Biography of Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin | Monk.

(Grígori Efímovich or Yefímovich Novikh Rasputín, known as El Monje Loco; Pokrovskoye, Russia, 1872 - 1916 Petersburgo) monk, Russian courtier and adventurer. Of peasant origin and without any training, Rasputin adquiririo soon huge popularity for his licentious life and his reputation as a miracle-worker.
At the age of nineteen she married Proskovia Fiódorovna, which had four sons, but after a short period of time he left his family to travel in Greece and Jerusalem. During this pilgrimage Rasputin lived of donations from farmers in its path; It was considered a mystic and is attributed with the power to cure diseases and predict the future.

Upon arrival at Petersburgo, in 1903, Rasputin was received as a holy man and in 1908 was introduced to the wife of the Tsar, Alejandra Fiódorovna, who had already heard of their supposed healing powers. The Tsarina believed that he could cure his son Alexis Nikolaiévich, the heir to the Russian throne, who suffered from hemophilia. He speculates on the possibility that got to relieve his illness through hypnosis; in any case, improvement of the Crown earned him the confidence of the Tsarina and also the Nicolás II, strongly influenced by the Tsarina.
Invested with an immense power, Rasputin appointed many senior officials of the Government, although none was competent. At the beginning of the first world war, Russia was going through a critical moment. Tsar Nicolás II assumed command of the army and Rasputin took absolute control of the Government. His profound influence in the imperial court scandalized public opinion; In addition, their behavior gave bad reputation and his orgies were well known to the people, designating it the nickname of The mad monk.
In 1916, Rasputin imposed its candidate, Stürmer, as President of the Council. This fact was not well seen by several people close to the Tsar, while Nicolás II did not drop him their trust. At the end, the trio formed by Prince Yussopov, Grand Duke Dimitri, and Deputy of rights Purishkievich consummated his murder, decided in a Palace conspiracy.
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