Analysis ZTE Blade S6

ZTE Blade S6

The best

  • The duration of the battery
  • The price
  • Aesthetics

The worst

  • Management by gestures
  • Plastic

ZTE Blade S6

Analysis note



Operating system Android 5.0.1
Size 5 inch
Resolution 1280 x 720
Cameras 13/5 mpx
Capacity 2400 mAh
Internal memory 16 GB

Mid-range pulling to high

Today we are going to leave a bit of side labels with more zeros than common sense, and are going to focus on a rather more affordable terminal, while remaining practical and capable. We are talking about the ZTE Blade S6, the latest release of the Chinese brand for the range market medium/high.
To speak of it, should begin by mentioning its price. There are many phones on sale with characteristics similar to the of the ZTE Blade S6, but very few are able to match your price: 220 euros.
ZTE Blade S6
We are talking about a powerful enough Android terminal to cope with a medium or even advanced user. If you do not want to watch videos in high quality, nor especially demanding applications, can you find in the ZTE Blade S6 perfect phone.
Starting with aesthetics. Yes, it seems Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6, but in the industry almost all terminals are betting on the same standards: curved edges, central button, side buttons...
Because that's another thing: is also well stocked in design. It seems, style is another strong point of the ZTE Blade S6, which feel quite well the silver-colored, soft curves and that single central circle.

Design: metal seems, plastic is

Keep the price in mind while you make the summary. Despite its metallic appearance, the case of the ZTE Blade S6 is painted polycarbonate. Even so, its structure unibody, edges curved on the glass screen and the thickness of the latter offers some protection against shocks or falls.
Aside from the detail of the plastic, by the appearance of the ZTE Blade S6 well we could be talking about a terminal high-end. Soft edges curve fits perfectly with of the screen, so that the phone seems a single piece made of different material.
ZTE Blade S6
On the front, find the button that I had talked before: a small blue circle that serves as a "Home" button of Android. It is located in the central part of the bottom frame, while at the top we find the speaker, front camera and the LED notifications.
In addition, in interior trim, very well hidden, also are the two side buttons of Android: develop and draw. We say hidden because they are only with LED backlight. In addition, better you learn what each: the right is menu and the left kick.
ZTE Blade S6
On the back we see the rear camera with LED flash, in the upper-left corner of the housing. Next to them a small hole reveals the microphone. In the opposite corner (bottom right) of the ZTE Blade S6 find the speaker back, better disguised.
SIM and SD slots are hidden, and we will need a stick to be able to access them. In addition, as a curiosity, the phone is Dual SIM despite not having two slots: two cards are put on the same tray.

Hardware and components

Speaking of the ZTE Blade S6, we are referring to a phone that fits perfectly into the category of range medium/high. The same occurs with its components, and is perfectly reflected in the processor: assemble a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, (both numerical and technically) located halfway between 400 mid-range and high-end 800.
As for the screen, we talk about an IPS (from the first of ZTE) 5 inch with a resolution 1280 x 720. Indeed, compared to other phones on the market is poor, but the truth is that the majority of users don't explode the real possibilities of a FullHD display. Seen thus, and taking into account that lack of definition is only noticeable if you are looking for specifically, the ZTE Blade S6 screen is not a problem.

zte blade s6
The processor is also reliable and the RAM is not at 1 GB, as in other terminals with a higher price. If you miss something more internal memory (16 GB are used for the first six days and if not make migration), although it has MicroSD slot.
Another positive point is the battery. 2,400 milliamps very well managed, that have kept us the phone in standby for 5 days and follow with a 40% charge. That Yes, a full standby without using the ZTE Blade S6 at all: not allot with such duration as a rule.
Of course, we have taken a back by Antutu, and the result has been clear:
antutu zte blade s6
Thus it is to compare it with other mobile the same strip of price:
Xperia Z Ultra33.654
ZTE Blade S630.229
G Motorola Moto17.572
LG G3 S17.057
Samsung Galaxy S424.606
HTC One23.860


Although the performance is usually quite adequate. Once more ZTE has been able to rely on who should, and Sony has left the issue of sensor. The ZTE Blade S6 mounted IMX214 that we had seen in the new models of the Nexus 6.
Generally performs pretty well in lit environments, and pretty poorly indoors or at night. As for the app itself, it is nice to finally see a device that it fails 15 seconds loading before you can make a photograph: is quite faster than we expected.
Modos cámara zte blade s6
Camera modes are also quite gotten the manual being the scarcest. The objectives are to be expected: 13 megapixels in the rear and in the front 5.
To end with cameras, a detail that we loved. Do you know the function of "mesh" Photoshop"? As the people of ZTE has developed a similar option for the camera, which will allow us to bring to the front as if it were a scan. Here's a simple example:

Softwate: Lollipop with pint of iOS

In general, in the ZTE Blade S6 we enjoyed a moderately effective and fast operating system. There are no big fuss, although untouchable pre-installed applications left there by the manufacturer. This will never feel too well, especially when the device memory is 16 GB.
In any case, as we say, Android customization layer gives the appearance of a simple iOS, as it is often the case in the Chinese smartphone.
sistema operativo ZTE
Aside from that, we have some functions extra brand ZTE, as Smart Sense. In fact, This is one of the perfect examples of "innovate to innovate is nonsense". The service allows you to have direct access to some functions of the phone making exaggerated gestures with the terminal.
For example, if you take the ZTE Blade S6, you put it to looking at the roof a couple of seconds and then drawing with a "V" in the air, we will access the music, and if we draw one or enormous, pausaremos it. Don't talk about a figure we can do with the doll, but a genuine "or" giant worthy of a cheerleader in a football game.
What were thinking developers? When do they thought to that users would use this kind of gesture handling? It has more earmarks software prototype that's real progress. In any case, as we say, you can turn off, is not to carry it in your Pocket us access to some desonocida function without wanting to.
Aside from this, it has some details that Yes liked us, as the shortcuts that open by sliding the finger from the top edge up.


There is a kind of urban legend in the world of mobile telephony in reference to Chinese phones. According to some, the Asian country produces extremely powerful and absurdly cheap terminals that can be purchased if one knows where search and is an expert in these areas. Unfortunately, that is not true. At least, not completely.
It is true that the Chinese market is much more advanced in this area than the European or American. What saved in r & d and production lines at its has allowed them to get ahead when it comes to place their products on the market.
zte blade s6
So can we find not the best phone at the lowest price, but yes that we will make us a powerful and capable terminal by a quarter of what it costs in Europe. This is the case of the ZTE Blade S6.
As you may have seen by the tone of the analysis, the truth is that it has left us with a very good taste. There are details that do not end up convincing, but no great garrafal failure that leave us in the lurch.
So we not only found it advisable, but a good choice if you are interested in the following aspects on a smartphone:
  • Good battery capacity
  • Fluid performance
  • Meticulous aesthetics
And, on the other hand, if what you are looking for in a phone is any of the following aspects, can that the ZTE Blade S6 is not what your:
  • Night photos
  • High definition screen
In any case, they depend on the tastes and the use that each one will give you. If you have your own opinions or questions, so are the comments.

Our assessment

  • Design 8 8/10
  • Screen 6 6/10
  • Hardware 7 7/10
  • Software 8 8/10
  • Camera 7 7/10
  • Battery 8 8/10
  • Connectivity 7 7/10
  • Quality/price 9 9/10

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