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What is the Colouring

The 'colouring' consists of color pictures to relax and manage stress. What is considered as child's play, helps adults to concentrate and to abstract the mind of everyday problems.
The colouring or art therapy, which consists of color pictures in order to relax and manage stress, has been like a real therapy anti-stress, because this activity which up to now was considered a quiet game to entertain children, allows adults concentrate and abstract the mind of everyday problems, eliminating anxiety.
The new trend has come to Spain from France, where have been sold more than one million of coloring books for adults. It's notebooks containing very different designs: trees, flowers, animals, geometric shapes, mosaics, characters, story, and even actors and models such as Ryan Gosling or Kate Moss - which are some of the protagonists of the books Colour me good-, have to fill with your favorite colors.
His supporters say that if done with care - the color there to leave the contours of the figure - the mind stays focused on the task and the person can get away and relax. The colouring is attributed the ability to enhance the creativity and therapeutic effects because, they say, practice it reassuring and provides a great well-being.

Tips for coloring more and better

The colouring - which consists of color pictures - allows you to concentrate and abstract the mind of everyday problems, thereby helping to reduce stress
Anti-stress or not, the truth is that the colouring is entertaining and fun, and you can put to test your creativity and good taste by choosing various combinations of colors for each design. As therapy it is also very affordable, so we give you some tips if you decide to try:
  • There are various books of creative adult expression, as it is also known to these books of drawings, so I browse them calmly, and choose the one you like. Oh, and don't forget to buy the paintings you will also need to practice your new hobby.
  • Before you get to coloring verifies that you are comfortable, you have enough light, that the height of the Chair and the table allow you to take a proper stand...
  • Put background music, especially if it is relaxing, can also help you isolate the environment, free the mind of concerns, and you focus more on the activity.
  • Choose the design that most appeals to you at all times, and take time to decide the colors that you will use to paint it.
  • A good idea is to make photocopies of the drawings to try different combinations of colors in each, before making it on the book.
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