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'The bed bugs' plague has returned to countries where it was already eradicated, through the luggage of tourists and international traffic of goods. Discover how to prevent and combat this infestation.
The plague of bed bugs, as it is popularly known to the Cimex lectularius, which is the type of bug that often come into contact with humans, he entered again in countries where already it was eradicated, as Spain, through suitcases and clothes of tourists who travel hotel in hotel, and international traffic of goods.
Bed bugs are small insects - measure between 4 and 7 mm of length - oval and flattened shape, that can be found anywhere in the world, and that come out from their hiding places at night to bite people while they sleep. Specialists explain his presence has nothing to do with the lack of hygiene, so even the most luxurious hotels and homes clean and care can be infested.
These nasty bugs, which feed exclusively on human blood, cause many inconveniences with their bites, which can cause allergic reactions and, in some countries, are also vectors of diseases. They hide in places such as mattresses, bed frames, pillows and clothes of bed, headboards, bedside tables, sofas, skirting boards, or cabinets, among others, and are difficult to detect.

Tips to prevent infestation by bed bugs

When bugs nest it is usually very difficult to remove them because they are very resistant to most insecticides, and usually it is necessary to turn to companies that specialize in their eradication. For this reason, it is best that you follow these tips to prevent infestation.
Specialists explain the presence of bedbugs has nothing to do with the lack of hygiene, so even the most luxurious hotels and homes clean and care can be infested
  • When you travel, and during your stay in hotels or apartments, don't let the suitcase in contact with the ground, next to the bed or to upholstered furniture, and keep it closed.
  • Carefully check the bed, pillows and mattress seams. If you find small black spots may be a trace of bed bugs, so you must inform staff and request that you change room.
  • Daily in your home, clean rooms, and frequently used the vacuum cleaner, both on the ground and voids, baseboards, etc.
  • Fill the cracks in walls, floors and ceilings, and seals the gaps between walls and baseboards or any other covering.
  • Check if there are the remains of blood or small spots on bed sheets and, if so, examine the mattress, headboard, mattress, pillows and bed linen, although they can hide anywhere in the room, most often is that they are close to the bed because they feed on blood.
  • If when you wake up you have small red marks with no space between them, and that they are located mostly in the neck or arms, you can try are bed bug bites. Consult with the dermatologist and not rasques you, because they could become infected.
  • Suspected nesting, it uses a company specialized in pest eradication. In addition to the treatment that these experts carry out, it is necessary for you to wash the clothes, towels, curtains, or any clothing where suspected the presence of insects with very hot water (at least at 60 ° C).
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