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(Stage name of Maria Fernanda Blazquez Gil, Mexico, 1973). Mexican singer. Family closely related to music, from already very young small María Fernanda Blázquez Gil showed his inclination by the art world. With the passage of the years it would become Fey, a star of the music in his country.
On July 21, 1973 born in city of Mexico Maria Fernanda, the daughter of a marriage of artists composed of a Spanish and an Argentine. The father of Fey was bassist and her mother and her aunt singers. Thanks to his family situation lived very closely the world of music and girl and wanted to be an artist. Her aunt took her to dance and singing classes to channel his hobby until at age 10 was submitted to a television contest.

Mexican television Xe-you contest meant for María Fernanda realize one of his dreams, since when he won it was Prize singing with Luis Miguel song I can not leave as well. Backed by his triumph in this program it did not strive to be a singer and continued taking their first steps in music.
Fifteen María Fernanda decided she needed a stage name. He chose called Fey, babbling that his small cousin was trying to call her when even he couldn't speak. From this time his life changed radically. For starters, he met a member of the Group Magneto (now X-Magneto) which became their representative and, even in her boyfriend for a few years.
His first professional success occurred in 1994, when he signed his first contract with Sony. Fruit of this professional relationship the following year was released their first album called Fey. In March the same 1995 appeared his first single called medium Orange, a huge success across the country. The second single taken from this album, cats on the balcony, is considered the best Mexican video of the year. From this moment Fey becomes one of the great Mexican stars.
Fey is famous thanks to its music and the image that announces itself with its clothing and accessories. It also seduces his audience with dances, extremely sensual and very moved. In this way achieved great popularity that leads her to publish her second album in October 1996, tender night. Their single Sugar sour immediately becomes the number one in the charts and serves the singer to make the leap to Europe, United States, Brazil and even Spain. This album, which features songs like I belong to you or rush, get each of their singles in the top of the lists drop and is considered by the Billboard best pop album of the year. Fey is a star which began an international tour of 130 concerts, manages 35 Gold records and 10 Platinum and achieved the record of filling the Auditorium of Mexico ten times in a row.
In October 1998, the third album of Fey, the color of dreams sees the light. Or your or anyone is your first and award-winning single. It began a long promotional tour and decides to take a break. After the appearance in 2000 of a hits album, it does not return until 2002 into the recording studios for Vertigo.
Vertigo is an album of electronic sounds that Fey is surrounded by a new team to do what really wants to do, as their single I know what is to come. This album becomes gold for its sales, but it does not last long on the market because Sony does not know well how to promote it. Why abandon his contract with this label.
The year 2004 marks the end of a stage for Fey. He marries and appears La Fuerza del Destino, a tribute album in the month of November to Mecano is a new and good start for his new professional stage and which becomes gold record.
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