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Diploma is a term that comes from the word latin diplōma although its furthest origin dates back to a Greek concept that can be translated as "doubling". A diploma is a title or a certificate issued by an institution or a company to credit something (a university degree, price, etc.).
Examples: 'tomorrow, I'll receive my diploma at the University', 'my diploma of lawyer is in my parents', 'when Matthias won the literary prize, he received 1000 euros and a diploma.
The degree is usually awarded by an educational institution when a student completes / finishes a level of training. At the end of primary school, College, high school or a university course, it is usual to receive a diploma. It should be noted that, for legal reasons, the diploma is generally symbolic as the official document proving the degree earned is often the title.
The competition or the skills issue also diplomas to winners winners in recognition. Often, the first prize is money or a trophy (or medal) as well as a diploma, while the second and third places receive a diploma.
Classical or traditional degree sense (also called certificate), on the other hand, refers to any document issued by a public authority. In this case, the diploma contains information such as the author, recipient, and the Chancellor (or even the notary) who authenticates the document. The diploma, as a dispatch or formal instrument, includes the seal corresponding and boasts an original that is filed in a register.
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