Biography of Olga Tañon | Puerto Rican singer.

(Santurce, 1967) Puerto Rican singer. Known artistically as La Mujer de Fuego, title of the album that launched him to fame, is one of the most successful performers of merengue from the 1990s.

Olga Tañon
Like many other singers of his native island, took his first steps in the art world as a member of youth groups (in your case the girls of Ringo and, subsequently, Jossie and Chantelle, both exclusively female) that served you as a Launchpad in the Latin music market.
Possessing remarkable vocal qualities and talents of dancer, in 1991 the WEA Latina label signing was set on it and the following year released his first solo album: Sola. This work clearly situated within the genre of the Dominican merengue, achieved considerable success thanks to themes as I change it and broken woman.
In 1993 he recorded a second job with WEA, Mujer de Fuego, album that launched her to stardom in all Latin America, reached double platinum in sales disc and popularized some of their best songs: bad boy, with you or without you, skin-to-skin or I witnessed your love (theme composed by the same Olga Tañón).
Already considered the Queen of the Puerto Rican merengue, with the disc feels the love (1994) consolidated its privileged position among the artists of the genre, to achieve three platinum records. In this album first made a foray into the sauce with the theme Unicorn. In addition, the letter he is a liar, the most heard song of this work, emphasized their commitment to the feminist movement.
After a year away from the recording studio, in 1996 gave a remarkable twist to his career with new trails, which counted with the production of the Mexican Marco Antonio Solis. Under this eloquent title, Olga Tañón first presented a work filled with pop ballads that opened him the doors of the U.S. Anglo market. At the same time, he received negative criticism from much of the specialized media, which regarded it as a purely commercial style.
Extraordinarily popular in his country, some of his actions broke attendance records: so in 1996 gave thirteen consecutive concerts in the center of fine arts in San Juan, and the following year filled with three times the Roberto Clemente Stadium in the Puerto Rican capital. In 1998 released a new album, Remember me, whose theme of presentation, your love, became one of the biggest hits of his musical career.
The following year Olga was live... Viva Olga, his first album recorded live during a concert at the House of Blues in Orlando (Florida). Under the arrangements and musical direction of Humberto Ramírez, a prominent jazz trumpeter, and a careful production by Héctor L. Rosa and David Hewitt, viva Olga ... Viva Olga collecting their greatest hits (bad boy, your love, he is a liar...) and a selection of Puerto Rican classics, as some bugalus of Joe Cuba and Richie Ray.
The result was the Grammy Award for best album of 2000 merengue and mass presentations across America. Their next album, Yo por ti (2001), again garner the precious award. Survive (2002), to pure fire (2003), a new woman (2005), I'm like you (2006) and successes in 2 times (2007) are the most recent titles from his extensive discography.
Olga Tañón also showed his condition multifaceted artist with the interpretation of the role of Magdalena María in the Opera Jesus Christ Superstar, by Rafo Muñiz. In his personal life, Olga Tañón was news for his short-lived marriage with Juan Igor González baseball player, with whom he had a daughter, Gabriela.
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