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The appellation is the title, name or nickname that distinguishes a person or a thing. Calling an object, he is given a nome that allows to identify it from others. Examples: "the German manufacturer announced the name of his new car: Solertum ', 'the name of the Championship get caught participating clubs',"the new owners want to change the name of the theatre.
Most of the things (and people) have an appellation so people can identify and recognize them. It should be noted that the name may operate at different levels. Gibson Les Paul is the name of a model of electric guitar made by Gibson. However, a musician can quite give a more specific to a guitar of this model designation and the baptize another name any.
In some cases, the official name of something is different from the more commonly used name. Football fans refer to the most important tournament organized by the Confederation of South American football as the "Copa Libertadores", although its official name varies according to the main sponsor. Thus, the Cup has been called, repeatedly, as «Copa Libertadores Toyota» or «Copa Santander Libertadores».
Means protected designation of origin or appellation of origin controlled, on the other hand, an official designation that is attributed to certain products as a guarantee of its origin and its quality. Champagne, rillettes of le Mans, Bayonne ham are some products with designation of origin.
In some cases, the PDO is confused with the common name of the product. This happens with roquefort cheese, which the generic name must be blue cheese.
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