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Immediate is an adjective which has its origin in the word latin immediātus. The term is used to denote something happens immediately, without delay, the time, or what is very close to something or someone.
Examples: «after having been advised, police immediately went to the House of the victims to help», «at the time where she fell, the actress received the public's immediate assistance which thrown ","last night, there was an immediate fire here, the smell of smoke is still felt".
Immediacy, therefore, can be a temporary topic. There's no precise definition of what is immediate, but it is associated with what is happening without delay. If a woman is burned when cooking and at the same time, she decides to go to the hospital, it can be said that it is a party looking for immediate medical help. On the other hand, if she prefers to finish preparing the meal and lunch before going to the doctor, his reaction to the burn was not immediate.
The use of the concept of immediate in reference to the physical proximity is often more precise because it allows to specify adjacency. A shop is immediate to another from the moment it is just side: If there are three other shops in the Middle, we can say that it is near, but not immediate.
At large distances, however, the meaning is extended. We can say that a cascade is immediate to a current even if several hundred metres between them because there is not other attractions or reliefs between them.
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