on a large plate of stone well. By the wide of the plate and its long neck crane could not take the soup whenever trying to it, and his grief for the inability to eat he provided the Fox fun.
The crane, when he got his opportunity, invited Fox to dinner, and put before them a jug with a narrow mouth long, so that the crane could easily insert your neck and enjoy your content at your will. The Fox, on the other hand, unable to prove it, found a compensation appropriate to the way of their own hospitality.

According to the treatment that we give, so shall the treatment we receive.

365. the donkey and his purchaser.

A man wanted to buy a donkey, and agreed with its owner that he should try the animal before you buy it. Then took the donkey to his house and put it into where you save the straw along with their other donkeys.
The new animal separated from everyone else and immediately went next to which was the idler and the greater dining room all of them.
Seeing this, the man put a halter on him and drove him back to his owner.
Being asked how, in such a short time, he could have done a qualification process, he replied:
--Do not need longer time; I know that it will be exactly equal to that which he chose for his company.--

Depending on with whom you relationships, so you will be judged.

366. the bitch and her cubs.

A bitch about to have her calf, seriously asked a pastor a place where to settle for giving birth to her cubs. When his request was granted, again he begged permission to feed and raise their children in the same place. The pastor again accepted. But after some time, the dog, surrounded by her cubs already grown, and able to defend and attack, said taking the place for your exclusive right, not allowing the pastor approaching.

Before granting a benefit, always of first must define the limits of the concession.

367. The Lark burying her father.

The Lark (according to an ancient legend) was created before the earth itself, and when his father died, as there was no land, could not find no place for burial. She left him unburied for five days and on the sixth day, not knowing that more do, buried it in your own head. Then she got its crest, which is popularly said to be the mound of the tomb of his father.

Let us always honor our parents.

368. the Shepherd and the sheep.

A shepherd leading his flock to a forest, saw a large full of acorns oak, and extending its layer under the branches, went up to the tree and moving its branches fell them. Sheep, eating acorns, by mistake they deshilacharon and tore the coat. When the Shepherd fell and saw what happened, he said,
--Oh you, the most desagradecidas creatures! They provide wool to make clothes for other men, but they destroy the clothing who feedeth them.--

We must never abuse the hand that kindly help us.

369. the Grasshopper and the OWL.

An OWL, accustomed to feed at night and sleep during the day, was greatly disturbed by the noise of a Grasshopper and seriously begged you to stop screaming. Grasshopper rejected the request, and screamed higher, and in turn higher the OWL returned to plead with him. When he saw that he could not get any goodness and that his words were looked down, the OWL attacked the chatterbox with a ploy.
--Because I can not sleep,-- said,-- due to his song which, believe me, it is sweet like the lyre of Apollo, I delight in the drink of the nectar which Pallas lately gave me. If you do not dislike you, come with me and we will drink it together.--
The grasshoppers, who was thirsty, and pleased with the praise for her voice, eagerly accepted. OWL waited in front of his hollow, seized it, and used it for their dinner.

Be intolerant only leads to being rejected and failure.

370. the two soldiers and the thief.

Two soldiers who were travelling together, were attacked by a burglar. One fled away; but the other remained at his post and he defended himself with his full strength and value. The thief was beaten, and then shy companion returned to running and drew his sword, and moving its coat of travel in the air said,
-- I'm over it, and I will make sure that you have learned who has attacked.--
In this, he had fought against the thief replied:
--I would like that have helped me at that moment, even if it had been only with those words, believing them to be true, since I was the most courageous. But now, save your sword in its sheath and quiets your equally useless language, until you can deceive others who do not know you. In fact, I, that I have experienced with that speed you run away, I know with good right that no honour can be placed in your value."

You should never boast of what we have not done.

371. the chosen trees.

According to an ancient legend, the gods chose certain trees to keep them under his special protection. Zeus chose the oak, Myrtle Aphrodite, Apollo laurel, Cibeles pine, and Poplar Heracles. Athena, wondering why they had chosen trees which is not seized them fruit, asked the reason for your choice. Zeus answered:
-- Is that we do not want to seem fervently desired the honour because fruit.--
But Athena replied:
-- I tell somebody that olive is my most beloved tree due to its fruit.--
Zeus then said:
--My daughter, you are correctly called wise; unless we do is useful, the glory for it would be futile.--

The utility of any action or act, determines it the goodness of your product.

372. the donkey and horse.

A donkey pleaded with a horse that he gave him a small part of what she was eating.
--Yes, said the horse; If something is of what I'm eating now, I will give it is by my own superior dignity, and if you come when I am in my job in the afternoon, I will give you a small bag full of barley.--
The donkey replied,
--Thanks. But I can't think that rejects me a little bit of her food now, will later provide me a greater benefit.--

The promises of the haughty and Liars are never trust.

373. the truth and traveler.

A Walker, traveling through the desert, found a woman who was single and terribly dejected. He asked her:
-- Who are you?--
— - My name is the truth — - she answered.
--And for what reason-- asked him,-- abandoned the city to dwell alone in the wilderness here?--
She responded:
--In old times, falsehood was thing of few, but now coexists with all men, and there is no place for me.--

It keeps out the truth to your heart and lives happily with her.

374. the lion and the Fox in society.

A Fox came into society with a lion on the pretext of being her maid. Each undertook his proper duty, in accordance with his own nature and powers.
The Fox discovered and pointed out where there was a dam; Lion jumped on the dam and seized it. The Fox soon became jealous of the lion because he wore it the best part, and said that it would not seek and I would point out the prey to the lion, but that you capture it on their own.
The next day she tried to snatch a lamb from a herd, but she herself fell victim to hunters and hounds.

Before leaving a society, must first analyze it if it will not be worse off.

375. the lion and the Eagle.

An Eagle dropped its flight and asked a lion to make an alliance with it for mutual convenience. The lion replied:
--I don't have any other objection, except that you should forgive me for how to find the security of good faith, because how can I trust someone as a friend, if it is capable of winging and abandon their commitment whenever it pleased him?--

Before trust blindly, they should first ask is genuine valid guarantees.

376. the jester and the peasant.

A noble rich once opened a theatre without charging people, and publicly announced that he would generously reward anyone who invented a new fun for the occasion. Several public performers vied for the prize.
Among them came a famous clown among the people by their jokes, and said that he had a new entertainment that had never been presented on any previous occasion. This report quickly spread and caused great excitement, and the theatre was overcrowded at all their locations.
Jester appeared only on the platform, without any device or assistants, and by the same expectation is produced an intense silence. Suddenly he bent his head towards his chest and imitated the chirping of a small pig so admirably with his voice that the Auditorium said insurance he had a pig under his cloak, and demanded that it should take off the coat and shake. When this was done and nothing was found, the public cheered the actor, and they praised it with stronger applause.
A farmer in the crowd, watching everything that had happened, he said:
--Now Heracles, help me, it does not expire me with that trick!-- e immediately proclaimed that he would do the same thing the next day, although in a completely natural way.
In the morning, a still larger crowd met in the theatre, but now bias for your favorite actor prevailed very extensively, and the Auditorium was mostly to ridicule the peasant and not specifically to watch the spectacle.
Both performers appeared on the scene. Jester growled and screamed first, and won, as during the previous day, the applause and cheers of the spectators. After the farmer began his presentation, and acting that he hid a small pig under his clothes (which indeed thus made, but which was not suspected by the auditorium) sought the form of catch and pull the pig's ear and thus managed to make it to chillar.
The crowd, however, screamed unanimously jester had given a much more exact imitation, and asked the farmer cries to come out of the theatre.
Then farmer took the small pig of his cloak, and showing it, gave the public the more positive proof of the big mistake in his trial.
-- Look at you – - he said, -- this shows that you are the kind of judges.--

Prejudices are the base of big mistakes.

377. the Hunter and rider thief.

A true Hunter, having picked up his bow to a Hare, placed it on his shoulders and went to his house. On the road found a man on horseback who asked sold you the Hare.
However, when the rider had in his hands the Hare, he ran on the horse as far and as fast as he could. Hunter pursued him, sure that would reach him, but rider increased more and more distance between them.
Hunter, deeply against his will, yelled out saying:
--Take it with you! because now the Hare will be my gift to you.--

When an unwanted situation definitely cannot be resolved, accept it with resignation is the best decision.

378. the King's son and the painted lion.

A King, whose only son was fond of martial exercises, had a dream in which was warned that his son would be killed by a lion.
Fearful of that dream became a reality, built for his son a nice Palace, and for your fun embellished the walls with pictures of all kinds of animals in natural size, among which was that of a lion. When the young Prince saw this, and to be confined in his grief broke out, and standing near lion drawing, said:
--Oh you, the most detestable of animals! by an intimidating dream of my father, and by what he saw in his dream, I've been locked in this Palace as if I were an evil. What will do now?--
Ending these words, and without thinking about it more, stretched his hands to a tree of thorns, trying to cut a stick of its branches so that he could hit the lion. But a tree thorns pierced his finger and caused him great pain and inflammation, so that the young prince fell in a blackout. A violent fever suddenly seized him, and died not many days later.

We face our problems, with patience and understanding, looking for a correct solution and not with despair and anger. We will thus obtain best results.

379. the goats and their beards.

Goats, which had obtained his beard for a petition to Zeus, produced the goats remain deeply upset and complained that the females favoured them in dignity.
-- Allowed-- said Zeus,-- that they benefit from an empty honor and that would take the logo of his noble sex, insofar as they do not will match them to you in strength or courage.--

No matter if others are outwardly seem to us, if we know very well the differences in the interior qualities.

380. the camel and its driver.

A camel driver, after completing the load of his camel, he asked that you'd like more: up hill or down it. The poor beast answered, with very good reason:
--Why question it me? Is the flat road through the desert is closed?--

Mocking the weak, believing him ignorant, is not a noble attitude.

381. the Miller, his son and their donkey.

A Miller and his son carried his donkey a fair in the neighboring town to sell it. They not had gone too far when they met with a group of women around a well, talking and laughing.
-- Look that!-- shouted one of them,-- have seen similar mates, walking with difficulty along the way when they could be mounted on donkey?--
The old man, who heard that, quickly made her son on a donkey-riding, and continued happily walking beside her. Shortly after they stumbled across a few elders who discussed among them.
-- There it is!-- said one of the group,-- shows what I was saying. What respect is there for old age these days? You see that idle youth peace while his old father has to go. Get off you, young graceful, and let the elder rest its weary members!--
By those words, the elder made his son disassembled and assembled himself. And moving on, they had not reached very far when they found a group of women and children:
--Why you old lazy-- cried several at the same time,-- can ride on the beast, while poor kid costs that small keep pace next to you?--
The good-natured Miller immediately took his son and rode it behind him. And already now had almost reached the city.
-- God with you, good friends!-- said a citizen, -- is that donkey you?--
-- Si-- replied the old man.
-- Oh, would not have thought you so!-- said the citizen-- and by the way, I see that you go up it. Why you two together, do not carry the beast on you, and not you over it?--
-- Could accommodate you-- said the old man; -- We will try.--
Thus, lowering both donkey, they tied together legs, and with the help of a post carried it on their shoulders. Near the entrance of the city, they passed over a bridge. This fun view attracted people in crowds to laugh, and to donkey, not liking the noise or strange handling to which it was subject, broke strings that linked him and falling pole, all were to give to the river.
Thus, the old man, annoyed and embarrassed, decided it best was back home again, convinced that trying to please everyone, actually not had pleased no one, and also lost the opportunity to sell to his donkey.

Your decisions with your better mind, not with the alien mind.

382. the Crow and the sheep.

A Crow, used to annoy, settled on the back of a sheep. The sheep, very unwilling, took her from one to the other side for a long time, and finally said:
-- If you had been a dog in this way, it would have been his dessert in his sharp teeth.--
This Crow replied:
--Contempt the weak and I give to the Fort. I know who can intimidate and who must flatter; Thus prolongo my life to a good old age.--

Who does not have purposes defined for your life, can only live under the alien shadows.

383. the Partridge and the Hunter.

A Fowler grabbed a Partridge and was about to kill her. Partridge seriously asked him to forgive him his life, saying:
--Beg you, my master, that allows me to live and will draw many other partridges as a reward for his mercy for me.--
Hunter answered:
-- Thus now less scrupulous I will take your life, because you want to save yours at the expense of deceiving his friends and family.--

Traitors to their own nature, sooner or later always are scorned by those who they come to know, whether friends or enemies.

384. the flea and the man.

A man, very angry with a flea, finally seized it, and said:
-- Who are you who dares to feed on my members, and give me much of a problem to be able to catch him?--
Flea replied:
--Oh my dear Lord, please save my life, and I do not destroy, because that actually I can't do you much harm!--
The man, laughing, answered:
--Now certainly you will die by my own hands, to not suffer me no wrong, whether small or large, and not have to put up with it.--

Who does damage, must be prepared to suffer the consequences.

385. travellers and leafy tree.

Two travelers, worn by the heat of the summer sun, it sat at noon under the wide branches of a leafy tree. While they rested under its shade, one of the travellers said to the other:
--Is singularly useless this leafy tree! I see that it does not give any fruit, and I don't think that serve or a little to the man-
The leafy tree, interrupting him, said to him:
--You ungrateful companions! Receiving benefits me luxuriance and resting under my shadow, and dare to describe me as useless and little helpful!--

You always have to know how to appreciate and thank the goods received. Small or large, are all for our benefit.

386. the rich man and the Tanner.

A rich man moved to live near a Tanner, and unable to endure the unpleasant smell of the tannery, pressured its neighbour to leave the neighborhood.
Tanner adjourned its output again, saying that it would go away soon. But how still are still running and is not marching, with the passage of time, the rich man got used to the smell, and not feeling already more discomfort, did not again no additional complaints.

The persistence of a given situation, manages it to make unnoticeable.

387. the mules and the robbers.

Two mules well laden with packages walked with difficulty down the road. One was carrying bags with money, and the other wore beads.
The Mule carrying the money walked with his head up, as if he knew the value of their cargo, and moved above below the sonorous bells fastened to his neck. His companion remained with the peaceful and quiet passage.
Suddenly thieves rushed upon them from their hiding places, in the quarrel with their owners, the Mule carrying money was injured with a sword, and greedily took the money without making any case of grain.
The Mule that had been stolen and wound lamented their misfortune. The other replied:
-- I am indeed very happy that I was despised, because I have not lost anything, and nor did I wound any damage.--

Bustling ostentation of wealth brings only misfortunes.

388. the Panther and the shepherds.

A Panther, by some misfortune, fell into a pit. Several pastors was discovered, and some threw on her sticks and stones, while others moved by compassion to who will die, and knowing that you could not do them no harm, threw him some food to prolong its life. At night all returned home, without thinking of any danger, but assuming that it would be dead in the morning.
The Panther, having recovered his strength, however, was released with a sudden jump in the pit, and rushed to his Lair with quick steps.
After a few days she returned and killed livestock, and, also killing the shepherds who had attacked it, raged with angry fury.
Those who had saved his life, fearing for their safety, then offered their animals and only asked to respect them their lives. The Panther gave this response:
--Remember both those who sought to end my life with sticks and stones, and those who gave me the food with your good will, therefore, leave their fears. I return as an enemy only with them that I was hurt.--

The evil that is done, sooner or later, comes back to its author.

389. the donkey and war horse.

A donkey congratulated a horse for being so generously fed and care, while it itself had just as little to eat and also was doing a difficult job. But when war broke out, a heavily armed soldier mounted the horse, and taking it to the field of battle, introduced him in the midst of the enemy. The horse was wounded and fell dead on the battlefield. Then the donkey, seeing all these things, changed his mind, and pitied the horse.

When all aspects of a situation are not known, it judges it is incorrectly.

390. the bald man and the fly.

A mosquito to feed, alighting on the naked head of a bald man, who trying to destroy it, was given a heavy slap. Fleeing, the mosquito said in a mocking tone:
-- You, who has sought revenge, even with death, by the presence of a tiny insect, see what damage has been done by adding your own insult to the wound.--
The bald man replied:
--I can easily make peace with me, because I know that I had no intention to damage me. But as you, an ill favoured and contemptible insect who revels in suck human blood, I regret that I could not have killed even if I had incurred a heavier penalty.--

Many times, for not thinking about defending ourselves with a proper plan, we ourselves are damage.

391. the olive and Fig.

Olive ridiculed the fig tree because, while he was green throughout the year, the fig tree changed their leaves seasonally. One day a snowfall fell upon them, and, being olive filled with foliage, snow fell on their leaves and with its weight broke their branches, stripping him immediately of its beauty and killing the tree. But being the naked fig leaves, snow fell directly to Earth, and not hurt her at all.

We must not circumvent the alien qualities, as ours can be lower.

392. the Eagle and the kite.

An eagle, overwhelmed with a penalty, sat on the branches of a tree in the company of a Milano.
----Said that the Milan,--have a look so sorrowful?--
-- I - seek - answered she,-- a convenient companion for me, and I have not been able to find it.--
-- Accept me-- said the Milan, -- I am much stronger than you.--
-- And how they're able to secure livelihoods through abduction?--
-- Well, I often have captured and carried an ostrich in my claws. -
The Eagle, persuaded by these words, accepted him as his companion.
Shortly after the nuptials, the Eagle said:
-- Flies-bring me the ostrich that I promised.
Milano, soar high in the air, returned with the most unfortunate mouse possible, stinking time which had been on the fields.
--This - is - said the Eagle,-- the faithful accomplishment of your promise to me?--
The milano replied:
-- To reach your real hand, there is nothing that I had not promised, even though I knew that it could fail in carrying out.--

For whom is decided to target a dishonestly, don't make false promises.

393. the donkey and his master.

A donkey, led along a road in the mountain, suddenly slipped and began to fall on the edge of a deep precipice. While he was in the Act of surrender to the abyss, his owner grabbed him by the tail, trying to return it. When the donkey persisted in its effort to let yourself go down, the man released him and said:
-- Triumphs, but triumphs at your own expense.--

To the stubborn should leave him with his stubbornness.

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