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A crack is a large slot that is produced in a solid body. Such opening or crack occurs when two materials are separated. Examples: "the earthquake has left a huge crack in the main avenue of the city', 'the coup has caused a crack in his skull that led him to death', ' Attention because the table has a crack and glasses may fall. ''
Geology is the science that analyzes cracks that occur on Earth. Specialists distinguish the shrinkage cracks (that are generated when the soil contracts) and the vertical cracks (produced after the quick freezing of the soil).
A crack (or a CHAP) in the skin, on the other hand, is a shallow slot that can occur in various parts of the body. These chaps cause skin problems which, in some cases, can be treated with wetting agents.
Figuratively, the notion of crack is used in reference to defects or faults which impair the strength or unity to something. An argument can make cracks where it is possible to refute him on the basis of the logic, "the opposition candidate pulled benefit of a crack of the Security Minister's speech and began to criticize him harshly", "the police has not found cracks in the statements of the suspect.
A crack, finally, may be a defect in an artistic work as a film, a play, a concert, etc. Of course, in this case, cracks are subjective and dependent on the person making the criticism: "the film has its main crack in his slow pace."
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