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Dinosaur is a term that comes from a Greek word which means "terrible lizard". The concept is used to name the vertebrate sauropsides who dominated the Earth for 160 million years until their extinction, yet unconfirmed reasons.
The clade Dinosauria (scientific name) included bipedal and quadrupedal animals. One speaks often also winged dinosaurs (such as pterosaurs) and aquatic dinosaurs (Plesiosaurs) while these species, in fact, did not belong to this genus.
The dinosaurs were characterized by their huge size, depending on what science could discover through their fossil (remains preserved in sedimentary rocks). Indeed, the dinosaurs were the largest creatures that populated the Earth, reaching the extremes of 50 metres in length, approximately 17 tall and weighing nearly 100 tons depending on the species.
It is possible to divide the dinosaurs in herbivores and carnivores depending on their diet. Among herbivores, it has noted the Stegosaurs, ankylosaurs the brachiosaures while some carnivorous dinosaurs were the tyrannosaurids and the velociraptors.
Dinosaurs are extinct there are approximately 65 million years ago, probably due to the impact of a huge asteroid striking the Earth. So they didn't have to live with humans which, however, have known of large extinct animals such as mammoths and Saber-toothed tigers.
In recent decades, it has been speculated to recover or to revive the dinosaurs through biotechnology. This should extract DNA from the fossils of the dinosaurs to rebuild but this is technically impossible nowadays.
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