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Band called Heavy commercial, formed in New Jersey with Jon Bon Jovi (born John Bongiovi, in March, 1962) to the front. It is one of the rock bands that more have been sold since its creation in 1983; they integrate it with Richie Sambora (1959), David Bryan (1962), Alec John Such (1956) and Tico Torres (1953).

Bon Jovi
Filed by Mercury, in 1984, they released their debut album, Bon Jovi, that did not pass the 39 post lists of their country. But they began to break with their Slippery When Wet, which sold more than nine million copies in the United States and became the number one. It was in 1986, and the Group had already given concerts throughout North America during those two years.
Keep in almost permanent tours gave good fruits, since ended the 1980s with four number one on lists, consecrated as the band most popular heavy of the planet, and headlining major festivals as of Monsters of Rock in 1987 (Donington, UK). Shortly afterwards they released what would be another classic Bon Jovi, New Jersey, in 1988.
Singer also edited recordings alone, with huge success, and was imitated by the rest of the Group on it. A sample of the work of Jon Bon Jovi is the soundtrack of Young gun II, created in 1990, which was published under the name of Blaze of Glory. But the Group recorded as such in 1992, publishing again Keep the faith. Their successes of 1995 album collected the best of his repertoire, increasingly more inclined to ballads and the themes of half-time, leaving somewhat their initial energy.
Richie Sambora, in spite of being born in Perth Amboy, he spent his childhood in Woodbridge, learned to play the guitar at the age of twelve and from the fifteen was going from group to group to integrate into Bon Jovi. Aside from its presence in the band, Sambora is the author and producer of artists and formations of the likes of Alice Cooper, Cher, Ted Nugent, Paul Rogers, Desmond Child, Bo Diddley, Loverboy and B. B. King.
His first solo album, Stranger in this town, contained the single Mr. Bluesman, dedicated to Eric Clapton, who collaborated in the recording of the theme. In addition to having composed soundtracks for movies, at the beginning of November 1996 he edited a CD-ROM title Richie Sambora Interactive Guitar, consisting of a course in guitar, biographies, personal photos, discographies and videos of his individual works and in the bosom of Bon Jovi.
In 1998, Richie Sambora released a new record, titled Undiscovered Soul, following in the ascending line marked by his first solo album. For his part, Jon Bon Jovi, leaving aside his budding film career, released in 1997 Destination tonywhere on Polygram Records, album that cements his solo career, with themes such as "Midnight in Chelsea". These releases solo, show that the career of the group as such every day is more in doubt, though, officially, no one has said that Bon Jovi has ceased to exist forever. In 2002 Bon Jovi Street released their eighth Studio album, Bounce.
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