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(Solarolo, Italy, 1974) Italian singer. Years ago, an Italian singer couldn't get out of its borders and sell millions of copies in international music markets. Laura Pausini broke at the time with this trend and has been doing so since the 1990s. Each of his albums is a success which drags millions of followers around the world record stores. Thanks to his powerful voice, traditional romance of the Italian song has returned to be present in the music scene.
The Italian town of Solarolo is the place where Laura Pausini was born in May 1974. While still a teenager he already began to realise that he liked to sing and arose even in some competition. It was not, but until 1993 that had the opportunity to know what would be the beginning of its runaway success.

Laura Pausini
On February 25, 1993 is a key date in the musical career of Laura Pausini. It was that day when, with just 19 years old, won the prestigious Festival of San Remo. This victory earned him deciding to leave his studies and devote himself fully to music. His loneliness theme became famous in many countries in a very short time. After this success he publishes his first album, Laura Pausini , and even a second, Laura.
In 1994, Laura returns to San Remo and stands again with the victory, this time with the subject Loves strangers. It is your confirmation as a star of Italian music and a unique opportunity to open up to other markets such as the Spanish, that released their first album in Spanish, with the same name, Laura Pausini. It becomes a real hit that sold more than 1,300,000 copies in Spain and even manages to open the doors of the Latin American market. Certainly it can be said that this year is the Italian artist who sold more albums in the world.
The awards occur and Laura accumulating gold and platinum records for its sales, in addition to receiving awards such as Lo Nuestro to the artist revelation in language Latin in United States. To continue with this good time the singer gets to work on what will be their next album. In 1996 appears the things you live, an album that promotes the following year with a stunning tour world.
In 1998 is recorded My answer, his new job and the reflection of a Laura Pausini adult and sure of herself. You don't get a zillion results from their previous productions but much less can be considered a failure. Fans of the singer well accepted its evolution to maturity and support it in the new world tour that starts a year later. Also in 1999 lends his voice to collaborate on the original soundtrack of the movie message in a bottle singing One More Time.
Between you and thousand seas is the name of the next album by Pausini, reaching international markets in 2000, the same year that continues his collaborations with the film playing The Extra Mille in the soundtrack of the movie cartoon Pokemon. Laura is still a big star and his record sales keep it at the top. 2001 is another important year for it: get four nominations to the Grammy Latino, holds a large promotional tour and publishes his compilation The Best of Laura Pausini.
But this compilation is not much less the last work of the singer. In 2002, goes one step further in her career and released his first album in English, which also appears in the US market in 2003: From the inside. The large number of achieved sales lead him to achieve a World Music Award.
The latest Laura Pausini album so far is Resta in ascolto, whose Spanish version is titled listen. Outcomes accompany it once again and in about a month gets to sell more than one million copies.
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