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(Smyrna, 1967) American actress. Julie Fiona Roberts was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia. His parents, Betty and Walter Roberts, who had a modest workshop theatre and taught acting classes, is earning life, in reality, he as a vacuum cleaner salesman and she as a Secretary at the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Julia Roberts
When they divorced, his brother Eric, fifteen years of age, went to live with his father; While she, who had four, and his sister Lisa, nine, was raised in the care of her maternal grandmother, Beatrice, with her mother, who returned to training partner and another sister, Nancy gave them. By then, in 1976, his father died of a cancer victim, away from her daughters.
He studied in the school primary Fitzhugh Lee, the Griffin high school and, finally, the Campbell Institute, in whose band played the clarinet. Seventeen went to live in New York with the intention of studying interpretation and follow in the footsteps of his brother Eric, who was already a very active supporting actor. However, once there was forced to work (cared children, she was a waitress in a pizza, clerk at a store, among other things) and did not attend many classes.
Julia Roberts was introduced into the world of the show with the help of his brother, who got him brief roles in off Broadway theatrical productions, television series (appeared in Miami Vice, Friends and Murphy Brown) and in some films little relevant, Firehouse, in 1986, and Blood Red, Baja Oklahoma and Satisfaction in 1988, so he learned his trade with the practice.
The great activity of the past year was decisive in this respect, since it gave the opportunity to a greater draught dramatic work as of Mystic pizza (1988), by Donald Petrie. It was discovered in this film by director Herbert Ross, who offered him a role co-star in Steel Magnolias (1989), passport to the balloon of gold and the first nomination Oscar, something that recur in 1990 with Pretty woman, the film which gave him worldwide fame.

Frames of Pretty woman (1990), with Richard Gere
Since that time, did not step in his life that wasn't properly referred, exaggerated or distorted in the specialised press. Thus, their emotional relationships with the actors Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott and Kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Perry, Jason Patric were the talk of the environment and must read in waiting rooms and beauty salons. It was post a comment with a certain gossip, because all their boyfriends had been fellow cast, that «Julia made his profession his life».
Later, when the wave of rumors seemed to send after her wedding with Lyle Lovett, presented to whom in the filming of the Hollywood game (1992), ephemeral marriage (1993-1995) unleashed a new barrage and happened to be taken only as a mere "Hollywood game". Again, in mid-2001, after four years of stable relationship with the actor's Peruvian-born Benjamin Bratt - whom he had met, how not, in an episode of the series law & order, in which she was star guest - the couple ended their Idyll.
After the success of Pretty woman, the film that made superstar, and despite other great subsequent commercial triumphs that consolidated this status at a particular time did not hesitate to sacrifice much of their generous fees to work with prestigious filmmakers, so it chained to Robert Altman, Stephen Frears, Neil Jordan and Woody Allen flip.
This turn in his career gave a touch of distinction to his filmography, but did not appear to raise awareness to "popes" of the Academy of Arts and cinematographic Sciences of the United States at the time of the awards. Above honors and awards, however, prevailed an irrevocable fact: Julia Roberts did not have ups and downs in his career. And you did what you did, always remained at the Summit. Become the star of Hollywood, Julia Roberts was an actress well-loved and huge commercial hook, since his name in the credits guaranteed the success of box office of any film.
A nearby star
It could be argued that Julia Roberts opened a new kind of diva. A natural and independent diva which represented a tangible dream for many girls. The glamour was his figure, in the eyes, the hair, the smile. It needed no more artifice. Its charm was shown as it was. Nor habits who claimed to have - knitting as relaxation, practicing gymnastics to stay, Cook for your friends and have cheese and Italian pasta as a favorite food - away like common mortals. Not for nothing was the Queen of the People's Choice Award, award the star chosen by the public and that until 2001 had won on six occasions.
Erin Brockovich (2000), from Steven Soderbergh, gave him the opportunity to upload a new step in his brilliant career. Based on a real event, the film tells the feat of a woman burdened by debts, twice divorced and mother of three children, without College, manages to win a trial impossible against a large company for having polluted the waters of an entire people and caused a host of diseases. (The real Erin Brockovich, from its use of Secretariat in a modest law firm, achieved the largest compensation ever paid in United States).

In Erin Brockovich (2000)
I.e. film had all the ingredients to be a success in the United States and the necessary materials for the actress passed the credibility shown in different genres to the dramatic force and correction. And from there to the glory. His remarkable performance in Erin Brockovich earned him the Oscar for best actress: was the only thing he needed to legitimize his position as the highest figure in the world of the spectacle. Although he was three Golden Globes in your resume and other so many nominations for an Oscar, Julia Roberts wore years trying to prove that beyond its beauty and that radiant smile, in their country plays in operating rooms, worth as an interpreter.
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