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It was one of the figures of team Galactic, Real Madrid, and without doubt the most attractive footballer and media of the world.

Britancio footballer David Robert Joseph Beckham was born May 2, 1975, in the London suburb of Leytonstone, where, in 1969, moved from Hoxton parents, the employee of the company's gas and frustrated footballer David Edward Ted Beckham and the hairdresser Sandra West, which, in addition, would have two daughters, Lynne (1972) and Joanne (1982).

Passion for football

Since David started to walk, his father transmitted him his two passions: football and Manchester United, who at the time was a rather mediocre team, maybe not winning a League since 1975. The eight year old David began to play on the team at the district, the Ridgeway Rovers, which scored more than 100 goals in three seasons.
At age eleven, his life took a u-turn after winning, at Old Trafford, the famous contest of soccer skills organized by the legendary sir Bobby Charlton. He not only won the trophy, whose prize was to participate for two weeks in training with the promises of the farmhouse of the F. C. Barcelona, but that he broke the record of points of the contest. That day, he and his father are conjured - if not the Barca - remained it is to return to the legendary grass of Manchester United.

David Beckham
That euphoria vanished suddenly when Beckham arrived not in the F. C. Barcelona («someday will return to Barca,» shouted angrily at his farewell from the city of Barcelona), and after being rejected in tests carried out by two capital teams of more popularity than of his neighborhood: Tottenham Hotspur and, what is more surprising, the modest Leyton Orient.
Although disappointed, David would not give up and played in Leytonstone, at the time that perfected his technique in the Essex School, not knowing that after the competition, the Scouts of Manchester United following his footsteps by order of the own coach, Alex Ferguson, who on July 1, 1991 he signed it personally for the lower categories.
In Manchester not stayed in the facilities of the club, but in foster homes. The first two experiences were disastrous, until it ended up in the home of the SIRS Kay, Annie and Tommy, who lived more than two years and to those who they considered as second parents.
When he was accommodated, their dreams started to become reality in 1992, year in which together with Beckham emerged the best batch of the history of Manchester, with names like Micky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and the Neville brothers, in a youth team that not only won, but he printed a new style of play anchored British football.
They were young men of sixteen and seventeen years that Ferguson was from Harrow, until they won the Youth Cup against Crystal Palace, at the end of 1992. Then began to take shape in his mind the legend of the Fergie babes (in a clear parallel with the legendary Busby babes led by Charlton that conquered Europe in the 1950s), which, headed by Frenchman Eric Cantona and by a very young Giggs, who had already made the leap to the first team, would gain a new title of the Manchester League in the 1992-1993 season.
Beckham made his debut with the first team on September 23, 1992 in a match against the Brighton Cup. From that day he trained with the elderly, but not playing in the League because Manchester worked perfectly. He had to wait until the 1994-1995 season, in which scoring his first goal on December 7, 1994, in his debut in the Champions League against Galatasaray, when it had not yet debuted in the Premier League. David, who had signed his first professional contract, since the 23 January 1993 impatient. Moreover, when Ferguson asked him if, for the 1994-1995 season, he would accept an assignment to the modest Preston, of the third Division, with which he played five matches and scored two goals.

An Idol for Manchester United

In the meridian of the League midfield Manchester was depleted by injuries and Ferguson finally resorted to Beckham, who made his debut in the Premier League on 2 April 1995, against Leeds United. That season the Manchester was runner-up and Beckham played only four matches.
In 1995 - 1996 was already clinched in the first team, which played thirty-three games and scored seven goals, showing since it was the better centering of the world and one of the players greater technique treasured at the launch of faults. These qualities did not pass unnoticed, and on September 1, 1996 he made his debut with the team, which has played more than fifty meetings and which is Captain since 1999. Continued playing at Manchester, which soon became the undisputed leader, with an average of thirty-three matches per season and an average of eight goals, most of them by master releases lack.
His record includes six league titles, a Champions League and an Intercontinental Cup (1999) and two glasses of England (1996 and 1997), apart from other minor trophies. Personally holds many awards, although he has never been able to win the Golden Ball: Player of the month of the League and young player of the year (1996), new young player of the year and Sir Matt Busby (1997), European midfielder of the year and silver ball European behind Rivaldo (1999), best British sportsman of the year and new silver ball behind Figo (2001) and bronze ball after Ronaldo and Zidane (2002). On the other hand, in November 2003, he was appointed Knight of the order of the British Empire.
An explosive marriage
Their wedding, in 1997, with the former Spice Girl Victoria Adams multiplied the attractiveness of the footballer for commercial firms and the media. Everything he touches becomes dollars, which is the currency with which charges. During his long years in Manchester, between tab and atypical revenue won an average of 15 million euros per year. Dare everything, even has come to sing in one of the albums of his wife, in the song Out of your mind.

Victoria Adams in his arrival in Madrid
The singer seemed to have cornered his career largely to become owner and Lady of the projection of her husband and Beckingham Palace, as it is called the Beckham mansion and where, until David signed for Real Madrid, often held parties in his image and likeness, with the presence of stalwarts such as Elton John and Joan Collins.
With Victoria has two sons: Brooklyn (5 March 1999), so called because it was conceived in this famous New York neighborhood, and Romeo (September 1, 2002), in homage to Shakespeare.
The fame of the couple has however a price: in 2000 tried to hijack his firstborn. Therefore it has due surrounding extreme security measures. Apart from this, the Spice Boy or Becky, two of their nicknames that have made greater fortune, has received other threats, even death, as when in the 1998 World Cup was expelled for a trifle, and England fell eliminated by Argentina.
Beckham is all business, why he signed it surely, in June 2003, Florentino Perez, who already had Figo, removing in addition to the new President of the f. C. Barcelona, Joan Laporta, who had promised his move to FC fans during his election campaign for the post. Real Madrid, who acquired it by 35 million euros and a 6.5 million annual tab, you must give 50% of their contracts of image.
The arrival of Beckham in Madrid was quite an event. He arrived in Torrejón de Ardoz in private aircraft and mobilized thousands of fans who wanted to approach their new Idol. A smell of crowds that few was then repeated during the Asian tour of the white team.
Beckham is a neat and maniacal man. He is obsessed with order, and in his house dresses so that colors the tune with the color of the room in question and the furniture. It carries the names of his wife and children tattooed and continually changing look. And it has even dared with sarongs, Tiaras and diamonds, something that seemed reserved for women.
You are passionate about cars, especially the Ferrari and the Bentley, and is a consummate practitioner of the golf and lover of cinema; in fact is the idol of the protagonist in the film I want to be like Beckham, the story of a young man of Indian origin that happens a thousand difficulties to fulfill his football dreams.

Chronology of David Beckham

1975It was born in London. His father, who works in a gas company, is a fan of football and Manchester United.
1983Start playing with the Ridgeway Rovers, the team of the district.
1986Win the Championship of football skills from Bobby Charlton, whose prize was spending two weeks training with the young promises of the F.C. Barcelona. However, it is not accepted.
1991Tab for the lower categories of Manchester United, whose Scouts had been following his career.
1992He won the Youth Cup with Manchester United and made his debut in the first team.
1995-96Already becomes undisputed owner of Manchester United.
1996He made his debut with the English selection, that is Captain since 1999.
1997She marries Victoria Adams, singer of the British pop Spice Girls group.
1999His son Brooklyn was born.
2000The attempted abduction of your child makes the couple is surround by large security measures standard.
2002His son Romeo was born.
2003Tab by Real Madrid, that he paid 35 million euros. The player takes on a tab of 6 million and a half a year, apart from their advertising revenues.

Palmares of David Beckham

The most glorious year of David Beckham was undoubtedly 1999, with Manchester United won the victory in all competitions: the Premier League (English), the FA Cup, the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup. But the palmares of the British is much more extensive.
With Manchester United he has won the following titles:
  • The Premier League (English) in the years 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003.
  • The FA Cup in 1999.
  • The Champions League or European Cup in 1996 and 1999.
  • The Intercontinental Cup in 1991.
  • Cup Charity Shield in 1996 and 1997.

Beckham in Manchester
With Real Madrid:
  • Super Cup 2003. The bad luck that went through the Real Madrid in the season 2003-2004 has left him without recent titles.
Personally, he has received the following awards:
  • Young player to the year of the English League in 1996 and 1997.
  • Sir Matt Busby award in 1997.
  • European midfielder of the year in 1999.
  • European silver ball in 1999.
  • Best British sportsman of the year in 2001.
  • European silver ball in 2001.
  • Bronze ball in 2002.
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