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From the latin mendicĭta, begging is the action of begging and the condition of being a beggar. One who begs asked alms or solicit the favor of others to remain partially or completely in this way.
Examples: "the Government has promised that it would work to eliminate begging in the streets, creating jobs for people who are forced to live of charity", "begging is determined in two ways: giving work to the beggars who can work and in providing assistance to those who are disabled", "begging on the streets of a town rich is outrageous.
Generally, begging involves a request for money to passers-by or motorists. The beggar can also install front door of a building (such as a church or a hospital) and asking for money to those who enter.
It should be stressed that, beyond money, beggars can ask other things such as food, clothing or medicines. What they get in the streets enables them to survive or to improve their quality of life if they receive an income or a help otherwise.
There are several reasons which may lead a person to beg. Unemployment, accident or a health problem, and old age are some of the causes that lead to the same issue: the lack of resources.
However, begging can be a choice to a refusal to receive social assistance or even a matter of laziness (some prefer to borrow money instead of working to win).
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