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(Benoni, South Africa, 1975) South African actress, considered one of the most beautiful and competent of the cinema today. Only daughter of Gerda and Charles Theron, a German and a French owners of a builder of roads, Charlize Theron studied ballet in Johannesburg since the age of six and thirteen her mother entered her in a boarding school so not it together in a family increasingly rarefied atmosphere by increasing the couple fights.
But during a visit to his home, on 21 June 1991, he witnessed the fatal outcome of history, when his mother killed his father to a shooting before an attempt of aggression, in a State of drunkenness. Thus the jury that judged the case as homicide in self-defence, understood it and acquitted the woman, that, once free, remarried, sold his company and moved to Los Angeles. Shortly afterwards, death in an accident of a half-brother of actress would plunge the family into tragedy.

Charlize Theron
In addition to dancing, Charlize worked as a model since adolescence. Sixteen already had reached the underground seventy-seven of stature and not cost him great effort to defeat in a contest of top models whose prize was a one year stay in Milan, hired by an Italian designer.
Apart from the catwalks, an area which did not entirely abandon despite confessing that he has never liked the profession, he became a well-known figure in the advertising international circuits, especially after starring in, some years later, the celebrated announcement of Martini in which a young woman (she) is will threadbare you dress up to show much of their anatomy.
In 1993, after a parade in Manhattan, he decided to stay in the United States and redirect his career of dancer. She was quickly admitted by the New York completo Joffrey Ballet, which formed part for a year, until a knee injury prevented him from following in dance.
A new life on the West Coast
Encouraged by his mother, then moved to the West Coast with his new family. Luck would that a few weeks later, while discussing hotly before a window of a Bank of Hollywood Boulevard because they refused to pay a check, see her artistic agent John Crosby, who dazzled in their stunning presence, asked if never had been working in film and left him his card.
His appearance could not be more timely, so once made relevant inquiries and check that he was actually a representative of artists «serious» (Rene Russo and John Hurt were some of their constituents), became his manager.
However its reticence, his afrikaner accent forced it to continue with advertising while taking lessons to correct it and acting classes. It was then that arose the announcement of Martini, and earned enough money as to afford a life without constraints while he went to a casting after another.
The first disappointment lived it being rejected in favour of Elizabeth Berkley to star in Showgirl (1995), but the resounding global failure of the film did not hesitate to compensate it. A brief paper in two days in the Valley (1996), a film by John Herzfeld starring James Spader and Jeff Daniels, marked his debut in the film.

At the 2004 Oscars ceremony
Then the own Tom Hanks chose her for his debut film as a director, The Wonders (1996), and this led to his speech on Hollywood Confidential (1997), a Telefilm directed by Reynaldo Villalobos, and don't miss the trial (1997), of Jonathan Lynn, prior to obtaining their first role of importance in the Devil's advocate (1997), thriller by Taylor Hackford that appeared alongside Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. But nor this nor his next work, a production of household consumption in the factory Disney, my friend Joe (1998), Ron Underwood, had the impact of its emergence as a supermodel in Celebrity (1998), by Woody Allen.
Recognized talent actress
After this experience he began what would be his first big year with the face of terror (1999), movie of science fiction directed by Rand Ravich who co-starred with Johnny Depp, and continued with the adaptation of John Irving's novel the cider House rules (1999), Lasse Hallström, along with Tobey Maguire and Michael Caine, movie whose candidacies to the Oscars were the best showcase for his imminent conversion in great Star.
Her love life, meanwhile, went without scandals or transcendence in specialized magazines, despite having known characters. According to the actress, this is so because he has managed to set limits, and the truth is that it has appeared most photographed next to her mother or her best friend, Ivana Milicevic, than with their boyfriends television star. After a fairly long-lasting relationship with Craig Bierko, while on vacation with his family in Hawaii attended a concert by the Group Thir Eye Blind and met one of its components, the singer Stephen Jenkins, who likewise long was linked.
Now free from bondage, in the fall of 2002 met, during the filming of caught (2002), which would be his new partner, the Irish actor Stuart Townsend. He shared credits in this film by Luis Mandoki, and, later, at Head in the clouds (2004), of John Duigan, film that gives life to the object of desire of her real boyfriend and the Spanish Penélope Cruz.
Its surprising characterization of an assassin in series in the film Monster (2003), by Patty Jenkins, confirmed his considerable talent and character earned him, as well as other awards, the bear of silver of the International's Berlin Film Festival, the balloon of gold and the Hollywood Oscar of the Academy for best performance.

Charlize Theron characterized for Monster (2003)
Fifteen kilos more and several layers of brutalizing make-up weigh much in Hollywood, especially if they manage to hide a dazzling beauty and such a sacrifice is required by the representation of a real character. If the transformation is compelling and is made with talent there safe award. Charlize Theron did very well, so insisted on producing Monster through his own production company, Denver & Delilah Films, and thereby ensure the starring role.
It was a personal challenge because no one saw it as Aileen Wuornos, the corpulent prostitute battered by life that, on the verge of suicide, fell in love with a lesbian and lived a tortuous relationship while he murdered six of its customers.
Being the first assassin in series history, the case had much impact and was still fresh in the memory of all, because the execution by lethal injection was carried out in October 2002, after twelve years on death row. The biopic did not itself all that could be expected, but the South African actress, one of most beautiful acquisitions of the film industry in recent years, demonstrated its capacity of mutation, which is, ultimately, the essence of their craft.
In October 2003, when he was at the San Sebastian Film Festival to present the film The Italian job (2003), by F. Gary Gray, dazzled the press with such overwhelming sympathy as their beauty, and did not surprise his socially committed to various causes female status, contrary to the death penalty, activist organization that fights for the ethical treatment of animals , and spokesman, in his country, a controversial but effective TV campaign against rape. Big fan of Nelson Mandela, fulfilled one of his dreams to meeting him personally when the Oscar took him, nothing more to raise it, proud to be the first South African who gets that prize.
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