Anecdotes, parables and organizational considerations

Black balloons

On one occasion the famous preacher and American leader Martin Luther King was about to give one of his famous lectures about human rights. He quickly noticed that a little black girl was at the front of the Auditorium. Somewhat surprised, he asked one of his assistants in the respect, and told him that the girl had been the first to reach the site.
At the end of his speech, as part of the ceremony were released balloons of different colors to the sky small did not cease to admire. Then the preacher approached her and lifted her in his arms.
The small glared at him and asked:
-Black balloons will also fly into the sky?
Martin looked at her sweetly and replied:
-Balloons do not fly to the sky by the colour you have, but what you carry inside.
This is a lesson against exclusion. Despite the years, do we still have prejudices towards people of color?
Is it true that humanity has advanced to become a great global community?

The four seasons

There was a man who had four sons. As part of his education, he wanted them to learn to not judge people and things as fast as it is usually done. He then sent them to each, in turn, see a pear tree that was far away from his home.
In his country there were stations, so the first son went in the winter; the second in the spring; the third in the summer and in autumn quarter.
When everyone had gone and returned, the father called them and asked them to describe what they had seen. The first son said that the tree was ugly, like Gibbous and twisted, seemed dry and lifeless. The second said that no, that tree was covered with green buds and full of suckers that promised flowers. The third son disagreed: he said he was full of flowers, which emanated a sweet aroma and looked beautiful; It was the tree more filled with grace had ever seen.
The last of the children nor agreed with none of them. He said the tree was loaded with ripe pears, full of SAP and well-being. As birds flocked to the pear tree to eat of the fruits that were withering, all its about is filled with an exquisite aroma.
Then the father explained to their children all were right, because they had just seen one of the stations in the life of the tree.
And added that why not you could judge a person by just to see one of his seasons: "the essence of what are men, pleasure, sadness, joy and love that come with life only can be measured at the end, when all stations have passed".
It is not for this reason that we are left with a preset idea of a certain "station" of a person, from which we judge it the rest of the time?
Could it be that we need to understand how moving and not as stationary people?

A lesson in diplomacy

They have during an official banquet held in England with the attendance of personalities from around the world, an employee of the Government, specifically the head of Protocol, noted how one "illustrious" guest is got a valuable gold saltcellar in his jacket pocket.
The Chief of Protocol, responsible for the official goods, not knowing what to do in this delicate situation, addressed to the Prime Minister of England, who at that time was Sir Winston Churchill (statesman and English politician, born in Oxfordshire in 1874 and died in London in 1965, one of the protagonists of World War II), and asked for a discreet advice given the notoriety of the character.
Great sharpness that characterized Winston Churhill did devise a foolproof stratagem: said to the Chief of Protocol that not to worry, that he would solve this "little incident".
It was at the next table, entered the vest pocket another gold saltcellar, approached the "character" who had removed the salt shaker, and, while showing you the contents of your wallet, said at the hearing:
-The Chief of Protocol has seen us keep us the salt shaker in the Pocket. It will be better that we back it, right?
And in this way he met an embarrassing diplomatic situation.

The lesson of the coal

A man who regularly attended the meetings of a particular group, without any warning left to participate in its activities. After a few weeks, a very cold night the leader of that group decided to visit him. He found the man at home, single, sitting in front of a fireplace where burned a bright and cozy fire.
Guessing the reason for the visit, the man welcomed the leader, led him to a big chair near the fireplace and stood still, waiting for a question. A serious silence was made. The two men only watched the dance of flames surrounding the trunks of wood that crepitaban.
After a few minutes the leader, without a Word, examined the embers that formed and carefully selected one of them, the most incandescent, removing it to one side of the hearth with a pair of pliers. He returned then to sit, remaining silent and motionless after asking for permission to smoke a pipe.
The host paid attention to everything, fascinated but restless. Soon after, flame of the solitary Ember fell, until there was only a momentary glow and the fire went out suddenly. In a short time, which was a sign of light and heat, was nothing more than a black, cold and dead piece of coal covered by a light coating of ash. Very few words had been spoken since the ritual greeting between the two friends.
The leader, before preparing to leave, with pliers brandished coal cold and useless, placing it back in the midst of the fire. Immediately grilled are turned back on, fueled by the light and heat of the burning coals to spin.
When the leader reached the door to leave, the host told him:
-Thank you for your visit and your beautiful lesson. I will come back to the group. Good night.
Why are groups extinguished? Very simple: because each Member that is removed takes the fire and heat the rest.
Members of a group, it is worth reminding them that they are part of the flame and that lost all its luster away from the group.
Leaders it is worth to remind them that they are responsible for to keep lit the flame of each of the members and to promote union among all of them, so the fire is really strong, effective and long-lasting.

A beautiful invoice

Some afternoon a small approached his mother, who was preparing dinner in the kitchen, and handed the sheet of paper on which he had written something. After you dry your hands and remove the apron, she read what was in the note:
Cut the lawn: $15.00
Cleaning my room this week: $5.00
Take care of my brother: $5.00
Go to the bakery: $0.50
Take out the trash all week: $2.50
Book with good grades: $50.00
Clean the patio: $5.00
TOTAL OWED: $83.00
Looking at reading, mother looked seriously at the boy while he was waiting expectantly. And without saying a Word, she took a pen and wrote down on the back of the same sheet:
Take you nine months in my womb and give you life: nothing
So many nights of efforts, heal you and pray for you: nothing
For the joy and the love of our family: nothing
By fear and concerns when you sick: nothing
For food, clothing and education: nothing
By taking your hand and give you support: nothing
When the child finished reading what she had written, I had tear-filled eyes. He looked at her in the eyes and said:-I love you, MOM. Then he took the pen and wrote with very large in the paper: fully paid.
Why do we call for rights that we do not grant to parents?
The difference between "things" is not very clear and love?

The fraternal bridge

Once upon a time two brothers, Thomas and Javier, who lived one in front of each other in two houses in a beautiful countryside. By small problems, which were making great time, brothers ceased to speak and avoided crossing on the road.
One day became one of the houses a Carpenter and asked one of the brothers if he would work for him. Thomas replied:
-Do you see that wood which is close to that Creek? I then cut it recently. My brother Javier lives front and, because of our enmity, deflected that Creek to definitely separate. So I don't want to see your home. Leave the custom make me a very high fence that prevents me view.
Thomas went to the village and did not return until well into the night.
What would not be his surprise when, instead of a fence, found that the man had a beautiful bridge that linked the two parts of the countryside.
Without being able to speak, suddenly was in front of his brother, that at that moment he was crossing the bridge with a smile:
-Tomas, my brother, I can not believe that you have been you that made the bridge, having been I who offended you. I come to ask you for forgiveness.
And the two brothers hugged each other.
When Thomas realized that Carpenter was away, he said to him:
-Good man, how much you owe? Why don't you stay?
-No, thanks - I answer the Carpenter-.
I have many bridges to build!
How many times we help to forgive and serve as bridges?

Daddy, how much you earn per hour?

At the same time that saw him arriving home, a child asked his father:
-Do Daddy, how much per hour?
Thus, with timid voice and eyes of admiration, a small received it at the end of its work. The father regarded the child with severe face and said:
-Look, son, your mother knows that data, don't bother me I'm tired.
- But, Daddy - he insisted-, is only a question: how much you earn per hour?
The reaction of the father this time was less severe and replied:
' Well, son, maybe $10,000 hour.
-Daddy, I could borrow $5,000? -immediately asked the small.
The father flew into a rage and trying to exert any force to the small said:
-So that was the reason for knowing what you won! Go to sleep and don't bother, exploited boy!
At nightfall, the father had thought about what had happened and felt guilty. Perhaps his son wanted to buy something. In the end, wanting to download his consciousness looked to his son's room.
-Do you sleep son? -asked the father.
-No, Daddy, tell me - he replied between asleep.
-Here's the money you asked me replied the father.
-Thank you Daddy, replied with joy the small. And putting his hand under the pillow drew other tickets.
-Daddy, now already it completed everything: I have the $10,000. Could I sell an hour of your time?
How much, lend attention to your children?
Have you ever have thought about loneliness, insecurity, or the fears of children?

The bamboo of the taxpayer

It would a lady with fifteen-year-old son by one of the streets of his town, when suddenly was found in front of a ditch where several workers were doing a repair on the aqueduct of the city.
After they saw a bamboo, placed as a protective screen to prevent people falling by the wayside. Then MOM tells son:
-Hey, millet, as the stake where she sleeps the lora of the House already is very rotten and are going to fall, take the bamboo and we take it back to the House.
The boy replied:
- But, mama, that bamboo is not of us.
-No matter, millet - says the Lady-, that bamboo is the municipality and that is also from us. Pick it up and take it back.
If private is someone, why not learn that the public is all?
Why do some think to that if something is State, that means that it has no owner?
Who said that the public has no ethics?

The faithful dog

A pair of young, with several years of marriage, had not been able to have children. To not feel so alone, they bought a German shepherd puppy and raised him as if he were his own son.
The puppy grew to become an enormous and beautiful animal of that breed. Dog saved in more than one occasion the couple being attacked by robbers and defended their owners against any danger.
However, after seven years the couple managed to have the long-desired son.
They were very happy with their new son and certainly reduce the attentions which had with the dog. This, apparently, began to manifest jealousy of the child and their owners saw that it was not loving and loyal dog that took seven years.
One day the couple left to the inside, baby sleeping peacefully in the cradle, and they went to the terrace of his farm to prepare dinner. What would not be surprise when the time come to the dog leaving the nursery with a bloody mouth, but moving them to the queue.
Obviously, the dog owner guessed the worst; then, without thinking twice, he grabbed a weapon that had close and killed the dog. Meanwhile, the distraught mother ran towards the quarter of the baby where suddenly found a great snake cutthroat beside the cradle.
Ever be permitted to judge or condemn beforehand to others?
How many injustices is comment by focusing just on appearances?
We think before attacking another?

The policies of the OWL

A field mouse was lost in a dense forest and could not find the exit. He then approached an OWL that was seated in a large tree.
-Please, help me, old and wise OWL. How can I get out of this forest? -You asked out loud.
-That is very easy - you answered the OWL, almost without looking at it. Get wings to grow you and then flies out of here. That is all you have to do.
The rat, desperate, replied from below:
- But, how can I do to make wings grow me?
With a proud gesture, once more the OWL looked at him from above with mockery and said:
-I don't see that you will do, don't bother me with the details. I only here fixed policies.
Set policies and describe the details of its implementation are two different things. What effect do they have on the motivation of the contributors?
Or there are people like the OWL, who believe that only they are right?

Moral authority

This is a true story, happened in a company, that should teach others.
At the site of one of the largest cement companies in the country, vehicles could only dispense gasoline between 1:00 and 1:30 p.m., i.e. for 30 minutes, due to the regulations of the Superintendency of the mine. An employee had the order of the head of warehouse only to provide the product in that hour and during that period of time. That same employee had to do other tasks after completing the trade of fuel supplier.
All engineers, without exception, should fill the tank at that hour, or ran out of gasoline. However, some users were so busy that gasoline more than once asked at another time. The head of the warehouse had complained of the lack of order, but had also been accused of being very condescending with his friends.
As on numerous occasions the employee did wrong the next work, by the fact of having to dispense gasoline to fee, Superintendent of the mine required them to users and the warehouse be governed by the existing standard and sent a strict memorandum. A few days later, after dispensing gasoline warehouse Chief he returned walking tank when it was picked up by the Superintendent, who was needed fuel. The head of the warehouse not refused to provide the product.
Then the Superintendent and head of the warehouse have the following conversation:
- And how will the store?
-Everything very well, doctor.
-People is in compliance with the rules?
-Ah, Yes, everything is fine.
-Or is that the memo I sent worked?
-Well Yes... says the head of the store without much encouragement.
-How so? There are people who are in breach of still? -question obfuscated the Superintendent.
-No, doctor, soon one another is late, but that is not a problem.
-How that is not a problem! -says the Superintendent and claims:-so will not go never meet the quality certification process. You is which should help the company to be better...
-Well Yes, doctor...
-No, do not accept it! Now send me the list of who are the unfulfilled! But today! I hope it today!
-No, doctor, the list is of one single. That is not worth...
-What? Send it to me anyway. Or better, tell me now who is it that is in breach of the memorandum! Who is?
The other, blushing and without looking at the face of the Superintendent, responds:-you, Dr. Escobar!
Heads which diehards requirements sent his Secretary for being late, but they commit fouls worse... a true requirement of the leader is not the moral authority?
How many heads believe that its role only consists of sending but not comply?
What is the value of the example?

The crumpled paper

Had a preacher that, when I was a child, his impulsive nature made him burst into a rage at the slightest provocation. Once it happened, almost always felt ashamed and battled by apologize who had offended.
One day his teacher, who saw him giving justificaicones an explosion of anger after one of their classmates, led him to the living room, gave a smooth sheet of paper and told him:
-Creasing it!
The boy, not without some surprise, obeyed and made a ball with the role.
-Now - he said the teacher - leave it as it was before.
Of course that could leave it as it was. As much as it was, the paper always remained full of creases and wrinkles. Then the master topped saying:
-The heart of the people is like that role. The footprint you leave with your offense will be so hard to erase those wrinkles and those folds.
So he learned to be more comprehensive and more patient, recalling, when it is about to explode, the example of the crumpled paper.
Do you remember that someone once said: "speak when your words are so gentle as silence"?
Many people boast of being free, and they say things regardless of the feelings of others. Are they not manufacturers of wrinkled wherever papers that pass?

The Serpent and the Firefly

They say that a snake began to desperately chase a Firefly. This was fast and with fear of the fierce predatory, but the snake didn't relent in their attempt to.
Is it evaded a day but the reptile not declined, two nights and nothing; on the third day, and already limply, Firefly stopped and said to the serpent:
-I ask you three questions?
-I can't get used to make concessions to anyone, but, as I'm going to eat, you can ask me.
-I belong to your food chain?
-Do I got some evil?
-Then, why want to kill me?
-Because I can't stand to see you shine!
It is not true that envy is one of the most common feelings?
Do you ever heard the saying: are you throw stones only trees that have fruits?
Why us envy? Why do we feel it?

Wooden Bowl

An old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law and their four-year-old grandson. He lived alone and wanted to share his last days with his family. The years had not passed in vain: hands, their view was clumsy trembled and his steps were not as flimsy as before. The family ate gathered at the dining room table, but shaking hands and ill grandfather view that feed was a difficult issue. Peas fell from his spoon on the floor and when she tried to take the vessel it was frequently that spilled you the milk on the table.
The son and his wife are bugged with the situation.
-We have to do something with my father - son - said. He has already had enough and I'm fed up with this situation; spilled milk, noisy eating and throw food down.
This is how marriage decided to put a small table in a corner of the dining room to serve the old. So the days passed and the grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed lunch.
As it had already broken several dishes, they decided to serve your food in a wooden Bowl. Occasionally they looked toward the site of the grandfather and they could see him a furtive tear while I was there sitting and just. However, the only words the couple directing him were accusations whenever he dropped some utensils, or food. The five-year-old grandson watched in silence.
One afternoon, before dinner, noted that his son was playing with a few pieces of wood on the floor, and the Pope asked him gently:
-What are you doing, son?
With the same sweet child replied:
-Ah, I am making a bowl for you and one for MOM so that when I grow up, you eat them.
He smiled and continued his work.
The words of the small beat their parents so that they were left speechless. Tears rolled down her cheeks. And, although no word was said on the matter, both knew what they had to do.
That afternoon the son gently took the hand of grandfather and guided him back to the family table, which for the rest of his days the old man ranked with them. And for some reason, neither husband nor wife seemed to bother whenever the fork was falling, the milk spilled or tablecloth staining.
What will they do with you loved ones when you're old? Is it the same as you've done with yours?
What values need to restore older adults their role in society?

You were not there

Gandhi, the spiritual leader of the Hindus, had an amazing goodness with everyone. Many of their stories speak of this detail. But the next episode is different: one of his disciples felt jealous and wanted to kill him.
One day the teacher was walking and reflecting on a solitary path. From the top of a nearby Hill, the traitor who stalked him threw a large stone that made roll down the slope. Fortunately the stone locked with a tree and stopped before hit the target.
From a distance, Gandhi acknowledged its assailant but said nothing and not told anyone what happened that day.
Later two men crossed the same and Gandhi, without hesitation, proceeded to greet him with joy and respect. The man asked very surprised if he wasn't angry with him. Gandhi replied that not.
-Master, can tell me why has not said anything to anyone, and how it has made to not get angry with me right now?
-Because you are already that threw the rock, or I am already that was there when I was thrown.
A first reading suggests that one can change from a period to another. "No one bathes twice in the same river", as Heraclitus said. If so, it will not be better to start by believing that feelings have changed from a period to another, and other feelings, beginning with forgiveness, they can keep the heart full of light?

Insults to the vacuum

One story of Gandhi: one of his best disciples, who after having been her attacker had received an important lesson of the master, decided to spread the benefits of their leader thought the rest of his life.
In fact, he used to tell his friends the lesson learned about forgiveness; However, with Gandhi he had exercised to express themselves with allegories, and in this way, when they asked the disciple how did not react violently to aggressions and pressures, gathered his followers and took them to a graveyard.
There, in that dark place, he asked that shout in the air, with all the forces of their lungs, any kind of insults and grievances to the dead. After doing so, indicated it that they also shout all kinds of praise and congratulations. It was very funny to see in the cemetery all those men and women who seemed to be a group of madmen.
Then they sat and man, looking towards the marble tombstones, saying:
-It seems that it is necessary to learn from the dead. Like them, you have to be indifferent to praise both offenses. Of that indifference can flourish other virtues such as kindness and understanding.
Gandhi was always faithful to this principle while receiving insults and then praise from the British. Did you know that this behavior was born the peaceful resistance with which his country could go it alone?
What would our lives if we followed that simple and powerful philosophy?

The fear of the risks

In a country at war, there was a King who caused fear. Not that taking prisoners in the battles he killed them. It just took them to a room where there was a group of archers on one side and a huge iron gate on the other side, on which were engraved figures of skulls covered in blood.
The King was to train prisoners in circle in the room and told them:
-You can choose between dying crossed by arrows of my archers, or pass through that mysterious door.
All chose to be killed by the archers. Later, at the end of the war, a soldier who had faithfully served the King for a long time turned to the sovereign and told him:
-Sir, can I ask you a question?
-Tell me, soldier - said the sovereign.
-What's behind the horrific door?
-Go and see yourself, immediately the King answered him.
The soldier separated fearfully door, but as she opened, they were entering bright rays of Sun that lit up the atmosphere. He finally discovered that the door opened on a road leading to freedom. The soldier, admired, just looked at their King while this explained:
-I gave everyone the possibility of making a choice; but they preferred to die rather than risk open that door.
Do let the few doors open for the fear to fail? Do you realized that all fear you the unknown and sometimes we condemn what is known?

Samaritans today

He had hardly seen her. It was an elderly lady with his car stranded on the road. The day was gray, rainy and cold, but Alberto could realize that the old woman needed help. He parked his old Pontiac in front of the Mercedes of the elderly woman who was still coughing when he was approached. But with a nervous smile on his face, he realized that she was concerned.
No one had stopped for more than one hour when it was stranded in the busy highway. For the old lady, the man who approached didn't look very good and rather might be a criminal. As there was nothing to prevent it was at their mercy. The man looked poor and hungry.
Alberto could perceive the situation. Since the woman's face reflected fear, he stepped forward to take the initiative in the dialogue.
-Agree to help her, Mrs. Enter your vehicle so not cool. My name is Alberto.
Although a tire was low, for the old woman was in a difficult situation. While Alberto arranging vehicle, the old lady told him where it was and who was just passing through there.
When Alberto finished fixing the rim, she asked how much they owed him. He had not thought about the money. For him it was only helping someone in a time of need: was their best way to pay for the times that he, in turn, had helped him when he was in similar situations. Alberto was accustomed to living well.
Then answered the old woman if he wanted to pay him, the best way to do it would do the same: the next time you see someone in need and you were at your fingertips to assist you, do it in a selfless manner.
Alberto waited for Lady is out. He entered his car and left.
A few kilometers later, Lady saw a small cafe. He thought it would be good to remove the cold with a cup of hot coffee and a donut before embarking on the last leg of his trip. It was a little a bit ruined place. Outside were two old fuel pumps that had not used in years. Enter, he is set inside and observed that the cash register resembled those of pine nuts that were used when I was young.
A friendly waitress approached him and extended him a paper towel so to dry hair, wet from the rain. The girl had a nice face, with a graceful smile, the kind of smile that is not deleted if it was many hours standing. The old woman noticed that the waitress would have how eight months pregnant and, however, this didn't make him change his sympathetic attitude towards customers. He thought of the people who has so little but can be generous with strangers.
Then he remembered Alberto. After finishing his coffee hot and your food, paid to the waitress the price of the account with a 10 dollar bill.
When the girl returned with the change, it was found that lady was gone. They hoped to reach it to give returns. But running towards the door saw, at the table where the elderly woman was, something written on a cocktail napkin beside four tickets for $50. Eyes filled him with tears when he read the note:
"I have nothing, I was once like you are. Someone helped me and now I am helping you. And if you want to thank me, this is what you can do: don't help and be a blessing to others, as I do with you today. It continues to give your love and your sympathy, and don't let breaking this chain of blessings".
Although there were tables clean and sugar filled, that day was flying to the waitress. That night, in his house, while he quietly entered his bed to not wake her exhausted husband who had to get up very early, thought about what the old woman had done with it... How would have guessed she needs with her husband, and the economic problems that were going on with the advent of the baby? The girl was aware of the concern that was her husband by his situation and I wanted to tell him there same thing happened.
He found it deeply asleep. Approached gently toward him, to not wake him, while he kissed him tenderly and whispering in his ear:
-Everything will be OK, Albert, I love you...
Could it be that, any way, any kindly action returns is that makes it?
How many times can confirm that the generosity of a person with things, demonstrates your generosity with affection?
Do good, and not to look at who.

It is always so

One day, a calf had to pass through a virgin forest to return to its Prairie. As it was an irrational animal opened a path winding, full of bends, up and down hills.
The next day, a dog that passed through there used that same path through the forest. Then it was the turn of a RAM, head of a herd, seeing the already open space had his flock followed by there.
Later, the men began to use that same path: they came and went, they turned to the right and left, they descended, they turned the obstacles, complaining and cursing, quite rightly. But they did nothing to create a new line.
After so much use, the trail eventually developed on a wide road where the poor animals are tired under heavy loads, obliged to travel a distance that could be made in 30 minutes if they had not taken the road in three hours open per calf.
Many years passed and the road became on the main street of a town, and finally in the main street of a town. All complained of traffic, because the intricate journey was the worst of all.
While both, the old and wise forest laughed to see that men have this blind routine trend to follow the path that is already open, without asking if it would perhaps have a better option or way. Perhaps they had found other more beautiful landscapes.
Insurance you've heard the phrase "that has always done so, for what shall I change it?"
With how often wonder if "this will be the best way to do this"?
Planners are truly innovative, or always follow the same paths?

The flower of honesty

It is said that in ancient China, a Prince was next to be crowned Emperor, but, according to the law, should marry before the ceremony. The Prince decided to make a contest among the girls of the Court to see who would be worthy of his proposal. The next day, he announced that he would receive in a special celebration to all the suitors and would launch a challenge.
An old woman who served in the Palace heard comments on the preparations, and felt a slight sadness because I knew her young granddaughter had a deep feeling of love for the Prince. To reach the House and tell the plan of the Prince, it amazed of knowing that she wanted to go to the celebration. Unable to believe what he asked:
-Do my daughter, you are going to do? All the most beautiful and prosperous Court girls will be there. Get this insane idea of head. I know you must be suffering, but don't make that the suffering becomes madness.
And granddaughter said:
-No, dear Grandma, I am not suffering and I am not crazy. I know that I will be ever chosen, but it is my opportunity to be at least for a few moments near the Prince. This will make me happy.
Night arrival, the young woman came to the Palace. There were all the most beautiful girls, with the most beautiful clothes, the most beautiful jewels and certain intentions of winning the favour of the Prince.
The young Prince announced the challenge:
-I'll give each of you a seed. That bring me the most beautiful flower within six months will be chosen by me as my wife and future Empress of China.
Time passed and the young sweet, although it did not have much skill in the arts of gardening, looked after with patience and tenderness of his seed. Three months passed and nothing flowed. The boy tried all methods I knew, but they were unsuccessful. Every day saw further his dream, but his love was even more profound. At the end of the six months nothing had sprung up. However, conscious of their effort and dedication, but chances of winning, girl told his grandmother that he would return to the Palace in the date and time agreed only to be close to Prince for a few moments.
At the appointed time she was there, with his earth-filled jug and without flowers, happy to see the beautiful face of his beloved. All other suitors had been in their flowerpots flowers in different shapes and colors. The Prince noted each of the suitors with much care and attention. After seeing them all, one by one, announced its conclusion: that beautiful young woman with his jug without flowers would be his future wife.
Everyone made a gesture of surprise. As no one understood why reason Prince chose just the girl that had not submitted any flower, he explained:
-This young - said the sovereign, cultivated a flower that makes it worthy of becoming Empress: the flower of honesty. All the seeds that I gave were sterile.
Is that love and honesty go together?
What need is there appear before the beloved which are not and what we don't have?
What showed you the girl the other competitors?

Change the destination?

During a battle, certain general decided to attack the adversary knowing that his army was inferior in the number of troops. But I was confident to win, even when his men were full of doubts. Road operations, stood in a chapel. After praying with his men, the general took out a coin and said:
-Now I'll pull this coin. If it is expensive, we will win. If it is cross, we will lose. The destination will be revealed.
It pulled the coin in the air and everyone looked attentive as he landed on the ground. It was expensive. The soldiers were so happy and so confident that they vigorously attacked the enemy and got the victory.
After the match, a Lieutenant told the general:
-No one can change destiny.
-Maybe - said the general with a smile of Picardy while he showed the Lieutenant a currency that had face on both sides.
Will the difference between success and defeat be on our minds?
If we connected our mind with dreams, would be easier to make them reality?
Are we what we think?

An engagement ring

A boy came steadily to a store and asked the jeweler to show you the best engagement ring that had.
The jeweler taught him one. A beautiful stone, lone, shining like a tiny glowing Sun. The boy looked at the ring and with a smile passed it, he asked the price and decided to pay it.
-You are getting married soon? -asked the curious jeweler.
-No - replied the boy. I even have a girlfriend.
The silent surprise of goldsmith diverted to the purchaser.
-Is for my mom - said the boy-. When I was going to be born no one could join her and her pregnancy was full of difficulties; someone had advised him that it stopped my birth so you avoid problems in the future. But she refused and insisted I gave the gift of life. Since then continued their problems; However, it was father and mother for me, was friend and sister, and was my teacher. In the end, it made me who I am. So, as she never had an engagement ring, now that I can I will give as a promise that if she did everything for me now I will do everything for her. Perhaps then give someone else another engagement ring, but it will be the second.
The jeweller said nothing. Only ordered discreetly to your cashier to make the boy the discount that was only important customers.
Occasionally is it not good to think to recognize what they did to our parents for us?
What so generous we are in that kind of appreciation?
Once we value their efforts under adverse conditions?

History of furniture

An American tourist was the city of Cairo, with the purpose of visit to a famous Sage. The tourist was surprised to see that the wise man lived in a small room, very simple and full of books. The only pieces of furniture were a bed, a table and a bench.
-Where are your furniture? -asked the tourist.
The wise, almost undeterred, quickly answered:
-Do mine? -Objected to the tourist, surprised by the question - but if I'm here only step!
-I also... - topped the wise.
Once again, how much we stick to things rather than people?
Where power, lies in the great things, in luxuries and luxury articles? Inside or outside of one?
Do we care about more having to be?

The spell of the sioux

An old legend of the Sioux Indians who once came to the store of the old Wizard of the bull tribe, the most courageous and honorable of the young warriors, and blue cloud, the daughter of the Chief and one of the most beautiful women of the tribe.
-We love - began the young man.
- And we're going to get married - she said.
- And want us both - they said - that we fear: want a spell, a spell, or a talisman. Something that ensures us that we can be always together, something that will ensure we remain one next to each other until the end of our days.
-Please - repeated unison - young. Is there something that we can or should do?
Anything - is there said the old Sage, but it is very difficult and sacrificed. Let's see:
Blue cloud, do you see that mountain to the North of our village? You will have to climb it alone and without more weapons to a network and your hands. You will have to hunt more beautiful and vigorous mount Falcon. If you catch it, you will have to bring it here with life the third day after full moon, you understand?
And you, Bull - continued the Witcher, you will have to climb the mountain of Thunder. When you reach the top, you'll find the most brave of all the Eagles and, only with your hands and a network, you must catch it without injury, bring it to me, live, on the same day that will come blue cloud. Go now!
Young hugged each other tenderly and then departed the mission entrusted it to the North and the South. Established day, outside the store of the Witcher, the two young men were waiting with bags containing chosen birds.
The old man asked that carefully they removed them from the bags. They were truly a few beautiful specimens.
- And now what shall we do? -Asked the young man, we will kill them and we will drink the honor of his blood?
-Non - said the old man.
-Cook them and eat the value that exist in your meat? -asked the young man.
-Non - repeated the old-. They will do what I tell you: remove them with care and tie them together: with these leather straps join the left leg of the Eagle the right leg of the Falcon. When they have done so, drop them and let them fly free.
The Warrior and the young man did what they were told and released birds. Both the Eagle and the Hawk tried to lift flight but only managed to roll and flap across the floor. A few minutes later, irritated by the inability to raise birds warred to Peck each other to cause injury. The old man said:
- As this is the requirement that ask me, never forget what you have seen: are you as an eagle and a hawk. If they are tied one to the other, although they do so out of love, they will not only be unable to fly but will live crawling and in addition, late or early, begin to hurt each other.
-If you want that love endures - topped the elder-, flying together but never fly tied.
Are you tied to your partner, or let it fly?
Recognize their right to be free and go back to the other person?
Could it be that for many people the marriage ties are only a prison?

I want to see God

It is said that a little boy wanted to see God. I knew it was a long and hard journey and that got into her Backpack some pastries, soft drinks, candies and sufficient clothing. Upon entering the playground he met a woman elderly, alone, watching pigeons. Sat down next to her, opened her backpack and pulled out his snack. He saw that the old woman seemed hungry, so he offered him a cupcake. She accepted it and gave a wonderful smile. As the child liked that expression and I wanted to see her smile again, she offered him a drink and the child was delighted.
They were there all afternoon, eating and drinking, but they said not a Word. When it grew dark, the child became aware of the evening that was; rose, said goodbye and gave her a hug of farewell and gratitude. She, after embracing him, gave him with the largest and most beautiful in your life smile.
When he came home, her mother warned her son immensely happy gesture, and asked him:
-What did you do today that made so happy?
The child replied:
-Mommy, had lunch with God today! - And before his mother added something said to him:- and know?, you have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen!
Meanwhile the old woman, radiant happiness, returned to his home and his son, surprised, asked:
-MOM, what did you do today that you are so happy?
She responded:
-I ate with God in the Park! And do you know? It is younger than I thought!
Are we ready to see our neighbor rather than a person?
Are we source of happiness to others?
We share things and, above all, love?

A special occasion

My friend opened the drawer of the chest of his wife and saw a package wrapped in tissue paper. "This - he said - is not a simple package, is fine lingerie".
It pulled the role that surrounded him, and indeed noted the exquisite silk and lace. "She bought this the first time we went to New York 8 or 9 years ago." He never used it. I was saving it for a 'special occasion'. Well... I think that this is the time".
He came to the bed and placed the garment along with other clothes that went to the funeral home. His wife had just died.
Turned towards me, and said:-do not keep anything for a special occasion, every day that you live is a special occasion.
I'm still thinking about those words have changed my life since then.
Now I'm reading more and less cleaning. I am on the terrace and admire the landscape without noticing the weeds from the garden. I spend more time with my family and friends and less time at work. I understood that life should be a pattern of experience to enjoy, not to survive. Now I have nothing. I use my glasses every day and I wear my new coat to go to the supermarket.
Already I do not keep my best lotion for special parties, use it whenever you want me to do it. The phrases "someday..." and "one of these days", are disappearing from my vocabulary. If it is worth to see it, hear it or do it, I want to see it, hear it or do it now.
They are those little things left undone that would make me angry if I knew that my hours are limited. Angry because I stopped seeing good friends with whom I was going to be contacted "someday"; angry because I didn't write certain letters intending to write "one of these days"; angry and sad because I didn't tell them to my brothers and my children often enough, how much love you. Now I try not to delay, stop or keep nothing to give them laughter and joy to our lives. And every morning I say to myself that this day is special... every day, every hour, every minute is... Special.
Are we willing to so live every moment as a special occasion that doesn't ever end?

The skills of the boatman

A scholarly man rented a boat to cross a river. Upon receipt, the Ferryman was expressed with poor and poorly constructed sentences. The scholar asked him:
-You have never studied grammar, right?
-No, Sir, replied the Ferryman-am illiterate.
-I guess not know history, geography and arithmetic?
-No, I don't know anything like that - replied the Ferryman, half embarrassed again.
-Do of course who either know nothing of philosophy, art, or literature? -He returned to ask the educated man with certain pedantry.
-No, Sir, only I am a poor ignorant boatman - said the already completely humiliated man.
-Because I have to tell you that a man without culture is as if he had lost half his life - sentenced scholar.
At that moment, the boat, dragged by the current, was to give against some rocks and broke in two and fell barquero and scholar to the river.
The Ferryman asked:
-Lord, Lord, do you know swimming?
-No, can't swim! -cried terribly frightened man.
-I'm afraid that today will lose not half but his life.
Having said that, the Ferryman was launched into the river and departed swimming. But he walked away very little, returned and saved a fastidious man who, indeed humbled, not uttered Word to the shore.
Why we ufanamos our qualities and skills without considering those of others?
Are there are other skills that may be more appropriate depending on the circumstances that the mine?

The last supper

The work entitled the last supper of Leonardo Da Vinci, was painted over a period of seven years.
Images representing the twelve apostles and Jesus apparently were portraits of real people. When it was learned that Da Vinci would paint this work hundreds of young people arose before him to be selected. The person who would be the model to be Christ was the first to be selected.
Da Vinci sought a face reflecting an innocent, peaceful personality and that was at the same time good-looking. I was looking for a free hard features face that leaves the uneasy life of sin. Finally, after several attempts, selected a young man of 19 years of age as a model to represent the figure of Jesus.
For nearly six months. Leonardo worked to paint the main character of this formidable work. During the next six years he continued his work looking for people who would represent twelve apostles, leaving to the end that would be Judas.
For many other weeks was Leonardo looking for a man with a hard and cold expression. A face marked by disappointment, betrayal, hypocrisy, and crime. A face that would identify his best friend.
After many failed attempts in the pursuit of this model, reached the ears of Leonardo that a man existed with these characteristics in the Dungeon of Rome. This man was sentenced to death for having led a life of robbery and murder. Da Vinci saw before him a man whose damaged long hair fell over his face hiding a few eyes full of anger, hatred and ruin: at last had found who modelaría Judas in his work.
Thanks to a permit by their captors, the prisoner was transferred to Milan to the study of the master. For several months this man sat silently opposite Leonardo as the artist continued with the arduous task of translating his work the character who had betrayed Jesus. When he gave the last brushstroke to his work, turned to the guards of the prisoner and told them that they take him.
When they came out of the enclosure, the prisoner sprang from the guards and ran towards Leonardo Da Vinci yelling:
-Da Vinci! Watch me! You do not recognize who I am?
Leonardo Da Vinci studied it carefully and replied:
-Never I had seen in my life until that afternoon in the black hole of Rome.
The prisoner looked to the sky, fell to his knees and cried out desperately:
-Leonardo Da Vinci, look at me again: I am that young man whose face you chose to represent Christ seven years...!
Will be repeated this story in our societies, modern, full of wars, injustices, mafias and crime?

A cracked crock

A charger of water had two large vessels that hung from the ends of a pole carrying on his shoulders. One of the pots was perfect and retained the full water until the end of the long road, from the stream to the House of the pattern.
The other pot had a crack where it was spilling water along the way. When he arrived, he could only deliver half of its capacity. Two years was repeated day after day this situation.
The perfect vessel felt proud of herself, while the cracked vase lived ashamed of its own imperfection and felt miserable about not to meet fully the Mission for which it had been created.
One day, he decided to expose their pain and their shame to the Waterboy, and told:
-I'm very ashamed of myself and I offer apologies.
-Why? -Asked the Waterboy-. You know well why – answers the vessel-. Due to my cracks, you can only deliver half of the water and therefore only receive half of the money that you should receive.
The waterseller smiled meekly and said to the cracked pot:
-When tomorrow we go once again to the House of the pattern I want you to notice the beautiful flowers that grow along the way.
So he did and, indeed, saw that the edges of the road were adorned with beautiful flowers. Although this view not erased the grief that grew him in his soul of vessel by not being able to its mission to the fullest, returning to the House he received this response from the water carrier:
-Do you realise that flowers only grow next to the road? I always knew your crack and wanted to take advantage of them. I planted flowers where you were going to spend and every day, without having to work hard for it, you've been watering them. During these two years, I have been able to pick these flowers to decorate the altar of my teacher. If you were not as you are, it not would have been able to enjoy the beauty of those flowers.
How many failures of many people are considered attributes for other people?
Why are we so strong with self-criticism?
Can we better leverage the capabilities of partners, of children, of our partner?

The box of kisses

The father was furious when his three-year-old daughter spent a whole roll of paper to wrap the box which was going to put under the Christmas tree. They were very short of money and that wastage seemed all a recklessness. Despite the scolding, the next day the girl handed over with his hands the box his dad.
-This is for you, Daddy.
The father felt ashamed of his former anger, but turned his anger when he saw that the box was empty.
-It is assumed that if one is going to give something, does not deliver an empty box - told cries the Pope-. You spent all the paper for nothing, to deliver an empty box!
- But is not empty, papi - told him the girl sobbing. All day yesterday I was filling it with kisses.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote in his masterpiece the Prince: "the fundamental thing is invisible to eyes".
The affection and its manifestations are not perhaps a priceless gift?
How do you measure love?

Socratic wisdom

Socrates was in prison waiting to be executed. One day he heard how a prisoner in the cell immediately singing a difficult and little-known song in a foreign language.
Socrates asked him to teach that song.
-What for? -said the prisoner.
-So that I can die knowing one more thing.
-Do you want to learn something new just a week before he died?
-Exactly for the same reason by like it to learn some fifty years before his death - Socrates said.
A man arrived where Socrates with his son, and asked that he take care of the education of the boy.
The philosopher said that it would take five hundred drachmas. It appeared to the rich much money:
-It's money! That amount could buy me an ass.
-Then the elder philosopher replied:
-Actually, I advise you to buy it. So you will have two.
Do you realized that aging is different if we maintain the curiosity and learn every day?
How much nurture our spirit?

A worm in the Summit

A powerful Eagle made its nest in a rock steep, so high that bird almost touches heaven sagging with its wings. There she laid its eggs and their chicks were born.
Quiet the bird, in terms of the security of your home by inaccessible, down every day for their food.
One day, back, had an unpleasant surprise. A worm had installed in the nest. Angry and confused, he took the intruder within its clutches and set out to kill him.
-How did so far, miserable? -He said.
The worm was shaking and told his iktotchi:-Lady Eagle, don't kill me and I tell him how I got such high.
-Say it, and I promise the forgiveness.
The humble and contrite worm replied:
-Powerful and magnanimous Mrs.: came here to force drag me... and... drag me and drag me...
Are we high-flying Eagles, capable of reaching the heights, or worms only reaching the top with sacrifices of his character by ourselves?
We see the difference between the two when they are at the Summit?
How will come above many of our acquaintances?

King of the jungle

Three young lions living in the jungle. One day, the monkey, representative elected by other animals, convened a meeting to all the inhabitants of the forest, to take a decision and told them:
-All of us know that the lion is the King of animals, but have three lions must make a decision and choose what will be our King. All three are very strong, then, which of them we should yield obedience?
The Lions knew the meeting was underway and commented on each other: "it is true, the concern of animals make much sense. A forest may not have three kings. Fight between us will not want it, since we are very good friends... We need to know what will be chosen, but how to discover it? "."
The animals who were participating in the meeting, after much discussion, came to a decision and communicated it to the three lions:
We found a very simple solution to the problem and decided that you three are going to climb the mountain difficult - he said monkey. That comes first to the top, will be crowned our King - said the deer.
The difficult mountain was the highest of all the jungle. The challenge was accepted and all the animals gathered at the foot of the mountain to attend the great climbing.
The first lion tried to climb and could not arrive.
The second began with all the desire, but also withdrew.
The third lion could either get it and fell humiliated.
The animals were impatient and curious: If none of the three was able to, how would a King?
At that time, an eagle, large in age and wisdom, asked for the word:
-I know who should be King!
All animals became silent and looked at each other with great expectations.
-How? -They asked everyone.
-It is simple--he said the Eagle-. I was flying next to them and when they returned defeated his climbing by mountain difficult, listened to what each said to the mountain:
The first lion said:-"Mountain, me has vencido"
The second lion said:-"Mountain, me has vencido"
The third lion said:-"mountain, I have overcome... for now. But you already did your final size and I am still growing"
-The difference - completed Eagle - is that the third lion had a winner attitude when he felt the defeat at that time and didn't give up; and for anyone who thinks so, he is bigger than your problem. If he is the King of its own, it is poised to be the King of others.
The animals applauded enthusiastically the third Lion, which was crowned as the King of the animals.
It is possible we will again face that problem once we could not solve?
Does the way we deal with the problems affect our way of life?
Our self-esteem is preserved despite the apparent defeat?

Heart to motivate

A Squire collected horses and only lacked a copy of a particular race. One day he learned that his neighbor had such copy and tried, day after day, to persuade its neighbor so that it might sell. When it could do to the animal, a month after the horse became ill and there was need to call the vet who diagnosed:
-His horse is a virus and it's necessary to administer this medication for three consecutive days; After three days we will see if it has improved. If you have not done so then, will not be forced to sacrifice him.
At the same time pig heard the conversation of the two men. Next day gave the medication to the horse, and when they left, the pig approached Steed and told him:
-Force friend! Get up there, if not, you're going to be sacrificed.
On the second day he was given again the drug and, when they left, the pig approached and told him:
-Will my great friend! Get up, if not, you're gonna die, will I'll help you!
The third day gave him medication and the vet said:
-Probably we will have to sacrifice it tomorrow because you can spread the virus to other horses.
When they left the pig, approached again and said:
-We will friend, it's now or never! Mood... strength... I'll help you... Come on... a, two, three... slowly... almost... that... that... now runs slowly... more fast... fantastic... run... run... you beat champion!...
At that moment becomes the owner of the horse, seen it running and says
-Miracle! The horse improved... to do a party... Let's kill the pig to celebrate it!
Many times companies does not value the efforts of many people whose support goes unnoticed and sometimes they are killed?
Today the triumph is one only, or is the result of a team work?

The weight of the water

A speaker talked about stress management. He raised a glass of water and asked the audience:
-How much you believe that weighs this glass of water?
The public responses varied between 20 and 500 grams. Then the lecturer commented:
-No. that depends on. It is not a matter of weight but time. In truth, it matters little absolute weight. What matters to be considered is the time I'm going to hold it. If I hold it for a minute, nothing happens. If I hold it for an hour I start to hurt your arm. If I hold it for a full day, you will have to call an ambulance. And is exactly the same weight: but while step longer holding it, heavier it is becoming.
And he concluded:
-If we carry our weight all the time, sooner or later will not be able to continue: the load will be becoming ever more and more heavy. What you have to do is leave the vessel somewhere and get some rest before holding it again. You have to let the load periodically: that is comforting and allows you to continue again.
Therefore, until you return your home tonight it leaves out the weight of your tensions. Don't take you it to your House. Tomorrow you can pick it up again, leave.
They are great tensions only carrying small loads increased by our habit to follow?
Can you download your labor tension before arriving at your House?

An ethical fishing

Around the fishing season, that city was celebrating a festival every year. All the inhabitants of the region were waiting with anxiety the start of that season, because the families wanted to display their skills in fishing.
Like Daniel to remember his childhood in that city, as his family owned a cabin located on an island in the middle of a lake. Whenever he could, he would dock to fish.
One day, before I fall overnight and on the eve of the fishing season the sea bass (a very precious fish by its size and beauty), Daniel was with his father at the pier. Father and son began catching small fish with the typical worms. But, at a certain moment, her father changed the bait and put a small silver fly before that Daniel did its launch.
It was already dark when Daniel realized that there was something huge on the other end. His rod was bent. The father watched with admiration how her son dragged skillfully its prey until they finally raised the water to the exhausted fish. It was the largest bass he had seen. Father lit a match and looked at his watch. They were ten in the evening, precisely two hours before it opened the season on the region.
-You will have to return to the Lake, son - the father suddenly told.
-Dad! -shouted Daniel
-There will be other fish - said his father.
-Not as big as this, Dad! -cried the boy.
Then, Daniel looked around. No witness fisherman, not seen or boats under the moon. The child turned to look at his father. Although nobody had seen them, nor no one could know what time the fish was fish, the guy warned by the firmness of his father's voice that ethical decision was not negotiable.
He slowly pulled the hook of the huge mouth of bass, very carefully, and returned it to the dark waters. The fish moved his powerful body and disappeared. The boy suspected that he would never again see a big fish. This episode took place 34 years ago.
Currently, Daniel is a successful Executive. The cabin of his father is always in the same place in the region and there continues his own children to fish at the same dock where he had it.
And he was right: never again to catch a fish so grand as of that night. But whenever confronted with the issue of ethics, that same fish appears to his eyes. Because as his father taught him is, ethics is more than a simple affair between good and evil.
Only the practice of ethics is difficult. Are we doing the right thing only when no one looks at us?
We use the information that reaches us in personal gain, only when other persons do not have access to it?
Do we have conscience?
* Text attributed to James P. Lenfcstey, American writer and poet.

The brick

A young and successful Executive walked at full speed in his Jaguar latest model, without any caution.
Suddenly he felt a thunderous blow in the door, stopped and to get off saw that a brick had spoiled him paint, body and the side glass of his luxury car. It came up again, but full of anger, gave a sudden u-turn and returned to full speed to the place where he saw out the brick, which had just damage your beautiful and exotic car.
He got out of the car of a jump and grabbed by the arms to a boy, and pushing it toward the parked car, yelled loudly:
-That was what rays? Who are you? What do you do with my car? - And enraged, almost throwing smoke, continued yelling at the boy:-don't you see that is a new car and that brick you threw will cost you dearly? Why did you make that?
-Please, Sir, please. I'm sorry!, I don't know what to do - pleaded the little boy. I threw the brick because no one stopped.
Tears fell down her cheeks to the ground, while noted beside the parked car.
-Look, is my brother - he said-. He fell from his wheelchair to the ground and I can not lift it.
Sobbing, the boy asked the Executive:
-Do you can you please help me to sit in your Chair? It is hit, is heavy and I can not lift it because I am very small.
Visibly struck by the words of the boy, the Executive swallowed passing the knot that formed him in the throat. Indescribably excited by what had just happen, he raised the young soil and sat it again in your Chair; immediately pulled his silk scarf for a little clean cuts and dust in the wounds of the brother of that special little boy.
After verifying that the brother was all right, he looked at the boy when it gave him thanks with a smile that is impossible to describe...
-God bless you, Sir, and thank you very much - he told.
The man saw how the boy moved away laboriously pushing the heavy wheelchair from his brother, until you reach a humble cottage nearby.
The Executive has not even noticed the door of the car, with the purpose of remembering not should go through life so in haste to the point that someone has to throw a brick to draw attention.
Why not we anticipate the needs of others and they are having to ask for our help?
How sensitive we are to the pain of others?
There is still some room for mercy?

Thousand marbles

A few weeks ago I headed for my amateur radio equipment in the basement of my house, with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and the newspaper in the other. What began as a typical Saturday morning, became one of those lessons that life seems to give us from time to time.
Let me tell you: tuned my radio equipment into a network for the exchange of the Saturday morning. After a while I came across a fellow sounding a much greater. He was speaking, with him who was chatting with, something about "thousand marbles". I was intrigued and I stopped to hear what he told his interlocutor:
"Well. John, you'll see that it seems that you are busy with your work. I'm sure that you pay well, but it is a pity that you have to spend away from home and away from your family so long. It is difficult to imagine that a young man has to work sixty hours a week to survive. "How sad that you lost the theatrical presentation of your daughter".
Then continued: "Let me tell you something, John, something that has helped me to maintain a good perspective on my own priorities".
And it was then that he began to explain his theory about a "thousand marbles":
"Some years ago, I sat down one day and did something of arithmetic: the average person lives about seventy-five years." 75 years I multiplied by 52 weeks per year, then got 3,900, which is the number of Saturday that the average person will have in their lifetime. Stay with me, John, I'm going to the important part.
"Then, with my 55 years, already had lived more than 2,800 on Saturday! I started thinking that if it came at the age of seventy-five, only they would me a few thousand Saturday to enjoy. So I went to a toy store and bought all of the Marbles that had. I had to visit three stores for 1,000 marbles.
"I took them home and put them into a source of transparent glass, together with my team of amateur radio. From then on, every Saturday have taken a marble and I pulled it. I discovered that, looking at how diminished the marbles, I focused more on the truly important things in life. There is nothing equal to observe how you exhausted your time on Earth, to adjust and adapt your priorities in life.
"Now let me say one last thing before we disconnect and take my beautiful wife to breakfast: this morning took the last marble in the glass bowl, and then I realized what if I live until next Saturday, then I will have been given a little bit more than life."
"I enjoyed talking with you. John, I hope that you can spend more time with your family and hope to find us here at the band. See you soon, goodbye '75-year-old man'. Change and outside. Good day! "."
One could have heard a pin drop in the band when this friend logged out. I think that you gave us all quite what to think. I had planned to work in the antenna that morning and then went to meet with a few amateur radio to prepare the new circular from the club. Instead of that, I went up the stairs and woke up my wife with a kiss.
-Come on, my dear, I want to take you and the boys to breakfast out.
-What? -She asked surprised.
-Oh, nothing!, is that we have not gone along with the boys Saturday in a long time. By the way, can we stop at the toy store before arriving at the restaurant? I need to buy some marbles.
Have you realized that the only thing that can not be treasure is the time? Nobody can enter time on an account and then remove it.
Have you realized that the only thing that was just distributed between all human beings in the universe is the time?
Despite the efforts of many to hide their age, all grow old one day every 24 hours!

The blind advertising

It was a blind man sitting on the sidewalk with his black glasses, a hat at his feet and a piece of cardboard which, written with white chalk, read: "Please help me, I am blind".
A creative advertising passing in front of him stopped and observed a few coins in the hat. Without asking permission the blind took the cartel, turned, grabbed a marker and wrote another ad.
He returned to put the piece of cardboard on the feet of the blind and went.
At the end of the afternoon the creative returned to pass in front of the man who asked for charity: the hat was full of banknotes and coins!
When the blind man recognized his footsteps and the smell of the lotion, it asked him if he was the same person who had rewritten his sign and asked him to read it is.
The publicist responded:
-"Nothing that is not as true as your ad, but with other words". He said no more and went on his way.
The blind then knew it: its new poster said:
If we change our strategy when we not get something, we will see that things can be otherwise.
Do the pessimist speak the half empty glass and the optimistic vessel half full?
Have you ever heard the negative pleasures?
Example: what Bliss, it's raining and as I have no one at home so I can lie me and rest! Instead of what loneliness and what so horrible to be in house day!

The tortoise and the Hare

On occasion, Laura Botta, a Rotarian who lives in Misiones, Argentina, picked up this text of Jim Rohn, a renowned American lecturer, which seems appropriate for this book.
Part I
A tortoise and a Hare were always arguing about who was the fastest. To resolve the conflict of opinions, they decided to run a race.
They chose a route and began the competition. The Hare went at full speed and ran strongly for quite a while. Then seeing that speaks released a lot of advantage. He decided to sit under a tree to rest a few moments, regain strength and then continue their March. But she soon fell asleep. The turtle, that step was slow but steady, reached it, exceeded, and ended in punta, declaring himself undisputed winner of the race.
Moral: The slow but constant and persevering, also won the race.
Part II
But the story does not end here, but it continues...
The Hare, disappointed at having lost, did an examination of conscience and acknowledged its mistake of underestimating the tortoise. He realized that by careless and presumed lost speaking career. If I had not underestimated never had been able to beat his opponent. He then challenged the tortoise to new competition. This time the Hare ran tirelessly from the beginning to the end and his triumph was blunt.
Moral: The quick and tough due to the constant and persevering.
Part III
However history does not end here...
After being defeated, the turtle thought carefully and came to the conclusion that there was no way to beat the Hare in speed. In the way as the race was raised, she would always lose.
Therefore, he again challenged the Hare, but he proposed to run along a route different from the previous. Hare agreed and ran at full speed, until he found on his way with a wide river. The Hare could not swim, and while he wondered "What now...?", turtle swims to the other side, continued its slow but steady step and ended the race in the first place.
Moral: Identify your competitive advantage, and change the environment to take advantage of it, come first.
Part IV
This story is not yet over...
He spent the time. And they both shared the Hare and the tortoise that ended up becoming friends. Both acknowledged that they were good competitors and decided to repeat the last race, but this time running as a team.
In the first part the Hare loaded the turtle until you reach the river. There, turtle spanned the River to swim with the hare on his shell and. already on the shore front, the Hare again loaded the turtle until you reach the goal.
As they reached the finish line in record time, they felt greater satisfaction than that it had experienced in their individual achievements.
Moral: It is good to be individually brilliant and strong personal capabilities. But, unless we are able to work with others and mutually enhance the capacities of each one, we will not be fully effective.
Final CODA
It is important to come that neither the Hare nor the tortoise gave up the race. The Hare evaluated his performance, acknowledged their mistakes and decided to put more effort after his failure. Meanwhile, turtle, noticing that the speed was his greatest weakness, decided to change its strategy and take advantage of their strength as a swimmer, in a new tour. After several contests, the tortoise and the Hare discovered that United they achieved better results.
The Hare and the tortoise also learned another life lesson:
When we stop competing against a rival and started to compete against a situation, we not only complement capabilities, offset weaknesses, we promote our resources... but that we also get better results!.
Everyone races ahead, and there are many ways to earn them. There are many hares, many turtles... and many goals achieved!
Finally: Does not meet with an easy group and conformist: won't you grow to go where they are very high demands and expectations of performance *.
* Rohn, author of many aphorisms, saying: I listen to everyone, I speak with few, I decide to just, and this one: discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

A list of accolades

One day a mixed school teacher asked students to put the names of all his classmates on a sheet of paper, leaving a space between name and name. Then she asked them to think in the most beautiful thing saying each of his companions and that write under each name.
During the weekend the teacher wrote the name of each of their students on separate sheets of paper and reproduced in it, anonymously, all beautiful things which every one of his colleagues had written about him.
On Monday she delivered each one his list and almost immediately the entire class was smiling.
"I never knew that it could mean something to someone", and "I didn't know that my colleagues wanted me so much," were the comments. But no one returned to mention those papers in class.
Years later, one of these students was killed in a war and the teacher attended his funeral. She was the last in approaching the coffin and, while he tied there, one of the soldiers who acted as honor guard approached her and asked:
-Did you Professor of mathematics of frames?
She babbled:-Yes.
He said:-Marcos talked a lot about you.
After the funeral, most of the former companions of Marcos went together to a snack. There were also parents of Marcos, obviously eager to talk with their teacher.
-We wanted to show him something - said the father, pulling out a Wallet - Pocket. They found him in Marcos clothes when he was dead, we thought that maybe you would recognize it. And by opening the wallet, he carefully drew two worn pieces of paper that had been arranged with tape, then saw that they had been opened and closed many times.
The teacher realized that was the sheet which she had recorded all the beautiful things that Marcos coworkers had written about him.
-Thank you for having taken what he did - said the mother of Marcos-. As you can see, he kept it as a treasure.
All former teammates Mark's began to gather around.
Carlos smiled and coyly said:
-I still have my list, I have it on top of my desk drawer.
The wife of Felipe said:-Philip asked me to put his on his double album.
-I got mine too - Marilyn said, I have it in my diary.
Then Victoria got her hand in the portfolio, took out a wallet and showed the Group her worn and wrinkled list:-I took her with me all the time - and without even blinking it said:-I think that all we have preserved our lists.
It was then that the teacher sat down and cried. She cried by Marcos and all their colleagues who do not return it to see...
Isn't it a simple way of showing appreciation?
How can we improve the self-esteem of others?
You have you trying to assess others explicitly, even on a sheet of paper?

The last embrace

This is the story of an anonymous driver's cab, in any city in the world:
Twenty years ago I was driving a taxi to live. He did so on the night shift and my taxi became a moving confessional. Passengers is climbing, they sat back and told me about their lives. I found people whose lives amazed me, ennoblecían me, made me laugh or deprimían me. But none moved me as much as the woman who I picked up too late on a night of August.
I responded to a call of a few small buildings in a quiet part of the city. When I arrived at 2:30 am the building was dark except for a light in the window of the first floor. Under those circumstances, many drivers only make sound his horn once or twice, wait just a minute, and then go. But I have seen many people who rely on taxis as their only means of transportation, so I waited.
Although the situation was dangerous, I always went to the door. "This passenger should be someone who needs my help," I thought, therefore, walked to the door and knocked.
-A minute... - answered a fragile voice. I could hear something it was dragged across the floor and, after a long pause, the door opened.
A small woman, about eighty years, stood opposite me. She wore a flowered dress and a hat with a veil, as someone from a 1940s movie. At his side was a small suitcase of canvas that I helped load.
The Department looked as if no one had lived there for many years. All furniture were covered with sheets, speaks no clocks on the walls, no trinket or pan. In the corner was a cardboard box full of photos and a glass-ware.
He repeated his gratitude by my kindness.
-It's nothing - I said-. I just try to treat my passengers in the way that I would like that my mom treated fiera.
-Oh, I'm sure that is a good son! -She said.
When we got into the taxi he gave me an address, then asked:
-It could be handled through the Center?
-That is not the way short... - I replied quickly.
-No matter - she - said. I have no hurry: go to the asylum.
I looked at her by the rear view mirror, his eyes were watery.
-I have no family - continued. The doctor says that I have not much time.
Calmly, I shut off the meter. -What route would you like to take? -I asked.
During the whole morning I drove through the city. She showed me the building where he had worked as a lift operator. I drove to the neighborhood where she and her husband had lived when they were newlyweds. He asked me that we would stop in front of a furniture store where once there was a dance hall that she was going to dance when I was young. Sometimes he asked me that happened slowly across a building in particular, or a corner; in those moments, I watched in the dark, and said nothing...
With the first ray of Sun appeared on the horizon, she suddenly tell it:
-I am tired, let's go now.
I drove in silence to the address she had given me. It was a building low, like a small house of convalescence, with a road for cars passing under a portico. Two assistants who came to the taxi, with much kindness watched every move of the Lady. They must have been waiting for it.
I opened the trunk and I left the small suitcase at the door. The woman was ready to sit in a wheelchair.
-How much do owe you? -He asked, looking into his bag.
-Nothing - I told him.
-You have to live on something - I responded.
-There will be other passengers - I replied.
Almost without thinking, I reached down and hugged her. She held me firmly and said:
-I need another hug!
I squeezed his hand, turned and walked toward the morning light. Behind me a door closed: was a sound as of a complete life.
I not picked up any passenger at that turn and drove aimlessly for the rest of the day. He could not speak. What would have happened if the Lady a grumpy conductor, had collected it or one that was anxious to end their turns? What would have happened if I had refused to take the call, or I would have played the Horn once and I had gone?
After a quick look, I don't think that you have done something more important in my life. ES-tamos used to think that our lives are full of great moments, but the great moments are that traps us unsuspecting happily. People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said... but always remember did you them feel...
An anonymous author wrote: "retains the memory of the perfume of the rose and will easily forget that it is faded..."
Is it true that many older people end up depending on the favors or the affection of some unknown?
If young people despise the old, forget that, if they're lucky, they also will come back.

The decision of love

An individual was to visit a counselor to tell you that you already did not want his wife and that he intended to separate.
The Adviser heard him, looked him in the eyes and only said one word to him:
-Amal. -Then it was silent.
- But is that I no longer feel anything for her!
-Amala ¬ - said the expert before the embarrassment of Mr. You will see that it is not easy, but it is not impossible to treat it.
After a brief silence, he added the following:
-Love is a decision, not a feeling. Love is dedication and commitment. Love is a verb, and the fruit of that action is love. Your love is an exercise in gardening: start it hurts, prepares the land, sowing, be patient, waters, procures and cares. You must be prepared because there will be pests, drought or excessive rainfall, but not why you leave your garden. Love your partner, i.e., accept it, rating it, respect it, give affection and tenderness, admire it and understand it. That's all, amala.
Who can say that love is easy?

The real treasure

Jenny, the cheerful girl of Golden curls was about to age five. While waiting for his mother to pay in the supermarket case discovered a necklace of white and gleaming pearls in a pink metal box and begged him:
-MOM! Do you buy them me? Please...!
Quickly mother took a look at the back of the box. Then, he looked at the girl who begged him with her blue eyes and the head turned upward and said:
-Four thousand five hundred pesos. They are almost five thousand dollars... If you want the necklace, you will have to help more at home. So you'll save enough money to buy it. Your birthday will be in one week and may your grandmother to give you a ticket of two thousand pesos.
As soon as the girl came home, emptied his piggy bank and counted coins: four hundred seventy pesos. After dinner, he helped more than usual. Then he went to see his neighbor, Mrs. Rodriguez, and offered to tear out the weeds from the garden by two hundred pesos.
And on your birthday the grandmother gave her two thousand dollars. I finally had enough money to buy the necklace. Pearl loved Jenny. Felt elegant and like a big girl. Put them to go everywhere: to the Church, to kindergarten... Do not fell them not to sleep. It only took it for swimming or to take a bath of bubbles because his mother told him that if the collar is wet Pearl pelarían.
The father of Jenny was very affectionate. Every night, when she had to go to bed he stopped what they were doing and went up to her room to read him a story. One night, when you finish reading, she asked him:
-Do you love me?
-Of course, dad. You know that I love you.
-Then, give me pearls.
-Oh, dad. Pearls, no. But I can give you the Princess, my horses collection white Mare. Which has a pink tail. Do you remember, Dad? That you gave me. It is my favorite.
-Okay, my heaven. Papa loves you. Good night. -After saying these words, the Pope took to giving it a brief kiss on the cheek. He spent about a week. After telling a tale, Jenny Pope returned to ask:
-Do you love me?
-Yes, dad. You know that I love you.
-Then, give me pearls.
-Oh, dad. Pearls, no. But I can give my wrist, the new, which gave me on my birthday. It's beautiful, and will also give you the yellow blanket that matches with your bed.
-It's okay. That dream with the angels. Papa loves you. And, as always, he gave a tender kiss on the cheek.
A few nights later, the Pope, arriving at home, saw Jenny sitting on the bed cross-legged, Indian style. As you approach, it noted that Chin trembled him and a silent tear rolled him on the cheek.
-You what, daughter, what do you have?
Jenny said nothing but raised his tiny hand towards his father. When he opened it, there was the small Pearl necklace. Lips shook him a little while, finally, said:
-Takes, Pope. I give it to you.
The friendly Pope, with tear-filled eyes, extended a hand to make trinket necklace, got the other in the Pocket, and extracting a velvet presentation case Blue containing a genuine Pearl necklace, gave it to Jenny.
I had it from the beginning. Just waiting for that she handed the of jewelry to replace it with a true.
Are always together love and trust?

The four candles

Four candles burned slowly. The environment was such silence that dialogue which could be heard. The first said:
-I am peace! But people fail to keep me turned on. I think I'm going to turn off. And rapidly diminishing its fire, it went out completely.
He said the second:
-I'm faith! Unfortunately look like men superfluous. People don't want to know me. No sense remain lit. When he had finished speaking, a breeze gently passed over it and went out.
The third is said quickly and sad:
-I am love! I have no strength to go on. People stop me to one side and not understand my importance. Forget up to those who are very close and love them. And, without waiting for more, it went out.
Suddenly, came a child and saw the three extinguished candles.
- But, what is this? They should be switched on until the end. -To say this, began to cry.
Then, the fourth candle said:
-Don't be afraid: while I have fire can light the other candles: I hope!
With bright eyes, the child seized the candle that was still burning... And it went on the other.
That hope never extinguishes within us! And that each one of us know to be the tool that we need to maintain with them the faith, peace and love!

When the wind blows

A Squire, who owned land along the coastline in a Caribbean country, constantly needed employees.
Most of the people were some willing to work in fields along the Atlantic. They feared the horrific storms that swept the region and that made havoc on buildings and plantations.
Looking for new employees, could not find anybody who want to accept. Finally, a low and slim, and middle-aged man approached the Squire.
-Are you a good labrador? -asked the Squire
-Well, I can sleep when the wind blows--answered the little man.
Although quite confused with the response of the Squire, desperate for help, he employed him. This little man worked well across the field, staying occupied from dawn until dusk.
The Squire was pleased with the work of man. But then, one night the wind was loud. Squire jumped out of bed, grabbed a lamp and ran to the accommodation of the employee. He shook the small man and shouted:
-Get up! A storm is coming! Tie things until they are swept away!
The man turned on the bed and told him firmly:
-No, Sir. As I said is: I can sleep when the wind blows.
Infuriated by the response, the Squire was tempted to dismiss him immediately. Instead, he hastened to go out and prepare the ground for the storm. Employee it would later occupy.
But, to his amazement, he found that all the bales of hay had been covered with tarpaulins firmly tied to the ground. The cows were well protected in the barn, chickens in the henhouse, and all very well locked doors. Windows well closed and secured. Everything was tied. Nothing could be dragged.
The Squire then understood what his employee had wanted to say. And he returned to his bed to also sleep when the wind was blowing.
Do you sleep peacefully when the winds blow in your life?
Are we prepared for the storms, to the challenges of life?
What so strong are our convictions, our principles and our affections?

The Charter of the old

Beloved daughter:
The day that this old is no longer the same, be patient and understand me.
When you spill food on my shirt, and when you forget how to tie my shoes, bear with me: remember the hours I spent teaching you to do the same things.
If when you conversas with me again and repeat the same words and you know very well how to end... don't interrupt me and listen to me. When you were small so that you durmieras, I had to tell you thousands of times the same story until you close the eyes.
When we are gathered and not wanting to make my needs, don't be ashamed and understand I have no guilt, because I can't control them. Think how many times when girl you helped and patiently spent with you waiting for you to finish what they were doing.
I do not blame because it does not want to bathe; I do not scold for this reason. Remember the moments that you pursued and the thousand excuses I invented to make you more enjoyable your toilet.
When you see me useless and ignorant to all the technological things that I already do not understand, I beg you to give me all the time that is necessary in order not to hurt me with your mocking smile. Remember that it was I who taught you many things. Eat, dress and how to deal with life as well as you do, are the result of my effort and perseverance.
When at some point, while we talked, I forget what we are talking about, give me all the time as needed until I can remember, and if I can do it... not impatient you; perhaps was not important who spoke and all they wanted was to be with you and I'll hear at that moment.
If you ever don't want to eat, do not insist me. I know how much I can and when I shouldn't. It also includes that, over time, I've lost teeth and the taste to feel.
When my legs fail for being tired to go... give me your tender hand to support me like I did when you started to walk with your weak legs.
Finally, when one day I hear tell that I already don't want to live and just want to die... do not be angry. Someday you will understand that this has nothing to do with your love or how much I love you. Try to understand that I don't live but I am surviving, and that is not live.
Always wanted the best for you and I have prepared the paths that you have because of travel.
Then thinks that with this step I tell you to, I'll be building for you another route at one time... but always with you.
Don't feel sad, angry or helpless to see me as well. Give me your heart, understand me and support me as I did it when you started living.
In the same way as you've accompanied your path, please accompany me to finish mine.
Give me love and patience, that you'll return gratitude and smiles with the immense love I have for you.
You want to,
Your old

Butterfly and flower

Once, a man asked God to give him a flower and a butterfly.
But God gave him a cactus and a caterpillar.
The man was sad, because I did not understand why his request had not been met.
Then thought: "Claro... with so many people that care..."
And it met no challenge more.
After some time, man went to see what was sent one day. To his surprise, of the stickleback and ugly cactus was born the most beautiful flowers.
And the ugly Caterpillar is transformed into a beautiful butterfly.
What you want is not always what you need.
As he never fails in the delivery of their orders, go ahead without hesitation or murmuring: thorn of today will be the flower of the morning.

The second chance

There was a very rich man who had many goods, large farms, a large herd, many employees and an only son, his heir.
What most liked the son was to make parties, be with your friends and be flattered by them. His father always warned him that his friends would only be by his side while he had something to offer them. later, they would abandon him.
One day the old father, already advanced in age, told its employees to build him a small stable. Inside it, the own father prepared a gallows, and next to it, a plate with something written that said:
"So never despise the words of your father".
Later, he called his son, led him to the stable and said:
-My son, I'm old and when I go away you you encargarás of all that is mine... But unfortunately I know what will be your future: you are going to leave the property in the hands of employees and are going to spend all your money with your friends. You sell all the assets to spend, and when you don't have anything, your friends fall away from you. Only then you will regret it bitterly for not hearing me. It was for this that I built this gallows. She is for you! I just wish that I promise that, if this happens, you ahorcarás in it.
The young man laughed, thought it was an absurd, but to not contradict his father promised him so he would thinking that that would never happen.
Time passed, father died and his son was responsible for everything, and as well as her father had predicted, the young man spent everything, sold the assets, lost their friends and even own dignity. It was ruined.
Desperate and afflicted, he began to reflect on his life and saw that he had been a fool. He remembered the words of his father, and began to say:
-Ah, my father... If I had listened to your advice... But now it is too late.
Sorry, the young man looked up and saw the stable. With slow steps, turned down, saw the fork and plate full of dust, and then thought:
-I never followed the words of my father, could not cheer him when he was alive, but at least this time I will keep the promise I made. Nothing to lose but life have no me.
Then he climbed the steps, put the rope on neck and thought:
-Ah, if I had a new opportunity...
He took a deep breath, closed her eyes and then threw himself from the top of the stairs until he felt that the rope squeezed her throat... it was the end!
However, the jib arm was hollow and broke easily, collapsing to the floor, the boy. Upon him fell tickets, emeralds, pearls, rubies, sapphires and bright, many bright... The gallows was hollow and filled with precious stones. Between all that treasure that fell, the young heir found a note. On it was written:
"This is your second chance. I love you very much! With love, your old father".
We've had a second chance and we have used it?
Why us difficult to both follow the advice of our elders?
Sometimes meets the aphorism that "what anything costs us, again party"?

The girl of the apples

A group of sellers was a Sales Convention. All had promised them to their wives that they would arrive in time for dinner on Friday night. However, the Convention ended a bit late and they came late to the airport.
All with their tickets and portfolios came running through the halls of passengers. Suddenly, and without wanting it, one of the sellers stumbled across a table that had a basket of apples. The apples were flying everywhere. Without stopping or turning back, sellers continued running just reached onto the plane. All, except one.
This last seller stopped, took a deep breath and experienced a feeling of compassion by the owner of the post of apples. Told his friends that they should continue without him, and asked one of them to call his wife and explain that he will arrive on the next flight, arriving. Then he returned to the Hall and found all the apples thrown on the ground.
His surprise was great to realize that the owner of the post was a blind girl. He found her crying, with huge tears running down her cheeks. He tapped the floor trying, in vain, to pick up the apples, as the crowd passed, fast, without stopping and without caring about his misfortune.
Man knelt with her, along with the apples, put them into the basket and helped him mount the post again. As he did so he realized that many had been beaten and they were bruised. He took them and put them in another basket.
What did, pulled out his wallet and told the girl:
-Take, please, these twenty thousand dollars for the damage you did. Are you okay?
Her, weeping, nodded his head.
He continued saying
-I hope to have not ruined your day. Good bye.
As the seller began to move away, the girl yelled:
-Sir... Sir...!
He stopped and turned to look at those blind eyes. She asked him:
-Are you Jesus?
He stood in dry and gave several turns before heading to board another flight, that question burning it and vibrating in his soul.
Many of us assume the consequences of our actions?
We compensate the others when we have hurt them?
We put ourselves in the shoes of the other?

The dictionary of children

When we learned of the book Casa de las Estrellas, a wonderful selection of Javier Naranjo with definitions written by children of primary, we could not less that delight us with these texts:
Old man: He is a man who stays sitting all day.
(Mary Luz Arbeláez, 9 years old)
White: White is a color that does not paint.
(Jonathan de J. Ramirez. 11 years)
Heaven: Where it goes.
(Duvan Arnulfo Arango, 8 years)
COLOMBIA: It is a football match.
(Diego Alejandro Giraldo, 8 years)
GUERRILLA: It is a lot of police officers.
(White Nidia Loaiza, 11 years)
TEACHER: It is a person who never tires of copy.
(María José García, 8 years)
MAFIOSO: Is a person with a lot of money and that he does not like anything.
(Luis Fernando Ocampo, 10 years)
POLITICIAN: He is a person that just us or support, depends on their economic situation.
(Brown Ernesto pastor, 11 years)
SEX: He is a person that kiss on top of the other.
(Luisa Fernanda Potes, 8 years)
Sun: which dries the clothes.
(Diego Alejandro Giraldo, 8 years)
Peace of mind: That the Pope will tell that you are going to paste and then tell you that no longer.
(White Yuli Henao, 10 years)
UNIVERSE: It is a contest for the Queens.
(Jesús Walter Arias. 10 years)

The value of friendship

In an American school is told this story:
One day, when I was high school student, I saw a classmate my walking back to his house. Carlos was called. He was carrying all of his books and I thought: "why is will be taking home all the books on Friday? It must be a nerd!"
I already had plans for the weekend: parties and a football game with my friends on Saturday afternoon, so I shrugged and went my way.
While I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him, and when they reached it, they shot him all his books and made him tripping that threw him to the ground; his glasses flew and fell on the grass about three metres of it. Looked up and saw a tremendous sadness in his eyes.
My heart shuddered, so I ran toward him while he crawled looking for his glasses. I saw some tears in his eyes. I approached him at his hands his glasses and said:-those guys are morons, they should not do this!
He looked at me and said to me:-Hello... thanks!
There was a big smile on his face. I helped him with his books because he lived near my house. I asked him why he had not seen it before and told me that he had just changed from a private school. I had never met someone who had gone to a private school. We walked up to his house. I asked him if he wanted to play football on Saturday, with my friends, and he accepted. We were together throughout the weekend.
While more acquainted with Carlos, better us fell, both to me and to my friends.
He arrived on Monday morning and there was Carlos with a new stack of books. I stopped and said:-Hi, going to get good muscles if you load all those books every day.
He laughed and gave me half so that will help.
During the following four years, Carlos and I became best friends.
When we were about to finish high school, Carlos decided to go to Georgetown University and I would go to the Duke. I knew that we would always be friends, that distance would not be a problem. He would study medicine and I administration, on a football scholarship.
Carlos was the speaker of our graduation. I upset him constantly telling him that he was a nerd. The big day came. He prepared the speech. I was happy to not be that needed to speak.
Carlos looked really well. It was one of those people who had found herself during high school, had improved in all aspects and looked good with his glasses. It had more appointments with girls that I and all worship him! Caramba! Sometimes even I felt jealous...
I could see that he was nervous about the speech, so I gave him a pat on the back and said:-you'll see that you'll be great, friend.
He looked at me with one of those looks really thank you and smiled at me.
-Thank you - I said. He cleared his throat and began his speech:
"Graduation is a good time to give thanks to all those who have helped us through these difficult years: your parents, your teachers, your siblings, maybe a coach... but mostly your friends." I'm here to tell you, that being a friend of someone is the best gift we can give and receive and, by the way, I am going to tell a story..."
I looked at my unbelieving friend when he began to tell the story of the day we met. That weekend he had planned to commit suicide. He was alone, had major problems. He spoke of how he had cleaned his school locker and why he carried all his books with him: so that his mother would not have to then go to pick them up.
He stared at me and smiled at me.
"Fortunately I was saved. A friend saved me from doing something irreparable".
I listened with amazement how this handsome and popular boy told everyone that moment of weakness. His parents also looked at me and smiled me with that same smile of gratitude. Just at that moment I realized from the depths of his words:
Never underestimate the power of your actions: a small gesture, can change the life of another person, for better or for worse. Friends are angels who lead us in his arms when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
We know and are aware of the consequences of our actions, for good or for evil?
We are not responsible for the happiness or unhappiness of others, but it is not true that we sometimes contribute to them?

Selling your House?

One day the owner of a small business, friend of the great Brazilian poet Olavo Bilac, found on the street and said:
-Mr Bilac, I need to sell my house, which you know so well. Could you help me to write the notice for the journal?
Olavo Bilac took pencil and paper and wrote:
Sold charming property, where sing the birds at sunrise in the extensive groves, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of a beautiful stream. The House, bathed by the rising sun, offers the quiet shade of the evenings on the balcony.
Some months later, the poet met with friend shopkeeper and asked him if he had already sold the place.
-I didn't think more on that - the man - said. After that I read the notice I realized marvel that had.
How many times we don't appreciate what we have and go after other things, goals or people? We have the inventory of all the wonderful things that surround us?

The frustration of Noah

Approaching the year 2050, the Lord fell to the ground and thus spake unto Noah:
-Inside of six months I will make rain for forty days and forty nights, until all your country is covered by the waters and the wicked are destroyed. I will save you, your family and a pair of every animal species living in your land. I command to build an ark and take care of animals gather to make in six months everyone here, at this same place, ready to ship.
- But, Mr--tried to argue Noah, a humble Carpenter of province.
-Please, Noah, do what I tell you! -Ordered the Lord-. In this country, perversion, corruption and injustice have reached an intolerable degree! The lust for power and wealth have made your countrymen to forget my teachings. They have cast aside the love of neighbour and respect their neighbors. I'm going to give an exemplary punishment!
-Do what you order, Sir, said Noah, who was an extremely righteous man, good and pious, as there is almost no, and less in that country.
Six months passed, the sky darkened and the flood began. The Lord looked between the black clouds and saw Noah weeping bitterly in the door of his house. No Ark was constructed and only a few animals roaming around his humble dwelling.
-Where is the Ark, Noah? -asked God, wrathful.
-Forgive me, Lord - the poor man begged-, I did what I could but I found great difficulties: to build the Ark had to manage a permit, authorize the planes and pay very high taxes. Then demanded me that the Ark had a security system against fire and different internal evacuation routes, which I could only fix bribing an official. Some residents complained that he was working in a residential area, and in that I lost precious time, because in the municipality, to authorize me, they sought a contribution for the Mayor's re-election campaign. But the main problem I had to get the wood, as in environmental Corporation did not understand that it was an emergency and told me there was only wood available for sea craft, contained in a decree which does not contemplate the construction of arcas.
"Then appeared the Union, supported by the Ministry of labour, called me to employ their affiliated carpenters." Meanwhile I started to look at the animals of each species, and stumbled across the problem that, if not for the Zoo, the Ministry of agriculture requires filling out forms and paying other taxes who made me impossible to deal with. Public works, for its part, demanded me a map of the area to flood, and when I sent a map of the country, they initiated a process for contempt of court.
"Finally, the national tax administration made me a search warrant, supported by the police, searching for invoices and for 'sales' for me to collect taxes by presumptive income and derailed me what little they had managed to advance in the construction of the Ark."
Noah finished his story and the Lord said nothing.
However, he put his arm affectionately over the shoulder of Noah and after few seconds the rain ceased. The sky began to clear. Appeared a bright sun and a beautiful rainbow was deployed on the firmament.
-Lord, does mean that you're not going to destroy my country? -asked Noah with hopeful, although still watery eyes.
-No, Noah - God said with a sympathetic look-, is not necessary: someone already is dealing with do it...

Share seeds

Once a reporter asked a farmer if he could disclose the secret of their corn, winning the contest the best product in the region every year.
Farmer responded to the journalist that it was due to shared his seed with neighbours.
-Why does his best maize seed with neighbours if they also enter the same contest every year?
-See you, Lord - said the farmer, wind takes a seeded ripe corn pollen to the other. If my neighbors grow a maize of inferior quality, wind and bees pollination - ranging from farm in farm - constantly degrade the quality of mine. Therefore, if I'm going to plant a good corn, I help my neighbor to have one at least of the same quality.
It is not true that sharing is more than just stop being selfish: is to act positively with respect to others?
Good seeds are worth spreading because they transmit their benefits to many other places.

A singular contract

Mr inhabitant:
I inform you that the contract we signed billions of years ago is winning. We need to renew it, but we need to review some fundamental points:
1. you need to pay energy bills. She is very high! How are you spending so much? In addition, before I gave him plenty of water, today I do not have more than a limited and dwindling number. We need to negotiate its use.
2. why now some eat enough and others are dying of hunger, if my fields are so large? If well take care of the Earth, you should have food for everyone! Above all, do not waste food requiring other inhabitants to survive.
3. you cut the trees which give shade, air and balance. The Sun is very hot and the heat increased. You should replant again the trees that cut!
4. all micro-organisms, insects, reptiles, mammals, fish, birds and plants in my house must be cared for and preserved. I looked for some animals and plants species and not found them. I know that when you took my house they exist... I saw few fish, whales, penguins and dolphins. You them have fished all? Where are they?
5 need to check such strange colors in the sky, do not see the blue! But if I see a grey filled with noxious fumes and smoke and ashes of all kinds.
6 speaking of garbage which dirt, huh? I found foreign objects down the road that I am not able to degrade: styrofoam, tires, plastic, batteries, radioactive waste...!
7. my Pole ice cream every time are smaller and are melting into the seas. Do you know what happened?
Well, it is time that we talk. I need to know if you still want to live here. If so, what it can do to comply with the contract?
I wish it were always in my house, but, while we are, you will have to look for each other. Do you believe that you can change its predatory habits? I await answers and actions...
Home: Earth

For a glass of milk

One day, Howard Kelly, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his university studies, found that only had a single currency of ten cents, and was hungry.
It was decided that it would ask food in the next House. However, his nerves betrayed him when a lovely young woman opened the door. Instead of food asked him a glass of water.
She thought that the young man seemed hungry, so she brought him a large glass of milk.
He drank it slowly, and then asked:
-How much owe you, Madam?
-I should not nothing - answered. My mother has always taught us that we must never receive anything for a good deed.
He asked him his name and then said:
-Then, I appreciate it is with all my heart...
When Howard Kelly left the House, he was not only stronger, but it also their faith in human beings was stronger. At times, he had been about to give up and leave it all when I saw that very few helped him.
Years later this same woman seriously ill. The local doctors were confused, which decided to refer it to a major hospital in the capital. Dr. Howard Kelly called to ask. When it heard the name of the town from whence came the patient, a strange light shone in his eyes.
Doctor Kelly immediately rose from the lobby of the hospital to the room where the patient was. Dressed in his robe of doctor came to see her. He recognized it right away. He then returned to the observation room determined to do my best to save his life. After a long struggle, she won the battle. She was recovered.
As they were going to register the patient, because it was fully relieved, Dr. Kelly requested to the Administrative Office of the hospital to send you the invoice total of expenditures to approve it. He revised it and signed the Bill. He also wrote something on the edge of the amount and forwarded it to the room of his patient.
When Bill came to the patient room, she feared to open it because I knew that it would take him the rest of his life to pay all expenses of that great hospital where had attended it.
Finally, he opened the envelope and something caught his attention immediately; at the edge of the Bill read these words:
Full paid many years ago with a glass of milk.
Isn't appreciation a feeling that can stay frozen and be manifested after many years? Have you received surprises of who ever passed through your life"?
Once again: it would seem that everything in life is we returned, both the good and the bad.

A great love

It is difficult to say that his wife had recommended him to go out with another woman, but so it was. After several years of marriage, discovered a new way of keeping alive the spark of love: had started to go out with another woman!
Paradoxically, the idea was his own wife. She said:
-You know you love it - he said one day, taking him by surprise.... Life is very short: take time!
- But I love you... - He protested.
-I know, but you also love her to it.
Another woman, which his wife wanted to visit, also loved him; but the demands of their work and their children were that he could only visit it occasionally. That night he called her to invite her to the cinema and also for dinner.
-You what? Are you okay? -asked another woman.
She was the type of woman for which a call late at night, or a surprise invitation, was a sign of bad news.
-I thought it would be nice to spend some time with you - she replied-. The two alone, what do you think?
She thought a moment and said:-is true, I'd like a lot.
That Friday, while driving to pick it up after work, was very nervous, the same nervousness that precedes an appointment... and when it came to his house was that was also very excited.
She was waiting for him at the door, with her since coat; you could see that he had been at the hairdresser and wore the dress with which he said have held their last wedding anniversary. His face was smiling and radiating light as an angel.
-I told my friends I was going to leave with you and are they excited - she told him, as he was getting into his car. The evening promised a night of satisfactions.
They went to a restaurant not very elegant, but comfortable. When they sat down, he read the menu. When she went in the half of the entries, looked up and noticed that she looked at him, from the other side of the table, with real delight, as rapt. A nostalgic smile slipped on his lips while saying:
-Was I that I read you the menu long, do you remember?...
-Then it is time to relax and let me give you back - he said.
During dinner they held a pleasant conversation, nothing extraordinary, just to catch up to the one with the life of the other. They talked so much that they lost the film.
-I'll go out with you again, but only if you let me invite you - she said when brought it back home. He nodded, kissed her and gave her a long hug.
-How was the appointment? -I wanted to know his wife when he returned that night.
-Very nice... much more than what I imagined - replied with a broad smile from ear to ear.
Days later her mother died of a heart attack. Everything was so fast that it could do nothing.
Shortly after received an envelope from the restaurant where she had been with a note saying:
Another dinner is paid in advance, I was almost sure that might not be there, but I just paid for the two, for you and your wife. You can never understand what the night meant to me. I love you. Your mother.
At that time understood the importance of time say I love you... and give them to loved ones the space which they deserve. He understood that nothing will be more important for the people that love you, and you love that, that give them time because they can not wait.
How many surprise dinner you'll be inviting these days?
Are you sure that you have tomorrow to do so?
Love is to share life. And the time is life. Therefore, spend time with someone is to love it.

To educate is to sow

German daily took the bus to go to work. A stop after yours, always climbing an old woman and sat next to a window. The old lady opened a bag and during the whole journey was pulling something out of the window.
As every day was the same, very intrigued German, approached her and asked him what he pulled out of the window.
-They are seed - told the old lady.
- But the seeds fall on top of asphalt, cars crush them, the birds eat them is... do you think that their seeds will germinate next to the road?
-Safe Yes. Although some seeds are indeed lost, some more will end up in the gutter and, eventually, will germinate.
- But will it take to grow, they need water--German, said.
-I do what I can do. They will now come days of rain!
The old woman continued with their task and German went to work thinking that the elderly woman had lost a little head.
A few months later, going to the office, look at German through the window he saw all the way full of flowers. What he saw was a colorful and flowery landscape. He remembered the old woman, but many days earlier that he had not returned it to see. He asked the driver:- and the old lady of the seeds?
-As already a month ago that he died - he replied the driver.
German returned to his seat and continued looking at the landscape. "The flowers have sprung up, he said, but what help the old lady work? Not has been able to see his work."
Suddenly, he heard a small laugh. It was a girl excited pointing flowers.
-Look, Dad, how many beautiful flowers!
They say that German, since that day, makes the trip from his home to work with a bag of seeds.
It is not plant flowers that educators do? They, teachers, teaching professionals, cannot see how they grow the planted seeds, hope scattered throughout the heart of teens who fill their classes. But something made for this purpose.
And as the parents are, or should be, great teachers, they will also think in the powerful meaning of this story. Because education is to sow roads.

Love is...

A group of professionals raised you several children, who had in ages between 4 and 8 years, the question what 'love'?, and the answers were more extensive and deeper than anyone could imagine:
Love is the first sentiment that there is before all the bad things appear.
When my grandmother began to suffer from arthritis could not paint the nails of the feet; so my grandpa is painted them all the time even when he began to also suffer from arthritis in his hands: that's amore.
When someone loves you, the way in which someone says your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth.
Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on Cologne, they leave together and they smell each other.
Love is when sales with someone to eat and give most of your chips French without making that another person may give you their own.
Love is when someone hurts you, you get angry very much, but you do not yell because you know that hurt their feelings.
Once my older sister got sick, filled you your whole body of ranchitas and her boyfriend came every day to see it and did not give him fear getting sick; He caressed her at night in her bed until he fell asleep and then went: that's amore.
Love is what makes you smile when you're tired.
Love is when my mom makes coffee for my daddy and she proves a bit first before giving it, to be sure that it knows well.
Love is when you kiss all the time, then you get tired of kissing, but you still want to be with that person and then spoken more.
Love is there is in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.
When you tell someone something bad about yourself and you fear that you want no more, and you get surprised that not only still love you, but they love you even more.
Love is when you say to a boy that you like his shirt, and he uses it every day.
Love is like an old woman and an old man who are still friends after meeting very, but very good.
During my first recital, I was on the stage very scared, I looked at all the people that I was watching and I saw my dad waving me and smiling; He was the only one doing that and then already did not feel fear.
My mom loves to me more than anyone else, you'll never see anyone more Kiss me at night before I go to sleep.
Love is when my mommy gives Daddy the largest chicken piece.
Love is when Mommy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is more handsome than Robert Redford.
Love is when your puppy you sucks face even if you've left it every single day.
I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all the clothing that does not use, and then she has to go and buy another.
One should not say "I love you" when in fact is not the case... but if you really love someone should tell them, it may be that you forgot that person.

Growing old is mandatory

These words have been reported in memory of Rosa, a university student. It is a true story that happened in the University of Antioquia, in Medellin, Colombia.
The first day of classes at the University, our teacher was presented to the students and then asked us to introduce someone who did not know yet. I was standing to look around, when a soft hand touched my shoulder. I looked back and saw a little lady, old and wrinkled, me radiant, smiling with a gesture that illuminated his whole being. He said:
-Hey, boy... My name is rose. I have eighty-seven years of age. Can I give you a hug?
I laughed and replied:-clearing that can! - And she gave me a great grip.
-Why are you on this ability to so tender and innocent age? -I asked. She said playful and smiling:
-I am here to find a rich husband, marry, have a lot of children and then retire and travel.
-You kidding - I told him. I was curious to know what had motivated her to face this challenge with her age, and she said:
-I always dreamed to have university studies, and now I am having one!
After class we walked up to the building of the Union of students and share a shake of chocolate. Became friends instantly. Every day in the next three months had class together and talked non-stop. I was always ecstatic hearing that "the time machine" to share their experience and wisdom with me.
In the course of a year. Rosa became an icon in the University campus. Made friends easily wherever that was, loved to dress well, and was reflected in the attention that other students gave. I was enjoying life...
At the end of the semester we invite rose to speak at our party farewell. It was presented and approached the podium. When he began to read his written presentation, he dropped three of five leaves on the ground. Frustrated, he took the microphone and said simply:
-Excuse me. I'm so nervous! I'll never get to put my papers in order again, so let me talk to you about what I know.
While we laughed, she cleared her throat and began:
-At my age I have discovered that there are only three secrets for Let's move on young, happy and successful:
"First, laugh and take things up with humour every day needs.
"Secondly, you need to have one or more dreams, because when they are lost, one dies... There are so many people walking around who are dead and don't even suspect it!"
"Third, we need to know the difference between growing old and grow..." Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. If you are 19 years of age and remains lying in bed for a whole year without doing anything productive, you end up with twenty years. If I am eighty-seven years old and I stay in bed for a year and do not do anything, I'll stay with eighty-eight years... "Anyone can make older: that does not require talent or ability".
And he continued:
-The idea is to grow through life and always find opportunity in novelty. The old usually do not repent for what they did, but for things that no longer make. The only people who have fear of death are those that have regrets. Why we don't stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.
At the end of this year. Rose ended the last half of the race that had begun years ago.
A week after graduating. Rose died peacefully during the sleep. More than two thousand students of the faculty went to his funeral in tribute to this wonderful woman who taught us, through example, that "it is never too late to be everything what one can and probably wants to be".
Don't you think that you are on time to do what you've always wanted to do and to learn what you always wanted to learn?

The details that protect

To think... especially for those that lose patience very easily.
After September 11, a company that has had its offices near the World Trade Center invited to executives and employees of other companies that had been affected by the attack on the twin towers, to share your office so that they could resume operations temporarily.
In a morning meeting, the head of Security told stories of why his people were alive... and all of them had to do with small details like these:
Became the Director of a company later because it was the first day of kindergarten for your child. A woman was delayed because its alarm not sounded in time. Made one late because it stayed stuck on the road in which there was an accident.
Another survivor was the bus; someone is pulled over food and needed time to change one had a problem with his car, which did not start; Another returned to answer the phone; another had a baby!, and another did not get a taxi.
But the story that most impressed was that of a man who got a new pair of shoes that morning, and before arriving at work had left him a blister. Stopped at the pharmacy for a band-aid and why is alive today.
Now, when I'm stuck in traffic, when I lose a lift, when I go back to answer a phone, and many other things that I despair, I think first:
"This is the exact place it should be right now."
The next time your morning seems maddening, children take to dress up, you can not find the car keys, you find all the red light... do not be angry or get frustrated; Remember that someone is taking care of yourself.
If you change your perspective, as this reading puts it, most likely you start to see many more guardians who you care for.
Have you ever thought why certain things in way coincidence happen? Is the perfectly synchronized universe?
Be that chance does not exist, and if there is "causality"?

Gifts that are rejected

Also had a teacher committed and strict, but well known by his students as a man fair and comprehensive. Some day, at the end of classes, while organizing documents on his desk, one of his pupils was approached and in defiant form said:
-Professor, what most glad of having completed classes is that I will not have to listen more to their nonsense and I fail to see his fastidious face.
The student was erect and arrogant, hoping that the master's subsequent offended and uncontrolled. Teacher watched from front to the student for a moment and shaped very quiet asked:
-When someone offers you something that you don't want, you receive it?
The student was taken aback by the unexpected question and could not just reply:
-Of course that non - recovered apprehensive and cold-shaped.
-Good - continued the Professor, when someone tries to offend me or tells me something unpleasant, it is offering me something (in this case an emotion of anger and resentment) that I can decide to accept or not.
-Do not understand what means - replied the confused student.
-Very simple - the professor - said: you're offering me anger and contempt; and if I feel offended, or I get angry, I will be accepting your emotions as a gift. And I, my friend, truly prefer to give me my own serenity.
Then he added:
-Boy, your anger will pass; but don't try to leave it with me as if it were a gift because I do not care to save it. I can not control what you carry in your heart, but my depends on what I charge on my.
Are we slaves to our feelings or owners?
Every day, at all times, you can choose what kind of emotions or feelings want to put in your heart; and you will have whatever you choose, until you decide to change it.

Little firefighter

They say that the city of Phoenix, Arizona, a young 26-year-old mother was silent looking at the face of his small son who suffers from a terminal leukemia. As any mother, wished his son grow and make all of your dreams, but now it was not possible because the disease would be soon to your little one.
However, as she wished at all costs to undertake the dreams of his son, he took the small hand and asked:
-George, would have ever thought what they wanted to be when crecieras? Ever dreamed and thought what would you do with your life?
-Mommy, I always wanted to be a firefighter when you grow.
The mother smiled and said:-see if your dream can make reality.
She then turned to the fire station. There he met a firefighter's name Bob, a man of heart as big as Phoenix. She explained the last wish of his son and asked him if it was possible to give her six-year-old son a ride around the block from the hospital in a fire truck.
Bob replied:
-Look, we can do better than that. You have your child ready Wednesday at seven o'clock in the morning and we will make it "Honorary firefighter" throughout the day. It can come with us to the station, eating with everyone and leave when we receive calls of fire or help. If you give us your measurements, we achieve a true uniform of firefighter, with a hat and a real helmet bearing the emblem of station Phoenix, not one toy, but the yellow we use, as well as their rubber boots. All that is done here, so you can get everything for Wednesday.
Three days later the firefighter Bob picked up George, put the official uniform and led him from the hospital bed to the fire truck.
The boy had to sit in the back of the truck and allowed him to help lead it back to the station. The boy felt like in heaven.
There were three calls to the station and George attended the three different trucks with firefighters: in the traditional truck, paramedic minibus and also in the fire truck. They also took you videos for local television news.
Having realized his dream and with all the love and attention that were given him, George was touched so deeply in his heart, that managed to live three months more than any doctor had predicted.
One night, all vital signs began to decline dramatically and the head nurse, who believed in the principle that no one should die alone, began to call the members of the family to come to the hospital. Then, he recalled the day that George had been a firefighter, so I called the head of the station and asked if it was possible to send a firefighter uniform to the hospital to be with the child in his last moments.
The head said:
-We will do something better, we'll be there in five minutes. Can you do me a favor? When hear the sirens and flashing lights, could let me by the speaker that there is no fire, but the fire department goes to visit one of its most prominent members, and please, do you could open the window of your room?
Five minutes later, a hook- and -ladder fire truck arrived at the hospital, spread to the third floor was where the open window of the room of George and six firefighters climbed it and entered the room.
With the permission of his mother each hugged him and cuddled him telling him how much he loved him.
Dying breath the guy looked to the fire chief and said:
-Head, am I truly a firefighter now?
The Chief replied;
-Yes, Sir!, of course you're.
With those words, George closed his eyes for the last time.
Is it that we always make our dreams?
Can we be part of the dreams of our children?
Could it be that they are dreams that sustain us in life?

Special ring

A student of a rural village was where his master with an issue.
-I am here, master, because I'm so little I have no strength to do anything. They say that no good for nothing, I do not do well, that I'm stupid and idiotic. How can I improve? What I do so that they appreciate me more?
The master, without looking at it, said to him:
-I'm sorry, young, but now I can not help you. First I solve my own problem, perhaps later...
And with a pause, he continued:
-If you help me, and I can solve my problem quickly, maybe it can help you solve yours.
-Of course, master - murmured the young man. But he was again decreased.
The master released is the ring that had the little finger, gave it and said:
-I want you to go to the market. You must sell this ring there because I have to pay a debt. It is necessary that you get from it as much as possible, but do not accept less than a gold coin. Go and returns with this currency as soon as possible.
The young man took the ring and left. When he arrived in the market began to offer the ring to the merchants. They watched with some interest, according to the young man when he exhibited the ring. Knowing that calling for a gold coin, some laughed, and others were moving away without looking at him. Only an old man was friendly and explained that a gold coin was much value to buy the ring.
Trying to help the young, they came to offer a coin of silver or a copper vessel, but young followed instructions not to accept less than a gold coin, and therefore rejected the offers.
After offering the jewel to all who passed through the market, and crushed by his failure, he rode the horse and returned. The young man wanted to have a gold coin to buy the ring master, releasing him from his debt and thus to receive their help and their wise advice.
He entered the House and told him:-master, I'm sorry, but it is impossible to get what I asked for. Perhaps you can get two or three silver coins, but I don't think that you can fool anyone about the value of the ring.
-Is very important what I say, young - he replied smiling teacher-. The first thing we must know is the real value of the ring. He returned to take the horse and going directly to see a jeweler. Who better to know their exact value? But no matter how much you give, you don't sell it. He returns here with my ring.
The young man went to see the jeweler and taught him the ring so that consideration. The jeweler looked at him with his magnifying glass, weighed in the balance and said:
-Tell your master that, if you sell now, I cannot give you more than ten gold coins.
-Ten gold coins! -exclaimed the young man.
-Si - replied the jeweler-, and I think that over time could offer you up to fourteen or fifteen. But if the selling is urgent...
The young man was excited casa del maestro to tell her what happened.
-Sit - said the master, and after hearing all the afflictions of the young, said:-you're like that ring: a unique and valuable jewel. But it can only be assessed by a specialist. Did you think that somebody in the market could discover your true value without knowing you?
And saying this turned the ring on her finger.
-Everyone is like this jewel, son. We are unique and valuable, but we walk through all the markets life pretending that some inexperienced people discover our genuine value.
Assessment of the competence of persons is not within reach of anyone. Why we feel bad when we are not appreciated as we are?
What in this case with our self-esteem?
If we are unique, perhaps can we compare us with anyone in the world?

One sentence fair

Although extensive, this story, published in seeds of life, try some interesting reflections.
In an American Court, a couple is presented with their respective lawyers since they are in divorce proceedings. Women lawyer claims for her 50% of the sale of the House, as well as a pension for life in the amount of $500, which, according to lists, will be to cover the costs of electricity, telephone and a small list of monthly expenses.
Lawyer husband protest, alleging that the man has no obligation to his wife since the children are of age, married and she may well go to work and keep itself; and also that she never contributed to the maintenance of that House, nor contributed any money to buy it.
The judge heard both sides and remains undecided for a moment reading the documents. Suddenly, you hear a woman crying and says:
-What you, Madam?
-Judge, I believe that all that is true. So I'm going to accept the judgment of divorce without any obligation on the part of my husband to me. After all, I could well be a professional and independent woman to defend myself alone.
The judge asks:
- And why you did not become a professional and independent woman? Was there some reason preventing it is?
-Judge, were decisions taken voluntarily by me, there really was no reason.
-It could be more explicit and enumerate me those reasons that you claim?
-Well, when I got married I had just graduated from high school. My intention was to study nursing, but there was no money to pay the expenses of two persons studying, so I said to my husband that consider it and I then would.
-Well, and what happened?, why when he graduated engineer, not studied you?
-Well, you see, he asked me that we had our first son, since we have been married for five years and we had not had it.
- And what happened then?
-Nothing, the child was born, but he didn't want that child was cared for by strangers, and I understood that he was right; so I decided to stay at home with our son.
- And when the child grew up, what happened then?, why did not you to study?
-Because already then had two more children.
-Do two more?
-Yes, you will see. When we had our first child, my husband told me that we should have a second so that the child does not remain without brothers, so we had the second three years later, but it was another man.
-And that what he had to do?
-There was no problem, we were happy, but my husband told me that that happiness was complete, we should try to have a girl.
— ¿Y…?
-Because when the second son was already 4 years old, I got pregnant and had the child.
- And so why not studied when she grew up?
-Because there was no who take the biggest sports practices, nor who will take you to the school, as the bus would let them far away from the school. Fearing for his safety, my husband and I decided that I would take them to school and would pick them up. So, he left senior high school, followed with the second for the elementary school and returned to the House with the girl to prepare dinner. When collecting them, leaving the largest practice of judo, another in the football and remained with the girl for the ballet.
-Then, did follow you postponing his education?
-Yes, judge, I did it of my own free will.
- And when her three children were becoming independent, do you not, he entered University?
-For then the mother of my husband had become a widower, became ill and needed someone who take care of it. So we are talking about the issue and came to the conclusion that it would not to admit to an asylum, if not we endeavor it to live with us as the other sons were outside.
- And how long this stage?
-Well, about six years. She had Alzheimer's and we take it as well, its decline was not fast. He died of a heart attack when we got ride every morning we took through the district. Loved to feed the pigeons in the Park.
-Meanwhile, I mean, for all those years, had someone who help her?
-Help me, what?
-Maybe to clean the House, Cook, I mean, the work of a home.
-No, my husband earned very good salary, but figure out: they were three children to raise and educate, and the cost of living increasingly rose more, so I tried to save.
- And how you saved?
-Because instead of taking the clothes to the laundry, I washed it at home, you ironing all clothes from my husband and the boys; He managed the garden, and this was what it cost me more effort, because I have spinal problems, but was making the effort and can assure you that our garden had nothing to envy anyone on our street.
- And who was cooking, do you also?
-Of course, my husband hated the food of the restaurants. As he had to lunch outside House with its clients so many times, he said that you nothing like the food that I prepared him.
-I guess you wouldn't those meals.
-At what foods?
-To the of her husband with their customers.
-No, I had no time. Indeed, it was in one of those meals where he met Patricia.
-Do Patricia?, who is Patricia?
-His girlfriend, the young man who is getting married when the divorce is made.
- And how to know you are going to marry her?
-Because I met by chance, at a mutual friends house, the same day that were giving the news of their engagement.
The judge stared at the woman and her former husband. Rose, took the folders with all papers and withdrew. All is stared at it some others, some shrugged his shoulders and sat down to wait for their verdict. Soon after the judge returned. Sat down and adjusted the glasses. Then it closed folders, put them aside and said:
-Madam, have carefully reviewed these claims, and I have come to the following conclusions:
"First: the divorce is granted with effective date beginning today".
"Second: her husband does not have to pass a pension".
Hearing these two decisions, the lawyer and the husband looked with evident satisfaction. The judge continued:-third: you stay as absolute owner of their house and de el Mercedes Benz ex-husband; savings and the current account will make them your name immediately without touching a single penny. I also declare it absolute beneficiary of their life, as well as their retirement plans insurance. It will also be duty to her ex-husband continue paying your health insurance until you die.
Before the stupor of the room and the surprise of the woman, the judge explained:
-My decision is based, gentlemen, the sum of all salaries for services that, as administrator, driver, Cook, laundress, planter and nurse you lent to her husband, including his children and his mother-in-law. This decision will only be a partial payment of the wages withheld by twenty-six years of uninterrupted services you provided. As you have to be objective, and we know that her husband could not pay this huge debt, you pay what but it is not enough will be relatively fair. For example, from now on he later paid expenses for education, transportation and books, from the moment that you decide to go back to University to study the career chosen. I have said.

Brief list

When the mediocre becomes Chief, that shake the capable.
As Martin Luther King would say (apropos of the story about the black balloons):
"We have learned to fly like birds and swim like fish, and still don't learn to live as brothers."
Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), American essayist father civil rights and ecology, used to write thoughts like these:
"Almost all of the higher things that have been achieved in the world have been hit by poor men, poor scholars, poets and professional poor, poor men of genius. Certain constancy and sobriety, some restraint and control, certain pressure of circumstances, those are good things for man. His body was not made for luxury. With luxury body sick, collapses and dies".
The prize Nobel Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), was a dramatist and poet Norwegian offering messages like this:
"Money may be the husk of many things, but not the kernel. Can you give us food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; relations, but not friends; servants, but not loyalty; days of joy, but not peace or happiness".
Michael Jordan stated:
I've failed more than 9,000 shots in my career.
I have lost around 300 games.
On 26 occasions have placed me the trust to make the shot that defines the game, and I have failed.
I've failed over and over and over again in my life.
And why is that I have been successful.
When my mother was a child told me: If you choose to be a soldier, will be general; If you choose to be a priest, you'll be Pope. I was a painter, and I became Picasso.
There was a teacher who was always happy. The disciples, intrigued, asked:
But how is it possible that you're always happy?
Isn't hard, friends said the master. Every morning, upon awakening, I wonder to myself: "Let's see, choose what today, joy or sorrow?".
And I almost always choose joy.
Successful people are that have been able to do what they should do, when they should have, regardless of whether liked or not. Aldous Huxlcy
Success is a journey, not a destination.
The failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Henry Ford
An individual's success is a dreamer who believes in his dreams. Anonymous

How take better advantage of this reading

Whenever you can make pedagogy with some part of the blame is cow 2, do it. Many times in a conversation, or at a social gathering, with his team, or in your family, you can help another person, through parables, stories or fables like that here they present, without having to engage in long discussions about a topic that is exhausted with the same narration. A good example that a bad sermon is sometimes better.
After introducing you to a person, or a group, any of the writings of this book, rather than anything ask questions open to the other party. Some of them may be:
What reflection or idea evokes you this anecdote?
What application see you for our company, organization or for our personal lives?
How can we use what they learned in this narration?
Does it look like this what we live on a daily basis?
Each person can take a few minutes to think and take notes, then meets with five or six others to share in small groups and then in its plenary, each group shares its findings. This exercise will have a tremendous power in the individual and collective learning.
Subsequently, this material you as leader of the group, can take advantage to focus the discussion and reinforce those ideas that have contributed most to the purpose of your meeting.
For very large groups, it is convenient that each has a different story, which enrich the theme of the meeting: leadership, communication, interpersonal relationships, ethics, etc. In plenary, each group reads his narration to others and share their findings.
The action contract, appearing later, can be very useful.
Respect and tolerate
Do not aim that others will reach the same conclusions their own: they will surely have other different or complementary. For this reason, when individuals deducted their own conclusions, not disqualifying them. On the other hand, look at lenses different from the face as an enrichment to their own thoughts. The principle of tolerance consists of listening to each other, without reproach their thoughts or behaviors.
The best way to take advantage of this book consists of opening the Mint and the spirit to the understanding, to debate, to the discrepancy. Sensitivities, see the reality of the way other people see it; try to guess the motives and the context of the other, which is totally different from his.
To write
If you have used any part of the blame is cow 2, and shares with us his experience, we could expand to other people not only the number of writings and anecdotes or parables, but also the way how has been applied in the change of attitudes and values, or simply in the field of coexistence and tolerance.
Make a collective construction will be for us a sample that in our country, and possibly in the field of Spanish-speaking countries, we are seeking similar objectives in terms of social coexistence. Therefore, feel free to write, make your contribution, or recommend other situations or spaces where these stories can be used.
For purposes of knowing the impressions on these readings you can communicate to the following email addresses:

List of Fables and stories

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• Make better use of this reading

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