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Loose is an adjective that relates to something casual, free or not the voltage which, by its nature, should have. The term can be used in reference to a physical person or figuratively.
Examples: "I like cowardly fabrics that do not stick to the body", "It has always been a man loose, able to contradict naturally", 'a loose sheet that does either not the same size as the table is the best decorative option for the holidays', "You cannot demonstrate laxity in compliance with the standards."
Loose connective tissue means a type of body tissue which has a low percentage of fibres and whose origin is in the mesenchyme. The loose connective tissue can be divided into mucous connective tissue or reticular connective tissue, among other subtypes.
Cutis laxa (also called "loose skin"), on the other hand, is a rare disorder involving degeneration of elastic fibers of the skin. It is caused by a defect at the level of the enzyme lysyl oxidase, which makes loose skin as if she stood by the body.
The symbolic/figured, loose Sen is associated with the vagueness or cowardice (cowardice). If a person complains that her boyfriend is loose, this indicates that their commitment is not very strong because one of them undertakes not completely or a dubious way. Similarly, a president who is his 'loose support' for a Minister can be considered as unstable or which lends itself to misunderstandings and false statements.
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