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Network, from the latin rete, is a structure that has a characteristic model. A computer, meanwhile, is an electronic machine that processes data and allows the execution of different sequences or routines provided/shown/seizures by the user.
A network of computers (also called computer network) is therefore a set of these machines where each of the members share information, services and resources with each other. Generally, we talk about computer network because it is customary that, in addition to computers, other auxiliary equipment are used to facilitate communication (for example, a router or a switch).
The computer network to share resources remotely, to increase the speed of data transmission (it is faster to access a file through a network Internet, for example), and increase reliability.
Computers can be connected by a coaxial cable (which transmits data through two concentric conductors), a twisted pair (two concentric conductors interrelated to reduce interference) or an optical fiber (a very narrow wire through which flow the pulses of light with the credentials to pass).
According to the scope of application, it is possible to distinguish between different types of computer networks. The personal network (Personal Area Network or PAN, acronym in English) brings together the devices near a person. Local area network (LAN), meanwhile, includes computers connected in a small area like a bedroom, an office or a building. Then there are other networks, such as the Wan (Wide Area Network or WAN in English) and network storage (Storage Area Network or SAN in English).
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