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Humectant is a term that comes from the latin word humectans which, in turn, derives from humectāre ("wet"). This adjective refers to which hydrates or hydrates.
Examples: "If you have dry skin, you must use a moisturizer cream", "the dermatologist suggested me to buy a moisturizer lotion to use after shaving," "this ingredient acts as a humectant and avoids the meat dry.
Humectants are part of products of beauty. These lotions are applied to the skin for more softness and shine while giving it a more youthful appearance.
Experts say that moisture is essential to maintain healthy skin. This is achieved by drinking lots of water, although it is sometimes necessary additional input. Humectants contain not only water but also oils and other substances that help to fight drought, superficial stains and other factors affecting the skin.
It is important to consider that there are several types of humectants, according to the needs of the skin. Young skin have a regeneration capacity larger than the mature skins (for the elderly) and contain a high concentration of water and fat.
Because dry skin is easily irritated, it is recommended to people suffering from this problem to avoid scratching and use sunscreen on a daily basis and frequently clean the skin.
You can also define the humectant as the substance that allows to stabilize the water content of a material.
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