Biography of Nero | Roman Emperor.

(Lucio Domitio Claudius Nero) Last of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, Roman Emperor (Anzio, Lazio, 37 - Rome, 68). He was the son of the first marriage of the second wife of Claudius, Agrippina the young and, therefore, grandson of Augustus.
Agrippina persuaded Claudio to adopt to Nero in the 51, designating him as heir of the imperial DIAdem (instead of his own son, British, born from the marriage with Messalina was supposed); to strengthen his position he married to Nero another daughter of Claudio, Octavia, 53; and, finally, he murdered the Emperor in 54, leaving the way free for your child. This was proclaimed emperor with only 17 years by the Praetorian guard, led by the prefect donkey.

Bust of Nero
The reign of Nero (54-68) was initiated under the influence of donkey and the philosopher Seneca (tutor of Nero), through which Agrippina was the true owner of the power. But when Agrippina suspected that Nero wanted to shake off the maternal supervision, began to conspire with the British to topple him, and the Emperor responded by killing both British (55) as to Agrippina (59).
After five first years of reign quite quiet, remembered later as one of the best periods of Roman history (in which was established the Roman protectorate over Armenia), the emperor began to become a tyrant without scruples, just interested to enjoy the pleasures of life and beauty, under the influence of his capricious mistress Poppaea (who forced him to divorce of Octavia and kill her in 62 to marry herself). He also kill donkey (62) and replaced him with his favorite Tigellinus.
Already embarked on a delirious despotism, Nero committed all sorts of atrocities and extravagances: devoted himself to become flatter as poet, musician, dancer and athlete in public performances; It did burn the city of Rome to rebuild it to your liking (64); unleashed persecution against Christians accusing them of being the culprits of the fire; He tried to win over the people with shows and giveaways that ruined the imperial Treasury; and even caused the death of Poppaea, making it to abort a kick during access of cholera.
A conspiracy organized by Rammer to overthrow him was discovered and punished (65); in retaliation, Nero ordered to commit suicide, among others, to his former friends Seneca and Petronius. Three years later rebelled against the Governors (Julio Vindex) Gaul, Hispania Citerior (Galba) and Lusitania (Otto); the rebellion found echo in the Senate, which agreed to depose the Emperor in 68. Nero was killed by his Secretary when he was going to be arrested, giving way to a year of confusion in which pushed power four emperors (Galba, Vitellius, Otho, and Vespasian).
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