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(Björk Gudmunsdottir Gunnarson, Reykjavik, 1965) Icelandic singer. He was two years old when his parents, Gudmundur Gunnarson and Hildur Run Hauksdóttir, separated. His mother married Saevar Árnason, Member of the local group Pops, which familiarized it at an early age with the world of music and aesthetics and the hippie modus vivendi of their own, living with new children of the marriage, friends and relatives in a large mansion in Breidholt.

Five years Bjork joined the school of music Barnamúsikskóli Reykjavíkur, and it was all a rarity: his favorite hobby was collecting insects. But singing was something more than a hobby. With eleven years on radio played a version of the hit of Tina Charles I love to love and got a record deal. Their first album, Björk, sold seven thousand copies, that is to say that 35% of Icelanders bought it. Despite this child success, continued with his studies in flute and piano until age fifteen, age in which decided to emancipate itself and leave your House.
In 1979, when punk waving to British society, Björk formed his first group, Spit and Snot, which acted as a drummer. After their dissolution, he made a pilgrimage by other bands, like Exodus, Jam80, Tappi Tíkarrass and Kukl. With the latter and with several LP released under his belt, in 1984 he embarked on the conquest of England. By then, he cultivated a rock gotico-siniestro and after-punk or, according to definition, "jazz-punk - existential hardcore"; then renamed Sykurmolarnir, they went to the most inconsequential pop and the success was fleeting.
His luck changed at the beginning of the last decade of the 20th century, after his meeting with Gudmundur Steingrimsson, Pórdur Högnason and Guðmundur Ingólfsson and launch your project most personal and ambitious until then, Gling-Gló. After twenty-five years of career, the popularity of this unique Icelandic singer soared after starring in the film by Lars von Trier, dancing in the dark (Dancer in the dark, 2000). The critical and commercial success of the film, its well deserved award in Cannes, the Golden Globe as best actress and best original song (I've seen it all) and his exotic performance in the delivery of the Oscars gala fired the sale of their records. Vesperine, launched in August 2001, it was endorsed by his mutation of minorities singer artist of masses.
Rear stability and outstanding passing through the film would allow recording in London with musicians, choirs and singers of your choice, set his base of operations in New York along with her boyfriend, Matthew Barney (her son Sindri was left in the care of her ex-husband Thor Eldon) and act as chosen scenarios as the Sainte Chapelle of Paris or Barcelona Liceo.

Björk in dancing in the dark (2000)
In November 2002 launched Family tree, a greatest hits album with songs not published previously. At the same time, their successful world tour (which was accompanied by the new gurus of electronic music, a chorus of Icelandic singers, a harpist and a Chamber Orchestra) filled the capacity of the finest theatres in the world.
In 2004, the Icelandic presented his new album, Medúlla, in which the voice is the main instrument. According to his own words, it is an album made with whole body; He wanted to undress the usual artifice of their previous albums and use only voice to all kinds of effects. In 2005 he presented the Drawing Restraint 9disk, Matthew Barney, a sound introspection that served as the soundtrack for the namesake video art's own Barney work collaboratively.
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