Biography of Paris Hilton | Model, TV presenter and actress.

The heiress of the Hilton hotel chain has started a scandalous career of model, TV presenter and actress.

On October 25, 1980 was born in the United States, Paris Hilton, the future heir to the Hilton hotel chain. The prestige of his family and his great fortune predestined it since childhood to become a famous person, but she decided, as a youngster, he wanted to gain the same popularity if working as an actress and model. Over the years, now Paris is a young blonde Brown eyes and very sexy indeed has become a celebrity, and not just for his work. In addition to his films, their programs and the appearance of their first album, the scandals are also part of your resume.

Famous for a video

Paris has starred in many scandals and gossip that have made it one of the best-known characters in the celebrity world. It should not be forgotten that now entrepreneur, actress, model, and even the author of a bestseller (confessions of an heiress) began to become known in the year 2003 in the wake of the appearance on the Internet of a recording of his own.

Paris Hilton
This video, One night in Paris, was distributed by the network just before the start of his own program on television. In it appeared Paris Hilton starring in steamy scenes of wild sex with one of her ex boyfriends. Its impact was such that multiplied sites web, official or not, dedicated mainly to show their photos and talk about it.

An image that sells

Paris Hilton is not only a model or an actress. It has become an icon for young people of half the world and your single image is synonymous with commercial success for all those products with which it is related. Taking advantage of this, lends his name among other things to a perfume and a line of jewelry and has planned the opening of different Clubs Paris around the world. His popularity has also earned him being the chosen model to star in numerous advertising campaigns, such as the Guess.


After spending to be model and already star in some scandals, Paris Hilton decides to demonstrate their capabilities and devote himself to become an actress. It is his first opportunity in television, where it appears in some productions and gets even have its own program. Without a doubt, the year which marks its take-off on the small screen is 2003. Participates in various series and all of the television of the United States: ET-Tv, Cartier Showroom, the MTV Awards ceremony and the Hugh Hefner completo Midsummer Night completo Dream Party, among others. In addition to these works, in the curriculum of Paris are collaborations in productions such as The O.C, Las Vegas, Verónica Mars and The George Lopez Show. He even presented the legendary Saturday Night Live once.

The Simple Life

One of the dreams of Paris Hilton is fulfilled when it gets to have his own television show, The Simple Life. It's a reality show in which interprets itself and which shares the screen with which at the time is one of her best friends, Nicole Richie.
The American FOX network achieved a milestone with this program, whose great acceptance by the public led him to be in his first season one of the most successful in history. His initial approach was playing with the curiosity that aroused among Americans see how two girls of good family lived is without money working on a farm in Altus, Arkansas.
The first edition of The Simple Life got so well that its makers did that Paris were two seasons of the program. In the second she and her roommate managed to cross the country from Miami to Beverly Hills virtually penniless and the last showed as they managed to work in jobs than most normal in corporate America.

His foray into film

One of the professional objectives of the life of Paris Hilton was to become actress. After his experiences as a model and in the world of television has not hesitated in trying to make the leap to the big screen by making small appearances in some films. Titles such as breast force, a clueless fashion, cat and Wonderland marked the beginning of his film career.
It is not until the filming of the movie of teen horror House of wax when it has the opportunity to show his interpretive talent in a starring role. This film, directed by catalan based on Hollywood Jaume Collet-Serra, has ensured that his face is familiar in the cinemas of half the world, and has led her to perform various promotional activities in several countries since its release in early 2005.
But the film career of Paris Hilton is not here. During the same 2005 combines shooting Bottoms Up with the preparation of other works (no less than has six projects) and has scheduled the premiere of the comedy National Lampoon's Pledge This!

Controversial ad

One of the last works of Paris Hilton in the world of advertising has been an advertisement for a famous American hamburger chain, Carl completo Jr. This spot has aroused much controversy among the more conservative sectors of society of the United States for its high degree of eroticism. In his images appears sheathed in a suggestive swimsuit washing a car and suddenly bite a burger from this chain. Ends with the brand slogan: "That's hot". Different associations of parents and family in the country expressed immediately after its premiere your complaint by its content.


Although she wants to be known for his artistic works, Paris cannot be separated is his surname and, of course, his family. Daughter of Conrad Hilton and granddaughter of the legendary founder of the hotel chain of the same name, has accompanied it the reputation of his family from the moment of his birth.

Guess signature model
As a result of the fame that Paris has acquired since her teens her mother and her sister Nicky have joined the bandwagon of popularity and has lent his image to the most varied activities. In fact, his mother has a program in the U.S. television network NBC in which teaches manners to 14 contestants, I want to be a Hilton.

His future Empire

Paris is the heir to one of the most important Hotel Empires in the world, the Hilton chain. Valued at more than $ 300 million, it is a leading group in the sector which has establishments in large industrial cities of countries on five continents.
All settlements of the company are characterized by its luxury and efficiency of its service, which has earned them international prestige. They are grouped under eight different brands: Hilton Brand, Conrad Hotels, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hampton Hotels, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood suites by Hilton and Hilton Grand Vacations Company.
The figures that moves the future Empire of Paris are impressive. It works with more than two thousand hotels, which represents a figure above the 355 thousand rooms and about seventy thousand jobs.

Chronology of Paris Hilton

1981Paris Hilton was born in the United States.
2001 Appearance in the film a mindless fashion.
2003Spreads on the Internet erotic video One night in Paris in which appears practicing sex with an ex-boyfriend.
2003Participates in various audiovisual productions such as Access Hollywood - TV, Cartier Showroom, ET - TV, Hugh Hefner completo Midsummer Night completo Dream Party, Scary Movie 3, Premiere , MTV Movie Awardsand Teen Choice Awards.
2003 Premieres on the FOX the first edition of the TV show The Simple Life.
2003It participates in the films cat and Wonderland.
2004It intervenes in The OC, Las Vegas, Veronica Mars, The George Lopez Show.
2004 He stars in the advertising campaign for Guess.
2004He published the book of memoirs, confessions of an heiress.
2004 It appears in the movie MOM force.
2005Guest host of Saturday Night Live.
2005He starred in House of wax horror film.
2005 Carl completo Jr opens the announcement of the Hamburger chain.

Paris Hilton filmography

Paris Hilton has been dedicating its efforts to try to make one of his big dreams for years: become a actress. So he moved to live in Los Angeles and does not hesitate to participate in all types of castings and be present in all the most important festivals of the city. All this has served to get some presence in the industry and the chance to play minor roles in some films as Wonderland but was not until 2005 when has been able to release her first film as protagonist, The House of wax.
The House of wax, whose original title is House of Wax, is a film directed by catalan Jaume Collet-Serra (where is the debut film of this advertising Director) and produced by the prestigious Joel whistling. In it, Paris Hilton shares the screen with actors like Jared Padalecki, Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray and Jon Dalton. It's a typical horror movie for teens who actually is an updated remake of a classic 1950s horror film.

Poster for House of wax
The plot of this film begins when a group of friends decided to travel by car to attend an important football match and camping for the night. None of them may not even suspect that their lives are danger thereafter. After having problems in the campsite where they want to sleep with a discussion with a trucker one of their cars appears shattered. Someone offers to help them and leads to the nearest town, Ambrose.
In this town, the only in kilometers, is a museum that leaves them especially awed, Trudy's House of wax. Soon the attraction they feel for this place becomes a dreadful fear to understand that its incredibly realistic figures are actually killed people. From that very first moment begins the special struggle of these friends out with life of Ambrose.

Paris Hilton and Robert Richard in the movie
House of wax is a film that plays with the morbid, morbid to awake Paris Hilton and situations the protagonists of the story, living emphasized because the action is in a really scary scenario and for the sexual and violent content of the film. Thousands of young spectators have supported its release and have managed to obtain excellent results of blockbuster in countries around the world.
Paris Hilton plays Paige character in this film, one of the girls in this group of young students. Both his fans and his detractors, although for very different reasons, do not cease to highlight two of its most important scenes: her striptease and his death. For some is a sign of his talent, for others a reason of his short career.
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