Biography of Heroes del Silencio | Spanish rock band.

Spanish rock band from Zaragoza, protagonist of one of the most important musical phenomena of recent years. The passion aroused among his followers and growing prestige beyond his country became them, until its dissolution in mid-1996, rock band most important Spanish of the past two decades.
Initially formed by Juan Valdivia (Segovia, 1965; guitar), Joaquín Cardiel (Zaragoza, 1965; bass) Pedro Andreu (Zaragoza, 1966; drums) and led by the controversial personality of Enrique Bunbury (Enrique Ortiz de Landázaru, Zaragoza, 1967; voice), his debut was in 1987 with a single entitled hero of legend, advance album the sea does not cease, with the label EMI, in 1988.

Heroes del Silencio on the cover
Trails of treachery (1988)
Despite the criticisms received by the specialized press, which accused them of banal and pretentious, comparing the attitude of singer Enrique Bunbury with a bad copy of Jim Morrison (The Doors), the acceptance of a broad youth sector (admirer of its direct and the ambiguity of the lyrics of their songs) it became to Héroes del Silencio in the Group revelation of the moment.
What could have been another race of ascension and quick oblivion, so common in rock, was debunked after editing two years later, in 1988, of trails of treachery, his second work, which contained songs as representative of his career as "between two lands" or "Maldito duende". Its popularity spread thanks to the power of their live performances and a more careful look, which did not lack a certain indifference in the treatment of its members (primarily from their leader) with the media.
It was a planned policy of relationship or a natural attitude, the number of fans acquired greater relevance with the entry into service of its path (1991) album. They began the international tours and its fame grew up in Germany, Belgium, Holland and Denmark, still common the presence of your videos on the M.T.V.
In 1993 came the spirit of wine, preceded by a spectacular campaign, although the commercial impact did not become equal intensity to the path. However, following a policy of frequent in markets as the British, Heroes del Silencio marketing insisted in more or less regular posting topics, videos or shots alternatives of their songs in numbered editions for collectors, keeping alive the interest of his countless followers grouped in fan clubs spread over several European countries and Americans (including United States); In addition, he was one of the first Spanish groups of rock with up-to-date Internet presence.
In 1995 they released avalanche, with the single "submerged Iberia" as theme of presentation and "Proper spark" as Court of greater commercial impact. The crisis at the heart of the Group prompted the entry of Alan Boguslavsky (Los Angeles, 1965), Mexico-bred guitarist.
Tired of the constant touring and internal tensions were the official cause of the parenthesis that opened after the publication of the double compilation live forever (1996). Individual of the majority of its members work began from that moment and it was ended the life of Heroes del Silencio, a rock band with great commercial success and on criticism of his many detractors.
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