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What is the Cyberchondria

The cyberchondria describes the behavior of a hypochondriac who seeks obsessive way medical information on the Internet to see if the symptoms you have, or believe you have, are due to a serious illness.
Internet addiction or abuse of the use of new technologies to the extent that the ' not without my smartphone' it has become a mantra, not only of digital natives, but also of generations who have lived his childhood and youth without this compulsive need to check every five minutes if they have received a wassap or someone has hung a picture or has changed his Facebook status It has become necessary to create new words that define disorders associated with this behavior.
The cyberchondria describes the behavior of a hypochondriac who browse the Internet with the aim of finding the disease with the symptoms you have or create suffering correspond
It cyberchondria is one of those new terms, which in this case is used to describe a hypochondriac individual sailing across the network with the obsession of finding the disease with the symptoms you have or create suffering correspond It is not a simple query on the Internet, but that search is based on the misperception of being sick and the need to try accessing information, even in the case that it is true and proven, the affected person not normally interpret properly.
Cyberchondria party or digital hypochondria associated with mild discomfort or that are not of severity, for example a headache occasional, to a serious disease, as a brain tumor just because you've read in Internet that suffer headaches is one of the symptoms of brain tumors.

Health information Yes, but reliable

Inform and educate the population to learn how to maintain their health and prevent diseases is useful and beneficial to society in general, and Internet represents a unique opportunity to achieve this goal, but not all the information that we find in the network is reliable and cibercondriaco, in addition, part of the erroneous belief that has some serious illness so if access to health information is counterproductive because it may think that it has discovered what is happening without talking with your doctor, and even self-medicate, with the conviction to be acting in the best way.
Experts say that while it is positive that people know the symptoms that may indicate that they have a health problem, from hence it is imperative to go to a doctor, which is suited to interpret that information. Internet is not a source of diagnoses and treatments, in any case you can replace the opinion of a professional, and constantly read about symptoms and diseases generates anxiety and unnecessary concern, by what the people with hypochondria with this behavior should consult your problem with a specialist.
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