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(Fernando José Torres Sanz football name; Fuenlabrada, Spain, 1984) Spanish footballer. Fernando Torres is one of the most popular players of the current Spanish Football League. His extraordinary capacity scorer, along with his youth and his undeniable physical attractiveness, have made him an Idol for millions of people, whether or not they are fond of this sport.
Fernando José Torres Sanz was born on March 20, 1984 in the Madrid town of Fuenlabrada. Still just a child already demonstrated his innate talent for soccer practice and 7 years makes his particular debut in soccer competition by participating in a tournament organized by the Board of Trustees of his hometown. As if it was a premonition of his bright future, it surprises the public scoring more goals than the rest of front.

Fernando Torres
Child 13-Ray is the first club that plays Fernando Torres until 1994, when you have 10 years, does a test and get juveniles from Atletico Madrid to accept you on your computer. Since then, and until the season 2000-2001, goes through the different lower categories of mattress club.
On 27 May 2001, a still young Fernando Torres 17 years old makes his debut in the first team of Atlético de Madrid (by then in the second Division) in a match against the Leganes. His youth and his physical make it just worthy of the nickname of "El Niño". Despite its apparent "weakness" will soon or a two-week marking his first goal: is June 3, in a match against Albacete Atletico winning thanks to their only goal.
Throughout these years Fernando Torres styling is also an important football career outside of the Spanish League. It goes through all the lower Spanish selections and is convened 16 times by the Sub'15 formations. 16, 17, 18 and 19. Also, adds to his various trophies, as the European Championship with the selection Spanish Sub'16. In this competition get some fame to become the top scorer and best player.
But this is not their only triumph. And it is that, before joining the senior team, Fernando Torres receives different awards and achieved several international titles. Among other tournaments, it is regarded as the best player of the Nike International Cup' and the European sub ' 17. Also highlighted as top scorer of the European Sub'19, where you get mark as many in four matches 4.
Throughout the 2001-2002 season Torres participates actively in the achievement by Atletico Madrid in the Spanish second Division Championship. This means the expected return to first mattress team and for the player his chance to play in one of the best leagues of European football. The debut of Fernando materializes on 1 September of the year 2002 in a match in the Camp Nou against F.C. Barcelona, which finished with a score of two goals to tie. It is the beginning of his long career of success at Atletico, where it has continued playing until now.
The good play of Fernando Torres as a forward and numerous goals that make that Spanish coach that so Iñaki Sáez, convene you for the first time for absolute national team play a friendly match in preparation against Portugal on September 1 2003. It is the culminating point of a football career that has not stopped growing season after season and which has led to numerous prestigious national and international clubs have tried to sign this young star of Atletico Madrid.
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