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What is the Blancorexia

The obsession with having white teeth or blancorexia, which drives people to do is tooth whitening, frequent and uncontrolled medical treatments, can adversely affect oral health.
Everyone likes a radiant smile because teeth healthy, white, and properly prepared, they contribute to give harmony to the face and increase the attractiveness of a person. Perhaps for this reason in recent years dentists have observed that there has been a significant increase in the demand for beauty treatments such as tooth whitening.
But if this desire becomes an obsession with having white teeth, known as blancorexia, and abused these treatments - usually you make one every five or six years - or, what is worse, is using bleaching substances without professional supervision, it can be detrimental to oral health.
White is the natural color of the teeth, say experts, but that this is more like an ivory tone and, Furthermore, is conditioned by genetic aspects and feeding habits and, even, by the consumption of certain drugs. Treatments lighten the tone, but you can not always be white demanded by some patients.
Persons with blancorexia, obsessed by having the perfect smile of the famous and the advertising models, often resorting to products that are sold in pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets, and do treatments on their own, most frequently of the recommended, and without specialized supervision. This disorder, which affects both sexes, requires psychological attention, as it is the case with other types of obsessions or hobbies.

Risks of uncontrolled bleaching

Apply treatments to whiten teeth without control can adversely affect oral health and, according to warn dentists, cause side effects such as cracks, dental hypersensitivity, or lesions in the pulp that can even cause death and loss of the tooth for a pulpar necrosis.
People with blancorexia abuse treatments for teeth whitening, or use bleaching substances most frequently of the recommended and specialized unattended
Tooth whitening is a technique that must be carried out by professionals who are qualified to determine if a person has a good oral health, and what is the most appropriate treatment and less invasive in each case, since chemical substances containing the brighteners can irritate the gums or damage the enamel, and must leave to spend time between treatment and the next.
For bleaching the specialist must increase the porosity of the teeth so that certain substances can penetrate the cracks, and protect the gums of the patient, since some of the products used, such as hydrogen or Carbamide Peroxide, can be toxic at certain doses, and damage to teeth and gums.
The dental clinics are used techniques such as laser or bleaching by cold light in order to activate the substances that are applied to the teeth, and treatment is combined with the use of products at home, always under the supervision of specialist, which is more effective and avoid unwanted side effects.
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