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Concept and Meaning of Co-responsibility

Shared responsibility is called shared responsibility (or responsibility). This means that the responsibility is shared by two or more people who share an obligation or a commitment.
Examples: "the Government referred to the joint responsibility of employers and trade unions in this situation", "Law, the shared responsibility of the doctor in the death of the singer is proved", "eliminate poverty implies a shared responsibility for all members of society".
To understand the concept of shared responsibility, we must first know the notion of responsibility. This term refers to an obligation or a legal charge resulting from a possible error in a topic or a subject given.
The responsibility is associated with existing capacity in the active subject of law to understand the consequences of his actions, which results in the obligation to meet and correct a mistake.
When it is understood that the obligation is for more than one person, it's shared responsibility. Take the case of a murder. If the planning and execution of the crime took place through one person, it will be responsible for the crime. On the other hand, if the idea and realization have been planned by two people, the two have co-responsibility in the crime. Justice will have to determine, in a timely manner, if the degree of responsibility of the two assassins is the same.
Co-responsibility can be more abstract and involve society as a whole. Some social ills, such as poverty or marginalization, are the responsibility of all members of a community, because each subject must have a duty to the next.
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