Biography of Olimpia de Gouges | Writer and French heroine.

(Marie Gouze; Montauban, 1748 - Paris, 1793) writer and French heroine who claimed equality of rights between men and women in the context of the French Revolution, considered precursor of modern feminism.

Olimpia de Gouges
Daughter of a seller of toiletries (his father was, according to some, Luis XV, and according to other historians, the poet Lefranc de Pompignan), married at age fifteen with a such Aubry, who died shortly after, leaving him about 70,000 francs of income. He then moved to Paris, where he took the name of Olimpia de Gouges and devoted himself to literature.
At the outbreak of the French Revolution adopted his ideas at the beginning, but then fought the system of Terror and his men with an energy that would lead her to the gallows. It is said that he had tried to take care of the defence of Luis XVI, and that to be the executed King sent an insulting letter to Robespierre, which gave Olimpia to the Revolutionary Court, which sentenced her to die on the guillotine.
He wrote a large number of works for the theatre, such as can and Myrza, Cardenio and Lucinda, the marriage of Cherubin, generous man, the philosopher corrected and Molière in house of Ninon, of which which only the first, of abolitionist ideology, was able to be admitted to the Comédie-Française, and was represented in 1789 under the title the enslavement of blacks or the happy shipwreck.
During the days of his political activity gave the theatre three works: Mirabeau on the Champs Elysées (1791), the convent or forced votes (1792) and Les Vivandiers (1793). He wrote, in addition, Prince philosopher, work in which, in the form of oriental tale, exposes their ideas about the rights of women, and many booklets on social, as the spirit, the three polls and a political testamentissues. The Declaration of the rights of women and of the citizen (1791), title which stacking of the Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen (1789) stands out among all of them.
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