Biography of Britney Spears | Princess of Pop, current Idol of thousands of young people and adolescents around the world.

The brilliant career of the so-called Princess of Pop, current Idol of thousands of young people and adolescents around the world.
On December 2, 1981 was born in a small town in the United States a girl called Britney Jean Spears. No one could then imagine that that baby blonde and smiling would become not only a successful pop singer, but a figure mediática international and a symbol for millions of young people around the world.

Small Britney

Britney Spears came to this world in the US town of McComb, but moved from a little girl to Kentwood, a population of Louisiana. It is the middle daughter of a family of class medium whose mother left everything for supporting the artistic career of his daughter Britney.

Britney Spears
Already small Brit - the nickname with which it is known by his family and friends - demonstrated artistic inclinations. Taking part in local contests of dance and in the choir of his church until at the age of 8 it appeared to a test to present the show of the Club of Mickey Mouse of the chain of television Disney. Program managers considered her too young for the job but were aware that had a great talent. For this reason, they helped her to enter off-Broadway Dance Center and the Professional Performing Arts School. Both schools are in New York, which began a new life for Britney and her mother when they moved to the city of the skyscrapers to initiate his artistic training.

His first professional performances

After 3 years of studies, performances in the off-Broadway and shootings of announcements Britney again submitted to the tests of the Disney Channel. This time he got them to admit it to present the television show of the Club of Mickey Mouse. It was a key moment for his career, as it allowed him to present statewide and, in addition, have as partners in the program future singers as popular as Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguilera.
After his two periods as TV presenter Britney decides to return to Kentwood and direct their steps towards the world of music. Being still an adolescent who dreams of imitating their idols - Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston...-signature as soloist with the record company Jive Records but it is not until 1999 when this young woman with aspect of ingenuous Lolita extracts to the market its first disc, Baby one more time...

An international boom

When Baby one more time... premiered Britney just was 17 years old. Despite being still a girl in many aspects it achieved that his single was already located at number 1 on the Billboard list during its first week. In addition, he made history because the album of the same name also climbed above all of the list Billboard as soon as it appeared. Sometimes, the second single of the album was also a great success. The world realized that there was born the Princess of Pop. Performances in finery, appearances in magazines and televisions and four awards MTV define the best year in the life of Britney Spears.
The great success of its first disc endorsed Britney for the release of their second album, Oops ... I did it again in the year 2000. Just out on the street beat records. Sold 1.3 million copies in the United States the first week-end and it was number 1 in 20 countries more. Topics such as Lucky, Stronger, Don't let me be the last to know or own Oops... climbed it to the top of the music industry of the time.

The consolidation

The musical career of Britney Spears continued to advance at a rapid pace. It intervened in finery as important as the intermediate of the Superbowl or the mythical festival of Rock in Rio, where he played before 25,000 people. It is in this epoch when it presents its third disc, Britney, a sample of its evolution towards the musical maturity with his first single, I'm a Slave 4 U. To hear it fans see that Britney is not the teenage girl that the strident colors like and go shopping.

Britney Spears in the concert of the Superbowl
The last album of Britney Spears was launched to the market in 2003. It is from In the zone, a cd that includes songs as Everytime or Me Against the Music, a theme that plays with its admired Madonna and in which counts with the collaboration of prestigious musicians.
In 2004 was released the first compilation of the singer, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative. It's an album that brings together great successes of Britney along with remixes and duets and songs not published so far. The name of the cd corresponds to the of the first single, which is a version of the success of Bobby Brown in 1988.

Beyond music

Britney Spears is a recognized singer as evidenced by the numerous awards received throughout his career (MTV, Billboard, Emmy, Golden Music...) but is famous around the world for other things besides music. He has written books in collaboration with his mother, has done of protagonist in a Hollywood movie, has dolls and chewing gums to its name and has even created a foundation to organize disadvantaged children camps.

With Justin Timberlake
But most of fronts that Britney has monopolized in recent years due to its rough sentimental life: his current marriage, a brief linkage of a few hours with a friend from childhood and her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Also noteworthy is his friendship with Madonna, with whom he starred in a commented scene at the MTV awards in 2003 when singer kissed them her and Christina Aguilera at the mouth while they interpreted the three a song.

Britney Spears discography

Since its debut in 1999 Britney Spears has launched the music market four albums that have made her an international star. Baby one more time..., Oops... I did it again, Britney and In the zone are the titles that has sold millions of copies in countries on five continents. Some of his songs, as the singles from their first two albums, have become real anthems for many teens.
Baby one more time...
In 1999 Britney Spears be provided worldwide with Baby one more time..., the disc that has become a mass phenomenon. Immediately after its release, and only 17 years old, the singer gets to the top of the American charts with this CD and his first single of the same title. Also get kept high for weeks, which is a record in the world of international music.
Oops... I did it again
The great success of Baby one more time... leads to Britney Spears and his label Jive Records to take advantage of his fame and launch in the year 2000 Oops... I did it again. This CD follows the pattern of his previous album and contains as well known as his own songs Oops... and Don't let me be the last to know. The good reception that receives among its fans takes her to perform concerts all over the world.
In the 2001 sees Britneylight, the album that marks the steps towards the artistic maturity of Britney Spears. It features songs such as I'm a Slave 4U with which the singer demonstrates his fans their musical and personal progress. Are also on the disc I'm not a Girl, not yet a Woman, Overprotected and I love Rock 'n' Roll, topics which included the following year on the set of his first film: Crossroads.
In the zone
So far the latest album of the musical career of Britney Spears is In the Zone, its fourth CD which was released to the international market in the year 2003. The collaboratin of major names in the world of pop music like Madonna in the first single of the album, Me against the Music. Another of the songs that has most sounded this compact is Everytime.
Greatest Hits: My Prerogative
2004 is the year of release of the first compilation of Britney. On this album the followers of the career of the singer can find versions of old and new hits as well known as Baby one more time or Toxic, unreleased tracks as Do somethin' and discarded songs from his previous works, for example I ve Just Begun.

Britney Spears and Crossroads

Crossroads: until the end is the title of the only film that starred so far Britney Spears. Premiered February 15, 2002 in the United States, this film meant for the singer an opportunity to enter the world of Hollywood cinema. It was shot intending to take advantage of the fame of Britney as a youth musical icon and turn it into a successful actress, but although many fans received it very favorably, criticisms were not quite generous with the film or with the interpretation of the singer.
The argument of Crossroads is not at all related to the life of Britney Spears, always together with her family and without major problems. Over 90 minutes, this film tells the story of Lucy, a young American woman who resides in a small town in Alabama. It is the prototype of the perfect and innocent girl who lives happily until graduating decides to make his dream come true: know your mother, who abandoned her as a baby. The refusal of her father to help her fulfill her desire decides to escape with two childhood friends that years ago not spoken, Kit and Mimi.

Britney Spears crossroads
The three girls flee in the car of one of his friends with very different objectives: Lucy is looking for her mother, Kit wants to stand for a casting and Mimi goes to see her fiance. They want to get to California but to get it they must cross a large part of United States. During his long trip will occur them various adventures which sometimes even endanger them. To finish this story and reach your destination Lucy will realize how everything that has happened has changed and it has made evolve their feelings, including his awakening to sex.

Lucy (Britney Spears), Kit and Mimi
Crossroads was filmed with a budget of about 10 million dollars, a nothing high amount to be a product of the great Hollywood industry. Fortunately for its producers their money at the box office around the world overcame this figure without problems. The origin of this film goes back to an idea of a Hollywood screenwriter named Shonda Rimes, who suggested to producer Ann Carli that Britney Spears could have so much pull on the big screen as in his day did another singer's success, Will Smith. The project received the approval of Jive Records, the label of Spears wished at that time to give new direction to his career.

Dan Aykroyd plays his father
Tamra Davis who had been Director of films as interesting as Guncrazy, starring Drew Barrymore was chosen for this film. Crossroads also featured the participation of young actors such as Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning (interpreting the two friends of the protagonist) and Anson Mount in the role of the boy with whom Lucy discovers new ways of living life and sex. Actor Dan Aykroyd also supported the project accepting embody the father of the protagonist. As a curiosity, it must be said that the girl who plays the character of Britney Spears of small is actually his sister Jaime Lynn, who keeps a great physical resemblance.
The producers of Crossroads: until the end they had in mind the great success achieved by Britney Spears on the international music scene and decided to introduce different songs to not disappoint the fans who go to see the film. Thus, in the film sounded some of the themes of the singer, known as I'm not a girl, not yet a woman or the updated version of I love Rock 'n' Roll (all of them from her third album, Britney) and also introduced some parts of Madonna, as a tribute to the world Queen of pop.
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