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(Stage name of Selena Quintanilla Pérez; USA, 1971-1995) American singer. On April 16, 1971 born in the Texan town of Lake Jackson Selena, one of the daughters of a happy and stable family of Hispanic origin established in the area. More than a child when his father, who had been a musician, realized the great voice possessed. was nothing From then on he focused all its efforts to steer his life towards the music.

The first steps of Selena as an interpreter goes back to his childhood, when his father the to act with his brothers in the restaurant directing. Thus was born Selena y los Dinos, group with which singer made its commercial debut at age 12. Success accompanied children since its inception and enabled in 1984 appeared their debut album, my first recordings. It was the early home of a brilliant musical career that only death could stop.
Selena enters adolescence singing with his brothers and participating in several shows until her life changed in 1989. It is that year arises when the EMI Latin label and its President, Behar, sees in one of their performances while singers seeking to incorporate into his music. Discover your potential and decides to hire her. That same year his first professional job, Selenasees the light. Practically from this disc appears each year in the market a new album: come with me, in my world, Live... It is an American woman and usually speaks in English, but oddly enough sung in Spanish, as his father taught him when he was a baby.
Dressed with tops that reminded of Madonna at that time bold style and songs typically Texan but adapted to the public in each area, the success of Selena grew up without stopping. In 1993 she won a Grammy for best album of Mexican American music by Live and the following year published his album Amor prohibido, which were heard songs that became famous instantly appear: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom and it is not me more, among others.
Selena dream becomes reality: triumphs in the typically macho world of Tejano song and get entering Mexico as a true no. 1, virtually impossible for any singer from Texas. In 1995 it enjoys its success record Dreaming of you, an album that sold more than two million copies and starred in a gala concert in the city of Houston. They are the latest works from a career which includes international hits like I Could Fall in Love or the same Amor Prohibido, whose single of the same name reached number 1 in the charts.
The success of Selena was broken the day 31 March 1995, when he was only 23 years old. The President of her fan club, Yolanda Saldívar, murdered her for economic reasons. Both lived in Corpus Christi and was known for some time. Selena relied on it to direct some of their stores, but his father realized that estafaba it. After a series of problems and disagreements, the singer went to visit her that day to talk face to face and was shot in the back. On April 3 a few mass funerals were held in their memory that attracted audience from different cities. He was born a myth whose life was brought to the screen by actress Jennifer López.
Several compilations of his works which included songs in English were published after the death of Selena (Selena always and All my hits) and the sale of their albums grew dramatically. Its impact was such that the People Texas magazine devoted its cover a week after dying and even a memorial number. Numerous musical figures of international character, such as Talia, Gloria Estefan and Carlos Vives participated in posthumous tributes to his memory.
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