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(Carla Bruni Tedeschi;) Turin, Italy, 1967) Italian singer and model. Still being considerably rich and famous for his career, his popularity soared in early 2008 when he married the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, becoming first lady of the country. Despite the controversy which gave rise to the link, put every effort in the proper exercise of his new position.

Carla Bruni
Daughter of the composer Alberto Bruni Tedeschi and the renowned pianist Marysa Borini, his father became millionaire in the 1920's by importing rubber and Carla became the heiress to a vast fortune. After his early childhood ("I knew of the cruelty at age three, in the nursery") with a certain bitterness, Carla had a childhood surrounded by oil paintings and 18th-century carvings and with summer vacation at the Castle private Castagneto Po. Happy with his brothers Virgil and Valeria, his first vocation was not the parade into the runways of half the world, but to be a singer.
The Bruni family left Italy intimidated by the threats of kidnapping by the Red Brigades and was established in Switzerland in 1973. Once there, Carla was enrolled in an elite boarding school. During his adolescence, Carla lived halfway between France and Switzerland, alternating his musical studies with the art and architecture disciplines who abandoned nineteen years to enter the world of runways. It is said that it was his brother Virgilio who, in love with her, encouraged her to submit a book to the City Models Agency.
In one of his first castings was selected by Guess jeans company to represent your brand image. The success was immediate: in a short time Carla lent his face to firms such as Givenchy, Christian Dior, Lagerfeld, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and a long etcetera. Your cache rose like foam. His fame did not grow between 1987 and 1997, year in which its average income exceeded the $ 7 million a year between parades and advertising commitments. Dream was his triumph over Laetitia Casta to face and Palm to the slogan of a famous French Bank: "The most beautiful investment".
Bruni took his flip media, and in addition to tickets and stubs soon began collecting famous lovers. Notorious were its affaires with Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger. The lead singer of the Rolling Stones came to escape to Thailand with Carla leaving his wife, Jerry Hall, planted when this caught red-handed at the couple. The most striking of the matter was that this happened within 24 hours of being born the daughter of Mick and Jerry, so that the latter decided to divorce fulminant.
Apart from rock, to Bruni related it is with Tycoon Donald Trump, with the actors Kevin Costner and Vincent Pérez, and former Prime Minister of François Mitterrand, Laurent Fabius. However, his much-talked-about dating was that starred with economics professor Raphaël Enthoven, with whom he would have a son in 2001. Apparently, Bruni initially maintained a relationship with the father of Raphael, the publisher Jean-Paul Enthoven. So is the former partner of Raphael, the writer Justine Lévy, who, as he came to confess in a novel, was about to commit suicide to know the affaire.
Alberto Bruni died in 1996. It was then that the mother of Carla surprised her with a revelation: she was not the biological daughter of Alberto, but Maurizio Remmert, with whom the pianist had maintained an extramarital affair. To Remmert, currently entrepreneur and resident in Brazil, this statement of the model to the magazine Vanity Fair you would have endless headaches "after a lifetime of discretion", in his own words.

Carla Bruni in concert
The arrival of the year 2000, tired of the catwalks, Bruni decided to give a twist to his career and become a singer. The reaction of the press, aware of so many incursions of top models in the world of music, was a quite understandable skepticism. However, and against all odds, the Turin, wisely advised in the visual and the musical, have opted to follow a style markedly cool and intimate, inherited from the chanson française.
The first discographical work of Bruni, released in 2002, was 'an m' quelqu'un m'a dit, produced by Louis Bertignac, ancient component of the Telephone Group and, how not, former lover of Carla. The album, without being a masterpiece, was well designed both the conceptual and the interpretive, and criticism was surprised by dispensing him honest praise. Most of the issues were signed by the own former model. Sales were devastating without almost no promotion by the label.
In 2006, Carla had to confront the dramatic news of the death of his brother Virgil; However, 2007 was a memorable year for the singer. In January it appeared his second album, No promises. This time the song gave way to pop in a work in which practically all the subjects were non-poems (of classics such as Yeats, Auden or Dickinson) set to music by the artist.

Cover of No promises
On May 16 of that year the Presidency of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy entered. And in what was perhaps his second decision as President (the first, unanimously criticised, was planting his followers and voters celebrating the presidential victory in the private entrepreneur Vincent Bolloré yacht in private), a few days later attended a dinner orchestrated by the Secretary general of the Presidency, Claude Guéant, which, among other guests, attended Carla Bruni. According to another version of events, the "spark" between Sarkozy and Bruni could have ignited when it visited the Elysee Palace as a representative of the record companies, in order to discuss an agreement to regularize the rights of these companies faced the threat of downloads over the Internet.
Either way, a few days after the presidential election and only two months after the breakdown of the previous marriage of Sarkozy, the couple made public their relationship. February 2, 2008 the RTL announced the Sarkozy-Bruni marriage link at a ceremony held at the Elysee Palace in Paris. The news surprised those who knew of the ascending gauche divine of the Bruni family and intimate friendship of the heiress with the Socialist candidate Segolene Royal.

With Nicolas Sarkozy
The relationship with Sarkozy has not altered the admiration of the fans of Bruni, who breathed a sigh of relief when the first lady presented his third album. The title, Comme si de rien n' était, gave rise to all kinds of speculation. Despite the interest of many to find some reference to the presidential Idyll in the texts, sales were much lower than expected. But he had reason Bruni, not passing anything. In may, a Chinese billionaire paid 91,000 dollars for the original of a photograph taken in 1993 in which the beautiful Turin appeared nude. The beauty and elegance of the snapshot did not justify the disbursement, which reveals very significant conversion of the French first lady in a social icon of tremendous media impact at all.
Events such as this, or statements like the one made in an interview with the BBC ("thirty lovers maybe it has not arrived, but... I have a past"), were no obstacle to Pope Benedicto XVI maintained in September an official meeting with her and her husband (married third wife, by the way), in a desperate attempt of the Catholic French by greenup laurels in an increasingly secular territory. No flashes or rumors, which has for decades used intimidate the first lady. After her marriage, he was declared happy in his role and privileged life that had brought so far, and expressed his intention of having children with Sarkozy and follow his musical career, but abandoning the scenarios.
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