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What is the Anuptafobia

The anuptafobia is an exaggerated fear having no partner, that makes people cling to an unsatisfactory relationship or choose anyone as a companion and, if they are alone, do not find meaning to his life.
Want to share your life with someone special to enjoy the good times, and find comfort and understanding to the difficulties, is something normal that is part of human nature. However, if having partner has become an obsession for you, or you are not able to consider the separation even if your current relationship does not satisfy you, can you suffer a disorder known as anuptafobia, an exaggerated fear having no partner or that this situation to continue, it can generate anxiety and depression.
The anuptafobia is an emotional disorder that can affect both sexes, though women seem to be more likely to suffer it. And it is that while today, and thanks to the social changes and economic independence, don't need a partner to develop socially and occupationally, and may even be mothers without that form a traditional family, singleness is still best view in the case of men, and some women are still considering that staying single is a personal failure.

Profile of the person with anuptafobia

The anuptofobia tends to occur in older than 30 years, with low self-esteem, jealous and emotionally dependent. Some people who develop this condition have failed to ever maintain a healthy and stable relationship, but also given the otherwise, that out of a relationship to another because desperate to not sit alone take them to choose to either as a couple, or to continue with someone who does not make them happy, even to support situations of psychological or physical abuse , for fear of not finding someone else.
Desperate to not sit alone can lead them to choose to either as a couple, or to continue with someone who does not make them happy, coming to support situations of abuse for fear of not find someone else
Another feature that you can set to these people, even though it may seem contradictory, it is lack of commitment, but this is only because they fear choosing the improper person, who does not fill all of their expectations, and search endlessly to the love of his life.
To overcome his obsession with achieving a relationship at all costs and are able to cope with a sentimental separation without losing the life sense for them, with anuptafobia individuals need psychological support, such as therapy cognitive-behavioral, that help them, firstly, to improve self-esteem and regain confidence in themselves, and to teach them that they can be happy without company , and that being single has also many advantages.
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